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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, This is the first time I have written on here, we have been in Melbourne for 6 months now and it feels like a lifetime to me. My kids and wife have settled pretty well but I have struggled very day literally since the plane landed. I am trying to grasp at why we came, its been so hard that I can't even remember why we even came here now. We wanted to try somewhere different and didn't want to get older living our whole life in the UK and also to provide better opportunities for the kids. What I have realised since we arrived is that we had a good life in the UK. Good job, friends, house, area, the only thing that let the place down was the school that my eldest was attending. We should have moved across the city not across the world. My wife is my best friend and soulmate, I have felt so lucky to have met her, she is a strong women and she wants to give it a go for at least a year but I can't live here anymore and it us breaking us apart. We have two kids 14 and 10 which is worrying me even more, my 14 year old should have been starting year 10 this September in the UK. To make things worse the company I worked for in the UK has a job available so I could literally job back into my 'old' life. I am losing my family here but if I 'force' them to move back to the UK I will lose them there also. I'm not sure if its Melbourne or Australia or me. Personally I find Melbourne very bland, I love the city but that's not my life. I live in the North East and most of the work I am involved is down the eastern suburbs so hardly get to the city. Maybe if I was in my early 20's living and working in the city it would be very different. We have moved from the rat race to a huge rat race. I have thought about moving elsewhere in Australia but I think I will simply be uprooting my family again and taking my problems with me. What I do know is that it's not somewhere I want to live long term, the weather isn't everything (and we are talking Melbourne ), I don't want to put roots down here (especially with the price of housing) and with the age of the kids I don't feel we can give it a try as they need to be settled at this crucial stage in education. I feel we are wasting time 'giving it time' as after 6 months this feeling has got worse not better. I want to get my eldest back on to his GCSE's before he falls behind to far. I think we are losing much more than gaining but my wife does not seem to feel the same. Not sure anyone can give any advice and sorry for the ramble.... Cheers Ross P.S For all those on the way out thinking that would never happen to me, be warned I was saying the same thing all the way up to the day we left, agree on a strategy before you come out if one or both of you find yourselves unhappy.
  2. Hi all, I have recently applied for a 6 month tourist visa and since I filed my initial application, immigration have asked me to supply a lot of documentation: bank statements, letter of invitations, declarations, intentions in Australia, travel plans etc! Has anyone else had to do this? Did you have any problems once you sent off the extra documents? Thanks
  3. I ave just had an email with my File Reference number advising that my application has been recieved. I frontloaded my partner visa application with my medicals and police checks but I have been advised that the application will take 5-6 months to validate so my expected date for the visa to finalise is 18/1/12 (not a problem I thought) but that my initial date of entry has to be before 26/1/12 as it states on my email that my medical is only valid for 6 months??!! Has anyone else had this as I assumed that the medicals are valid for 12 months as this is what it states everywhere and I was never advised that mine would be any different. This obviously gives me such a small time frame in which my visa can be granted and when I have to enter the country....I'm really worried and don't understand why mine is valid for half the time of anyone else!! I would be interested if anyone else has had this hppen to them aswell?? Thanks in advance Tamsin
  4. Hi all, hope all is well. I am planning on going to Australia on a working holiday visa, Probably working contract in engineering. I will probably love it there so will want to stay longer. However I am going with my girlfriend who has got an occupational training visa (6 months) I am looking to get sponsored by a company to get a work visa so I can add my girlfriend as we are in a defacto relationship (scary) Can anyone give any advice on the best way to get sponsorship from a company? Or could anyone shed any light on any problems we may encounter? Regards Iain