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Found 18 results

  1. ........ it doesn't make the least bit homesick!
  2. Guys anyone know if there is any particular difference between the above re ethos, structure or otherwise???? Thanks in advance! Kate
  3. Hi all, I don't know if I'm correct in thinking that these nurseries have recently been taken over???? I have read some things on the net and what I understand experienced qualified staff seem to be leaving, I was wondering what the reason for this is. Are all the childcare jobs (nursery nurses) in private day care in Australia?? I am an NNEB qualified nursery nurse and I am trying to find out any info as to what sort of job I could do in Australia. I qualified about 17 years ago, I first started working in private nuseries in the UK, but for the past 8 years I have been a teaching assistant in a school working with children aged between 9 and 13 years of age. Do schools in Oz employ staff from overseas or are these jobs easlily filled with australian residents???? Any advice would be apprieciated Oh one more thing, do you know which are the best nurseries to work for? Many thanks Jessie:cute:
  4. Migration boost will stave off inflation, expert says - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) By finance reporter Alicia Barry Posted 9 hours 59 minutes ago There are calls for the Federal Government to increase migration to boost economic growth and prevent rising inflation. The ANZ says migrant and overall population growth has slowed markedly since mid 2009 and will restrict Australia's economic growth in the years ahead. The Federal Government forecasts that the Australian economy will grow by 3.25 per cent in 2010/11, rising to 4 per cent in 2011/12. ANZ property research head Paul Braddick says if Australia is to grow at levels beyond the 3 per cent that the country has been accustomed to, migration needs to be lifted. "Where net migration numbers are heading in the next year or so, that [growth] will probably reduce to something like 2.5 to 3 per cent," he said. ANZ expects demand for workers to increase significantly in the short to medium term because of the mining boom, flood reconstruction and infrastructure and housing requirements. Mr Braddick says without a boost to migration to fill those vacancies, there will be further constraints placed on the jobs market. "That will end up flowing into higher wages and higher interest rates," he said. He says while there is already a looming shortage of housing in Australia's major capital cities, increasing the country's intake of skilled migrants will not necessarily put further pressure on the housing market. "In a sense it is a double-edged sword in that one of the restrictions that we see on new dwelling construction is a lack of available labour," he said. "While training programs are to be supported over the next couple of years, in the short term the only way we are going to really deal with the demands on the construction industry is to import that labour." Australia's unemployment rate currently sits at 5.1 per cent, the next official reading of the labour market is due out on February 10.
  5. Falling between the cracks of skilled migration reform - The National Interest - 3 December 2010 I'm sure some will be interested in this article from The National Interest on ABC Radio National, presented by Peter Mares. Best regards.
  6. If anyone is interested there is a documentary on ABC TV tonight at 8.30PM Eastern standard time called "The Making Of Modern Australia",it's about the great Australian dream of owning a house.by the look of the synopsis it should be interesting.
  7. Desperate Indians flood 'corrupt' cab industry - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  8. Just a note to tell anyone who may be interested that the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship ,Senator Chris Evans will be appearing on ABC TV's "Q &A" program tonight at 9.30PM Austraian Eastern Standard Time. Anyone wishing to ask a question of the miniister can do so by going to Q&A | ABC TV All questions submitted will appear on the program website and the shorted questions are more likely to be used on the program. The best questions submitted will be answered on the program tonight. Hope this helps Cheers Nigel
  9. I hope this works, but log on the link below and listen to the interview. http://www.abc.net.au/cgi-bin/common/player_launch.pl Not much clarity though! Which occupations? :arghh:
  10. Migration applicants stuck in two-year limbo - The National Interest - 30 October 2009 On the radio here in VIC now. Should be available online soon. Best regards.
  11. Guest

    ABC's Phonetic or not?

    Do they teach children the alphabet/spelling phonetically in schools in Australia? I'm teaching my daughter the alphabet and thought maybe I'd better do it they way she will be expected to use it in school, so that she doesn't have to relearn it. Thanks :smile:
  12. The Lucky Country? Why is Australia the most successful and most peaceful multiculture in the developed world? How did an Anglo nation responsible for Aboriginal land theft, anti-Chinese riots and the White Australia Policy mutate into the country with arguably the least interracial violence in the developed world? It is an informative article, but I find it a bit patronising still that we have Australian media (and lobbyists) dictating to the public whether immigration is good or not...... fear of the Aussie stereotypes being challenged? Even PM Rudd quoted recently saying Australia could not go without Indians in Oz because of their food...if you follow the media that is logical as ALL Indians are rorting the immigration system by studying cookery for PR..... (of course no other nationalities use this pathway ) Rudd could have mentioned that many middle class doctors from India and other countries such as Iraq, Iran, etc. save the Australian regional health systems from collapse, and the Indian security issues in Melbourne do not exist in country towns where they are mostly appreciated as community members (though the "white" welfare ferals or trailer park trash from big cities moved to country towns can be a real problem). Australia suffers from relatively little ethnic violence, and when it has emerged it was encouraged by shock jock radio djs e.g. Cronulla. As someone said some years ago, Australians can give others a lot of verbal stick, but are really to lazy to hate that much....
  13. We tried to watch the new program "Raw Comedy" on ABC TV last night, Tuesday 11th August. The sound quality was terrible, so bad that we were surprised that they allowed it to be broadcast. I've noticed a few sound problems with the ABC. SBS does much better on a lower budget, their live forum "Insight" never seems to have any problems, we can hear every speaker from over the studio, we do seem the odd boom mike but that is acceptable for a live discussion show. With the new digital TV sets that have hi-fi sound the technical people really do need to try a bit harder, this often shows up especially in older programs from just a few years ago.
  14. Just caught a promo for the 7.30 report for tonight (10th March Tuesday) which is showing the ongoing effect of the Fin. meltdown on the UK. Seems it may be the most effected country in the world Program may be interesting for people in Australia Forgot that's ABC TV Sydney I guess its Australia wide
  15. I have a 2 and 3 year old who may have to attend a childcare centre, I have heard they may need some extra injections. Just wondered if I could get them done in the UK before we go and what are they, that is we ever sell the house:unsure: Thanking you in advance for any replies.
  16. Guest

    The ten pound Poms ABC TV

    On the 1st November at 8.30 pm (Sydney time) the ABC is showing a Documentary on some of the poms which came out on the Ten Pound trip ------------- It might be of some interest For those of you who are in the UK you may be able to watch it by going to the ABC tv site and seeing if you watch over the internet it after it been broadcast In the TV high lights it says 1 million made the trip 250,000 returned to the UK and 125000 of these returned to Australia
  17. ali

    For ABC Diamond

    Just looked at your websitebritzinoz which is excellent and very informatinve - for anyone else who hasn't seen it yet it's worth taking a look at. Ali 8)
  18. Hi ABC, I see that you are the font of all knowledge on living in OZ! Both my hubby and I are now waiting for the final yes/no answer from immigration. We are putting our house on the market Tues!! so we are really starting to panic on whether we are doing the right thing or not.. Can you let me have your thoughts on making your move to OZ and the pros and cons. We are sure of our reasons as to why we want to move but love to hear of other peoples tales and first hand experience. I know its not going to be all whistles and balloons, but really is it a better life? :?