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Found 81 results

  1. RodBrisbane

    Anyone else waiting for 885 Group 4?

    Hi guys, I've applied for 885 (priority group 4) on 31/Dec/2012 and I've uploaded all the required docs long time ago. My case officer contacted me once and asked for medicals, form 80 etc and it was in Jan 2013. I never heard any word from her after that. I emailed her few times (I changed my accommodation 2 times this year and had to upload form 929 each time) but got the same response: "You application is now undergoing some routine checks carried out by other agencies." Is this waiting period normal? How long these routine checks take for people from high-risk countries? Is anyone else waiting for 885 application to be finalised? If yes when did you apply? Thanks, Rod
  2. Hi all, I’m new to the forum, just registered a few minutes ago, but have been reading posts here for some 3-4 months now, and some of them have been quite helpful. However, since everyone’s situation is unique, I feel like I should explain mine in detail, as reading these many posts here and on other site’s + trying to understand everything on the immi website is soon driving me a bit =). Especially as most of the time, I think I know how to go about to reach my dream, but then end up feeling blue coz of some obstacle found. So I’d be more than grateful for any help given! I should also mention that we’re all Swedish (EU) citizens. The dream is of course, for my family and I to get PR’s in Australia, and hopefully reside in Sydney! And this is our plan to get there; My brother (25 y) and I (30 y soon) will in February 2014, after hopefully being accepted at the universities we’ve applied to, fly to Sydney. We will study two years each. My brother holds a British LLB and Master of Law in IT from Sweden. In Australia, he needs to complement his degree by studying a sort of tailored law degree. I hold a BSc in Business Management from a UK uni, and will soon get my MSc in Informatics from a Swedish uni. In Sydney, I will study an ICT related degree, or possibly two just to have studied for two years. Thereafter, both of us will apply for the ‘Skilled – Independent (Residence) Visa (Subclass 885) for overseas student visa holders. We will both need to have a band score of 8 on the IELTS test, but I think we will both be able to do it. That will give my brother a total of 70 and me a total of 65 on the Points Test. When both of us have been able to pass the 65 mark, will then each of us get a PR? And how long does such a process normally take? To be eligible for the Points Test, we also need to nominate an occupation on the SOL list. My brother has two options, either Solicitor or Lawyer. Will he qualify for this or does he need to be a registered lawyer/solicitor? I was planning to nominate ICT Business Analyst as my occupation. It can currently be found on the SOL list, but not on the NSW State Nominated Occupation List. Does that change anything? For the PR (Subclass 885), it only says that I should nominate an occupation on the SOL, and get a positive assessment for my occupation. Would I not get a positive assessment if my nominated occupation is not on the NWS list? If not, the alternative would be to get a more technical ICT degree when in Sydney. Anyway, my parents are both over 50, but below the age to be considered aged parents, so they can only get a PR through us it seems? But they’ve said that whenever my brother and I get our PR’s, then will get ready to move down under. Now clearly, I want them to be able to move asap so we can all be together, but it seems that all their options are not only really expensive, but also takes a very long time. What is my parent’s best option? What did you guys do to help your parents move to Australia? Much love to all, PoMoSo
  3. I am wondering if there is any way to convert my pending 885 application (lodged Aug 2008, Management Consultant, present Cat 4) into 175 or other offhore option. I am sick of having my career and life put on hold. I have my own business with customers worldwide but only charge for service so my income does not qualify for Business Visa. Australia seems to attract only corporate rats or wanna-be entreprenours and doesn't care about talent at all! As a management consultant, I can hardly promise any good service to cusomers (or possibly employers) if there is danger of getting 28 days notice to leave the country. I would be a bad consultant if I did that. Is there any way to convert my application? Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, Just looking for some help regarding the visa situation I'm in- currently on a Bridging Visa A while I wait for my Skilled Graduate 485 to be processed (about a year from what I've heard) that I lodged last week. I did an Advanced Diploma in Business Management that lasted 2 years and ended in Sept 2011. At the time I was using a Migration Agent who said to keep studying until I got sponsorship as I wasn't eligible for the 485 at the time (I actually was!!!) so I went on to do a Cert IV in Marketing just to stay in Aus and completed that in June this year. It was only recently that I found out I was eligible for the 485 AND the 885 PR visa but both require you to have completed the 2 year study requirement of a Diploma or Adv Dip within previous 6 months before applying. Ideally I should have applied before March and all would have been good but just wondering how strict they are about these things? I mean, I did two and a half years study in Aus so if anything I'm overcompensating in this area! I'm hoping that by the time the processing of the 485 of a year or more comes around that I'll have a backup plan in place. I moved to WA to increase the likelihood of obtaining Regional Visa or sponsorship just in case. In short- I studied longer than necessary for the "2 year study in Aus" requirement so don't think I'm eligible for the 485 or 885 and looking for alternatives. I have a degree in Psychology that was recognized by VETASSES and this allowed me to apply for SOL of Human Resources Advisor but with no experience. I'm a native English speaker so can do IELTS and get the extra 20 points which would give me 75 points altogether for the 885 application if I get the 5 points for the 2 year study requirement. Anybody been in a position similar to this at all? Thanks in advance, Alex :smile:
  5. Guest

