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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, i am in my way to apply on visa (487) on contract administrator position , my uncle is my sponsor and i got 6 in each section in Eilets exam , but unfortunately iam graduated from faculty of Arts/Mass Media major so it isn't related to my job but i have more than 9 years experience in a multinational company in Egypt , and i want to make my assessment with Vetassess but i don't know if they will accept my application or not , any advice for this case?
  2. rajne

    887 Visa Update

    Hi Everyone, I have Applied for 887 visa in the month of Feb 2013. Previously on 487 Visa CO - Not Yet Want to know if anyone else have applied for 887 in this forum ... ​Cheers
  3. I have seen in the points calculator that IELTS 7 bands rewards 15 points and with IELTS 6 person is eligible to apply but no points. But on victoria immi site I have seen IELTS 7 for developers/programmers. Can anybody advise me over this matter.
  4. Hi guys, just been granted the 487 Visa. It has condition 8539 attached to it. Here are a few questions and background info...You may be able to help ! - Would any of you be able to explain that condition in more detail and what I exactly need to do now?! - Is there any flexibility with that condition?! - Was I suppose to live/work in a regional area since time of application or time of grant?! My plan was to get a job in the countryside but keep working in the metropolitan area until early next year. Here are my personal circumstances: - I live in a regional area at the moment - I still have a job in the metropolitan area but I have not worked since Visa was granted a few days ago. However, I may need to work until January 2012 to support myself and have enough savings to move into the countryside. Any advice would be appreciated. ------------------------------------------------------------- Here is an excerpt of the official explanation::confused: 8539 - Regional study and work only While the holder is in Australia, the holder must live, study and work only in an area specified by the Minister in an instrument in writing for item 6A1001 of Schedule 6A, as in force: (a) when the visa was granted; or (b) if the holder has held more than 1 visa that is subject to this condition - when the first of those visas was granted.
  5. Guest

    886 , 487

    Im wanting to apply for the PR, but im lack points. my points currently will be: age :25 degree : 15 min study : 5 regional study (perth ) : 5 ( i can get this points ) ielts if i cn get 7 : 10 state nomination : 5 --> i can apply this visa or bif possibility i cant get ielts 7, so sponsorship state : 10 but i need 5 points more ? Im currently have my student visa, which is expiring soon (march ). and the problem is i did my ielts test and i failed to get 7 for certain band ( writing and speaking ) currently working however,its only been half year, so i cant claim for work experience . will be one year on june (by that time they change the rule AGAIN ) (((( is there any other option? Ps: i realised that when i write this, my english structure is just bad
  6. Hi all ! I have applied my 485, and 487 relative sponsor visa on september 2010. I have included my wife in both applications. But I got email from immigration mentioning my wife is not eligible for 485 visa because she doesnt' hold subsequent visa. She has got 570 (English course) visa currently which is said to be insubsequent. But I havent' heard anything about 487. My question is, I have applied 487 from the sponsorship of my wife's cousin? So, if my wife is rejected for this, will be still eligible for 487 because the relation was from my wife ? I am so confused. I was thinking to apply to include my wife in 485 after i get it and hope she gets it within some months. my question is, If she is able to get her 485 in that way before the decision for 487 is made, is there any chance that I can send update about the visa status to the immigration which will be subsequent for 487? If I got my TR soon and apply her to include in my TR, will she get bridging visa A to stay and work in Australia? I m so confused, what's the best way to resolve this issue ?? Sorry for so many questions in one thread !! Would b so thankful if i can get some response ASAP !
  7. Guest

    How long wait for 487

    I applied for 487 got ss from new south wales off list cat 3 applied on 5 th November 2010 my medicals and Pcc submitted too I am in there current process date too but have not got co yet can anyone say how long would it be? I got mail frm them in march to submit my Pcc and medical that was not co though anyone please answer
  8. Guest

    subclass VC 487

    Hi everyone, I have applied provisional Pr i.e. VC 487 (regional sponsored) in 2010 april. I just wanted to know about the processing time. Are they planning to open the files soon? Is my visa held in priority processing group 3 or Is it goes to subsequent entrant? I am little bit confused abt this and would i be able to put anyone in dependent while in bridging. PLs anyone can clear my confusion .......................... ........................thanks
  9. Hey guys im just looking for some help im new to all this visa stuff.. Im currently in Melbourne on a working holiday visa but im applying for a 487 family sponsor and i have to do skills assesment could anybody help me out and tell me what this consists of practical or written exams etc? if practical would i have to take tools with me thanks any kind of help would be much appreciated scott
  10. Hi all, I've been reading various posts on here for quite a few months and am finally posting a thread to get everyone's views/opinions/suggestions on the same. I applied for an offshore 176 - Skilled family sponsored visa in June 2008 for a Hotel manager occupation but as that falls under the current category - 4, its taking forever and a day. Needless to say, Im losing hope on that aspect. In July 2010, Ive been onshore on a student visa valid for the next two years. Recently, Hotel/Motel manager has been listed on the current VIC skills listing, which is surely exciting. I fulfill the academic, experience requirements and am lacking a job offer from regional VIC and thats something that Im applying to and interviewing for currently. My questions now being - 1 - Is anybody out there in the same boat/occupation/regional VIC area/visa category? 2 - While applying for a 487 - regional state sponsored visa, what documents do I need to have before submitting the application. Can I apply and then go through my IELTS, assessing my experience/education/qalifications etc or is all of that needed prior to applying? 3 - If I am able to secure a job offer and apply for 487 VIC visa in December, what is the approximate timeframe for approval? 4- Ive read that DIAC aims to sort out all the backlog by Dec '11, would it make sense for me to just wait for my cat 4 application to be approved sometime next year (with the possibility of it being capped and ceased as DIAC has done before to others) and continue with my studies until then OR go through with the 487 visa and move to regional VIC? Thank you all, in advance, for your opinions. Please help in any way you can. Cheers, KK
  11. I have already applied for an 885. Since the SMPs have been introduced, I am doubtful that my visa will be processed in the next 2 or 3 years. So, I am thinking whether I should go down the provisional 487 visa route for recent graduates. However, what is bugging me is whether I am allowed to lodge a 487 since I have already lodged an 885. If I am allowed to do this, would you advise me to take the 487 path? How long is the processing time for a provisional visa such as 487? If I have to wait over an year or more for a 487 I don't think it's worth applying since the 885 currently would take 18 months according to DIAC's service charter. Also, if I am granted the 487, one of the conditions of the visa is that I work for 12 months full time. My question is, can I work in ANY occupation or does it have to be related to my nominated occupation for the 487? I am thinking of applying for an 887 after working for 2 years on the 487. Anybody out there on a 487 or has any knowledge of how this visa works? Is the grant of the 887 guaranteed for all 487 visa holders or is there a quota for 887s? I don't know if I am being stupid here but I have a feeling that the provisional path is at least a more secure way than being stuck in category 3 at the moment. What do you guys think?
  12. Guest

