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Found 15 results

  1. Its changing september, subclass 136 is now a 175?, Just wondered if they are keeping the same form number, or will it be called something else?:swoon:
  2. rache76

    HELP!!! 47SK APP.

    Hiya, I am getting on with 47SK application and i am struggling with just a couple of the things they are asking for, any help would be greatly appreciated. Up to now i've got all the evidence, joint bank accounts, bills, statements from friends, copy of our marriage certificate etc. Can anyone help with the evidence of JOINT responsibility of our children!!!!! We have been married 2 and a half years and have lived together for 10 years, we have two children and i am at a loss as to what sort of evidence that could be....... Thanks for any help again, Rachel :idea:
  3. Guest

    help 47sk visa form

    hi can anyone advise me i am filling in 47sk visa form q124 the declaration says it is a temp visa for 3 years, have to live and work in a low population growth area i thought i could live and work any where and wil be perm resident this doesent sound right i have an agent but he has not come back to me yet getting a bit worried any help please
  4. Hello peeps, Just looked at the sheet that tells you if you've got everything done on your Form47SK for general skilled, think its 138 or 136. On it it says to number all the pages from bottom to top ( i know they're down under but come on!) and to FOLIO them where you see the file symbol. What is folio? and do i have to number everything from money order to passport copy to 47sk?, every single page in one long order? :evil: :twisted: Any help would be superb, Cheers Mark.
  5. Guest

    Form 47SK - Assistance

    Hi all What a fantasic webiste - I'm currently addicted. We're planning to head to OZ as soon as (fingers crossed) I'm granted a s136 visa. We thinks we have just had our TRA approved, but in the meantime I'm gathering info for the main application. My question is: One of the many questions on form 47SK (I think thats what its called) asks about previous visits to OZ and also respective visa numbers. I visited my sister in December 2005 in OZ and obtained an electronic ETA. How on earth do I try and find out what the visa number was? I have a new passport since then (not even sure if it was in that anyway). Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks - PP
  6. Guest

    any one heard of new 47sk forms

    Totally frustrated, passed TRA skills assessment months ago. This i did independently. I have now finished this week filling out all visa forms, via agency, this has been happening over a couple of months. I finally thought we had all forms completed and checked just to be told today that there is a new 47SK form (DIAC), so our agent tells us that they will have to redo these, thus slowing down the whole process yet again. Is this news to anyone else? We're probably just impatient as we want to get there asap. Eddie and family
  7. Hi............ Dont know if any one can help............. We are half way through this long & painful but very worth while process, and we stated on the application form we wanted to settle in Melboure (still do!) But as a big treat for us all, we were thinking about landing in Gold Coast first , to visit all the attractions, Sea Life, Warner world and Wet n Wild etc. etc., before we have to get serious and look for property, schools & jobs etc. Can you do this, or do you have to land where you stated on visa application......??????? Thanks for any advice/clarification..........
  8. Guest

    47SK Application Problem

    On form 47SK, one of the questions (Part F Q46) asks for all family members including stepbrothers / sisters to be listed together with their DOB. We have some stepbrothers that we have no contact with so we don't know how to find the DOB. We have tried the electoral register but no joy. Any ideas ?
  9. Guest

    Credit Card Payment (47SK)

    My 47SK application was air couriered to Adelaide a couple of days ago so i presume its there now. Does anyone know at what stage they take the money? I just want to make sure there are enough funds and what would happen if the funds weren't there at that time?
  10. Guest

    Tags on 47SK

    The tags that one has to put on the 47SK - is this at the start or on the questions identified in the checklist? Regards
  11. Guest

    Form 47SK questions

    Hi All, me again. I am currently completing our application for the skilled independent 136 visa and I have a couple of questions relating to the checklist I was hoping someone could answer. 1) Under 'Personal documents for all applicants' it states 'If you or anyone included in the aplication is married, please provide certified copies of marriage certificates and evidence you are in a genuine and continuing relationship'. I was surprised to read this as I had assumed that 2 English people being married to each other was sufficient evidence of a relationship. However if that's what it takes then so be it...So would anyone mind sharing what sort of evidence they provided, e.g. did you follow the guidance to the letter e.g. provision of statements & bills, statements from joint friends etc etc.....I don't mind doing it it needs be but I want to get it right first time! 2) Cost. I see from the DIMA website that there are 2 installments of approx GBP850 & GBP1200. When do they ask for the 2nd installment? Many thanks guys.
  12. G'day, I've got my TRA stuff approved now i'm onto my main form, Does anyone know if form 80 is to be sent out with form 47SK? in form 80 question 25 asks for date of arrival in oz and 27 wants your visa number? obviously i dont have these cos i havent sent the form of yet! :shock: Also I'm insulin dependant diabetic and wonder if this will cause me to faill on the medical? :roll: Any help would be great, Cheers!
  13. Hello peeps, Does anyone have experience of sending a 47SK off and know how long it took to come bcak? Also, do you get some sort of notification it has been received? I was going to get my medical and police check done soon but if i send them off in the post how will they tie it up with my 47SK already sent? Whats the shelf life of a medical and a police check? Any help would be great, Cheers Mark.
  14. Guest

    Form 47SK Help

    Hi All I also have a couple of questions in relation to Form 47SK. Part F) Refers to family members and their details. My parents divorced when I was 8 (25 yrs ago) and I have not been in touch with my father since. I do know that he remarried and had another child, but do I really need to provide details of this part of my family which I know nothing about? I am even having trouble confirming my father’s DOB as my mum can’t remember his birthday! Q24) Value of funds, assets and goods you will be bringing into Australia. How on earth do you answer this question? I have not sold my house yet so it will depend mainly on that. One other question, I had a police check done in August 2005, but understand your visa when granted is dependent upon you entering Australia within one year of the date of your police check. Will I simply be able to have another police check done at a later date to extend this date ? I will be travelling for 6 months and not back in the UK until September, so in no position to move to Australia until after that date! Many thanks for your help. Karen
  15. Guest

    New version of Form 47SK!

    Hi everyone Just to let you know that as from today 2/11/05 DIMIA have changed Form 47SK(General Skilled). All applicants after today MUST use the new version available to download from the DIMIA website. Good luck Regards Mick TRA Granted Main application lodged.