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Found 38 results

  1. Great car, in great condition. All standard features with tinted windows (plus window sox for the rear windows). 55800km's. Asking $15000.00 PM me for more pictures / details.
  2. xenos1987

    Pre Sept 2007 Onshore Applicants

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know what happened to the above group? I know the offshore ones were meant to be capped and ceased. From what I remember individuals from this group were meant to contact DIMIA asap. Did they get their visas, get capped and ceased or still waiting? Thanks
  3. Guest

    CO Assigned 2008 applicant

    We applied mid October 2008. Not been on here for a while as we had just about given up. Only came on to post a message that we were giving up on the whole thing. Half way through typing we got an email from our Agent. Spooky! :shocked: Asking for meds & Police checks.
  4. Hi there, We have an Ideal Family Caravan at a Bargain Price !!! for sale. It is a Jayco Sterling 5 berth caravan (2007), but was first registered in April 2008. It comes with the following: Annex Brand new unused awning Full bathroom with toilet and shower Washing machine Flat screen TV DVD/CD/MP3 player with speakers aircon and heating Dometic 3-way fridge Microwave Gas hotwater system Full stainless steel oven with one electric hob (the electric hob is a real bonus at caravan parks - it means you don't have to use your own gas) L-shaped dining room Queen size bed Triple bunks It comes with all hoses electric cables etc. Exterior 240V outlet A great family van. Absolute bargain and has all the creature comforts. We can email photos for those who are interested. It would be a great van for the big trip around OZ or just for holidays. We wish we could keep it, but can't. We paid nearly $60000 for the caravan and annex. We're selling them for $48000. Phone (07) 4045 3401.
  5. electrical guy

    For all pre september 2007 applicants

    Kindly attention to all pre-September 2007 applicants i request you plz strongly oppose this capped and ceased policy by e-mail to following addresses given in the attached text document
  6. Hi all :hug: Just passed my electrical assessment. I would like to start preparing for the AS/NZ3000 2007 wiring regulations here in the UK.Has anyone done this? Is the exam similar to the uk? were you can take your book into the classroom and search for the answers or is it similar to South Africa were you basically have to memorise it parrot fashion.I sure hope it is the same as the UK !!!! I found the South African regs EXAM much harder than the Uk, although they are basically the same regs. HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU GUYS.
  7. Hi guys, I thought I would start up this thread to see where all the people who have been notified that they have been capped and ceased have came from. Please list as follows: Name : Occupation : Visa applied for : Country of origin : Meds Done : Police Checks Done : State sponsorship : IELTS Result: Regards, John
  8. Hi Guys has anyone seen this before on the DIAC website???:arghh: http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/8.0.htm 15 months for priority applications offshore??!!!! So even in affect if you are on the SMP or current CSL it is nearly a year and a half to wait ??!! Suzanne
  9. Guest

