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Found 28 results

  1. About a decade ago we had applied for a Partner 820 visa gaining a Bridging Visa. It was a slow process which is normal, but at the time we changed the bridging visa and flew to the USA in order to visit my wife's family. While there we decided to stay and do the US immigration for the green card which was fast and approved. Because we didn't go back to Australia for the application, the application was refused, obviously. But over the years I've really missed home, which is Australia. My wife and I have children now which we got them Aussie Citizens by Descent through my Citizenship. So here is what I'm wondering. We are currently trying to do the Partner 309 Visa, and there is a question that asks if the Sponsor (myself) has previously sponsored someone. Do we answer YES or NO? I had previously sponsored my wife around a decade ago and now would sponsor my wife AGAIN, being the same partner applicant. Do I answer YES, I have sponsored someone else previously and then just give the details or answer NO cause does this question really relate to if I sponsored someone ELSE other than my wife? Any direction would greatly help on this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all, my English husband has just submitted his 309/100 visa application online (hooray - we have finally done it!). As his Australian wife, I now need to submit the 40SP form as his sponsor. From those who have been through the process, should I / can I do this directly through his immi.gov.au account, or should I set up a new account specifically for me and then attach the document to his profile? The website appears to let me start processing through his account but I don't want to get anything wrong that could delay us. Sorry for being a novice ! Thanks in advance.
  3. MissSamson

    40Sp visa charges

    Hi there. Me and my partner are looking into the 40SP visa. We are applying as a de facto couple, but I am having trouble finding out how much it is? Hopefully someone in here has some info? And maybe someone has experience with how long it takes to get it approved as well?
  4. lhigman

    Confused 40SP FORM PLEASE HELP!

    Hi There, Can anyone help? If my son already has australian citizenship, do I have to include him under question 19/ Give details of ALL of your partner's dependent family members who are included in this sponsorship....? He is named in the forms but he's not part of the sponsorship as he's already Australian? I think we're getting ourselves in a muddle here!
  5. Howdy all, need a little help please... doing a Patrner migration visa... the missus is a Pom and I am an Aussie. We have children. So we are filling in the forms and for my part that means Form 40SP. My question is for question 38 about dependants. Basically what do I put in there? As far as I can work out without falling out of my tree, I am only including two of our four children in the application (Form 40SP) as the two older children (10 and 8) are Poms but the younger two are destined to be Australian citizens by descent. However, in question 38 on Form 40SP do I say yes and if so, how many? I figure that it must be for other dependants as they already have info on the form from question 19 about the children (the Pommie ones) and from what I can work out????? I am not even mentioning the two younger ones as they should have their Australian Passports before I get to working out all the questions on the forms. PLEASE, if anyone can give me a definite answer to these questions, it would help out heaps! Feel free to ask if I haven't explained properly. I know some people put down answers and might get away with getting them wrong if they are not relavent to the situation, but I would rather get it right, please, so although some readers might suggest ideas, I would rather, if I my be so bold as to ask, I would rather just getting a straight answer..... if possible. In summary, the missus is a Pom with two children aged 10 and 8 who are from a previous relationship..... We also have two dual citizen children (Pozzies = Poms and Ozzies due to being born in the UK and also having Australian citizenship by descent)... and on form 40SP, when asked "Do you have any dependants?" do I put Yes or No? (the older two have required clearance to leave the country so that is not the issue or question here) I have tried to work out a couple of other questions and wrote them on a thread entitled, "A couple of DAFT questions" but I am still trying to get a definite answer to those. Anyone have time to pop over to that thread and have a look? Meanwhile I shall be Up The Gum Tree! thanks
  6. Guest

    Form 40sp - part e

    Hi very new to the site! My partner is currently filling out form 40SP and is stuck on Part E: About your home! Does it mean home we live in England or the home we will live in in oz? As we dont know where that will be yet can we put his parents address?? Thanks for help in advance! Carly
  7. hi everyone, its me again and thanks in advance for all the answers to my questions~ :yes: i have my citizenship in year 2000, but i came to australia in 1991 on a student visa. In form 40sp, part D, question 26: What is your citizenship/residence status in Australia? i should tick the box of : Australian citizen by grant however, there is a question to above answer: Date of arrival in Australia should i enter the date i was granted as citizen or should i enter the date i came to australia? thank you~ :notworthy:
  8. Guest

    309 40SP - 2 questions

    Hi All! On the 40SP form and looking at the booklet it says that the sponsor must be a permanent auatralian citizen and usually resident in Australia. My OH (who is Autralian) and I have been together for nearly 2 years and he has been in the UK for 7.5 years - Evidently we are trying to move to Oz. Can he complete this form even if he is not "normally resident" in Oz now but will be obviously when we get the green light to move over there?? Also one other quick question - I am now at the point of bundling my masterpiece of an application together - how have you all displayed the information? There's lots............... Thanks in advnace - I cannot wait to get this sent!:confused:
  9. Hi everybody! I hope you can help me on this one. I have been married for a month but I have been living with my wife for 4 years in a defacto relationship. I am trying to answer questions 12 and 13 which I find quite confusing. Question 12 asks: When did you and your fiancee or partner MAKE the decision that you both: _ wanted to commit to a long term spouse or a de facto relationship OR -intend to get married THEN QUESTION 13 ASKS: When and where did you begin a married or de facto realationship with your partner: this is confusing!! Do I tell them about my de facto life or my married life ??? I have experienced both! For question 12: Do I write my engagement day? or the day we moved in??? or the day I decided to move in????? It doesn't say WHEN DID YOU MOVE IN but when did you DECIDE to move in. Then on question 13: I have to write when I started my defacto relationship or now that I'm married I write my wedding date?????? I am trying to prove that I am married but have known my wife for 4 years so the questions are not that clear as to what I have to write about . If I write only my wedding dates it doesnt give me a chance to write the date of when our de facto relationship started. All answers are welcomed! :hug::arghh:
  10. Guest

    40SP query

    Hi Just a quick one (I think). Completed most of my 47SP but obviously have to send 40SP. My australian OH has been living here in the UK for 8 years so how does he demonstrate how he will support me when we go back to Oz (hopefuly together once we have y Visa!)? Does he justify this in the requested statement and talk about family support etc or do we need to do something more? xx:unsure:
  11. Hi everyone, My Husband just recently arrived to australia and we got married FINALLY!! (he is on a prospective marriage visa) In hi stage 1 visa I sponsored him, now for the stage 2 visa I will sponsor him again. now the problem is for question 18 in form 40SP the question is: - Have your previously sponsored/ nominated a spouse, de facto partner, prospective marriage spouse (fionce (e)) or independant partner? Do I answer yes to this question since I sponsord the same person before? or do I answer no because that question refers to another partner that I may have sponsored?? Please help- these form are a PAIN!
  12. Guest

    sponsorship form 40sp

    Hi all, my oh is filling in her sponsorship form for the spouse visa,the first question asks how many people are included in this sponsorship,does she just put down myself or include our two children who are aus citizens by descent. Thanks for taking time to read this. mick..
  13. Guest

    Form 40SP angst!

    Form 40SP has been worrying me. My huband (Australian citizen) and I (Brit) have been living in the UK since February 2009. I went through a traumatic experience which left me not wanting to be alone. My husband had just got a job and had been working for a week when I asked him to quit to be with me. He looked after me for most of the year until November when I managed to get a part-time job for a few months. He was unable to find work after that and we are now applying to return to Australia. My husband will be my sponsor, but as you can imagine, 1 week of work over 17 months doesn't look good! We have explained everything in our personal statements and my husband should be able to find work back in Australia. Also, my father-in-law has written a letter promising financial support should we need it and accomodation for as long as we want. Is there anything else we can do to prove that he can sponsor me when we get back to Australia?
  14. emmaroo

    Form 40SP Question

    Hi I am currently trying to complete form and I am stuck and wonder if anyone who has done this could help? Part E- About your Home Is this your home in UK or where you will live in Australia? Thanks in advance! Emma :cute:
  15. Can anyone tell me (and drinking withe flies) what you wrote in response to Question 30? It says if your residential address is outside Australia please attach a statement at the end of the form outlining how you will meet your sponsorship obligations. Im a little worried now as we have sent off the application and I didnt write a seperate statement just signed Part I - sponsorship undertaking. Does anyone think I should write one now and send it off to add to our app? We have had contact with our CO twice now, once she asked for the police check and form 80 and then she confirmed that she had that info and hasnt requested anything else. What do you guys think? :err:
  16. Hey everyone, we are kinda new here and have been trawling the forums for information for our visa application and thought it would best to start a new thread, get some advice and hear some stories from people that have been through this process or are currently doing so, just like us. :biggrin: We have been together for 18 months and plan to lodge our application whilst living here in the UK before Mark has to go back to Australia. We have not been living together officially but we do spend every night together at either one of our homes, i think in the last 9 months we've only spent about 2 nights apart! We will have at least 5 statutory declarations (888) from our housemates confirming this. Is there anything else people could suggest we add to support this? Also since we have only been together here in the UK, only one of Marks friends from Australia has met me, we have asked him to fill out an 888 but the application asks for 888 to be completed by 2 Australian citizens which we are unable to do. has anyone else come across this problem? How did u overcome this? We do share finances but do not have a joint bank account. Mark is in full-time employment and I am a full-time student so he does help me out quite alot with food, rent etc. we can prove this with bank statements and receipts but are unsure as to whether this would be sufficient evidence. any ideas there would be great!? Aside from that we are pretty confident that we can prove the validity and commitment of our relationship. We have flights documents, photos, christmas cards, receipts from trips and events we have been to together. The only other query would be in regards to our own declarations. We are unsure if we both need to do one or if a joint declaration would be ok? Also some people say to write it in a very factual way and steer clear of being all lovey and romantic, is this true? Thanks so much for reading and any help or further advice would be greatly appreciated! :cute: Lucy and Mark
  17. Hi all After all the problems I have had getting the paperwork off my fiance, he finally sent me through the revised paperwork yesterday and...IT'S STILL WRONG!! He put that we discussed marriage in October 2008, when we didn't, it was August this year. His answer then totally contradicts what he put in his statement. Sooo I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a problem with typing his answers in on the form, printing them off and then just include the final page that he has signed and dated? Or does it have to be written? Thank you so much, hopefully the last question I need to ask :jiggy: Laura xxxx
  18. I am in the process of filling out Form 40SP for a defacto sponsership, there is a new one now it has just been updated, on the new one question 35, (34 on the previous one) asks "have you been in paid employment over the past 2 years" well thanks to the state of the economy I have had some periods of unemployment and I was wondering if that will have an effect. I am an Australian citizen so cannot be refused entry and the question looks to me like it is aimed at sponsers who are Australian residents already. Most people who migrate to Australia will be unemployed on arrival so I find the question a bit strange. What has anyone else done and whats anyone's experience who has already done this?
  19. Zoks

    Completing form 40SP

    Hi all, My wife and I are currently living together in the UK. I'm British and she's Australian. We've been looking over form 40SP. There is a section asking for her address. It asks the question as if she is in Australia and I'm not with her. It seems to suggest that for her to sponsor me she has to have somewhere I can move into in Australia. At the moment we live together in the UK. We do plan to move to Australia at some point but in the meantime I though I should apply for my spouse visa as soon as possible. My question to you is : Is it possible for me to apply and receive my spouse visa whilst we are both living in the UK with no address to speak of as yet in Australia? If so, how should my wife complete the form 40SP? She doesn't have an Australian home for us to move into. Thanks for your help in advance.
  20. Hi all I just did a search to find the answer to this question but I'm going so stir crazy with thinking about submitting our visa app that I couldn't find anything! :err: My fiance (he's the pom, I'm the Aussie) is applying for the Prospective Marriage Visa (300) and we're just about ready to submit the app, finally - does anyone know what the deal is with returning documentation?? I'm sure I read somewhere that if you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope then they return it all, but I can't find it, and I'm worried we won't get it back (I figure we'll need it all again when we have to do the partner one in Aus)?? Do we have to put in a cover letter and request this etc?? Also, as we're both in London and planning on coming back to Aus together, I don't have a permanent address there (part E of the sponsor form 40SP asks for an address where my partner will be living in Aus) - I've written an additional statement to explain everything, and I've given the address of my house in Canberra (which we won't live in - it's rented out, but I still receive mail at that address, and I own the house)... What do people think, will this be enough?? We're planning to live in Sydney, but yeah, won't have an address until we get there and find a place etc... Thanks in advance for any advice and sorry for the rambling - as I said, I'm going a bit insane with the stress of it all, argh!! :wacko: Cheers Kat
  21. Guest

    form 40sp partner sponsership

    hi all will be applying fora aprospective marriage visa, but for my partners form 40sp, thye ask you how many people live with you, well he lives with himself but does have a mate staying with him for a few weeks(well he has been there for a few weeks )and will stay until i get there, shane is helping him out til he finds somewhere. Should he put it on the form 2 people living there. ro just one. would they come and check the house. aslo if shane there is 2 of them may not be a strong case as we are getting married and should be living by oursleves, which we will he just has a mate staying with hi, for a few weeks. ahhrrr:arghh: Nadine
  22. welsh in oz

    Form 40SP advice please?

    Hi, Has anyone filled form 40SP in recently? We are just doing it now and were wondering about Part E questions 43 - 48. We are applying from the UK and presumed that the question related to housing in Oz, we will be staying with family when we arrive, should we put this down, or have I got that wrong...... Any advice greatfully appreciated!
  23. Hi, We were wondering if anyone's got any knowledge & experience with the Spouse/Defacto visa - 47SP, 40SP verses the prospective marriage visa? I'm Australian & my partner is from UK and we're applying outside Australia. We believe the better visa is the Defacto/Spouse visa because you only have to apply once, for both the temporary visa and the perm. visa. Is this really the case? We were also wondering roughly how long it takes for the visa to be granted? And what is the time they give you to settle all affairs before you have to travel to Australia? We're trying to do it ourselves rather than paying a fortune to an advisor. We've tried to contact the officials for assistance, but they were very vague, and actually reluctant to give any advice.
  24. Hello Everyone I'm feeling very relieved to have finally sent off our application for a de-facto visa! Finges crossed we get this ok!! I wasn't sure how to add the dates to the bottom of my threads so thought I'd start a new one off. Would be good to hear your success stories & processing times! Will keep you posted:spinny:
  25. Guest

    Form 40SP - Spouse Sponsorship

    Hi I am sponsoring my husband to enter Australia. The form 40SP seems very geared towards the sponsor living in Australia at the time of the application being made. We are both currently living in the UK and I do not intend to return to Australia until my husband receives approval to go as well. My concern is that if I am not living in Australia at the time I send the application could this hinder his application? Would appreciate any advice anyone can give us. Thanks C Hunter