    Help! 885 GSM Visa

    I applied for the 885 Visa on June 11, 2011, and have already been granted a CO. However, my study end date was December 9, 2010 (6 months + 2 days prior to lodging application). The only thing I have to submit now to my CO is a PCC. However, since my PCC takes 4-6 months to process if i am overseas, I really cannot wait on this time frame, so I want to fly to my home country, personally get the PCC (they give it within 2-3 days if you apply for PCC in own country), then come back to OZ to finalise my application. My question is, that based on the information I provided, what is the likelihood that I will be granted a visa if I am 2 days over the 6 month time frame? Is there ANY leniency on this matter exercised by COs? Should my husband and I take a trip to our home country ($4000+) just to get a PCC and come back within a week to OZ, only to potentially have our application rejected? We've put in a tremendous amount of money, time and effort into this, as i'm sure all of those who apply for similar visas would, only to realize we were "late" by 2 days, but we lodged anyway. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Dear All friends, I have a very serious matter to discuss with you all :arghh:. It is about 885 visa; independent skill category for PR. I just have completed my course on 25 JUN’2010. Already got my positive skill assessment and IELTS 6 in each component. Actually, I was preparing myself for lodging 485 skilled graduate visa in couple days. Then from nowhere someone suggested me to apply for 885 visa at the same time with 485 visa application. The reason is to have all the available options open in hand, so that I don’t have to be disadvantaged . I am not sure how far that idea will work out . Then I thought of you guys, Why not to take an opinion from you all whether it’s a good or bad? My that friend also suggested me my PR application has to be before 1st JULY’2010 to get the maximum output/points. According to my current estimate I make straight 100 points for PR in independent category if I lodge my application before 1st July’2010 on existing SOL (i.e. occupation: 60, Age: 20, IELTS: 15, 2 Yrs Aus Study: 5 = 100) :confused:. Then my friend advice me after lodging 885 start working on increasing points, which are sit for IELTS and try to score 7 in each component from where I get extra 10 points + community language : 5 and Australian 1 Year work experience 10 points. He also suggested me the time DIMIA will ask me remaining documents you will have over 1 year time to supply them (i.e. new IELTS transcript, work experience, NAATI etc) I feel that I can do it . I really have that confident. If I sit couple times for IELTS I can make 7 each. Work experience won’t be the problem as I am already working in my occupation over 2 years. NAATI won’t be the problem. In this scenario, “Do guys think I should apply for 885 with 485 visa application together?” . The thing I am worried about and need to be confirmed: 1. “Are they(DIMA) gonna accept any documents such as IELTS, NAATI, Experience Certificate; if I supply them later on after lodging my 885 visa application?!” :mad: 2. Is it a smart IDEA (885) or I will be the looser? 3. What happens to my 485 Visa application (as I will lodge it 885 visa application)? :skeptical: 4. What is the sequence of processing as such application i.e. 485,885 from one applicant? 5. During the process of both applications (485,885), can I apply for state sponsorship if the new migration plan suits me? Guys you know I am making last minute changes; as I never thought that I had option of lodging 885 visa in such a short notice. Although I am ready to bare all the expenditure associated with this. You know how much it cost to lodge 885 visa, which is 2525/- (that also 1st instalment) :wacko:. I just have got 2 days time to make a final decision. Guys! give me some smart ideas, please! I can go to agent/lawyer but to do this you need time to have an appointment and in my case I haven’t got my course completion letter yet, although my education provider said I would have it by Tues (29) or wed (30). So you can imagine on the edge situation . Anyone can help me?!! :no::no:
  7. Guest

