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Found 16 results

  1. Im filling in 47ES for my 856 visa application, for myself (primary) and my de facto partner. Q2 on page 1 asks Does my de facto partner account for a family member?
  2. Im filling in 47ES for my 856 visa application, for myself (primary) and my de facto partner. I am living in Australia on a 457, and have been for last 3 years. Question 16 asks: Now bearing in mind that I am applying for residency for Australia, but have been living here for last 3 years, am I a resident of UK or Australia. Thanks :dull:
  3. Hi all I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone can help me. My husband and I are (depending on visas) moving to Sydney, he has been offered a job in the RAN. We applied for a visa on form 47ES, which is what we were told to do by the RAN, we tried to get our medicals sorted before sending off for our visa but were told by the medical center that applying for a medical had changed to being done electronically and we needed either a HAPP ID,TRN or HRR number. We have not been given this and to be honest not sure where to get it. We have Emailed department of immigration over and over but no reply, asked people who have joined the RAN and were told that they didn't need such a number and Google is coming up with nothing. Is anyone else going through this or does anyone know what we should do? Please HELP :confused:
  4. Guest

    Printing out form 47ES

    I've just printed out all 27 pages and when I went back printer has run out of blue ink so it's all just in black and White, will it matter?
  5. Chris&Mel

    Form 47ES Questions

    Hello, im in the process of looking over form 47ES in preperation for a subclass 119 visa. Looking at the application form i have found a number of questions where i dont quite know what to put. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Q18. Will your partner be migrating with you Answer - yes hopefully but all will be dependant of UK home sale, should i then edge my bets and say no the family will be joing me when they can due to the reasons mentioned? Q27. How many years of education have you successfully completed Answer - should i tick all the boxes or the highest level? Q61. Do you or your partner have any other children under 18 who will remain overseas Answer - surely this question has already been answered when you give details of all your children and state they are not migrating with you? (my step son will not be migrating, he has chosen to stay with his fathers family, 16 years old currently) I know these are quite petty but i have heard that the DIAC can be very particular! am i just putting a negative slant on this?
  6. ellasdaddy

    visa 47ES which goes first

    So we have had the e-mail with the approved labour agreement, have printed off the visa (47es) and nearly filled it in but we cant have our medicals done till July (im going on holiday before lol) and im also waiting on my new passport arriving (another long story) but does the medical go off with the visa application or before or after...... again im waffling ..................... i so wish their was someone here to just sit me down and tell me what to do step by step IM TOO EXCITED TO THINK CLEARLY :jiggy:
  7. Hi all, Sorry, should have put this in with the other question! My OH is australian and we never lived together, she's in Oz and I'm here (UK). Do I put her details in the 47es? I'm guessing not, but I'm also thinking it will help the application? In two minds! Cheers :jimlad:
  8. Guest

    47es Question

    Hola! I've received a job offer and had a search through posts for any related info...What I was wondering is if anybody else is having problems obtaining references for question 32, listing jobs since you left school. I phoned around some old employers and many don't have records prior to 1998, as the law on having to keep documentation is only 7 years or so. Has anybody else hit this problem or had any experience with this form? I can legitimately go back to 1998 with references but that's about it! I worked for a few agencies that no longer exist, so it's going to be impossible to list about 5 years of working! I'd be grateful for any advice from anyone =] :jimlad:
  9. Guest

    ENS Form 47ES Queries

    Hi there I am in the process of filling in form 47ES for ENS 856 PR and I was hoping someone would be able to answer a couple of queries I have on some of the questions so far.... Q36 asks if I have ever had written permission by the department to work in Australia. I don't know what written permission to work is! I am on a 457 visa presumably this doesn't count...? Q63 relates to the details of my family members and asks for their relationship status (e.g. married, divorced, defacto). Do I put in their current relationship status? For example my mum has been married, divorced and is now in a defacto relationship. Do I enter her in as defacto? Also there is not enough space to put information on step parents. Presumably I add this in under additional information at the end? Many thanks in advance! :biggrin:
  10. Guest

