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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, being a family (2 adults 1 child) on an eVisitor (651) Visa we are wondering if one of us could apply for a student visa (500) getting the partner and child on that visa as well by bringing family. As of our understanding that would enable our child to enroll in a school free of choice. We don't have so much time though as our 651 is expiring soon. We got this questions and would be thankful for any help: - will we get on a bridging Visa as soon as we apply to not having to leave the country after the 3 months period of 651? - are there pure 100% online courses available? - does it matter if progress is made in the studies? - what is the cheapest available course (if possible online)? - is wellfare arrangements to be proven for the child if both parents are with it? - did we understand right that we had to show that we have about 72.000 $ somewhere to prove we can manage to live here (despite the fact that on a student visa you are allowed to work)? Many thanks for any help! Regards sct
  2. Hi, community, I'm currently an international student doing an undergrad degree and will graduate in November. my student visa expires at the end of March 2021. I'm looking to apply for 485 Visa and want to know: If I have applied for 485 while my student visa is still valid, would the bridging visa A replace my student visa? Thank you.
  3. earleneripple

    Multiple visa application dilemma

    Hi, I'm in a bit of a dilemma and I'm seeking advice. I've lodged my EOI for 489 visa, family sponsored. Me as a main applicant and my fiancee as a dependent one. As per current trends and a fact that I have only 60 points I don't see that going through any time soon. Now, we are thinking about changing our tactic. We are thinking about applying for a student visa (500) with my fiancee as a main applicant and me as a dependent one. Once there, she'll get Au education which will contribute to the overall score and I'll increase my English score. After that, we update our EIO or lodge a new one (for 489 or 189). The thing that worries me is how does all this look in the eyes of an immigration officer. They will undoubtedly see that we tried to get the 489 first and after realising that it will take too long (or fall through) switched visas. Bottom line is, will applying for visa 500 automatically disqualify us from the visa process? Looking forward to your suggestions. Cheers, Earlene
  4. I have some questions related to Australian visa that I hope you could give me some advice. I am an international student and currently doing 4-year IT program. This is my third year of the program and also the work placement year which is part of the program. I am currently employed as an intern in an IT company. It has been six months interning at this place and the company has asked me if I am interested in taking a full-time opportunity after the internship. I am really excited about that but I have not told them about my decision as what I am concerning is that after the intern I have to go back to the university to finish up my final year and could not work full-time while I am in the semester (as stated in one of the student visa conditions) unless they offer me a part-time position (but I guess it would be hard as currently there is no part-time staff at my workplace). My question is what if my company are willing to sponsor me a working visa 457, am I able to take that and replace my student visa while I have not finished my bachelor degree (but eventually I will in any cases)? as apparently under working visa 457 I am allowed to study part-time and work full-time. I am just afraid as I have not finished the degree and have not get any official educational certificate yet, which could prevent me from applying this 457 visa (transitioning from student visa to working visa without completing the degree). I could not find any useful information related to my specific case online. I hope that if you know any information about my case and give me some advice, I truly appreciate that.
  5. Hi there great forum and really helpfull. I have a question and hopefully someone can help me. I am scheduled to emigrate to sydney in November. The job i am going to pays 48,500 a year. which ive been told equates to around $700 a week in hand. I have a wife and baby boy and another baby on the way. Can anyone advise whether i am making a big mistake moving to sidney on this wage. Ive looked at properties and was trying to get a place for $350 a week, but really have no clue about costs of amenities and internet etc and more importantly how much nappies cost ha ha. anyway i would be really chuffed if someone could give me any pointers because my wife and i are in a real quandry over what to do. visas are through and shipping company have been to measure up. Were fearful we are going to get over nd realise we cant afford to live and have a new baby to bring up. The company im going to covers the medicare if that makes a difference. Atb and thanks Col
  6. Hi all, Just have the last car to sell now before our move back. Toyota Echo 2000 (which i think is like the old Yaris). Blue colour, 117,000kms, very economical, 3 door, good little run around! Please PM me for further details if interested. We are in Geelong (near Melbourne). Thanks Sophie
  7. Hi, I am selling my Kia Rio LX. Bought it in Dec 2009 brand new, and it has rego until Dec 2010, It has done just over 7500 KMS', and one female owner - me!! It is a very economical car. Also pretty low insurance. Colour - silver. 5 Door. Radio, CD Player and Ipod Dock. Engine 1395. Air Con. Electric front windows. In lovely clean condition - no bumps or scratches. I am in Mornington, South Melbourne and can be contcated by PM to have a look and for more details if you want to do a check on the vehicle. I will get a roadworthy done. Selling cos had a promotion at work and get a company car!! Thanks Lyn
  8. PommyPaul

    adelaide clipsal 500

    anyone watching? they've got murray walker commentating on the utes :hug::notworthy:
  9. hi guy, just courious that how many postions left of the 500 offlist from wa statesponsorship?
  10. Anyone else tuning in for the action? First lot of support races starts at 1pm on 7 :jiggy:
  11. Skilled migrants cutback | theage.com.au Skilled migrants cutback * Michelle Grattan and Peter Martin * March 16, 2009 AUSTRALIA'S intake of skilled migrants will be slashed by 18,500 over the next three months — 14 per cent of the annual intake — in a dramatic move to protect local jobs. Less than a year after increasing the skilled migrant intake to record levels, the Rudd Government has responded to the deepening economic crisis by removing building and manufacturing trades from the list of workers Australia is seeking from overseas. Bricklayers, plumbers, welders, carpenters and metal fitters will no longer get entry. The list of critical skills is now confined mainly to the health and medical, engineering and IT professions. The cut reduces the skilled migrant intake for the 2008-09 financial year from 133,500 to 115,000. The Government had already foreshadowed a reduction in skilled migrants — who form the bulk of the immigration intake — next financial year, with details to be announced in the May budget. The decision to cut the number of skilled migrants now shows the Government's growing concern about ballooning unemployment, which in February rose from 4.8 per cent to 5.2 per cent. The official forecast of a 7 per cent unemployment rate by mid next year is certain to be revised up in the budget. The deep cut in skilled migrant numbers follows December changes that meant only migrants sponsored by an employer or in an occupation on the critical skills list could get a permanent visa. Almost half the visas granted in this category are to people already working in Australia. Immigration Minister Chris Evans promised further paring back of the critical skills list if warranted. "The Government will remove occupations from the list if demand for those skills can be satisfied by local labour." Senator Evans said the overwhelming message from business and industry "is that Australia still needs to maintain a skilled migration program but one that is more targeted so that migrant workers are meeting skills shortages and not competing with locals for jobs". There were still shortages in sectors such as health care. The measures will enable industry to continue to get the skilled professionals needed "while protecting local jobs and the wages and conditions of Australian workers", Senator Evans said. He added that the Government remained committed to a strong migration program. "Skilled migration plays a crucial role in stimulating the economy." The cuts came as Mr Swan signed an international communique agreeing to "fight all forms of protectionism and maintain open trade and investment". Finance ministers and treasurers from the Group of 20 large industrial and developing nations met in Horsham, south-west of London, to thrash out an agreement that committed them to "take whatever action is necessary until growth is restored" with the proviso that they kept their borders open. "We will try to ensure that there is no intended or unintended trade protectionism," said the meeting's chair, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling, speaking to reporters after the meeting. Mr Swan told the ABC there had been little disagreement: "You didn't see that in the meeting today. It was a very encouraging outcome. I've been coming to a number of these meetings over the last six months or so and today I saw a resolve we haven't seen before." Ministers agreed to boost their contributions to the International Monetary Fund to let it help countries that can no longer get credit. The leaders of the G-20 nations including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will continue the negotiations in London on April 2. The global financial crisis will dominate Mr Rudd's first face-to-face meeting with US President Barack Obama next week. Mr Obama yesterday singled out Australia as a country taking appropriate action in the face of the global economic crisis. "Kevin Rudd has taken similar steps (to stimulate the economy) in Australia ," he said .
  12. kellyjamie

    500 extra state sponsors every year

    hi, ive just found out that these extra visas are allowed to be used for jobs that arent on any lists? if so for instance, OH works with youths who commit acts of anti social behaviour and WA corrective services have jobs just like his and he matches their person spec, if they offered him a jobcould he get WA to sponsor him? many thanks
  13. Hi Is there anybody out there either heading or already in Perth working for a salary of $68500 PA or less with children, we have three, after being messed around by OH company changing base location a couple of times we are now heading to Perth BUT....... we are a little worried about cost of living on OH salary, I would work but with what I have read on here it seems to be extremely difficult for British Women to find jobs out there as the software packages are different and apparently Australian Companys do not seem keen to employ anyone without experience. It seems highly qualified women are now out in OZ cleaning, not that I would mind cleaning if it helps us be able to afford a half decent life style. I have read the cost of living is so expensive it is really scary. We will not be taking lots of money with us and will need to rent, possible for a couple of years until we apply for a PR. So please if there is anybody out there kind of in our situation or very similar and surviving please please drop me a line and let me know how. Or anybody in our position going out to Perth? Thank you as ever to everyone who takes the time to read this thread and for any helpful replies. I soo love this site it really is my LIFELINE!!!!
  14. keily

    500 Characters ??

    Hi Guys Have Been Trying To Update Signature .... Keeps Saying Error As Only Allowed 500 Characters ..... Are My Eyes Deceiving Me Or Have I 500 ???? I Have Tried To Cut It Back As Far As I Can But Still No Joy .... Help Mrs Keily