    Advice please - 485 to 885

    Hi, I am hoping someone can give me some advice here. We are on my partners Graduate 485 visa which is due to expire in a few weeks time. She is a hairdresser which she studied for here in 2007-2009, and as she got the 485 before they changed the points system show is eligible to apply for an 885 on the old points system. Unfortunately we have hit a stumbling block.... the IELTS!! :no: She needed a 7 in each band to get the 25 points she needs to get 120 points, but the reading section is catching her out every time and she has only got a 6.5 there. We have no time to do anymore IELTS and all other options are not viable (employee,state etc). My question is, if we put in for PR (885) with her current 110 points and 6 average IELTS score, will it go into processing until it is assigned a case worker in 2/3 years time or will the points be checked at the time of application and instantly be refused as she does not have the 120? Also, could we add a 7 IELTS score at a later date? (I think this is a no but I did read somewhere that you could). Any help or advice with this or even any other avenues that I haven't yet thought of would be great to hear. Thanks, Tom
  8. Hello, My name in Raj,I just recently applied for my PR in may and I got my case office in July luckily.I am the main applicant in the file and my wife is secondary.The question is my wife is preganant and My case officer has asked for medical.We have done the medical and got letter from HSA for my wife have to deffered X-ray untill the delivery. Will the case office will give decision or I have to wait untill my wife delivery. Please help me with that.
  9. HiI've applied for my PR application (onshore) in June 2010 and still waiting for it to be finalized. At the time of lodggment of my PR in June 2010, I was engaged to a girl, back in overseas, and I'd put my fiancée's name and my marital status as 'engaged' in the application (only these details).In the last month i.e. April 2011, I had my wedding ceremony and I got married, back in overseas.I've come back here now and my wife is in overseas.Since, I'm on bridging visa, what options do I have now to bring my wife here in australia. I know of the below options but I'm considering them as my last if I don't find any better one.1. Tourist visa (showing evidence of our marriage)2. Student visa (her independent case)3. Apply her spouse visa, once I get my PR (it will take another 1 year to process her case after I get my PR case finalized, too long, not sure when will I get my PR)As I've put my fiancée's name in the application, is it going to help me some way in bringing her here, either at the same time when my case gets decided?I will really appreciate if someone can advise me.Thank youRegards,Vj Kodwani
  10. I recently applied for subclass 885 visa. I have been thinking to include my partner to my application. We had been living together for over 12 months period. However, my partner has returned to her home country because her student visa has expired. Since she is not currently residing in Australia, is it still possible to include her to my application? If she were possible, would her visa category also be subclass 885? (My friend who included his de facto partner into his main application for 885 also got partner 885 visa recently)
  11. Hi all, I am currently on bridging visa A for visa 485. I would like to apply for visa 885 which I understand it requires band 8 in each categories. However, I do not know if I should take the Academic module or general module for the ielts test. Some told me I need to take academic module for Permanent Resident skilled assessment. But I have already received my skilled assessment for Registered Nurse while applying for visa 485. So I am really confused now if i should take academic module or general module for the english test ? as I find general module is easier.
  12. A very short situation that has been bothering me for a while. I finished my undergraduate studies in Australia on a student visa last December and then enrolled in another course for the Feb semester 2011 (had to apply for another student visa which is now valid till March '12). I was proceeding with my 885 application procedures side by side and finally applied for migration in May. Now I'm not exactly liking my current course and want to quit it. My main confusion is what would happen if I stop my studies? :unsure: From my little research on the Internet, I have heard that DIAC might cancel my student visa and thus I will be told to return back. If this happens, what would happen to my already lodged 885 visa application? Is there any way of me getting transferred to a Bridging Visa? I really can't see myself continuing this course and paying so much amount of money for something I'm not liking. Any advice appreciated.
  13. Hi everyone, I had submitted my PR application (Visa 885) in early 2010 and my application is probably in Cat 4. Recently my company informed me that they were willing to sponsor my PR application if it would speed up the processing time and wanted me to find out what they need to do and their obligations. Does anyone know what needs to be done? Thanks in advance.
  14. Guest

