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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me... I am on my second 417 visa which is due to expire October of this year. I'm currently working in Melbourne and living with my partner who is an Australian citizen. I'm planning on applying for the 189 visa as a secondary school teacher and have calculated that I have 85 points. I have completed my skills assessment and IELTS test and am ready to send off my expression of interest. However I did have a few concerns about the process; 1. When completing the expression of interest I was asked about my relationship status, I am not sure whether I classify as "never married" or as having a "de facto partner", my partner and I met over a year ago and having been living together for about 3 months now. I wasn't sure if this counted as de facto as I have read a number of conflicting things, e.g. for some purposes you're de facto as soon as you start living together, others its 12 months or 24 months. As I'm applying for 189 visa this doesn't make a difference for the points I'll receive as now you get the extra 10 points regardless of whether you're single or with an Australian PR/citizen, what I'm concerned about is the 8515 condition that will probably be attached to my visa if I state that I'm single (8515 - You must not marry or enter into a de facto relationship before entering Australia. We might cancel your visa if we find out you were engaged, married or in a de facto relationship before we granted you the visa but did not tell us.), or if I state de facto and am then asked for evidence that we've lived together for 12 months, which we wouldn't have. Just trying to fill out the form honestly but very unsure. 2. I'm planning on visiting the UK twice this year in April and July and my other concern was that if I get invited to apply then I have 60 days to lodge my application so it could end up that I've had to do this before my trips, and I'm aware that the visa itself could take between 4 and 11 months to be processed. When I applied for my second WHV after completing my farm work I was told that if I was in Australia when I applied then I would have to be in Australia when it was granted, I got a bridging visa A which also stated that I couldn't return to Australia if I left. I understand that the bridging visa only activates when your current visa expires, my 417 WHV doesn't expire until October 2020. So my question is...If I lodge my 189 application before the trips, can I still travel to the UK in April and July? I'll still have a valid 417 visa for this period, but would the Australian government require me to remain here until my visa has been processed? My original plan was to do everything ASAP because I really need to get the application lodged before my current visa expires so that I can get the bridging visa to stay here rather than having to return to the UK lodge form outside Australia. I thought that the process would be very long, I assumed that it would take ages for the skills assessment to be ready (this was done pretty quickly) and be a minimum of 3-4 month wait for your EOI to render an invitation, but form recent forums there have been some teachers with 70-75 points that say they got invitations within a month, some just 24 hours after submitting an invitation. I prefer to get things done sooner rather than later but I don't want to jeopardise either trip as its been nearly two years since I've seen my family and I'm not keen to wait until after the visa has been processed, but on the other hand it would make life very difficult if it did take longer and I didn't get it done before my current visa is up in October! I've spent the last few days scouring forums and reading the information on the government website but couldn't find anything similar to my situation and am still unsure as I know that the immigration department can be very strict and pedantic. Thanks so much to anyone that took the time to read (I'm quite thorough and a bit of a worrier!), really hope someone can help or offer some words of experience or wisdom! Cheers, Soph
  2. Hi, My name is Sarah and I am new to this forum and I am looking for some help/information regarding the 189 VISA. I would really appreciate it if anyone could answer any of the following questions I had. A little bit about myself...I am 37 years old living in Brighton, England and currently in the process of preparing an application for a 189 Skilled Independant VISA with my partner. I am a qualified Social Worker and believe we would have the required 65 points to gain entry. Many thanks in advance. - From the date of Visa being granted, how long do we have to arrive in Australia and activate visa? Does the visa last for a lifetime? And could this be done on a holiday without work initially, ie to activate the visa? We have read conflicting information regarding timeframes. - If my Visa was granted as a Social Worker, am I limited to JUST doing Social Work/Social Work in a certain role? Could I seek employment in other fields ie Family Support Worker, or even a complete career change? If anyone has experience of applying/gaining visa through Social Work I would really appreciate hearing about their experiences and any advice they could give. - Can my partner work in any job? (He does not have a skill on the Skilled Independent Visa list). - If we were successful in gaining Visa’s, but before we left England had started a family, how easy is it to add a child/children to visa? - Do you advise going through a Visa Specialist Company to gain a visa, and if so is there one you would recommend? Again thank you so much to you all for reading and any help you can give. Best wishes, Sarah.
  3. I need to take my PTEs but I really don't want to pull a sickie from work (I never have and don't want to). I've got a weeks holiday in October and am heading to New York. Would DoHA think it's odd/suspect having someone from the UK, take a test New York, for Australian immigration? P.S. I'm a teacher so can't book a day off work.
  4. missbell88


