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Found 25 results

  1. Guest

    18th of March?

    I have been seeing "18th of March email" and not sure about this. Can someone please enlighten me on the details of this email/mail? I did not receive anything from DIAC if I should have received one. Thanks.
  2. Hi everybody, I applied for a family sponshored visa on Feb 3,2011 and received on March 18th the famous letter, stating that within three months our case will be allocated to a CO, but I am still waiting!!! Does anyone who received this letter have a CO asigned? Best regards!
  3. Hi all, Has anyone else received a letter on March 18th or 21st from DIAC? It was the one that the allocation dates update mentions as a special note on 8th June update. I am applying for 175 as an electrician. The detail issued on 8th June update backed up the letters sent in March to specific Priority 3 applications and told them to get medicals etc done. They said that they anticipated that a C/O would be allocated within 3 months of the letter date, which for me is now over 3 1/2 months ago. I am hoping that with the Priority Group changes on July 1st that this is still the case. Has anyone else had the letter sent in March and have you got a C/O yet? Regards, Mick.
  4. Afternoon all My partner and myself (27) have been out in Perth for a couple of months sorting ourselves with jobs and accommodation etc but now it'd be good to grow the social scene. I know there was a social organised by Poms in Perth last weekend which we weren't able to go to so we wondered if there were people interested in an informal meet up on Saturday 18th June. The pub the Lucky Shag by the water front in town is nice and central. We'll be down there for some drinks and maybe a bite from around 2pm and any one who fancies joining us would be welcome.
  5. Dear If you are 18th March 2011 mail receiver then according to DIAC you will get a CO within 20 Days ( Last date 18 th June 2011) . And I am still waiting for CO What about you ?
  6. We received an email back in 18th March saying that we would get a CO in 3 months but have still not heard anything. The 3 month period is not up until mid June but am just wondering if anyone else is in a similar position? Am I right in assuming that we will be contacted by email when we get a CO?
  7. Well, my eldest has reached the grand old age of eighteen today, the key to the door, and all that malarky. I bought her a backpack and said 'See Ya', but she is still here organizing a party for tomorrow,:mad::biglaugh:. What if anything did you do on your eighteenth birthday (or for the real oldies 21st birthday), was it a day to remember, one to forget, did you refuse to get out of bed because it was the dawning of 'responsibility' and the crap that you are about to face as a so called adult, did you get raving drunk and can't remember a thing, would love to hear about it, of course if like me it was so many years ago that maybe we are struggling to remember,:no:. I remember vividly my eighteenth birthday. It was coming to the end of my fathers contract in Perth and slowly it dawned that we would have to return to the UK, to say I was like a bear with a soar head would be an understatement. I went to work as normal, got ripped into for hours about coming of age, the fellas then strung me up on a hoist, pulled me up into the air less my trousers, and called the rest of the office staff to come and have a laugh. This was followed by a quick drink after work, then a quick fishing trip to South Mole, Fremantle. Dad came and picked me up and had a great evening laughing and joking with my parents and younger brother, good days indeed. One week later there was I sitting on a 747 on the way back to blighty,:cry::cry:. But at least it was memorable and a memory I hold dear to this day. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  8. Guest

    the 18th march emails

    Hi, We were one of what seemed to be many people that received a mail to say we should have a c/o within 3 months and to go ahead and do p/c's and meds. We just wondered if anyone who got the same mail has got a c/o yet. I suppose i am hoping lots of you will reply yes so that i know things are close but i'm dreading hearing too many no's. thanks
  9. Guest