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Everyone, I've been a long time lurker, but just signed up to say hi. I'm about to lodge my application for PR in Australia - so you will probably hear a lot more from me complaining/ frustration... I've been living in Aus for the last three years on a number of Visas (Student/WH/Graduate) so had some experience with DIAC! (Currently in New Zealand, on a technicality, waiting for my Student visa)... Anyways, hopefully I can help some people with some of the temporary visas (I seem to have had them all) and mayby get some advice on my PR... Greg
  15. Hi, I have had a read of the proposed changes to skilled migration program. What strikes me is a person like me, who is currently pursuing an accounting undergraduate degree will find it very difficult to get permanent residency unless I can score 8 in all 4 bands of IELTS. Let me illustrate my situation to you. I am 21 years old. I am currently pursuing an undergraduate accounting degree in gold coast, Queensland. I graduate in July next year. I am in the top 5% of my university in respect to grades. (says that on my transcript) I have already secured an accounting job, starting this month, will work full time during vacations and part- time during my next and last semester. My current IELTS score is 8 overall( 9 in listening and reading, 7.5 in speaking and 6.5 in writing). I have to give IELTS once again, and I am confident i can get 4x7 but 4x8 is a whole different story. Now it seems that because I will have to apply for a new visa in july/august next year, I wont have 1 year of work experience and hence wont get 5 points. With the new points test I will be on 55 points unless I score 8 in all 4 bands of IELTS. With the old points test I would be on 120, with which i could pass. My other option is to apply for a 487 temporary residency visa, which again is a 18 month visa. Even if I apply for that and work for the next 18 months after I graduate, I will still have only 2 years of work experience and will still get 5 points, which will still not be enough (this is assuming that the immigration rules stay the same for the next 2.5 years which is unlikely) So ultimately I have to somehow manage an 8 in IELTS to have a chance. I suspect every other student graduates soon (in the next year) will have to do the same, I cant see any other option. Is there any other option that I am overlooking? On a side note, It is virtually impossible to apply before July 1st, if my uni semester gets over around the 20th of june right?
  16. Guest

    from 885 to spouse visa

    Hello all, i applied for 885 GSM visa 2 years ago and had been held in limbo ever since due to the changes on the SOL list. Im planning to get married next year (my fiancee is a resident). Im kind of sick waiting for any update on my application, Is it possible to switch my application to a spouse visa after I got married or im just day-dreaming? Thanks in advance!
  17. Dear All, I submitted a paper based 885 on the 27th of April 2011 via express post platinum and it was delivered to DIAC, Adelaide processing on the 29th of April 2011. I see that my money is debited on the 03rd of May as per my bank records. However, until now (06th of May) I have not received any official acknowledgement from DIAC either through email or via post. Please share your experiences in this regard. Thanks Deepak
  18. Guest

    175, 885 or what?

    Hi everyone, First of all I do apologize if I am posting my question in the wrong thread; I looked for a relevant one and I was not able to find any. My question is about the proper subclass for permanent residency application; it goes like this: I am a student and I am on student visa subclass 475 but at the same time I have registered my dentistry diploma with Australian Dental Council and therefor I am eligible for migration based on SOL list. Since I am a student, I will not be able to apply for sponsorship and I have to apply for independent visa. It means 175 or 885 subclasses. However my situation does not fit in either because according to my understanding 175 is for offshore migration applicants and 885 is for those who have completed a degree in Australia. I may be totally off though so I'd appreciate if you can help me and clarify this for me. Cheers Anna
  19. Hi Everyone, I am in a dilemma about applying 885 visa while still on the bridging visa for 485? My Student visa got expired last month and since I was waiting for my CDR ,I could not apply for 885 visa which I have eligible luckily.Now i have got my CDRv assessed and I want to apply for 885 visa. Can I apply for 885 while on bridging visa A for 485? What will happen if I apply now?Someone told me that my bridging visa A will change to bridging visa C which has no work right and travel rights? Has anyone applied any visa or 885 visa while you were in bridging visa? Please help me out guys..:confused:.
  20. Guest

    *485 - 885*

    I'm in category 4. holding a 485 visa. applied for 885 on mid May,2010. How long i need to wait for getting a CO. Somebody told me from the beginning of 2012, processing of cat-4 will be started. Is that true? is there anyone in cat 4; holding a 485(or bridging) visa and applied in 2007/ early 2008? I will go on bridging visa from november,2011. i am recently married. what should i do now? Will bring my wife now in australia or not? Somebody guide me plz.
  21. Dear Friends, I recently completed my PhD and I am almost ready to apply for a 885 application. However, I am on Bridging Visa A (BVA). The reason for getting BVA was that when I applied for my previous student visa extension in Jan 2011, my wife was pregnant and she could not get the X-ray done for the visa medicals and hence DIAC put us the BVA until the baby is delivered (some time 1week of July 2011). Recently, I heard from my friend that if we now apply for 885 having BVA, we would be granted a Bridging visa C (BVC) and this visa does not allow for any work rights. Since my wife is only sole earner currently, without any work rights, it would be extremely difficult for us and also with a baby on its way. Kindly let me know how to tackle this situation and people with any similar experiences please suggest me the appropriate way to deal with this. Thanks Deepak
  22. Hey. I've got a normal higher education student visa (573). I've finished my bachelor in Australia, and I'm in the process of applying for a Permanent Resident visa. When I try to get the online application started for my onshore Skilled Independent visa (885, onshore version of 175) it says that "You do not hold a valid prerequisite visa to enable use of this service". Why is that? The same thing happens if I try to apply for the graduate visa (which is pretty much solely based on people with the 573 visa as far as I know)? It would make life soo much easier if I could do it online and just upload supplemented documents directly, it's hard enough as it is Plus it's the stress factor that maybe something is actually wrong (ie even if I mail my application, it might not be approved because something is not right). So have anyone got any idea why this is? I can not find any info on the immigration site regarding who can/can't apply online, but the site is massive and maybe someone else has got better luck. PS my nationality/passport etc is Swedish (if the online application somehow separates between nationalities). Help is MUCH appreciated! I'm freaking out with this and everything else. Also, the total cost will end up at $3500 bah, total ripoff and not much fun for a poor student
  23. cluster13

    ENS 856 or 885

    Hi, I have a question on behalf of a friend (nurse) who is currently here on a 457. she is looking to apply for perm and has been told by here employer that they are happy to sponsor her (ENS856). I understand that onshore processing time can be as little as 4-12 weeks. The minor drawback is she then has to commit to her employer for 3 years or repay all fees (not unfair in my opinion). HOWEVER i understand that she could also apply independently under sub class 885 ? Does anyone have any experience of processing times for 885 or challenges related to either process? Thanks in advance Steve
  24. Hi there, Currently i am holding a subclass 485 graduate visa and need to apply for 885 (migrant independent) in 2month time as my visa is expiring. as of now i couldn't get 7 in IELTS so only other option for me is to apply with my work experience. ^ i have a full time job offer from a eligible Australian employer. ^ i have worked full time in my nominated occupation (on which i have finished my Bachelor) for last 16 month for that same employer Under the old rule (the one before 8th of feb 2010) should i get the last required 10 point to make my 120? and is it risky to apply with work experience compare to having 7 in IELTS? i would really appreciate some input on this matter. Thanks in advance
  25. Cherry123

    Applicants of 886 and 885

    Hello! I just registered into this forum out of frustration as most of the people here do. its been great reading the forums.anyways my husband and i applied through a lawyer for 885 and 886 and he's a business anaylyst and his name is on the smp too. We lodged our PR application on 20th of june 2009 and since then theres nothing. What im upset is that if DRC was making applicants get there PR so fast how come my lawyer did not do it for us!? now i guess we cant do drc anymore. we have applied for 2 subclasses and 886 being the main front application. i was wondering if its better that we apply as 885 in the front? or it doesnt matter now? is 886 better or 885? i dont know how it works because we'v applied for both. help!! :sad: and can we /or should we change our lawyer?