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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I'm new, I'm looking for some advice about ACS assessment. Me and my girlfriend want to go to Queensland but our agent tells me I'm 5 points short for the 175 visa so we can go to Victoria on a 176 visa. Looking at the skills assessment by the ACS I might be ok to try for a ASCO 2231-79 C# specialist (its on the MODL) which Queensland will take on a 176 but my agent isn't sure :wacko: what is required and thinks I should just try for different one which he knows we are OK for in Victoria. By the why I'm a project manager of C# software projects. Cheers
  2. ptlabs

    IT Occupations and the new SOL

    Hi all, Gill (our ever-helpful moderator) has asked me to pen a few lines to try to explain the situation for IT professionals in the new post-1 July 2010 world. A summary of which IT occupation is on the new SOL and which one is not on the new SOL here: Ptlabs Consulting - IT Occupations. Existing overseas students currently studying IT in Australia will, in general, need to nominate an occupation on the new SOL to stand a chance of getting permanent residence. This change which was brought in in 1 July 2010 has obviously caused a fair bit of confusion and nervousness amongst overseas students who are not yet in a position to apply for a skilled permanent visa. Aspiring migrants who are overseas who plan to apply for a skilled visa will need to have an occupation on the new SOL. Alternatively, state migration plans (SMP) may offer a separate pathway to those whose occupations are not on the new SOL. However, SMPs are not expected to be published until Sept 2010 at the earliest due to the upcoming Australian federal elections. Applicants who have previously obtained a ASCO-based ACS result may need to apply for a review (if the result was issued between 1 May 2010 and 30 June 2010) or apply for a new skills assessment if the result was issued before 1 May 2010. If the latter, the new application will be based on the current 1 July 2010 ACS guidelines. DIAC has issued an "endorsed" mapping between ASCO and ANZSCO codes, which includes some IT occupations. Anyone holding a 2231-79 whether including MODL or not will not automatically map into an new SOL occupation. This means if you hold such a 2231-79 result, you will need to go back to the ACS for a new skills assessment application or for a review to "translate" the ASCO code into an appropriate ANZSCO code. There is no automatic/default mapping for 2231-79 to an SOL ANZSCO code as 2231-79 was used to place a multitude of IT sub-occupations in the past. There are clearly a number of competent registered migration agents who are active on this forum. I would urge anyone in an IT occupation who is thinking about applying for a skilled visa to seriously consider engaging the professional assistance of such an agent, especially one who is IT aware, as the complexity of an ACS-related skilled visa application has risen significantly from 1 July 2010. Regards Peter
  3. 1. I had my assessment done (letter issued on 7th January 2010) for ASCO code 2231-79 (Oracle Specialist) with an intention to apply for Skilled Independent Visa (subcluss 175) from ACS (Australian Computer Society). 2. ASCO code 2231-79 (Computing Professionals - (not elsewhere classified)) is not present in the current SOL with ANZSCO code. 3. But there is a mapping in the current "Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 2" (http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/sol-schedule2.pdf) as follows- ASCO code 2231-79 Computing Professionals nec=261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec ASCO code 2231-79 Computing Professionals nec= 261314 Software Tester (In My Case, it was 2231-79 (Oracle Specialist)) 4. I have scored at least 7 in each individual band in IELTS in March 2010. 5. When I was about to apply for the visa, subclass 175 was put on hold and later the MODL was revoked and the SOL was changed. 6. I Qualify the Points Test Questions: Q1. Can I apply for the visa immediately as my current assessment from ACS is still valid? Q2. Do I need have to any review done of my current assessment? Q3. Do I need any new assessment to be done with the new ANZSCO codes? Q4. How do I mention my Occupation in my Visa Application if Q1 Q2 is valid? Q5. Do I have to do anything with the "Transitional Arrangements"? If yes, what is that? Am I fit for that? Also what do I need to do with that? Best Regards, Wasimul
  4. Hi all, I received a successful skills assessment for ASCO code 2231-17 (Applications & Analyst Programmer). I applied for 2231-79 (Computing Professional Cobol) but was assessed as 2231-17. Western Australia Occupations in Demand List 'WAOIDL' only has 2231-79 and not 2231-17. Visa 176 requires state sponsorship from WA and I need a code on WAOIDL. Can anyone advise on best way to get my ASCO code changed from 2231-17 to 2231-79. Any help grateful Thanks Scott
  5. After seeing NSW state list http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/migration/pdfdocuments/STNI_Criteria_STNI_Skilled.pdf Couple of things were puzzling in my mind, In the list under the ANZSCO code 261313 they have mentioned the specialization as Java. But according to the SOL schedule 4, previous ASCO code 2231-79 (Software Engineers with specializations such as Java, C#, C++ etc.) mapped with ANZSCO 261399 Also in above link, IELTS score mentioned as 7 and is it overall score or each component ? After seen this list, I was thinking probably they would have mistakenly mapped previous code 2231-79 (Software Engineers with specializations) into 261399. Based on this, I guess there will be a high chance that, if you have a successful assessment with 2231-79 (Java, C#, C++ etc.) and If you apply for a re-assessment you'll most likely get 261313. With ANZSCO code 261313 we can proceed with; GSM 175 with IELTS 7 (each component) ??? :goofy:
  6. Guest

