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Found 10 results

  1. There are several requirements that must be satisfied before reasonably considering lodging an application for an Australian parent visa. To help those who might be considering applying for a parent visa they are summarised here. The balance of family test must be satisfied. This requires that at least half of your children live permanently in Australia, or that more of your children live permanently in Australia than in any other country. Those who do not satisfy the balance of family test may be interested in the proposed new temporary Parent visa Applicants must have a sponsoring child who is “settled” in Australia. The subject of settled sponsors is discussed more fully here If applying for a subclass 804 Aged Parent or subclass 864/884 Contributory Aged Parent visa: The main visa applicant must be “aged”, this being the age when you are eligible for an Age Pension in Australia All applicants must be in Australia when the visa application is submitted to the Department of Immigration, and when it is granted If applying for a visa while in Australia a condition 8503 (No Further Stay) must not attach to the visa used to enter Australia. If applying for an offshore visa (subclasses 103, 143 – with a one step visa strategy – and 173 are offshore visas) applicants must be outside Australia when the visa is granted. Sufficient funds to pay the 2nd Visa Application Charges – currently AUD 43,600 per applicant – must also be readily available when a Contributory Parent visa application is approaching finalisation. For some, this will require careful management of the visa application process to ensure liquid funds are to hand at the appropriate time, as the Department of Immigration requires remittance of the 2nd VAC within 28 days of the issuing of the request for payment. Kindly reproduced with the permission from @Alan Collett at Go Matilda
  2. can not sleep at night, burning question :arghh: my wife has a 8503 on their visa circumstance, we can still apply for the spouse visa? :confused: Or we must first apply for the cancellation of this circumstance? :confused: Thank you in advance for any replies :hug:
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone could offer me any advice. My partner has been in Melbourne since May this year on a 457 visa. At the time of her application as I didn't qualify as defacto I came to Australia in August on a 12 month 676 tourist visa. I would like to change over my visa to be attached to her 457 to enable me to work but I have 8503 condition attached to my visa. I have called immigration for advice, and they said that I can only lodge an application outside of Australia. So as i see it my options are: 1) Try to get the 8503 condition waived - but as i understand it from the factcheet I don't really have a compelling reason to get this done, but is it worth trying anyway? 2) Leave Australia for a short break to NZ or Asia and lodge an application for a defacto 457 visa then come back in on my 676 visa as its valid until July 2011 Can anyone tell me if they have attempted either of these options before? My main concern is that if i left I wouldn't be able to get back in the country as immigration will notice that i've lodged another application and will question my 'tourist' status. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ian
  4. Guest

    waiving condition 8503

    Hello out there, i am married to an australian citizen and willing to apply for a spouse visa but i can't make a valid application while i am in australia because the visa on which i travelled to australia carries the "NO FURTHER STAY" condition. I am about requesting the 8503 to be waived. My wife is suffers from epilepsy and severe stress. will a letter from the doctor/psychologist help in making this request? thanxxx
  5. Guest

    Student Visa -condition 8503

    Hi any potential international students I tried to get a student visa - enrolled in a TAFE college - paid the $ course fees then was advised that CONDITION 8503 precluded 'any further stay' so I could not be a student:mad: Watch this one. My agent, the college and even IMMI themselves didn't mention it but if you're on a long stay tourist visa you will have condition 8503. You can try to have it waived. Good luck with this!
  6. rache76

    ETA and 8503

    Hey all, My parents came out to Australia last year on a 12 month tourist visa with the condition 8503 imposed on it, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond their control they only stayed here for 8 weeks. They are hoping to come back to Australia for Christmas, only this time they will be applying for the ETA visa, as my mum thinks it will be too hot to stay any longer I am hoping once they arrive here we can get them to want to stay for a little longer. Does anyone know if the condition 8503 is likely to be on their new visa????:confused::confused: Any info would be brill...... thanks Rache x
  7. Guest

