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Found 13 results

  1. Hello my brain trust, Situation - I am the PR living in Aus, sponsoring for parents 143 living in offshore. I am the only child for my parents. Currently filling form 47pa. Main applicant - Dad partner - Mom. 1. Part H - Do I have to fill mom details again there ? Or my detail(Only child, settled in AUS) ? Part F is already filled with mom details. FYI 2. If it's gonna be my details in Part H - Do I have to fill Form 47A(FYI - Sponsor) ? 3. Part J - details of other family members. DOB is asked. But both of my granny's don't have birth dates proper. Is it mandatory or we can leave it blank ? Thanks in advance. Sakthi.
  2. My partner is filling in form 47A as a defacto partner to accompany my lodgment for an 856 visa. We have the approval letter from IMMI in response to my employer lodging the initial part of the 856 visa. Q3 on form 47A asks: Other people on the net have mentioned leaving it blank or perhaps using the application ID from the approval letter. What is the correct number to fill in here? :rolleyes:
  3. Without_Logic

    Forms 47A, and 1022 Submission

    I applied for VE 176 in August 2009 and am now in CAT5. I have been with my present parter over a year now and meet the de-facto requirements, after speaking with DIAC they said I could send forms 1022 to notify them of Change of Circumstances and 47A to add my parter to my application as it had not been been processed. We completed these forms last night, but I have no idea where to send them as I applied online originally. Also back in March I submitted form 929 to notify of a change of address and posted it off, but received no confirmation that ti had been received. Is this normal? I have emailed DIAC a few times in relation to these questions but had no answers. John.
  4. hello guys! i just hope no one would mind as this is my 1st post. :wink: i got some confusion. i need a piece of advice so i can have this resolved as soon as possible. i lodged my 175 application ONLINE on june 2011, declaring my mother as my dependant; Form47A was filled-up, printed, signed, scanned, and uploaded along with pertinent documentation. yesterday, i happened to have read in one forum that though you are an ONLINE applicant, you still have to send by POST/COURIER all the hard copies to Adelaide Processing Center. am i doing the right thing here? nowhere in the Form47A that says so, neither in the query/checklist, but only this > "Forward the completed form and any requested documents to the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre within 28 days from the date you lodged your application." all along i thought this should be done ONLINE since i am an online applicant. i missed having read the one mentioned in the DIAC site. should i send the original copies or maybe a notarized certified true copies are just enough? anyone here who had the same case...delay in sending the hard original or notarized copies? what happened to your case? will this jeopardize my application? i hope an expert on this matter could help me, please? thank you very much.
  5. Hi, I want to apply Contributory Parent Visa (subclass 143) for my father, therefore I need to fill form 40, form 47a, and form 47 pa. I really need help filling the forms. Here are my questions: - I was wondering for form 47a - "Details of child or other dependent family member aged 18 years or over", it is said at the front page "This form must be completed for each dependent aged 18 years or over whether migrating or not" but the heading for the Part B said "Child's/dependant's details", while all the questions only asking for "Dependant" information. So, is it asking or any child over 18 years or just any child dependant over 18? Because my sisters and me are over 18 but not dependant anymore, will we need to fill that out? - My mother will not migrate with my father. She is my father's dependant, but she has been mentioned in form 47pa as partner. Will she need to fill form 47a too? - If my mom needs to fill out the form 47a, does it mean she'll have to sign both main visa applicant's spouse and dependant? - Will the reason for my mother not migrating with my father affect the application's process? - Will my mother need to be listed as the dependent on form 47pa too? - On form 47pa, there is a withdrawal application part, which is to withdraw any parent application lodged previously. I haven't lodged anything before, should I just leave it blank? Sorry for the troubles. Any help will be really appreciated! Thanks! Fer
  6. Guest

    Form 47a

    hello I want to know if I need to fill out Form 47a. I am applying for a spouse visa. I have 2 kids under 18 but they arent moving with me to australia they are living with their father. I dont have any dependant family members above 18 greetings Diana
  7. yoyo333

