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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, All As per DIAC Web Site, DIAC Website outage on 23rd & 26th ,I think DIAC will definate bring some good news for cat 5.....:jiggy: jackd.
  2. hey I am organising a night out on sat (26th feb) for a few of us.. there are couples and singles and people that know each other and people that dont... age group currently is 20-35 (ish) we will start off in the opera bar from 7pm... and then into the city and maybe the cross... please feel free to come along, there is a really good mix of people.. pm me and I will send my mobile number to arrange... hope to see you there :jiggy::biggrin::cute:
  3. restfamily

    Sydney Reccie 26-30th Jan

    Hi I will be in Sydney between 26th and 30th Jan to do a reccie. I am looking at moving from Canberra to Sydney, but dont really know Sydney outside of the tourist trail. Is anyone available to meet up and fill me in on the highs and lows of Sydney life? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I arrive in Perth on a WHV on the 26th feb, i am 26 and am travelling there on my own which is a little daunting, however, i do have my bro in Kinross so its not too bad. Would love to maybe arrange a get together for a few drinks and get to to know some like minded people! I enjoy going out socialising, having a drink and a good time, whether that be pub or to a sporting event (looking forward to taking in some cricket and football) I am pretty chilled and relaxed so should "fit in" well according to bro lol
  5. Guest

    booking flights 26th July

    Hi all im booking flights tomorrow, have them on hold and r confirming and paying for them tomorrow, wow cant believe it, its really happening now Its been such along time nearly 3 years since the day we decided to move to oz, Ive told the school the doctors the dentists ive booked the shippers/packers signed the contract for the rental on our house, arranged insurance on the house and all that goes with it, im arranging paper work for accounts for oh business booked 1 months holiday rental in melbourne for when we arrive peters still looking for contacts and work arranging car hire still looking at schools and areas in melbourne arranging get togethers with the people that matter, 1st one on 19th june peters had all the stamps put in the passports thinking about if car can be picked up at airport or should we arrange pickup from moving to melbourne Kate from moving to melbourne has been such a great help, thanks Kate. Got to clear the loft and the sheads and clean all that is coming with us, What else is there, have i forgot anything, :wacko: Cheers all, Such a great site for us all, and some fab people on here, after all we all on in the same boat, just different stages, Good luck to everyone Tracey Ranting i know but cant believe its actually happening Please let me know if anyone can think of anything:biglaugh::biglaugh:
  6. Just received an email from the company that hosts the forum, detailing some maintenance work that's being carried out at the Sydney Datacentre. Unfortunately, this means that at some point over the next 2 days, the forum will be inaccessible for a period of time. Apologies for the inconvenience. Rob ** Notification of Planned Event ** Service/s Affected: All Connectivity to/from the Internet ** Activity ** - Upgrade of Core Network capacity - adding additional upstream bandwidth supplier - Change of IP addresses in Sydney Global DC for all clients Work Commencement: Start Date: 25/11/2009 Start Time: 14:00 EDST Work Completion: End Date: 26/11/2009 End Time: 14:00 EDST
  7. Hi Poms, well it's been a long 18months but the time has come for us. Sold the house move out on the 2nd Oct, booked the farewell party 23rd Oct, dogs flights 28th Oct are booked, notices are written and reality is hitting home. We are so excited but scared of the unknown. I am hoping that this is natural?? I have one small problem to clear up and that is to sell my Horse, I really don't want to loose her, I can't bring myself to advertise her and we are suppose to be leaving in 6 weeks time. Is anyone else flying to Brisbane from Manchester on Mon 26th Oct, Look forward to hearing from you :cool:
  8. Guest

    we fly on 26th feb

    Hi all Well after nearly 2 years we are finely ready to move.... well.... when I say ''ready''... what I mean is... we are flying to Perth on Thursday 26th Feb whether we are ready or not!!!!!! It been a long slog and difficult (very difficult) at times.. upsetting and exciting all at the same time... The goodbyes are hard.. the way we have coped is.. its not goodbye but.. ''see you next week'' ...or... ''talk next week''... this way is MUCH easier to take!!!! We have facebook...msn...email...skype..house phones and not to forget good old fashioned letters.... to keep in touch with loved ones.... We cant believe how busy we are and how many people want to see us...(we had a fantastic leaving party) but loads of friends and family throwing smaller ones and everyday is full. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE who is going through this and THANK YOU to those who helped us when we had worries (by giving us advice).. Oh and weve ONLY just sold the house!!!! 1 week before we travel... talk about close!!! we leaving it in the hands of the solictor.. We will be in touch once we have got there and connected the computer hahah.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:jiggy:
  9. Hey guys omg!! im petrified im moving to Melb all on my lonesome at the innocent age of 20.. got my visa and flights all booked in a week which is pretty good considering the slowliness of the majority of british staff in the country!! Im coming over on a student visa to study hairdressing and beauty. Although i know the rules on work etc i do have friends in melbourne but to be honest they are pretty useless at telling me what i need the answers too!! 1. Flat sharing i have seen the website but wondering if this is the best thing to do in regards to cost? my mum is paying everything for me and i dunno whether to have my own place for space etc or share with other ppl til i want my own place so that i have ppl to get rid of the spiders lmao :biggrin: 2. Obviously UK has the oh so wonderful NHS ( i say that with sarcasm ) what do i do in regards to signing up to a doctors and a dentist? im sure there are more things i can ask but i dunno what yet will come to that another time maybe!! cheers guys :wub: