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Found 4 results

  1. Well, its been a while since we last posted! We've now been in oz for 6months and we're all loving it. I came out 2weeks ahead of my wife (Claire) and son (Jack 12yrs) at the end of sept 2010 while they finalised our UK house sale. It was tough being away from them but i was offered a good job (I'm a psychiatric nurse), in the area we had decided to settle, on a good wage and didnt want to miss out. So I landed in Melbourne and headed down the Peninsula, initially i stayed with Claire's cousin until the Mrs and boy came over. After landing i had 5days to get over jetlag and find my bearings before starting work. We had lost so much money with our house sale that i didnt really have a choice in the matter but to work soon after arriving. Yes we could of stayed in the UK waiting for the exchange rate to improve or even waiting for the housing market to improve but we had waited 2yrs already and just wanted to crack on and get to Oz. Personally i couldn't say goodbye to friends and family, i had to say "see ya", that was just the hardest thing i've ever done. :cry: As i sat in the departure lounge by myself i was serious contemplating calling the wife and asking her to come get me thinking i just couldnt do this by myself even tho i knew claire and jack would be following on soon. :err:We all flew on the A380 with singapore which was good, no complaints with them. Work was a bit of a shock :wacko: to the system as the Oz way of treating mental health is so different to that in the UK. I'm 20yrs qualified but felt so out of my comfort zone and still do really. On the day of collecting claire and jack at the airport I was so happy, i even made a 'Welcome to OZ' banner :jiggy:By the time the family had arrived i was earing good money, had managed to secure a yr lease on a 3bed house with outside spa, big garden in a quiet cul de sac 10mins from the beach and bought a car. We were working to a very tight budget. By the time we had paid for our flights, costs of bringing 2 dogs over and send wot little of our belongings over we only about £12k left. We only had a third of a container n didnt bring that much with us. With that money left we paid our house bond plus rent upfront. We bought things like a washer, fridge freezer, tv's, sofa plus other bits for kitchen, we bought 2 cars both old but fair condition and reliable (in the uk we could only afford 1 car even with 2 of us working) AND we have a boat!!:biggrin: Again old, but it floats which is always a bonus and has a decent engine so we can go fishing and out on the donut. The dogs seemed to cope very well with the flights n their time in qaurrentine- we visitted them twice weekly. I work hard, sometimes unsocial hours with overtime but i expected to work hard and actually recently i was offered a decent job with better hrs..................however thats a whole other story that i wont bore you with now! Claire is still looking for work. Since arriving we've tried to really enjoy ourselfs, we've been surfing (i lost my wedding ring!!), horse trekking on Gunamatta beach, seen U2, been out on the boat fishing and playing on the donut and we regularly go to the beach. Jack has settled great into school life and is so busy always out n about, always doing something with his friends and he's recently joined the local football team. Myself especially, and claire to a degree are probably still a little short of friends and not too much of an active social life but we are aware that we need to sort this. Of course we miss family and friends but skype is good at keeping in contact. Christmas was hard for all of us being the first yr away from our family/ friends but hey, this was our choice to move so we've got 2 choices.................!! Personally i dont think you need 10's of thousands of pounds to make the move, yes it'd be great to have that sort of money but we weren't loaded in the UK. Now, our house is bigger, we've bought some nice furniture and it feels like home. We've proved that you can do this on a budget, we've got a good standard of living and are enjoying life:biggrin: We've got family visiting in Oct, some friends coming over next April and other family planning their visit. Claire is job hunting and once thats sorted that's probably the missing piece for us You might say...........WE'RE LIVING THE DREAM and its all good!!!
  2. Hi all I wonted to know if it was possible to school my daughter for 6 months in australia and 6months in UK? My husbands job allows him to travel and work in both countries and we would like to go with him. My hubby and daughter are dual nationality and Im british with a perm visa for Australia. My daughter needs to start school in 16months and really dont know how to get around this. Is it possible or will I have to home school or get a tutor!? Help me! Sal
  3. Hi all, I apologise if these questions have already been asked, im new to this site and finding it diffilcult to search through the hundreds of posts! I am a registered nurse qualified over 2 years now, i have experience in acute medical receiving and respiratory. My husband and I have been discussing the possibilty of moving to australia however still not 100% and therefore we are considering the option of a working 6 month holiday, however as I have a dependant i am not eligible for the WHV. Therefore could someon please dvice if there is any other options available to me? I have been looking at the 457 visa however have noticed a few comments stating that you are tied to the hospital for 2 years, as we would only like 6 months does this mean this visa would not be suitable? any other options for us? also do you just contact hospitals direct in order to request sponsership? would also consider 6 months in a nursing home. last question we are hoping to come over the 6 months between october 2012 and april 2013 therefore any advice on how far in advace to apply. we would like to come to the perth area and surronding suburbs, as far up as joondalup. thanks in advance and i apologise again if these questions are already in the forum.
  4. :arghh:SO ITS WINTER OVER HERE AND I WOULD LIKE TO WARN ANYONE WHO IS RELOCATING OR EVEN THINKING THAT OZ IS HOT xxx and its NOT THE LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE !! or even WOW xx its not but if this is as bad a winter gets great xxx i sat on the beach today in jumper coat jeans and uggs but the sun was fab and the kids really enjoyed having to run about !!!! but when the sun goes down !!! which at the mo is middle of winter is about 5.30 the earliest it got was about 4.45 !!! BUT!!!! I WOULD LIKE A SUMMER INBETWEEN !!!! and thats my problem !!! yeh i left the uk in january in lovely snow and ice which had frozen over the top and packed up our belongings into a container in that !!!! and isnt it funny when you go to look for something that NEVER ARRIVED !!! and renting is **** xxx sorry guys but it is xxxx but is makes you realise what you need from your next place !! you cant hang a picture or mirror without permission !!!! to arrive in to heat in january and runaround like an headless chickens it was not fun x but you have to documents that prove WHO YOU ARE for rentals etc xxx so medicare and drivers licence and copies of your visas etc it takes time !!!! including bank statements !!!!!! might be worth getting the copies before you come !!!!!! and thats before they even consider YOU !!!!and then these properties get an 30min slot !!!! as an open inspection so you could be on your own or 20 other people behind YOU !!!! we were lookin for air con and a pool !!! yeh "" great now we are looking for heating !!!! melbourne is cold !!! and especially if you dont have heatin !! air con !!!! they dont have DOUBLE GLAZING ON WINDOWS WHICH IS A LAUGH !!!!!! AND BE PREPARED TO NEED A LICENCE TO FART !!!! i am serious !!!! i am looking for a part time job with kids !!!!!!! yeh !!! guess what i said to everyone in the uk that that is when the **** hits the fan i have had enough that i decide to work in mccdonalds !!!!!!! (OR MACCS) i need a licence to handle FOOD !!!!!!! which costs money !!! more fff money ! not happneing !!!! so my 6 months in has been **** xxx but thats mine xxx i have posted about meeting people etc but it is so like the uk xxxs freezing cold and dark and dreary xxxx its winter xxxx but in the uk you have nights to break it up !!! like hallowen,guy fawkes,xmas , new year