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Found 6 results

  1. Faamama625

    461 NZ Fam Visa

    Hey Everyone, Keen to hear anybodies recent stories and processing times for their 461 NZ Family Relationship visa? I have a complicated visa history with this... Firstly, I am American, my husband is NZ citizen. We have been married 3 years, (have 2 children, 2 years old-and 8 months.) We applied 1st in June 2019, heard back 4 months later that we had to reapply offshore, as we didn't qualify to apply onshore ( was 9 months pregnant when we applied.. so gave birth in AUS.) We left AUS in November 2019. Myself and our 2 children, are currently in USA waiting to hear back and my husband is in AUS working as we patiently wait. So our family is currently seperated. Lodged visa on February 12, 2020. We received an email saying that all information was provided and that if anything else is needed a case worker would let us not, and that we dont require a case worker to be approved if they have everything. So i guess we want to know for people who have been successful, and have children, how long it took you? and im assuming im low risk? Thank you!
  2. mintpro

    461 visa processing time

    Hi all, I have applied for a 461 visa with my NZ partner :eek:. My question is has anyone applied for a 461 visa recently and what the time frame is on the application?
  3. Hi There, I am a NZ citizen by birth and my partner is from the UK and has lived in NZ on work visas for the last 4 years. We are applying for a Subclass 461 visa so that she is able to accompany me to Australia as my de-facto partner. I understand that this is not an ideal visa in the long term but we will figure out how to move on from that visa given time in Australia. Question is does the Reciprocal agreement that UK and Oz have cover the basic medical for entire duration of her stay in Aussie or is there a time limit that you are covered for? I saw some threads that suggested that you are only covered for the first 6 months but suspect that may not be true. I also appreciate that we will probably need insurance to cover addition things... Does anyone have experience of coverage and a time limit if any for a reciprocal? Is there any coverage if we were to fall pregnant? I realize we won't be covered for maternity pay etc but would love to know if some hospital bills are covered... Any answers from those that have experienced this would be much appreciated... Regards Shaun
  4. Hi All, Am new to this forum, but hoping someone out there can assist? I'm a NZ citizen and have recently come back to the UK with my wife to look after my sister in law, following her recent divorce. She's talked of moving to Oz for a while and I understand that the 461 visa will allow me to effectively sponsor her (& her children) to move to Oz as when I enter I will be special category holder. Question is, what proof/evidence do I need to prove my financial support for my sister in law. I understand that if I were sponsoring a partner on a special category visa I'd need to show evidence of relationship, joint bills bank statements etc, but I can't see any mention on the australian immi website of what I would need to give as proof if it's a dependent family member - not a partner. She (and her kids) are currently living with me & my wife & are looking to make the move later this year. All help much appreciated......
  5. geneva88

    Anyone know about 461 visas

    Hi.. I have a kiwi passport and hubbie will be coming out on a 461 visa.. we are in a slightly weird and wonderful situation.. since he worked for an international organisation in switzerland they pay his unemployment anywhere in the world for up to 60 weeks.. but he has to register as unemployed.. I know he doesn't qualify for unemployment money in Oz and we dont want it cos the swiss deal is SO good its too good to be true..can 461 visa holders go somewhere to register as job seekers ... ? thanks geneva88.. leaving the winter for a new life in summer shortly
  6. Guest

    461 Visa - Medicare Advice

    Hi there, I moved to Melbourne last May with my other half who has dual UK/NZ citizenship (he was born in Dunedin). I arrived on a visitors visa and was issued with a Medicare card under the reciprocal agreement with the UK. A few months later I obtained the 461 (NZ family relationship visa) and am now experiencing difficulty renewing my expired Medicare card. I have been asked to produce an NHS card, in my 38 years of living in the UK I have never been issued with such a card. I'm not sure why my residency status has been brought into question now that I'm on a 461 visa. My partner and I have lived in UK (Yorkshire) for the best part of our lives and the temporary nature of the 461 visa in itself means that I am still a visitor here. So where do I reside - I am lost! Can anyone out there help me please.... Karen