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Found 31 results

  1. Well this whole moving thing is a bit stressful. We got our visa after only a 1.5 weeks wait and time just slips away after that with booking shipping and flights and then having to clean everything:elvis: Anyway - we are arriving on 8th NOvember and staying in temporary accomodation till we get something more permanent We have 2 kids Ethan aged 4(5 in Jan) and Mia aged 3. Would love to meet up/make freinds with others there! Angelax
  2. Well this whole moving thing is a bit stressful. We got our visa after only a 1.5 weeks wait and time just slips away after that with booking shipping and flights and then having to clean everything:elvis: Anyway - we are arriving on 8th NOvember and staying in temporary accomodation till we get something more permanent We have 2 kids Ethan aged 4(5 in Jan) and Mia aged 3. Would love to meet up/make freinds with others there! Angelax
  3. So is there any welsh or irish havin a party that we can join in on!! Im so fed up with watchin the world cup with Aussies and sing the welsh anthem on me own!! HAHA No babysitters mean no pub which was traditional :sad: I really really really miss a good drink on an international day!!! Just havin a sulk really, what you all doin??? :wink: One welsh mad lady Jules xx
  4. hi everyone, this month our barbeque will be at Currumundi Lake on 8th May, from 12 to 3pm. We will have red and white balloons to make it easier for folks to find us. Everyone is welcome, just bring along what you'd like to eat and drink. There is also a coffee shop close by, as well as barbeque facilities and kids play area. come along and meet folks who are enjoying living on the sunnie coast! cheers sg
  5. Hi Everyone, all of you that have got their visa will know why you need to shout about it.. and all of you still in the process, dont lose hope it will be here one day, Thanks to everyone for all my silly and frustrating questions you have helped me with over the last two years, Andy :biglaugh:
  6. Hi All, After losing my job yesterday in Dublin, I've decided that this country holds no more for me, so I'v decided to bite the bullet and head out to Australia on a holiday visa + hopefully get sponsorship while out there. So, can any one give me any advise for going out? Also - I'm stopping off in Thailand for 2 weeks... Anyone got any suggestions? David
  7. Sunny Jodie

    U2 Tickets 8th December 2010

    Hey, We have 2 spare U2 tickets for the 8th December at the Brisbane Suncorp stadium. They are general admission standing tickets. Tickets are $100 each. If interested drop us a pm cheers Jodie & James Clark
  8. Sunny Jodie

    U2 Tickets 8th december 2010

    Hey, We have 2 spare tickets for the U2 360 tour concert in Brisbane on the 8th December. They are general admission standing tickets at the Suncorp stadium. Price $100 each. If you are interested please pm me Jodie & James Clark
  9. Hi, A few of us met up a month ago for lunch in the city and we have decided to try and make it a regular thing every month.... So, this Friday we will be meeting again at around 12 o clock... We went to Time Out last time in Fed Square which was very easy to get to.... BUT service not the best.. So any ideas of where to go????? Or shall we just go to same place? Anyone who can make it and fancies a coffee/wine and a spot of lunch would be great to see u.... Elaine.
  10. So today it has been exactly 8 months since I arrived in Oz. The time has flown so quickly I honestly do not know where it has gone. A big thanks to all the help of all other members on Pomz In Oz - who have helped me with various things in settling down here. I have been very lucky - found a great job - met a nice young lady and been able to make some good friends. I am off to Apollo Bay tomorrow to try body boarding for the first time. My friend assures me that with a wet suit it wont be too cold. I am already shuddering. Anyway I am looking forward to the next chapter and cannot wait to have xmas in the sun. Thanks once again everyone!:jiggy:
  11. Hi, I am flying out to Sydney on Tues 8th June - get there wed. I am just wondering if anyone is looking for friends to meet up with etc. I am moving out on my own and it would be great to meet up with someone on the Friday night when I get there for a few drinks. I am getting put up in a hotel more than likely close to the CBD. I am a 28 year young female, I work in recruitment and like a good laugh. Will anyone be around ? :jiggy:
  12. Guest

    8th May what a way to wake up

    I have just woken up and read the multiple posts on the fact DIAC have closed processing for 175 and 176 Visas until 1st July. We had been working really hard with a migration agent for the last few months getting ourselves in a position to submit our visas before the SOL change (as have many others). We were going to submit this week now this!!!! Questions to the floor... What happens with my completed skills assessment for an accountant?? IS the general feeling this will remain on the SOL?? if it is will i need to re apply for this??? Any light you can shed is much appreciated. Thanks
  13. From 4th November 2009, being as business information professional MODL (code number 2299-79), my application was lodged in Australian computer society. Right now my application status still in process. As you all know well that Australian immigration authority has completely revised its policy for SOL & MODL category by 8th February. Please let me know that how much my application will be effected from this new revised policy. Your sincere response are require for my guidance.
  14. smiffs

