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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post, hoping someone out there might be able to offer support and advice. After our second trip to Australia over Christmas my husband and I are now ready to make the move using his skilled trade as a motor technician/mechanic. We have signed on with an agency and have been advised that the quickest way would be down the route of a 457 sponsorship visa. Has anyone else had a similar experience? If so how long did everything take? From signing onto an agency to flying out? We have said we are open to most areas but are slightly restricted as my husband would like to stay with the same brand of car (Audi) he has worked on for the past ten years because he feels more comfortable but is open to sister brands like VW. Unfortunately time isn't on our side as my husband is now in his mid 40's but we don't regret waiting as we both wanted to make sure the move was right for both of us and have been able to and enjoyed trying and testing a number of areas. We are a little worried though about the visa process and not being educated on the process we are unsure what to expect. Is there a chance we may not get in? or does that not normally happen if you secure a contact with a company out there? If anyone can offer advice from a similar experience it would be appreciated, you don't want to get your hopes up too much but after deciding to go for it, at this point if anything went wrong we would be devastated.
  2. Vrije

    457 Visa

    Hi, I have been offered a position at a Queensland based University. The employer has applied for my Sponsorship (27/09/2013) and have asked me to wait till they hear from DIAC. I have PhD in Computer Science - have lived in Europe for 11 years - last 1 year in India at a Research division of a multinational company. Took IELTS and got 7 in all. How long does the Sponsorship process take? What do the Case Officer ask? What kind of Documents? Do they ask for PCC and Medical? Would really appreciate your help. Regards, Vrije_nl
  3. I'm looking for Registered General Nurses, especially those trained/registered in UK, Australia or Ireland. Sponsorship is available and support with AHPRA is offered. Current lead time for Australian Nurse registration can be as little as 6 weeks. Current Vacancies include: Midwives (2) in Sydney (Private Hospitals) Midwives (3) in Sydney - Permanent Night Shift (Private Hospital) Midwives (2) in Wagga Wagga, NSW (Private Hospital) Paediatric RGN's with ICU (Sydney) RGN/Surgical Scrub Nurse/ICU (Darwin) RGNs with ICU/HDU/CCU RGNs Aged Care (Melbourne) Medical Unit Manager (Regional Victoria) Apply via Reed UK trained and RCGP registered GP's required for several rural locations, including: Roma (Queensland) Hunter Valley (NSW) Falls Creek (VIC) Sponsorship, Assistance with Australian Registration process and POSSIBLE relocation expenses. PM or email admin@bestjobsinoz.co.uk for details -or Apply via Reed Please state which position(s) you are interested in
  4. Hi there all hopes this helps somebody, I'm just applying for my 457 visa with agent and he sent me this checklist through. • Certified good clear copies of all passports. • Certified copy of the applicant’s Marriage Certificate. • If you are not married but live in a de facto relationship, I MUST be able to prove this relationship has been in existence for at least 12 months – i.e. joint bank accounts, property held in joint names, leases in joint names, Electricity/Gas or other Services Bills in joint names. All these documents must be Certified copies. Please advise what documents you are able to provide. • Certified copies of any children’s Birth Certificates to prove that his Parents are the two people on the application. • 4 x Passport size photos, certified on the back that they are a true photo of each person included in the application. This certification should read – THIS IS A TRUE PHOTOGRAPH OF “JOE BLOGS” d.o.b. 03/05/1982 – SIGNED BY A JP OR SOLICITOR. • Applicant’s up-to-date CV. • Applicant’s references to back up his CV & employment from as far back as possible, from school if possible. These references MUST have information about working for the company, on a full time basis, from a specific date to a specific date (01 Feb 1998 – 23 Mar 2002 as an example) as an Apprentice first of all with your first employer, then once qualified, as a qualified Fibrous Plasterer or a similar name you may have for your skilled occupation, a list of daily duties and then a list of tools required to carry out those daily duties. These references should be on the company’s letter headed paper, signed and dated. Please scan what you already have and we can work from there. • If the applicant has gained an Apprenticeship through City & Guild, NVQ, FAS or similar, Certified copies of the Apprenticeship and Transcript. • If the applicant has been in the Armed Forces, I will need a copy of their discharge papers. • Does the Applicant or Spouse have a Criminal record? If so, we will need you to apply for a Police Report. I can provide the details to whom you should apply. • Please sign and date page 3 of the Employment Agreement and scan just that page back to me. • Certified copies MUST be signed by a person who can sign “sworn” documents, such as a Solicitor, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Police Officer. Perhaps, ask at your local Court House. Please ask if you have a doubt to make sure the person you are having sign the Certified documents can, indeed, legally Certify documents.
  5. Hi Everyone, My client is expanding their workshop in Toowoomba, and historically has looked to sponsor UK and Irish Technicians / Mechanics in the Truck Division They are a very responsible sponsor of Expats, and as a result tend to have a loyal workforce who don't often look to move away. Anyway they currently have asked me to find them 4 Qualified Mechanics, preferably with 5-7 years experience, and ideally for a Main Dealership background. A 457 Visa Sponsorship if offered, or those who have already gained their P.R. equally will be considered. Whilst there isn't any relocation on offer, the client has always been open to helping families settle quickly and easily. I'm doing Skype interviews for the next couple of weeks if anyone wants to be considered. Please drop me a copy of your CV to richard@thomasmconsulting, or my Skype I.D. is richthomas517124 Thanks Richard
  6. Hello Guys and Girls, I have recently been nominated for a 457 Visa in Melbourne on the 5th April and still waiting for that to be approved. Just wondering if anyone knows if you need a degree, because I don't have one but I have over 5 years experience in my field of work. I have references from all my previous jobs apart from 1 as they went into liquidation. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  7. Hello everyone, This is my first post... I am a butcher for more than 10years in our family owned business and am looking for job vacancy and good employer to give me 457 sponsorship in any part of Australia. Could anyone give me some advice in how to get both even if I am still living in the Philippines and have no any visa. Kindly tell me some important details what to do first. Any useful ideas and information would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.
  8. Guest