    18th March Email Receiver Club

    Dear Please mention if any one (who have already got 18th March email) - have any update after sending PCC and Health Report ?
  10. I am from a HIGH RISK country VISA TYPE : 176 (Family Sponsored) Application Lodge : 29th September 2010 ( Web base) Got Email from DIAC - 18th March 2011 Medical Done; 4th April 2011 PCC sent : 06th April 2011 please knock if you get any response from DIAC or change in on line status after sending PCC and Medical.
  11. Who had the email on 18th feb and has been allocated a CO? if you have what is your timeline please xx
  12. My husband and I are moving to Melbourne in may 2011. We went out for a visit in November 2010 to have a look at some areas we would like to move to. We really loved Bayside, especially Hampton, Brighton and Sandringham. We were thinking of booking a short term serviced apartment for about a month then hopefully move into a rental after that. Has any one done this before? Is one month enough time to find a rental? I'm a pharmacist and will be working in Pranham, my husband is in IT so will probably be working in the CBD, so if anyone has any advice on accommodation that would be greatly appreciated. We are in our early 30's and don't know many people out there so if any of you are moving out at the same time, get in touch.
  13. Hello Everyone, My company recently went into liquidation, and I have to leave the country. I am breaking my lease for my aparment, so I want someone to take over the lease(ending July 2011). Photos and details can be found at the following link tinyurl.com/leaseBreak Please pass on this info to anyone you know Cheers Pritish
  14. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me? I am here on a 457 with wife and two kids. My 457 doesn't expire until May 2013, however we are considering applying for permanent residence before that date. My son will be 18 next August and I was wondering if it would be easier to apply for permanence before he reaches 18. I have read that over 18s (even if dependent) have to apply separately. He is in full time education now but plans to take a gap year before going to Uni. Does this means he may not be considered as being in FT education if we applied during that time? Any information would be really useful. Thanks
  15. As per the title, according to the website the new arrangements for state sponsorship will be in place after October 18th. Don't know if anyone else has seen this? Are we about to hear the news we are all waiting for? Eligibility Lists - Live in Victoria
  16. Hi everyone, My name is mark and me and my fiance sarah are emigrating to australia 18th of april 2011. We will be living and hopefully setting up home around the perth area. Im an electrician and sarah is a primary school teacher. Can anyone tell me how i go about getting my electrical license foe W.A? I have done vetassess and passed etc. Can i do anything whilst im still in the U.K? Also i think sarah will have to do another year in uni, she is a primary school teacher and did a 3 year B ed course, is this correct? And finally does anyone know how easy/hard it will be for us to find jobs and is it possible if your lucky to get a job before going? Thank you!!!!
  17. hi, is anyone taking there vetassess practical bricklaying test in preston on 18/05/2010
  18. Hello all, Well it seems there are a few people who have young-uns and would like to meet up for coffee, so ...does anyone want to meet at Kings Park lotterywest family area) on tues 18th about 10am ish. There is a cafe there to grab coffee and hopefully we can chat too. :jiggy: Thought this would be ideal location for nor and sor peeps... Let me know if any of you are up for metting up and will message you my number. btw I've got 2 kiddywinks...(aged 4 and 2) Take care Emma :smile:
  19. Hello all, Well it seems there are a few people who have young-uns and would like to meet up for coffee, so ...does anyone want to meet at Kings Park lotterywest family area) on tues 18th about 10am ish. There is a cafe there to grab coffee and hopefully we can chat too. :jiggy: Thought this would be ideal location for nor and sor peeps... Let me know if any of you are up for metting up and will message you my number. btw I've got 2 kiddywinks...(aged 4 and 2) Take care Emma :smile:
  20. I also posted this on the 'Lounge Room' but informed by another member this is a better place. We are having a meet in Manly on the Brisbane Bayside this coming Sunday - all welcome! Meet Sunday 18th October Meet on the grass opposite the kid's climbing frame at midday (it's tall so not hard to miss) which is along the Esplanade, Manly - Click here for google map link with streetview There is a small beach, climbing frame for the kids, toilets, BBQ areas, plenty of grass for a game of football and Manly market nearby so loads to do. I'll tie some balloons to our stroller so you can find us!!! Paul & Mel
  21. Hi, We are arriving on the 18th Dec to start a new life, is Christmas and New Year fun here, is there things not to miss, were can I get my roast turvey and stuffing from? My son is 8 years old, any ideas for him over the festive period. Thanks, look forward to your feedback:biggrin: Paul
  22. nik_kershaw

    ACT Motorbike ride 18th Oct

    I have been looking to join a bike club but as I don't really know anyone over here who rides a bike, however I saw tonight that Taff has a SV650 (the old bike I used to have in the UK and a great bike!). So I thought I would just throw it out there and find out if anyone else out there has a bike and would like to go for a ride on Sunday (the forcast looks good). Even if your not able to make it on Sunday then lets just see who has a bike.
  23. Hi, We are heading to Geelong, Vic on the 18th July 2009, on a shoestring ( £16,000 including flights and a car) promised i would do a detailed running budget, for all of those who want to know the cost.... There's 2 Adults and one cheeky two year old...... So Far....... £1128 for one way flights to Mel ( Etihad Airways, one two hour stop) £77.71 Holiday Inn Mel Airport Hotel one night ( we arrive at 6.15pm and want to get our head down) Expedia.com £200 one week car hire with Europecar with baby seat ( more expensive as we have a different pick up drop off) pick up Airport drop Geelong. £180 per week fully furnished rental three bedroom, Geelong x 7 £300 bond ( refunded when we leave, if we haven't broken anything)
  24. Hi all, I just wanted to say hi and how much this site has helped in organising my and my boyfriends move to Melbourne in less than a month!! I was offered a 12 month position just before Christmas at Monash University so frantically tried to get everything together to apply for a 457 visa with my boyfriend travelling as my spouse. We're both 29 in Feb and have no kids so thought this was too good an opportunity to miss! I got loads of great advice from here and we got our visa in no time - about a week from date of submission! Its for 12 months initially but we'll see how it goes! We're leaving on the 17th so arriving in Melbourne on 18th Feb. Very excited now! Just got to figure out how on earth i wil manage to get enough stuff in a 20kg suitcase - any tips welcome!! We do know a couple of people but are always happy to meet more so if you're in Melbourne esp around the Clayton area get in touch! Bec x :jiggy:
  25. Hi I have done all the paperwork and everything myself and sometimes I feel a bit lost as to what is going on. We have sent everything and our medicals arrived on 18th September LCU in Sydney. From what I have read on hear, it will probably be another few weeks until they get to processing our medicals, but what I want to know is......what happens next? Will the process our medical and let us know it has been done? Or do they just pass it on to your case officer and they get back to you when they have made their decision? :unsure: I am keeping everything crossed to at least hear before Christmas. :skeptical: Good luck to everyone else and congratulations to those who have already heard positive news.:cool: Thank you in advance for the help.