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Found 6 results

  1. BecaG

    190 State Nom Visa EOI

    Hey, ive just submitted my EOI for my 190 skilled visa. Does anyone know on average how long it takes for the government to review this? I’m a bit confused with the difference between the Expression of interest and the State nomination application and how these impact each other? Thanks in advance!
  2. sophieb92

    190 partner points

    Hi everyone, Yet again I have struggled to find answers online and am turning to you for help! I recently lodged my 190 visa application and I'm worried that I made a mistake concerning my relationship status... I'm in a relationship with an Australian, we've been officially together since March 2019 and we started living together November 2019. When I did my EOI in January, after some online research I put that I was in a de facto relationship as we were living together and all the definitions of being in a genuine, domestic and continuing relationship etc applied to us. It seemed that the 12 month rule was applied to people applying for partner visas, i.e. they had to have been in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months. I got the same amount of points for this as I would have done if I had put single, so I figured that it didn't matter too much about time-frames as it's not like I get extra points for having an Aussie partner... it seemed more that they wanted an accurate picture of my situation... When I completed my application, I was again asked about my relationship status, so I put de facto, as nothing had changed since I did my EOI. This time I was asked for the start date of the relationship, so I just put the start of our actual relationship, March 2019. Now I'm looking back on it and panicking that I should have put November when we actually moved in together and became de facto. My partner is adamant that I'm overthinking it and says that I answered the question that I was asked... he also said that as he's not an applicant that it shouldn't matter as I'd have the same points if I was single etc... and it's not like my visa depends on how long we've been together anyway... Now I'm starting to question whether I should have even put de facto as we haven't lived together to 12 months and I've seen some things that say that you're not considered de facto until 2 years. Sigh. I'm just very unsure and wondering whether I should contact them to say that I made a mistake... I'm not even sure how I'd do this anyway. I'm not trying to deceive anyone or lie, just trying to be honest but it's so confusing! Maybe I'm just a battler. Does anyone have any advice?? I know that single points/ Aussie partner points are new since Nov last year, so I can't find loads about it!
  3. sophieb92

    Documents for 190 application

    Hi, I hope that everyone is managing to stay safe and well during this time! I had a couple of questions that I just can't seem to find the answers to online, all I seem to find is a lot of conflicting information... I would be so grateful if anyone has gone through the 189/190 application process and could offer some advice! I was recently invited to apply for a 190 visa (VIC) as a secondary school teacher. I've finished the application and I need to attach documents to support my application before I can send it off. My first question is regarding document certification, is it mandatory? I remember on my previous visa it asked for certified documents, but I just uploaded copies that weren't certified e.g. passport, payslips, letter from employer etc, a case officer did ask me for additional documents but never mentioned anything about certification. Visa was granted shortly afterwards. I was planning to certify everything that was an official document like passport, birth certificate, degree certificates and transcripts etc. But there is some evidence that I'm going to struggle to get "notorized" or "certified" like my evidence of skilled work experience, I've got letters from my old schools on the letter head etc but I don't know how I'd get this certified as it's not an official document like a passport or certificate... Also with my skills assessment from AITSL, they only ever provided me with an electronic copy and an ID number (they only asked for ID number in my EOI). I rang AITSL and they said that the online copy is what you attach to your visa, I guess it'd be easy enough to check as it has the ID number. But again, this conflicts with the request for certified copies. My second question was regarding my evidence for skilled employment, on the form it says: This may include a certified copy of your employment contract, a letter/statement from your business/employer or work reference. I have the letter/statement from both jobs stating the dates, what I did, that I was full time and that I took no leave etc. I do have old contracts/job offer letters but they don't show too much other than the start date and salary, as they were both ongoing contracts. Is just a letter enough? Again it just feels a bit flimsy given that it's not certified. In the letter it has contact details of the school and invites them to get in touch if they have any questions. Just can't seem to find any straight answers anywhere, anyone I manage to get a hold of doesn't seem sure or tells me conflicting information! Would really appreciate if anyone has any experience or has been through this process or a similar one! Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hi guys, My sister has a plan to come to Australia and studies bachelor of industrial design at the University of Tasmania. As we could see that the occupation is currently listed on Tas List for 190 and 489 visa so will she have a chance to apply for 190 visa after graduation at all ? Look forward to hearing from experienced aspirants, Many thanks in advance,
  5. I need to take my PTEs but I really don't want to pull a sickie from work (I never have and don't want to). I've got a weeks holiday in October and am heading to New York. Would DoHA think it's odd/suspect having someone from the UK, take a test New York, for Australian immigration? P.S. I'm a teacher so can't book a day off work.
  6. Hi! Can anyone please help me with my current situation with regards to my 190 visa application via liveinmelbourne.vic.gov.au? 'Coz I recently registered at their website and have filled-up all the necessary information. Then I received an email asking for a Commitment Statement. So I've submitted it to them. Then they asked for a figure of financial assets that I have currently. And have mentioned it to them. After two days of submission, they replied that I have been unsuccessful with my application and have not been selected for a visa nomination. Is it possible to resend the application to the same State within 6 months? And is it fine to apply for a 190 visa in a different State/Territory knowing that I have been unsuccessful in Victoria? How much is the minimum requirement for an individual to migrate in Australia? 'Coz I am applying together with my wife and 3month old daughter. Hoping someone can assist me witht this matter. Thanks! God bless!