    Prices since 2007

    Hi to everybody, Ema and i have just started our application (176) im a brickie, so if anybody wants to ask us for any advice along the way ,please feel free. What i was gonna ask was......We visited perth in 2007 and want to know if the price of property is drastically higher since then ?? In England it obviously went down but whats it like in perth now ?? and is the cost of living roughly the same ? We liked padbury when we visited and it was in our price range Cheers chaps.:jimlad:
  10. Hi Pio, Yesterday I was Searching processing times for the applications lodged before 1 sept 2007 , I found this Client Service Charter , its States that Cases Lodged Before 1 sept has been Finalised (Priority and non Priority). My Case is Before 1 sept 2007, Still no Reply. Is their Anyon left who Lodge Before 1 sept 2007????
  11. I know this is really cheeky but does any one have a PDF copy of the AS/NZ3000 2007 Australian wiring regulations they could email me please. I would be very greatful. stewartbeades@hotmail.com Thanks Stewart
  12. Hi guys, It's just that I'm dying to know the process for pre-September 2007 after the last meeting in Canberra with the Minister? I have been here in Australia for 2 years and 10 months and I want to know what do I have to do in order to have my application possibly processed. Daniel
  13. Wanted to start this post so could try and get some kind of idea how many people there are still out there who put visa applications in prior to september 2007, to try to get some kinda idea of how long before DIAC are gona get anywhere near starting to process 2008 applications?! Would be great to hear from anyone this applies to.
  14. Am so so confused after receiving ASPC email today and reading various thread about the news that they are now processing CSL applications from before september 2007!!? What the hell have they been doing?! Considering the last aspc email before the changes in January it said they were processing applications e-lodged december and paper based october 15th!? How is it possible now that they say they have so many applications before even september 2007! They have gone back in time! I am getting so frustrated with them now and sooo fed up with all this waiting!
  15. Hi All, I had filed 175 visa offshore in Oct 2007 and i was in MODL list ( SAP) , through agent . My agent advised that take IELTS immediately after filing in Oct 2007 , I took the same in Dec 2007 and submitted the results in Jan 2008 to Immigration. Now I am being informed by my agent that my visa has been refused by the case officer on the basis that I took IELTS after filing of application. Please advise if there is some regulations changes in Immigration . Also What should be my course of action now. My agent is saying that now since the whole fees is also gone and now we need to apply afresh after taking ACS assessment again . Also i find my skill in critical list so what should i do . I am in big soup on this and am i the only case as i see that many persons in Oct 2007 would have applied for visa without taking IELTS prior to application. Please suggest.
  16. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone is in the same position as us. We lodged our application on the 26th November last year with an agent and we still haven't got a case officer? Our application is the paper based type (Class VE, subclass 175 Skilled - Independent). We did ask our agent and he said that there is still a backlog in Australia with the paper based applications and they were only now getting through September 2007. So is anyone in the same situation as us? We also haven't been able to do our medicals as I am pregnant (hooray :smile:), so cant have the xrays done until Feb next year (after baby is born) but just would feel better if we were assigned to a case officer asap - but no luck. Sigh....
  17. hi guys feelin crap 2day cant believe still nothing after over 9 months:no: just wondering how many of you are still waiting from 07 for 175 visa or is it just us paper based left???? not sure how much longer I can stay in limbo land also worried about validation dates if/ when we get the visa our pc's are dated jan 08 but have been told only to send them once by immi but also no co yet going:goofy: lol anybody else out there in simular postion would love to know what visa & how far along you are COME ON IMMI PULL YA FINGER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Guest

    Audi A3 (2007) FOR SALE!

    If you're in Melbourne and looking for a new car this is a great bargain for you... http://www.drive.com.au/used-cars/AUDI/A3/...1312255160&pt=1 We bought it new in December 2007, and so we have paid your depreciation for you... Awful news for us but great news for you! I can't believe we have to sell it but we're leaving Melbourne next month, due to work issues, and so have to. It's been a fabulous car, it's Diesel so it's very economical, it does around 900km a full tank and lasts us for weeks! Great news when the fuel prices are rising so much. It's a great car, smooth to drive, automatic, no problems with it at all plus it's still got almost 3yrs warranty! Anyway, give us a call if you're interested in taking a look at it, Andy: 043 296 9466. Cheers!
  19. Hi Just to let you all know got visa today August 2007 paper application 136 visa!! According to official web site they are only on processing 15th May. So big surprise. Good news for all you others waiting, it may not be as long as you think!! Whoopi:jiggy:
  20. Hi everyone, I can't believe it, checked our email this morning and there it was - an email from our case officer!! We have been checking every day for months now, and even though I knew it would eventually arrive, its still such a shock! Gonna need a few glasses of bubbly tonight to ease the nerves!! Our visa is a 136 Non-MODL, so we expected to have to wait until all the MODL applicants had their CO's! Hope this gives everyone applying for non-MODL visas some hope! :yes: Hayley and Dave ACS skills submitted April 07 ACS Skills passed July 07 136 Non-MODL received 6 Aug 07 Payment taken 9 Nov 07 Acknowledgement 22 Jan 08 CO - 10 April 08 YAAAAAAAAAY!
  21. Guest