    New rules as of Feb 8th 2010

    Hi does anyone understand these new rules/guidlines that have come out today. What is a 'State migration plan'? Have we got to wait three years now for our visa? My husband lodged his 176 visa application in yesterday (7th Feb 2010), and we are unsure of the processing times. It is a State Sponsored visa (not sure if it's on the State migration plan because I have never heard of this), but his occupation is not on the CSL, are we cat 2 or 5?:arghh::unsure:
  15. Hi, Since the Feb 8th changes has their been any visas approved who are cat 5. Have SS non CSL. I know it has only been 5 days but we do live in hope,well you have to or youll go mad!:arghh: Will IMMI be granting any visas apart from ENS bsfore the changes are announced by the states and the new list by 30th april!
  16. Guest

    Feb 8th changes - Catagory 5

    Hi everyone, After reading all I can find concerning todays announcments I am still confused (and am sure I can't be the only one). We Applied for a 176 visa with state sponsorship from SA on 07/10/09, job is on MODL but not CSL therefore we are group 5 processing priority, and are in line patiently waiting for a CO (maybe not that patiently considering the length of time we will have to wait however...). I wondered what all you other people in the same position think about the changes. Will they speed up the process for us or slow it down? Will they improve our chances of success or make it more difficult? It all seems quite confusing and I was sooo hoping for a glimmer of good news. What do you think????
  17. Hi all, my first post and first of all I would like to thank everyone who contributes to this site. Not only is it very informative, the support on here is fantastic. My girlfriend and I had been looking to submit a 175 visa non CSL/MODL (Computing NEC - test analyst). We are awaiting the results of my ACS skills assessment (currently being processed). As we are a Category 7 I was wondering what our best options would be? If we pass the ACS should we try and submit before April (under old skills list - minimum 3 yr wait), or should we hang fire and wait to see what is on the new skills list? We are leaning towards the latter as we are currently bottom of the priority processing. Worst case scenario is that we are not eligible at all. But then on the other hand we may benefit from the new list if certain states require IT professionals. Having read the 'Australian Skills Shortage' thread (http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=78451), Clarius seems to think that Computing professionals are still in high demand. Just wondering if there are other people in our position and what peoples thoughts are? Cheers, Mark
  18. Guest

    BBC report on 8th Feb changes

    For those that are interested todays changes have been reported widely today in the British press the following link is the BBC's report: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/8503438.stm Daniel
  19. Hey, Just for anyone else who is in Sydney and in process of applying for a defacto onshore, I was just advised that the next available face to face appt is 8th February. To move things along quicker I was just told to lodge the app in over the counter or send in the post and they would contact me if they require any further info. The girl on the line was really pleasant and helpful.
  20. Hi guys Anyone flying to Perth with Emirates on 8th October? We are going to Perth to validate our 176 State sponsored Visas 8th October to 29th October and we are soooo excited! We have not sold our house yet and with the economy the way it is we plan to put off the big move for a couple of years
  21. Just wondered if anyone is flying Singapore Airlines on 8th Oct on Sq321 ? I have my 2 kids flying in to Brizzy, and although one is 18, I'm gonna worry about them flying alone. Just maybe thought someone might give them a friendly nod in the right direction ??
  22. Got the 457 visa, booked the flights, booked the short-term house, leaving in 4 weeks & 2 days. Don't panic, don't panic - PANIC! Anyone flying out 8th August on Emirates from Heathrow?
  23. Ive got a rare day off fom work tomorrow, I have a few jobs planned but Im going to be free around lunch time, I know its short notice but does anyone want to meet up for a cuppa? Im in Secret Harbour, please PM if your interested. :jiggy:
  24. Hi all (just a few things on my mind.) Just though I let you all know that our container has been booked, after a long time deciding who to go with and a great price. We only wanted a part load around 350cf (8ft container) and it cost us £1485.00. which I think is great as we had loads around 2k and even 3k, crazy prices. We have gone through Simpsons removal, they offered the best price with a great service. So our stuff will be in Oz by mid july which is when we hope to get there for. We have had no luck with selling our house had around 10 viewings since oct, 1 offer and loads saying they love it and we considering it. we even had some one come back for a second look with there parents, so we thought that was it but as usual no. So we have decided to rent as we are sick of waiting and just want to get out there in the sun. Another thing do any one else feel like their family are getting on your nerves. Well all we get from my mam and them is that they dont think we will go as we havent booked our flights yet and that we are just all talk and no action. Im sorry but why will we pay around £3000 for a visa and then not use it, what.:arghh: They also keep saying they think something is wrong as we dont go around as often, but we are just busy gettin stuff ready to go, and working. Does any one else feel like this or is it just me. Well i thought i wouldnt be stressed about moving to the other side of the world, but now my family are getting on my nerves i am. I just cant wait to get out of here. well sorry for the rant but need it.:realmad: thanks for the support and i will let you know when i book the flights. debs
  25. Hi guys, we are doing it again very soon. After our success on Wednesday night but some people not being able to make it a couple of us thought we would meet again on Friday. So if you fancy a nice drink after work we will be there from 5:30 onwards and look forward to seeing you all. Single or not! It's West Perth - New Black Tom’s Bar, West Perth Catch you all later, Cara