    487 visa - any alternative

    Hello all, I need some advice regarding whether I should continue with my 487 visa or reapply for a different visa in view of recent changes to the immigration rules. I came to Oz in 2008 on a working visa and then applied for a 487 which is only a temporay visa in December 2009 and I am currently on a bridging visa awaiting processing which I undertand could still take some considerable time as it is prioriy 2. I am a Plumber/drainer which is on the SOL and have a positive assessment by the TRN. I have also obtained a WA plumbers Licence. I have been sponsored by WA state government for a regional skilled visa. I am British and 28 years old single and on various visa assesments get 125 points having completed a 5 year apprenticeship in the UK. I also have a brother who is now an Oz resident living in Woollongong who would sponsor me if it helped. I wanted to know if there was a quicker way to get a permanent visa, I realise that a 175 visa is an offshore visa but as this is now being processed with priority one would I be better off going offshore to make the application and waiting it out or even returning on a long term visitors visa? Thanks for reading this
  13. Hi there. I applied for a Skilled – Regional Sponsored (onshore) Visa Subclass 487 12 months ago. I didn't satisfy the "recent work experience" part of the other GSM visas so this is the only visa available to me. I'm pretty confident that the visa will be granted, I can't think of a reason why not anyway - I seem to tick all the boxes. (Tell me if I'm being too optimistic). The question is when? It's already been 12 months and all immigration can tell me is probably maybe about another year-ish (vague). My current boss in Perth is considering offering me a full time job and I need some idea of how long I can commit to the job for. He understands I have visa issues and that once my visa comes through I'll have to move to a regional area of Australia, but if I can give him a realistic length of time that I'm around for it could sway the job in my favour (I really want this job). So I guess what I'm asking is, is there anyone else out there waiting on a 487? Does anyone know how long it's really going to take? Are there people who have already been waiting longer than me? Should I take this job? Any ideas, experience, knowledge on the subject would be most helpful. Hate not knowing what's going on!! Thanks.
  14. Changes introduced on 1 January 2010 required certain General Skilled Migration applicants to provide a skills assessment dated on or after 1 January 2010. This is no longer the case. Effective from today, 12 March 2010, onshore applicants for General Skilled Migration who are nominating a trade occupation in the following subclasses: • Subclass 487 (Skilled - Regional Sponsored) • Subclass 885 (Skilled - Independent) • Subclass 886 (Skilled - Sponsored) will be able to use an existing suitable skills assessment to lodge a valid visa application. That means that a skills assessment which pre-dates 1 January 2010 can be used. DIAC has advised clients applying for either a subclass 487, 885 or 886 visa to confirm whether your existing skills assessment is suitable by contacting the department on 1300 364 613. Further information can be found on DIAC's website - Changes to the skills assessment criterion for certain onshore General Skilled Migration applicants nominating a trade occupation—12 March 2010 Kind regards
  15. Hey everyone! New to pomsinoz, well I've been looking on here for months but finally registered! Well, after a few months of thinking I would have to return to the UK when my WHV ends I've discovered I have another option, the 487 Visa. I was wondering if anyone has taken this route whilst on a WHV? I'm about to have my skills assessed, I'm a Secondary History Teacher, and from what I understand this can take up to 8 weeks. Then I hope to apply for WA SS. One of my main concerns is the processing time for state sponsorship, the WA website reckons 3-4 months but from what I've read on this website people seem to be waiting a lot longer! Can I apply for the visa before SS is confirmed. My WHV expires at the end of Oct this year and I'm a little concerned that the SS might not be sorted by then! Cheers Cheryl
  16. Hello to everyone who is applying for one of the above State/Territory general skilled migration visa classes. I had some very encouraging news from Gollywobbler AKA Gill re how quickly applications with a successful State & Territory Nomination were being allocated to a case officer. I asked the same question of our agent ASA consultants who said there was no real evidence of things speeding up. I would like to start this thread for people who have appled for one of the above visa classes after the 1st Jan 2009 and if people can update it when they have any news it would help all who are still anxious on processing times. Thanks to all
  17. Karen & Steph

    sub-class 487 versus 475

    Hi there everyone, this is my 1st post after reading many and I am impressed with the help and friendliness that people are prepared to give. Can anyone tell me the difference between the sub-class 487 & 475. I am currently completing our visa 475 and I'm wondering if it's one and the same. :hug: Cheers Karen
  18. Hey!:nah: Im just about to apply for the Onshore Regional Sponsored Skilled visa 487 but i have a dilema with the work obligations part. I have just been offered a Graphic Design role (my skill area) hurrah! but it is only part time-3 days a week. Is it right that you can only work full time in your skilled area on this visa? How will this affect me if i obtain this visa? It has an annual salary of $50.000. Would I be able to freelance to make up the hours of a full time week? aaargh! Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!