    ENS 785 and 47ES

    Hi Everyone, My new employer (I hope!) will be submitting both these applications: ens 785 and 47es this coming Monday. Does anyone have any idea what the timeframe is likely to be from submission to (hopefully) approval? I keep on hearing differing messages, so wondered if anyone who's been down this particular route might have some ideas. Many thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all, My family and I move to W.A. in Jan 2010 We are currently filling in our 47Es form which asks what money and assets we are bringing. Basically we arent!!! We are starting from scratch but are worried that we are expected to bring lots of money and will be penalised for putting nil £1,500 on form. We do have a house in England which we are renting out, but can we put its value on the visa form even though we are not bringing it with us? Does anybody know how what minimum amount of money we are expected to bring with us? My wife has a job in Australia to come to and the visa is a RSMS visa 119. Thanks Dave T
  12. Guest

    what formis a 47es

    can anyone tell me what form 47es is please this would put my mind at ease rattler:embarrassed:
  13. Guest

    Help needed on 47ES

    Hi Folks, I'm currently on a 457 as a nurse in Adelaide and am filling in the 47ES form to apply for PR. My problem is with the 'employment history' question of the form. Whilst my history is fine and documented over the past 10 years or so, whilst I've been nursing, prior to that I'll struggle to find specific dates. Has anyone had any similar experience? What do I put on the form? Help!! Please!! John
  14. Guest

    Returning 47es form

    Hi All, I have just completed the 47es form for my visa :daydreaming:. I cannot for the life of me see to whom the form has to be returned!! We are planning on Perth WA. Anyone know who to send the form and all the documents back to? Thanks David & Co
  15. Believe it or not we are almost there, form 80 is complete for both of us (horaaah) but i have a few nagging issues filling in the 47es visa. Here it is, my wife has been offered a job and granted a nomination to apply for a pemanant visa subclass 120 (LA), myself and our daughter (3 year old) are going as her dependants, we are currently staying in temparayy accomidation here in the UK with family and friends, my wife has a steadyish job in a nursing home and i am currently in between contracts with a computer agency (so i am not bringing in any money) the point is we are using our monthly income to pay for what we can in respects to the application process ie this month medicals, etc etc, next month we will have the cash to get the police records done and then lodge the Visa, now here's the thing, since my wife will be going to a nursing job as soon as she arrives we thought it would be sensible if she went first, stayed in the nursing accomidation until she at least gets her first months pay before deciding at that time if we have enough money to join her and get a rented unit or wait until the next month and so on. So my queries are these, on the Visa form 47es Do we state on the form that myself and our daughter will be migrating with her, or do we say no and write in the notes that we will be joining her later or will we have to all arrive together on the same flight so to speak ? and Question 34 "what is the value of money, goods and assets which you and your spouse intend to bring to Australia ?" We are really going to be starting from ground zero, at least until i find work out there, im a little concerned if we put a low figure here it will go against us in some way, or not as my wife has been sponsored as a nurse ? Grrrr, what a head ache, but we are nearly there, medicals are on Thursday (22nd), police records check will be lodged early next month under the new pilot scheme (10 days) and then we will be lodging the application to the Parramatta Business Centre. I would really appreciate any advice on this, i know its a little per specific, anyone ? Steve 'n' Beth x
  16. Guest

    47es - processing times

    Hi guys Need your expert advice again!! We posted our employer sponsored visa off 6th July and it landed at Adelaide Business Unit on Tuesday 10th July (thanks to Interparcel yet again). Our question this time is, can anyone tell us if we can track the progress of the application or does anyone have a website that shows the processing times??? Obviously it's a bit premature to be fretting just yet (might leave that until the weekend) but it might help to be in a position to track it a little further down the line. Hopefully, it's in the hands of a very speedy and competent case officer as we speak and they'll ignore all the protocol and just issue our visa......well I can dream!:yes: thanks very much