    Advise please 457

    Hi, My fiancee has been offered a 457 visa sponsorership from his company which he is going for, we have all the clearances from the countries we have lived it, we have a joint account but can anybody tell me what other things you need especially on the proving your relationship part, as we have been togther comming up nine years, only opened a joint account there last year, dont have property or children together, didnt travel over here the sametime as I wanted to go home for a while first and only renting a room for cash in a flat in Darwin, just wondering if anyone can give me some tips as we have asked immagration and they wont say what they need as proof, so how can you give proof if they wont tell you what they want lol. Thanxs in advance :wub:
  9. Best Jobs In Oz is currently advertising several outstanding opportunities for qualified, experienced Theatre Nurses in Sydney, Australia. Our clients are seeking highly motivated, Registered General Nurses with experience in a busy Operating Theatre for the following positions: Scrub Nurse Scout Nurse Anaesthetic Recovery Nurse These exciting opportunities are based in a leading, Sydney eastern suburbs, Private Hospital, and offer Sponsorship, AHPRA registration assistance, and support with the move to Sydney. Essential Attributes: Registered Nurse in your own country with APHRA Registration / Eligibility A minimum of 1+ years CURRENT experience in the role for which you are applying Broad Surgical background Excellent verbal and written communication skills Ability to deliver high quality patient care Able to communicate effectively within the team If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to join one of Sydney's leading private hospitals, apply for this position today. Please state to which positions you wish to apply. email applications to admin@bestjobsinoz.co.uk
  10. Guest

