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Found 61 results

  1. Hi All, A brief history: Back in Jan 2010 myself and my partner came to Australia on a WHV, we were offered 857 sponsorship in Dec 2010. Returned back in May 2011 to work for our current employer and to commence the application process and have been here for 3 years now, 18months of which have passed since our 857 visa has been granted. Current issues: Prior to going through our application process we were duly unaware of any possibility that the property we worked on would be sold. Now that it has been, we have become increasingly stressed with the prospect that our future here could be uncertain. We have reached a point in our lives that we require some sense of security and settlement; enabling us to start a family. This has pushed me to seek security elsewhere and I have found an employer in regional Victoria to continue doing the same job I am currently employed in. Concerns: As I am the secondary applicant on the visa will this have any detrimental effect for the status of both our visas? Would personal considerations play a major role in securing our visa? Myself and my partner have lived and worked together 24/7 for the past four years, I know that would not be many peoples ideal scenario but we are the best of friends and are inseparable. Situations and conflicts of interest in the workplace have questioned my ability to continue. For example, the straw that broke the camel’s back happened 6 weeks ago when I was made to needlessly slaughter 23 helpless calves on the property. I felt that this was both morally and ethically inept of reason when such a bulk of feed was available; shortly after I am positive that I was in shock and trauma, my hands were trembling, I felt sick and I also started back smoking after a break of over 12 months. I was truly disturbed that day and still question the reasoning. As you can see, this is no clear cut scenario and there have been many other factors that I wish not to discuss. I hope to receive some helpful advice on what to do next, we are due to leave on Friday. Kind regards, Beef
  2. Hi I moved to Australia in July 2008 on a 457 visa to work in regional WA. I remained on this visa until 1 month ago when my application for a 857 visa was granted. The conditions of this visa are that i remain with my company for a period of 2 years. I am currently in a position where i am extremely unhappy in my current roll, to the point where it is effecting my health. I enjoy living in Australia and would like to remain in Australia, however i would really like to change my job. Does anyone know if immigration would make me leave australia and revoke my visa should i leave this company??
  3. Dear Experts, What are the consiquence if a employer breach all the conditions of agreement paper in rsms visa..for example no super, no penalty rates, no award wages, no fulltime work. will the employee visa b cancelled if he leaves the position.. What if DIAC finds the employee later that he left the position ..will the above reason be sufficient to prove that the employee have done best.. or does the employee needs to notify diac that the he have left the position.. can some one give me a proper advice ..what an employee should do in this circumstances.. Thanks in advance..
  4. Hi, I am so excited I can hardly type this post! We just got confirmation today from Immigration that our Skilled health waiver has been passed and we have got our 857 visas. We had been offered these as a possible option as I had failed the medicals due to a kidney transplant. After lots of paperwork and form filling we finally got there. And we did it all on our own. We did not use an agent or a lawyer. Not that I am saying this was the right move to make but it worked for us. I did all the paperwork and research. And thankfully it has paid off. Time now to celebrate! I hope everybody else's dreams come true just like ours, Sian xxx
  5. AlburyAhoy

    Skilled Health Waiver

    Still waiting to hear the outcome from my application for a skilled health waiver. Tearing our hair out at this stage. Should have heard about a month ago the outcome. If anybody has had any experience with these and outcomes, any advice and consolation would be appreciated! Stuck in limbo! :sad:
  6. rocky123

    has anyone left 857 visa early?

    Im really struggling at the moment and feel really isolated. and im looking at my options in to leaving early and if anyone else has had experience with this. i really dont want to leave Australia but i need to be somewhere where there's a bit of life. Has anyone left early? did your visa get cancelled? did you have to move to another regional area or to a city? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  7. Hello everyone, I got my visa 857 granted july 2011, my 2 years contract would finish in 8 months time, however my employer has been under a lot of pressure and well, making story short most likely going bankrupt. I been in the country over 4 years in different visas, I called DIAC and they advised that i could apply for citizenship, so i did. I applied about 2 months ago still waiting to get an appointment to do the test (I recently called they said they had big loads of applications so would take some time, not sure how many months) I been reading the forums and I believe DIAC wont remove my PR if my employer goes bankrupt, due that I been working over a year with them and I been proving genuine effort is this correct? What would happen if in the next months I can not get another full-time job in regional Australia, financial situation is not at its best, do I have a time frame to get a job? Money is not an issue as me and my wife (which got spouse visa status) got a few savings, only concern is, what if i remain unemployed until i get citizenship. Other question I got is, as my wife is going to start a small business (not related to my skills) could I work with her there?. I'm worried in breaching my current visa conditions. Stressed about this situation, I thank your help in this matter. :arghh:
  8. Guest

    RSMS - Changing Employer

    I was wondering if anyone knew if when changing employer during the initial 2yrs of a RSMS (used to be 857) visa if the new employer needs to go through the nomination approval process etc? My current employer has said that we will have to let immigration know, even though the RSMS isnt monitored, as they want to ensure that they wont get in trouble further down the line for not fulfilling their obligations of letting DIAC know Im leaving. This is ok, I understand that they need to do this, and I wouldnt want them to lie. Cheers!
  9. Oh my! Do I get excited or do I rein myself back in. We have had an email form an actual person. My beloved forgot to sign a page. Does that mean we are actually being looked at or that we were just careless!!! Are we potentially nearly there or just getting our hopes up..... Any ideas oh Poms in Oz Sages....
  10. Guest

    Redundancy on 857 visa - Help

    Hi All, Due to change of direction of the company I work at, there is a possibility I may be made redundant. Can anyone tell me where i stand with my visa and work rights? Can I get another job in the area whether it is related to the skill I was sponsored for or not? I have been working here 1 year and 8 months, 6 of which have been under the 857 visa. We have settled here and my girlfriend is a director of a child care centre but the visa is in my name so if anything happens obviously she will lose her work rights too! If anyone has gone through this before I would be very grateful if you could share your experience. If anyone knows of a good migration agent to talk to in the brisbane/sunshine coast area it would be appreciated if you could pass on their details. Thanks in advance. Paul
  11. Im 5 months in and I need to leave the job. Im not sleeping and am very stressed due to the bullying nature of my boss. What is ahead of me if I give my notice? Should I tell DIAC? Someone advise me please :cry:
  12. ok here goes...i have been working for my current employer for 1 year and 5 months. 8 months of that has been on a RSMS 857 which is a permanent resident visa where i am obliged to work for my sponsoring employer for a period of 2 years from the date of my visa grant. The area i am working in is extremely remote, i am not even on mainland australia. I have a long term partner on mainland australia. The plan was for him to move to where i am but my employer refused to let him move into the property i rent from her and with no other available accommodation on the island (and even if there was my wage doesnt cover the rent prices), we have been forced to live apart for the past year and 5 months. I have finally hit a brick wall and i can no longer continue living in this situation. I think it is totally unreasonable for me to live apart from my now fiance...we want to start our life together, get married, start a family....but this is totally impossible with him living on mainland and me living on remote island community. what is meant to have been the happiest time of my live has been the most miserable and depressive and i want out. So i am handing in my resignation tomorrow. I have no idea what the future will hold....what are the chances of my visa being revoked? I am aware my case with go to headquarters in Canberra...does anybody know how long this process takes before i get a response on my visa status. Me and my partner also have a holiday booked at the beginning of next year....if i leave the country am i going to have difficulty getting back into austrailia if there is a decision pending on my visa status? Am i better off just cancelling the holiday of which i will get no refund but its not about the money its about my happiness. Argh im so stressed but there is no point me being so sad anymore, i need to take some action. Oh and i will be moving to another regional area, which is my partners home town, where we plan on eventually buying property so i will be a long term regional queenslander. Somebody please help
  13. hi, all, it is so sad that most of us, the visa holder of RSMS 857 have all kinds of problems. we have been treated unfairly i have been working for the company for 2.5 years in total. but it has only been 8 months after my pr was granted. due to the financial loss and the restructure of the manage team. i was offer a part-time position instead of full-time position. two days ago, the new CEO notice me that our contract will be terminated shortly. i have seen a few similar cases in this forum. Yesterday, I have gone to the immigration office to report the problem as well. I have also call Immi, and send an email to them. waiting for the result please whoever has similar case, let us know your result and give us some hope :cry:
  14. Hi Everyone, Hope someone can help. I am working in Canberra on a 457 and need to change. Current position is "electronics hardware technician". I have more than 10 years IT experience in Support which includes, desktops, hardware, software, customer service etc. etc. I also have an MBA through a UK university. Canberra I find tough as most jobs are looking for Australians. Any recruiters here or someone knowing where i can try to get a new sponsor? I am also willing to relocate to WA, or any place with 857 sponsorship are in need of skills. Anyone have ideas?
  15. dawsonak

    Skills ass for a 857 RSMS visa

    Ive just come off the phone from immigration and want to pull my hair out....Im on a 457 visa at current. Im in the process of applying for a 857 RSMS visa. What im wanting to find out if I would need to do TRA, Im trade qualified Boilermaker/welder. I didnt have to do one for my 457. I know for ENS or 856 visa you need to submit a TR, but going through the paperwork for RSMS it looks like you dont need to do one...Can anyone clarify on this, please Secondly, for my 457 visa My wife and I had to do TB X-Rays and my kids full medicals. Ive been told we have to redo all medicals and X-Rays does anybody know if there is expiry an on validation as we have been on our visa for less than a year and its not cheap to do all of these and everything else that goes with it. Any help would be great:hug:
  16. Hi, i have a couple questions regarding the RSMS please help me :cry: i have a nomination from my employer. I have 2 kids with my ex wife but they will stay back in europa. And they dont like to come here to australia... I devorced 1998 and I don´t have any kontakt to them at all.:no: that was her decision.. But what i have to fill in the application form ? do they have to go to the panal doc ? The nomination from my boss is only for me and my new wife. Thank you Stefan Perth
  17. Hi, My name is Stefan and im 35 years old :yes: I have been reading through this site and found so many of the threads helpful. POMSINOZ are the only usefule forum in the net.. I stay here with my wife and now we like to change from a 457 visa to a 857.. and i have a couple question about this change any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Cheers Stefan Perth
  18. Guest

    rsms 857 visa NT (DARWIN)

    Hi, I have completed my 2 years of diploma of hospitality from Perth WA and my study finished this years on July 2011 and i got sponsor in NT for my occupation cook this August my nomination was logged by lawyer on 15th august with RCB and and it was approved on 29th August as my student visa was getting expired on 2nd september. My lawyer applied for 857 visa on 1st September i got bridging visa A. My all documents are complete Medical, PCC i just wanna know if anybody tell me how much time it will take for my 857 visa to be approved. Thanks in advance Goldie
  19. Hi guys, I have opportunity to get sponsorship from an employer who is located in Regional area.He is willing to sponsor me for PR,actually 857 visa.I have an engineering degree from overseas and I am interested in how hard is actually to achive all requirements for that visa if I dont have much experience and how hard is paperwork for employer Also,how long is procedure for preparation of all documents before you apply.What is exactly your obligation once when you get PR approved? Any help,advice and experience are welcome. Thanks a lot
  20. Hi there, I am prety new on this site and have some dilemma.Namely, I have potential employer who is willing to sponsor me for 857 visa.That is great because I dont have much experience and it is hard to find a sponsor.But in that case I would do all kind of job which is necessary which means all engineering job(as my qualification) and all labourers job in production line of the company and all that for minimal salary.On the other side I have very good company with excellent opportunity for growing up in the industry,but problem is that they dont want to hear for visa.If they accept to sponsor me on visa 457,what is your advise which is better choice.Please help me ,I'm confused in making right decision.
  21. Guest

    help in 857 RSMS visa

    i have problem regard RSMS please help me. my problem is describe here, i have Australian diploma in horticulture in landscape and graduate certi in production horticulture. my question is i have sponsor from fruit farm then i am eligible for the nomination approval and able to get PR. i am waiting reply from senior members. thanks
  22. Guest

    subclass 857 visa

    hi, me and my partner and two children have been granted a bridging visa until our subclass 857 visa is granted, am i right in saying that we a intitle to medicare and state benifit for the children, also does anyone know if we can learn to drive now even tho we have not had a final decision, thankyou for any help
  23. Guest

    RSMS Subclass 857 - ACT

    Hi all, Just wanting to find out if there are any other Canberrans out there who've applied for the 857 or in the process of applying? Our employer is a current registered sponsor with DIAC (for our 457 as well as several other ENS nominations around the country). Do they need to submit another nomination application for the 857 or will their current sponsorship status be used? If this is the case and they are pre-approved sponsors, what paperwork would they then need to submit to the Chief Minister's Dept? How long did the certification take? Their website says 15 working days? Is this accurate? We're planning on lodging the nomination and visa app at the same time. Any indication on time frames for these to be approved a) with a decision ready checklist (DRC) via an agent and without a DRC submitted without an agent? Really would appreciate any input here. Thanks! Mrs Mupersan
  24. Guest

    Changing employer on a 857 visa

    Hi, I came to Australia on a 457 sponsored visa in Aug 2010 and about 2 months ago got a 857 from the same employer. My partner who is a NZ citizen and my new son (born here in Aus), all came on the visa with me. I am a junior doctor and since coming back from maternity have been put on as a reliever (covering everyone's leave). They have done this as they agreed for me to come back part-time. This job holds no educational aspect and I don't have a mentor, as I would be expected of a junior doc. Another aspect is, as a small hospital there is no further training. Also in the main I will be expected to spend most of my time in the emergency dept. I have been suffering from post-natal depression and anxiety and really feel this stressful environment will be harmful to me. I really would like to take up the opportunity to do a GP training programme which would mean me changing jobs although I still would work in a rural setting. Immigration have not been helpful in giving me any advice, and your forum has been the only place I have found people with similar problems. Can anyone give me advice on what to do? Will immigration cancel my visa? If I do leave my job should I just email them and inform them....then what happens next? an investigation? I really couldn't go back to the UK as my partner wouldn't come too, we both love it here.
  25. Guest

    Rsms 857 !!

    hI GUYS !! i have some confusion regarding rsms 857 visa. I have got my 857 few months back and working in Geelong. Now I want to sponsor my wife for PR. Since I have to be in Geelong for 2 years .. i can't leave my job. If i sponsopr my wife for PR ..THEN Can she work anywhere in asutralia?....or whether she also needs to be in the regional area for 2 yrs? Please reply me back. Thanks