    8503 Restriction Question.

    Hi to all you whinging poms out there (aint we all sick of hearing that hey haha) My name is Tina from Derbyshire in the UK and have been here in this fantastic country for 13 months. I have a question for you that are familiar with this process, firstly i will tell you my situation, as follows. General Information. I have been currently residing in Australia in TAS for the past 12 months with my partner (Ex Pat Aus Citizen). I originally arrived in Australia on the 12/03/08 on a ETA as the travel company Flight Centre in the UK had organized this for me. I explained to the travel company I booked my initial flight with that I had already applied for a 12 month holiday visa and they said it would be ok to arrive in Australia and then have the 12 month visitors visa tr676 granted. Once in Australia I contacted Visas for Australia (UK Visa Company) via email and telephone to enquire about my ongoing 12 month visitors visa application, they informed me that this was not the case and the information given to me by Flight Centre staff was incorrect and that I had to leave Australia for the 12 month visitor visa 676 to be granted. They recommended I leave Australia on a said date when the visa would be applied for at the Hobart Immigration Office. This date was the 09/05/08 and I departed to Thailand for 2 weeks, within a week the visa tr676 was granted for 12 months and I returned to Australia on the 24/05/08. As the 12 month Visa was applied for in the UK and I was already in Australia I was never informed in regards to the 8503 condition by Visas for Australia, I was not aware of this at the time. Now, I am aware as the department explained this was my responsibility and because I was already in Australia on a ETA, this is why the condition was imposed. I understand if I had entered Australia on a standard 12 month visitor visa the 8503 condition would not have been added and I would have been able to apply for a spouse visa and remain in Australia. I have applied for the 8503 to be waived but have had it declined. Question As i have this 8503 restriction on my current 676 visa can i leave Aus and go to Thailand :biggrin: again and return on a ETA 976 visa. Would the ETA 976 visa have this 8503 restriction added too as i have previously held a tr676 with the 8503 condition, if not can i return then apply for a spouse visa (and obtain a bridging visa). 'Deep Breath' how complicated is this visa stuff. I have read many post on this site and still cannot find a answer, this site is very imformative and so pleased i have found it, I thank you in advance for your reply Regards Tina.
  8. Hi I wonder if anyone can help me. I've checked the forum and noticed there may be a way for me to do this... My girlfriend currently lives in Australia and we decided to live together. I was initially going to apply for the subclass 175 (Skilled – Independent visa) and wait for that to complete but I decided to come here on a tourist visa first. My intention was to apply for the 175 before leaving the UK but the ACS took longer than I expected so I have come here on my subclass 676 (Tourist Visa). Unfortunately, as my tourist visa is a 12 month one it has the 8503 condition on it which prevents me from applying for the 175 onshore. However, the visa is multiple entry allowing me to leave and enter Australia on more than 1 occasion. Would anyone know if I could go to New Zealand for a week, submit the 175 application online and return to Australia on my current 676? Has anyone done this? Is this acceptable? Thanks =)
  9. Guest

    Partner Visa & 8503 Condition

    Hello, I'm hoping to get some advice. Myself, my partner of 5 years and our two children (ages 3 and 1) leave London for Australia at the end of April 2008. I am an Australian citizen, my partner British and my two children hold dual citizenship for Australian and UK (I had them registered as Australian citizens by descent). In April when we all enter Australlia my partner is traveling on a 676 tourist VISA that is valid for 12 months. Given our trip is to investigate our options out there (which involves things like does everybody like it as well as me establishing the feasibility of extending my UK based business in Aust), we only bothered with Tourist Visa for my partner as there seemed to be no reason to proceed with the more complex and costly Spouse Visa if we were not going to remain. We have return tickets booked for October of this year. Our intention was that once we had spent a few months in Australia and decided that we wanted to stay permanently, we would apply for a Spouse Visa (defacto) for my partner, however, her tourist visa has that 8503 condition imposed which I understand prevents her from lodging an application for that visa in Australia if we decide we would like to stay permanently. Given we are returning in October, I understand we could do it then, however, if we have made the decision to continue in Australia, by that point we would only want to spend 2 weeks maximum in London which I am sure would not be enough time to be granted a Spouse Visa. Therefore, given the above, my questions are this; 1) Can we lodge the application for her Spouse Visa before we depart even though it will likely not be granted before we enter Australia at the end of April? 2) If the answer to the above is yes, what happens with her passport during the application? It is no issue for us to leave Australia and re-enter with the Spouse Visa as we are leaving Australia in October 08 anyway (hopefully to return in November). 3) If the application for Spouse Visa is lodged offshore, can the necessary interviews and health checks be conducted in Australia? Thank you very much in advance for your help. Aaron