    Midwives - Sydney

    Still looking for several UK/IE qualified Midwives to fill vacancies in private hospitals in Sydney. Other areas may also be available, so please email your requests. Sponsorship (if required) and assistance with AHPRA registration/application process is provided. Email your CV to admin@bestjobsinoz.co.uk
  11. Well... It's been quite sometime since I logged onto this forum but the reason I am back is because I know what it is like when you first start thinking about making the move, should you vs. shouldn't you and I remember getting some great information from other members of this forum that really helped me out. Honestly at the time I could not fathom how many things I would of experienced and how much has changed. Knowing what I know now I don't really think that you can grasp what it's like to take the plunge until you actually do it no matter how much great information you get from the people on here. That said, there are some things that you can learn and pick up that can make the transition easier such as knowing where to look for work, how to get a visa and technical things like that but your own individual experience will be yours alone and that is a good thing. I get asked a lot by friends at home now who see my photo's on Facebook what it is like here, if I enjoy it and how to do it. I managed to do it by getting sponsored with a 457 visa through my employer. Now while this option may not be the most appropriate for everyone or even open for all its probably worth looking into because there are still jobs that one can get without much experience previously and make it work, such as recruitment for example. How I managed to get sponsored is something I get asked a lot so here are a few simple tips that helped me that may help someone else: 1) Identify potential jobs that you would like that you get sponsored for 2) Start emailing directly for openings instead of waiting on job sites and state that you are planning on working in Australia for a long time 3) Use a working holiday visa to get to Australia and get your foot in the door (I know this isn't an option for all but it's what I did) 4) Work your butt off to prove yourself in the company (You may have to move into a new industry and learn quickly) 5) Enjoy Aussie life. I know that seems pretty simple but I did have to work hard in my jobs to finally get the sign off on the 457. If you are planning on trying the WHV to 457 route and have any questions feel free to hit me up in the meantime here is a little video I made in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney to whet your appetite for your move...http://youtu.be/er16vXbpXaw enjoy
  12. Hi Guys!! I got my 457 visa approved today after 1 month of long wait. but i am facing a peculiar situation. my Employment contract states my salary as $55,000 but in grant letter states "Primary Visa Holder Guaranteed Annual Earnings: 60000.00". i am not able to understand how this is possible as we submitted the same employment contract to DIAC at the time of nomination. can anybody help me in this? thanks a lot.....
  13. There are a massive number of UK / Irish under 31's in OZ on a 417 TWHV, who are seeking to transfer to a 457 Sponsored Visa. If you are one of this vast numbers who is on this, and have an Employer who would like to KEEP you employed but your employer is unable to Sponsor, then we may be able to assist you. The Trades our Associates are able to assist are: Fitters Mechanics Welders Boilermakers Agricultural Staff / Station / Cattle / Sheep / Cooks / Managers / Agricultural Fitters / Agricultural Mechanics & others within Agricultural. PM me for more information.:wink:
  14. Hey, I'm a Beauty Therapist/Laser Therapist/ Skin Peel trained (international diploma). I've been offered the job in Sydney and they are just sorting out my Visa application now for Sponsorship 457 Visa. What are the next stages now? What do they check? what Medical checks do I need is it just chest xray? How long does it usually take? And any info on Medical insurance would be appreciated. I've worked in Australia on a WHV as a spa Supervisor so to come back I need sponsorship I'm happy I have now found a company to sponsor me. They sponsor 3 other girls as well. Has anyone's sponsorship ever been declined? look forward to hearing from you all who are already sponsored or are going through the process now...
  15. If you are offered employment and a company want to sponsor you (so you would be on the 457 visa - 4 year one) do you have to leave the country while the application is processed? I know that you cannot look for work in Australia on a tourist visa, but if a company wanted to sponsor you to work for them - i just wanted to check if you have to leave the country while this application is processed, or if you can stay in the country and be put on a bridging visa, for example? Thanks
  16. Has anyone gone from a Subclass 676 Tourist visa to a 457 working holiday visa? Can you go from one to the other whilst living in Australia if you get offered a job once you're over there?