    Victims of September 1st 2007

    Hi Guys, My Fiance and I applied for a skilled independent 138 visa 12 months ago and everything was looking really positive. We filled out the application, had our skills assessed and passed, did our police and security checks and pretty much were just waiting to sort medicals. On the first of September 2007 they removed my Fiance's desired skill from the list. After consultation with our agent We were told that because the skill had been removed, he was sceptical about our application being green lighted and advised us to put it on hold. He mentioned a few other options (457, student visa etc) we could explore but we are still very confused and our agent is not being very helpful.I did a lot of research in to our agent and all the response has been really positive. Since then I have been made redundant which has fuelled our desire to leave the UK. I was hoping some of your wisdom and advice could be stowed upon us as we are 100% serious about coming to Oz and starting a new life. We need help! Applicants Female - 30, Biz Man Degree, worked in Oz on 12 month visa, over 9 years Sales and Management experience including Hospitality and Retail. Male - 35, non degree, father and other close family live in Oz for over 20 years. Over 15 years media experience and over 19 years in Sales, Business Development and Account Management. We are looking at coming to Oz and hopefully I (male) can secure a 457 sponsored Visa working in media, which will enable my Fiance to either study or get her required minimum in a skilled job. If this is a pipedream then I would appreciate any suggestions on how we can continue with the process. We received 120 points before they removed the skill from the list. We are very flexible in terms of where we can live, I will go where the opportunity is even though our preference would be either Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide. I appreciate everyones help with this and really look forward to speaking to people who have either been there and done that or are qualified to offer advice on such matters. Thank you in advance Simon & Victoria
  22. Hi All Would anyone who visited the Emigrate2 show at Sandown on Saturday 1st March and registered their details with Home2Home Settlements & Global TradeSearch Recruitment please contact us ASAP via email at either: info@h2h.com.au or sandy@globaltradesearch.com.au alternatively please call us for free on: on 0800 781 38 36 _________________ Home2Home Settlements - "helping new migrants land feet first" Recruitment, Visas & Relocation http://www.h2h.com.au

    250,000 Emigrated 2007

    I was watching Richard and Judy the other day, (yeah alright embarrasing I know) and they stated that in 2007 there was a record 250,000 departure emigrations to grasses greener :no: They also said that if this trend continued, which it cannot, then there would be no British left by 2046 ?? :wacko: Interesting calculation and theory. Better get my skates on before this lot close the doors and shut me in :policeman:
  24. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but DIAC have advised that from Friday 30 November, no State or Territory Government is actively participating in arrangements that allow allocation of 5 bonus points to General Skilled Migration applicants to deposit $100,000 in a nominated investment for term of at least 12 months. This basically means those applicants who were banking on the 5 bonus points will have nowhere to invest the funds. They have alo announced that they have no intention of offering any alternative. Applicants who have been waiting for the request for the investment will not get the bonus points because, although having applied under an expectation that they would be able to deposit funds, they will not now be able to find a State/Territory Government prepared to continue to participate in the investment arrangements regardless of when they lodged their visa application, these people will now “miss out” on the opportunity to get the 5 bonus points. :arghh:
  25. Guest

    TRA changes as of 1st sept 2007

    Hi, OH is a plumber/gas engineer and we were going to apply for a skilled visa. I have been looking at the TRA website and i have cause for concern! Can somebody please tell me if i'm reading it right!!:chatterbox: If we apply on or after the 1st sept 2007, we apply to Vetassess, and he has to take exams. Is this right? or am i being blonde and reading while worried and missing major infomation?! I was bimbling through the TRA without a worry, in no rush, but if i need to get moving i will. Once passed (oh pleeease!!) how long is it valid? I've heard 2 yrs, am i right??? Any advice please!!!:wideeyed: hays