    2231-79 with MODL

    I would like to see if anyone knows what type of jobs are the following. I would like to know what jobs compare to the following Computing Professional - specialising in Data Warehousing Computing Professional - specialising in Network Security/Firewall/Internet Security * Data warehouse I am not sure what it is in laymen terms and what would you need to provide or be able to do to get a "specialising in Network Security/Firewall/Internet Security " As this is kind of a wide area.
  7. I think I have got good news from the ACS. I am suitable under the following Computing Professionals – (nec) 2231-79 but not specializing in any of the areas, so I would not be entitled to the each MODL points. But I think I only need to complete the English test (third time lucky) I found the reading quite tough, so any tips let me know. I have some questions for anyone that might know. What is the next step (other than IELST)? Am I at the stage where I could lodge an application? I know everyone is changing to the 176 visa I was looking at the 175 before all the changes. I am not sure that the 176 is right for me as I would like to be as near to Perth as possible and to be on a PR visa. Does where is the nearest region or place to Perth for the 176? :wideeyed:
  8. pommysteve

    ACS Assesment Help Needed Please

    Hi, Could really do with some help here! This has me stumped! Pleae see explanation but please read my situation at the bottom! There is a category on SOL called 2231-79 Computing Professionals – (nec). This category is also on the MODL under 2231-79 Computing Professional - specialising in Network Security/Firewall/Internet Security * . So I'm looking for 2231-79 Network Security/Firewall/Internet Security on the ACS Skills assesments but cannot find any of the keywords above anywhere? ACS Skills Assesment Category:- 1.9. Information Communication Technology Professionals (nec) ASCO 2231-79 1.9.1. This residual group covers occupations in Unit group 2231 Computing Professionals not included in occupations 2231-11 to 2231-21 or 1224-11. 1.9.2. Specialisations: Computer Analyst Computer Scientist Computing Tester Database Analyst Local Area Network (LAN) Controller ICT Consultant Data Modeller ICT Lecturer Technical Writer ICT Supervisor Systems Specialist Technical Support Officer Senior Service Engineer ICT Multimedia Specialist Other Specialist ICT Personnel Explanation I'm an IT Manager with 10 Years experience having done lots of courses including MCSA 2000 but no qualifications(Couldn't take exams due to work constraints). I fall into most IT SOL categories except Programming so I thougt applying to ACS using above would be my best hope of getting the MODL points and therefore reaching the 120 points required for the golden 175 Visa. Your Help and advice is really appreciated! Steve :wacko: