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Found 6 results

  1. I'm applying for my 574 visa for postgrad research. I have my confirmation of enrollment and can apply for streamlined processing. My concern is that I have a mild anxiety disorder that I take a daily generic medication for. Would this be a issue that could cause my visa to be denied?
  2. submittedPhDThesis

    Visa during PhD thesis examination

    Hi all My 574 visa expires in September 2013. I have recently submitted my PhD thesis and wish to stay in Australia till the thesis is marked which should take beyond September 2013. Do I have to do something to extend my student visa now? Should I apply for a new student visa? I tried https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/visas/applyNow.do?form=SFS and it does not accept my CoE number and DIAC advised me to use the paper form. I considered the http://www.immi.gov.au/visas/students/485/ options but I don't qualify for Graduate Work stream (due to age > 31 yrs) and Post-Study Work stream (because I got my student visa before Nov 2011 in 2009). I want to apply for PR but am not sure if my ACS assessment will come before Sep 2013. What is my best bet? Thanks in advance
  3. bluechris1975

    Anyone working on a 574 visa?

    Hi, My wife is thinking of getting a 574 visa to do an 18 month long masters degree in Melbourne. I'll then be able to work for 20 months (the duration of her course plus they add a couple of months on). Meanwhile, I'll apply for a 175 visa, which I should be able to get. I work in continuous improvement / project management in healthcare (have also got experience of other sectors) and wonder if employers are likely to be put off employing me as I'd only have temp visa. Has anyone got any experience of this sort of this type of situation? Thanks!
  4. Hey, I posted this earlier: I've just started looking into aussie visas, but getting swamped with all the info that's out there. My boyfriend moved to Australia last October (2009) and is on the student visa (valid until December 2013) to complete his PHD. As we have been going out for 4 years and lived with eachother for 3 years, I believe I qualify as a dependent in a de facto relationship - we have a joint bank account, tenancy agreements in our names etc. As he is on the student visa, this limits me to working 20 hours a week if I choose the Dependent Visa. Are there any other visa options I should look in to - especially ones that will let me work full-time? I'm a graphic designer and keen to start work asap in Oz if I get a visa approved. Thanks for your time I got great responses back that I can work full time on his subclass 574 as he's studying his PhD. He's already out in Oz studying on this visa - so I'd like to know how we can apply for my dependancy visa please?! Should we have added me on his visa at the time he applied last year? How do I get more info??! I've searched through the immi.gov.au site but can't find anything that helps. I'm worried we've left this too late........ Thanks everyone
  5. Hi All, i am just about to put an application in for a postgraduate student visa in australia and i wondered if i have to declare my two children 6 and 3 (from a previous relationship and we were never married). I haven't seen them for a while and they will not be coming with me, and they will not be visiting either. i have read through the documentation and it seems quite confusing: "All members of your family unit must be declared on your application whether or not they intend to travel to Australia at any time. A member who is not declared will not be eligible for entry to Australia as your family unit member, except for a person who becomes a member after your application was decided" I don't want to put the wrong thing on the visa and for it come back and bite me, but i also don't want my visa declined because of this. Does anyone have any suggestions or had any experience about this? any help would be greatly appreciated. MrT
  6. hi! We are looking at different options of going to Oz. I want to do my Masters anyway, and this seems ideal - to rather get an Oz qualification and do this with student visa.... Hubby will be able to work full time as Mech engineer/ fitter and the children will pay standard school fees (according to Immi - this is only for Masters/Phd students). We are very positive that he will find work when we are in Oz, we will not be limited to one state, as the course is taught in blocks FIFO, which is ideal. It is CRICOS registered too. By the end of the first 12 months I will hope to find a job offer. I have emailed a few consultants in the field and they say even with current situation, the field is crying out for skilled people, so it looks positive .... If hubby doesn't have a 457 visa by end of the first 12 months, I will have to do another course, maybe a general post grad diploma in the same field, which will be helpful later. We will also qualify to apply for a 176 visa after hubby has worked for 12 months, so maybe we can go down that route. Hope all of this makes sense?:eek: My questions... - are there any other post grad's students out there on a 573 /574? - Is there anybody who got Perm residency after 2 years' FT studies? - Can I go from completing a Masters in the first year, and then do a post grad Diploma, both on the 573 visa? Has anybody done something like this? Thanks for your help, anybody else on student visas or about to apply for student visas, it will be great to chat about the whole experience, worries etc!!! Thanks!:smile: