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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, looking for some advice/confirmation of what we believe to be the correct process please! What to do about a pending newborn? Subclass 309/100, sponsor/parent is Australian by descent... For context: my husband is applying for the 309/100 partner visa. I am the sponsor. I am an Australian citizen by descent and, as yet, have not spent more than 2 years resident in Australia, although my parents (both Australian citizens) have been back over continuously for c.14 years. We have recently submitted the partner visa application for my husband, via London, UK; the complicating factor is that he and I are also expecting our first baby in November. We think the 309/100 visa is unlikely to be granted prior to the baby's arrival! (currently processing timescales are pretty lengthy) SO! We think the process would be to complete the 1022 form (change in circumstances) as soon as the baby arrives, and append this to my husband's 309/100 application. Our understanding is that the baby will not be eligible for citizenship by descent from me (due to lack of residency time) and would have to go on my husband's visa. As the baby would be a newborn, it seems as though this should not affect the visa cost - but this is not clear anywhere, so any confirmation/advice here would be appreciated. Is some/all of the above correct? What would happen if (miraculously) we were to be granted his visa prior to the birth? Grateful for any responses! Thanks, K. 309/100 submitted 19 July 2019 front loaded no agent
  2. Hi all! We are about to pay for the 309 visa, but does any one know if the sponsor can use their own credit card to pay for the 309 visa? I am the sponsor, and we would prefer to use my credit card to pay rather than one of my partners, or out of our bank account. Thanks in advance.
  3. Waitingaround

    309/100 - 600 Tourist Visa

    I realise there is a lot of info on here in reference to getting a Tourist Visa (e600/600)(3/6/12 Months) but thought i'd make a thread soley for it and any experience. So let me ask the question on everyone's mind and see what stories and experience we get......... Should/could/can we apply for a Tourist visa subclass 600 whilst awaiting the decision on the 309 temporary part of the partner visa???
  4. My husband is Australian, I am Canadian and we have been working and living in Africa since we were married over three years ago. His contract ended and he accepted work in Australia - he has just completed his probation period so as it now looks like a permanent position I am looking to join him in Australia. We were gob-smacked by the $7k price of a partner (309/100) visa, so we have now been apart over 6-months to save up for that But as a Canadian citizen I don't think I can apply for a spousal visa offshore if I am not residing in my home country and my residence visa is about to expire in the country I am currently residing in. Does anyone here have any experience or knowledge of that? We cannot find any information about that online and we both work out of town so cannot check with the local authorities during business hours in person... So I think, barring having to go back to Canada and wait for 20-or-more-months >.< I think my only option is to go to Australia on a tourist visa and apply for an onshore spousal (820/801) visa. I realise I won't be able to work for the term of the tourist visa, but at least we won't have to have a relationship via Skype anymore Any input is welcome
  5. Hi, Very quick question here. It's been two years since my temporary Spousal Visa (subclass 309) was issued and I am of the impression immigration will be contacting me to go through the process of making it permanent (subclass 100). For those who have been through it, how long after the two year mark did you receive notification the second stage was to begin? Or did you have to contact them? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. My timeline below - very short at the moment! Please join in with where you've got to so far
  7. We are on the final stages of getting our application together for submission later this month for 309/100 PMV. We have had copies of passport pages/citizenship certs/birth certificates all certified but I wondered if we needed to do the same with evidence to support a genuine and continuing relationship? We have bank statements, council tax letters and other documentation which were were going to send originals of. Any advice on best way to include this supporting documentation would be helpful! :ssign16:
  8. Hi All Apologies if this thread is elsewhere. My hubby applied for the 309/100 Partner Visa on 4 December 2013. The fee was taken from our account on 5 December, but as yet we haven't had any contact or acknowledgement from the Australian High Commission in London. We had to submit in paper form because the electronic submission was unavailable due to 'maintenance'. I've read a few threads on here, and people seem to say it takes ten days. Even with Christmas it has been a lot longer than that. Should we chase them up? Cheers
  9. Hi everyone, I'm from the UK my fiancé is Australian. We are currently in New Zealand and from here we applied for the 309/100 partner visa at the beginning of October. I'm on the understanding that I would have to be out of the country when this is granted. I just want to know if anybody has applied for a tourist visa whilst an application is going through and how it went. Did your CO contact you to let you know they were about to grant it? Are there any risks? What sort of tourist visa did you apply for? Also we were told 12 months for the process to complete has anybody just had theirs granted? If so how long did it take? Sorry for all the questions but we're not hearing anything so we don't really know how it's moving along and when I called them they don't really have anything to say. It's only been a couple of months I know but my fiancé has commitments that he will have to go back to soon over there. Is anybody going through this same process at the moment? :daydreaming:
  10. Hi, has anybody else handed their 309 visa application into the New Zealand office in Auckland? Everybody's appears to be London or Australia so a lot of the discussions on here don't really apply to us.
  11. Hi guys, Just thought I would ask you all a question as I am quite intrigued by something and want to know if anyone noticed the same thing! I am an Australia citizen and my husband is applying for a spouse visa (309/100) from UK. We are now at the stage where he is applying for his medicals and we noticed that when he filled in his online questionnaire to bring to the doctor that the visa he is applying for on the system was noted as - Spouse Permanent 100 - does this mean that the embassy have put him forward for the permanent spouse visa straight away? We have been living together for over 5 years and are married over a year so I know it could be an option that he is given a permanent visa straight away but I guess I am just getting my hopes up that we can expect it when the visa is granted!! Any one noticed this too or had any dealings with it? Thanks!
  12. Hi all Finally submitted my (our) 309/100 defacto visa application to Australia House in London. A couple bits still missing (one of my friend's statutory declarations and my full birth certificate) but will be sending them on as soon as I receive them. Feels good to have all the paperwork off the dining table, and now keenly awaiting any sort of communication...
  13. vickyplum

    what gets checked for visa medicals?

    Hi all Suddenly dawned on me that I might have problems with visa health check, if I get that far into the process (309/100). What do they check for and what could get me delayed/stopped from having a visa granted? I have high BMI and borderline high blood pressure. Both of which can be fixed given time, but cannot help but worry...! I have no other health issues/have never been in hospital (touches wood) and am not on medication for anything. Thanks -VP
  14. Hi guys, I originally posted these questions in the Australia forum but was helpfully redirected here by the moderator and am hoping to find some answers from anyone who has been in/knows anyone in a similar situation. I’ve read so many threads about de facto / partner visa applications over the last few months and am now just after some clarification, preferably from people who have un/successfully applied for the 309/100 De Facto Visa in the recent past. My partner and I have been together for over 2 years and are in the process of putting all of our papers together to apply for the 309/100 De Facto / Partner Visa so that we can relocate back to Melbourne (where we met and both lived at the start of our relationship) in early 2014. I am an Australian citizen (by birth) and he is Italian. We are currently living together in London and have been for over 18 months now. Gathering evidence of the duration of our relationship isn’t an issue at all as we have a joint bank account, pay slips, rental agreement, photos etc. Can anyone who has applied for this visa please let me know how long it took for yours to be approved? Did you send police checks / medicals wit the initial application or wait for them to be requested? I’ve read on most places to expect a 5 - 9 month wait but has anyone had it take less/more time? Another major issue is that I’m living here on the Tier 5 (YMS) Visa at the moment but it expires at the end of November. We’re planning on leaving the UK for a few days for a holiday when it expires so that I can come back and hopefully stay here in the UK for a little longer on a general tourist visa (so that we can do a bit more travelling throughout the UK and enjoy a few more weeks here - I obviously wouldn’t be planning on working during this time). However, I’ve also read many forum posts about Australians who have tried to re-enter the UK on tourist visas almost immediately after their Tier 5 Visa has expired and the general consensus seems to be to expect major hassles by Border Control upon re-entry. So, for anyone who has been / or knows someone who has been in a similar situation, I ask... Should I apply for the official 6 month UK tourist visa? Can I even do that from within the UK if I am an Australian citizen and my tier 5 visa is nearly expired? While its not ideal I'll definitely seriously consider flying back to Australia upon my visa's expiration. However, as we're lodging this application off shore, what happens if we haven't received the request for medicals or police checks before my visa expires? From what I've seen, these seem to be occurring around the 4-8 week mark which SHOULD give us enough time before my Tier 5 visa expires but just in case it isn't... I would have to be in the UK, where the visa application was lodged, to do the medical & police check, right? Also, if anyone here knows anyone/or has themself been denied re-entry into the UK after their Tier 5 Visa has expired I'd really appreciate it if you could post your two cents on the situation and maybe tell me a bit about your experience. (Upon re-entry to the UK, I will have a P60 proving my previous work contract has been terminated, proof of purchase of a one way flight back to Australia and proof of funds to support myself... I've read that this evidence helps) Any help with any of my questions will be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance, Jiselle :biggrin:
  15. MrStocks80

    Hi all, newbie in awe!

    Hi all on PiO, I have been registered on here a little while now, and have spent time looking at a few posts. As I am looking to move to Australia (Brisbane) spring/summer 2013 and will be submitting my 309/100 visa application in the next 2-3mths, I thought I'd introduce myself - no doubt I may need the odd bit of assistance here and there. I also hope that I can add to the banks of information here on this site by helping others with my experience and progress. MrStocks80
  16. We are putting together our application for an offshore (UK) partner/spouse visa.309/100. I am concerned about one part of it - On the front of my form 40SP (application to sponsor my partner) it says 'If you are a permanent Australian resident you are required to be usually resident in Australia'. I lived in Australia on a temporary visa between 2005 and 2008. I then returned to the UK and applied for a permanent residence visa which was granted in Nov 2009. I then moved to Australia in April 2010. I lived there for 8 months,then I came back to the UK to be with my partner who was in the middle of a P.h.d course here. She will be finished this summer and we both intend to move to Australia ASAP. We have now been living together in the UK for over a year and have plenty of evidence that we have been a genuine couple for two and a half years, but I am concerned that I am not usually resident in Australia, and unsure whether to put my UK address or say I am usually resident in Australia and only here to wait for my partner to finish her course. We both want to settle in Australia but I haven't been able to live there for the past year because i don't want to be apart from my partner. Any advice from anyone in a similar situation or experts would be appreciated, thanks
  17. Today I took the online assessment and passed verifiable for a spousal visa. Now when I looked on the website a little while ago it said it cost £1395 for the visa. However I've just got this email through, which basically says it will cost twice as much. Can someone please verify they got the same email?! It also says visa will be granted after 6 months, but there are people on here that have had it granted at 3.5 months?! Here's the email; any help would be greatly appreciated. No idea where we're going to pull an extra £1,500 from. I'm even wondering; is this actually from a migration agent?! Dear Bethany, Thank you for taking the time to complete the online assessment through Visa Bureau. I have included an outline of the application procedure for applying for your partner visa (including approximate timescales and all costs) below, and attached a guide on the visa so you have some reading. If you have any questions or you want to arrange a time to discuss your eligibility and our services then please don't hesitate to get in touch. Kind Regards Lauren Mennie Timeline and Costs We recommend that you budget £3,000 for the entire process of obtaining your Spouse - ( UF/309 Provisional) and Spouse (BC/100 Migrant) visa to Australia. This figure will cover the following: · Australian Visa Bureau fee; · VAT; · Medical check fees; · Police check fees; · DIAC fees; Preliminary Stage To begin your application we will require the following: · One copy of your client agreement (signed). I can send this out immediately upon request. · The initial deposit. The first instalment is £720.00 which is 50% of our total Visa Bureau fee of £1,200.00 +vat Payment can be made using cheque, credit card or debit card. Please note: If at any stage in the verification process we determine that you will not qualify for Australian migration, we will refund this fee in full. DAY 1 - First stage verification Your application will be looked at in detail to establish whether you will qualify for an Australian visa and if there is any risk of failure. We will pay particular attention to your work history, Australian family ties (if applicable) and any pertinent health or character issues. DAY 7 - Second stage verification Your application will be presented to the Global Casework Director, Leonie Cotton. She will assess your application in compliance with the MARA Code of Conduct, the 1994 Migration Regulations for your visa sub-class and the Migration Act 1958. If there is any indication you will not qualify for an Australian visa, you will receive a full refund of your initial deposit. DAY 8 - 1st Set of Instructions Issued If you pass the 2nd Stage Verification, you will be assigned a dedicated caseworker and the first set of instructions for your visa application will be issued. During the next few months you will work with your case worker collecting documentation, completing forms, evidencing documents, preparing for medicals (Budget £200 to £300 pp), police checks (Budget £35 pp), writing statutory declarations and gathering any other supporting documentation that your case work deems necessary to satisfy the legislative requirements for your visa. After 2 Months - DIAC Application Review and Lodged Once your case worker has deemed you application complete there will be a final review of the application . Our MARA compliance procedures require that your application is signed off by 2 people, a senior migration case worker and a Registered Migration Agent On the day we submit your visa application , we will require 2 payments. Payment of the DIAC application fee of AUD$1,995.00 AND Our Second and final fee of £720.00 DIAC can take between up to 6 months to consider your application and during that time your case worker will liaise directly with the DIAC decision maker and deal with any requests and issues that may arise. They can also provide you with resources and information on relocation topics such as shipping, currency transfers, banking, drivers licences etc After 6 Months - Visa Granted Once we are notified of the visa grant, your caseworker will request your passport(s). They will then send them into the Australian High Commission in London (or if you not in the UK then your nearest High Commission) and have the visa stamp placed in them. You are then free to book flights and travel to Australia
  18. Would be really interested to know others timelines for spouse visa applications placed to London AHC in 2012. C :twitcy:
  19. Hi Finally doing form and have come a bit unstuck, hoping someone will have been through the same thing! Q9 - They are asking for visa details of previous visit to Australia. I have no idea where to find this information. Pretty sure we did it electronically & I can't find any record of it. Any suggestions on how best to get that information? Q81 - Asks for list of countries I have visited in the past 10yrs. I have been really lucky and been to lots of places but I have no idea of dates or even all the holidays I've been on because my family are in France and Spain so have been there countless times. I can't find my old passport and pretty sure I've had replacements in that time so can't check stamps etc. How accurate do you have to be? Why are they asking? Do they consider certain countries 'high risk'? Does it matter if you get it wrong? When you submit your form does it need to have all the evidence with it or is it better to send what you have and then send more after you get a named CO? I am waiting on things like the person who did the Stat Dec 888 forms birth cert & more financial evidence from Oz. Also waiting on cert copies of husbands previous marriage and divorce. Hope someone can help, thanks