    Help - de facto and form 47A

    Hi, Hopefully someone can answer this question for me. I've included my partner in form 1276 section C. Do I still need to fill out a form 47A aswell? Cheers Yoyo333
  8. Guest

    Form 47A for 176 Visa

    I'm just about to lodge my 176 and am wondering about form 47A. Who needs to sign it? Obviously as the main applicant, I and the actual dependent will sign it. But the form also states that my spouse or defacto partner should sign it as well. I'm curious as no where in the form it asks about the partner's details. Is this only if the spouse/defacto partner is also dependent on me or just a formality? Or have I missed something? :confused: The other question is, where and when do we send this form and what else should we send with it? Or can we just scan it and attach to the 176? Thanks for any advice in advance! :wubclub:
  9. Hi Fello PIO'ers just wondering when I should fill in the form to prove our son is dependant. He is 18 on Tuesday, do I do it now or should I wait until we get a CO and they request it? Not expecting to get a CO for at least another year so I am thinking I should wait as his circumstances may be different then and they may request it again. Anyone info from anyone in a similar situation would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Veronica:err:
  10. Guest

    form 47a

    Hi there, Not been on here for ages, just hoping someone in the know could help us out, we have a 165 investor visa and it has now become time to go for perm residency with the 893, on the checklist it asks for form 47a to be filled out by all dependands aged 18 or over, when we left the UK our girls were 17 and 19 we filled out one for the oldest but not for the youngest as she was under 18. Now we have been here for 3 years and they are no longer dependant on us, do we still have to fill out the form or because they are already the holders of the 165 do they just fill out form 80. Please please if anyone has any answers it would be most helpful. Many thanks for reading this. Christine
  11. Guest

    Form 47a - urgent

    I want to add my partner/ husband on lodged application (176 ssVic non CSL on 28.10.2009) and my doubt is whether i need to fill form 47A for him or not?! As i could see it is just for child or other dependant family memeber but not for partner.
  12. Guest

    Do I need to fill form 47A?

    Hi all, This is my first post. I have a concern regarding form 47A "Details of child or other dependent family member aged 18 years or over". Im single, have no children and any dependent relatives, and never married. So do I need to fill and send this form with my application? Thanks in advance!
  13. KazzE

    Form 80, 47A questions

    Hello, despite the fact that my TRA issue is still not resolved (remaining hopeful) I am ploughing through the visa application forms. I wonder if anyone can help with the following questions 80 Hubby was born in Germany, while father was in the army, both parents British (father born in Jersey) and he has always been classed as british Would this cause any problems? Q23 Give details of all visits including short stays to countries outside Australia for last 10yrs should we include school trips to Germany and Belgium? there are no stamps in thier passports what about a cruise to the Caribeen? we embarked at Southampton and had our passports checked but no stamp we went to 5 Caribeen islands but did not go through customs at any point or have our passports stamped I can't remember what happened when we got back to Southampton but we have no stamp in our passports and I can't remember nor do we have stamps for our return dates for 3 trips to USA (we have stamps for entering but not exiting USA) Q24 and poss Q25 I thought I would leave blank and attach covering letter (Ta Gill :wink: ) 47A Q3 assuming I can leave blank as will not have info Q16 - Does depentant live at same address Son lives at uni term time but main address is same as ours, so I am only going to include home address? Q23 - Enclose evidence of qualifications from primary? include first school that he was at for one year? what evidence? I was thinking: school report from primary Exam certs from secondary and college BUT we can only find the statement of results form for his GCSE's do you think this would be acceptable? Q23 - employment I am assuming include all part time he is just about to hand in notice so that he can concentrate on his studies next term so I am wondering whether to say he is unemployed and list current part time work under previous Part D - previous addresses List all addresses where this dependant has lived for 12 months or more.......... should I include his uni halls addresses? What about ringing the number on the form? do they welcome phone enquires sorry this was so long, hopefully any answers will help other people too many thanks for any replies Karen