    So... after chasing my PGCE uni for final transcripts they’ve finally admitted they never produced them and have to formulate one due to number of students requesting them, this will take 10 WEEKS- I want to submit and EOI before Christmas! I spoke to AITSL last week before I knew this and they responded with ‘AITSL May consider a statement from the awarding institutions explains why the transcripts are not avaliable.’ Has anyone had a successful assessment with this?
  5. Hi All , I am a Bachelors in Arts - BA in Economics and MBA in Marketing . I am working in IT sector for the past 10 years . I want to apply for 189 VISA with Skill as " ICT- Business Analyst " . I wanted to know if someone could please guide if my education qualification will be considered as relevant . Please advise .
  6. How do people list employment that is ongoing/current and still get credit for it under the EOI? ANMAC is updating my letter (after an initial mistake on their part), but I am right on the border of the 8 year mark and want to get full points when in a few weeks I tip toe across that line. Do I have to put exactly what they put? Or considering it is the same job that ANMAC has already approved for experience can I list it with it's current date and then show proof to the immigration officer that I am still employed? Thanks so much for your help!
  7. Hi Everyone or anybody! I am at the very early stages of planning to move to Australia hopefully successfully on a 189 skilled visa. Now I have been to Australia a couple of times before and know from the get go plastering is very different in many ways to here in the UK. I also have done a fair bit of research to what I understand about the application of the 189 visa. I have been plastering since I have left high school, where I also became qualified in NVQ LEVEL 2 through a college/ company sponsored apprenticeship. I am now 30 years old so I have over 7+ years work experience. However in the last 2 years I changed jobs into a different industry completely. Became a travel agent in fact. This is coming to a end now though as I will become a self employed plasterer again. My point and question is that I am confused as I would like to know if I can still apply for the 189 visa with me not plastering in the last 2 years? I should be able to prove my NVQ LEVEL 2 qualifications as I have all the certificates etc... I should be able to even find some payslips etc, to prove my level of skill and employment in the last few years but not in the last 2-3 years. However any advice on what documents is exactly NEEDED to prove would be great help! In fact any advice on the matter from any one in the same situation or applying for the 189 skilled visa would also be much appreciated! Thank
  8. Anyone here who apply in 2017 after march before change the rules july 2017 and any good news
  9. Hello, In January 2015 I commenced a working holiday visa in Australia. During that time I met my partner, a resident of Australia. We moved in together and spent approximately 9 months living together before I returned to the UK in December 2015 to commence the process of immigrating permanently. Since then we have continued the relationship long distance, with the exception of two occasions, in September 2016 and March 2017, when we reunited temporarily. Since 2015, I have continued on a pathway to obtain an Australian 189 Skilled Visa. This includes completing the following requirements; undertaking a police check & health assessment, obtaining a first aid level 2 certificate, and the successful completion of a skills assessment with an Australian RTA. I am now at the stage where I am looking into the Visa points test and I am uncertain of my points total. Upon initial observation, it appears that I do not have the required 60 points. This is where I seek your assistance: § Are you able to assist me in determining my points total, and advise of an potentially obtainable additional points? § If the 189 Skilled Visa is not an option, are there other VISAs that I may be eligible for? We have considered the Partner Visa, though we are uncertain of whether our relationship meets the criteria.
  10. gurpreetaus

    Reg 189 skilled independent visa

    Hi, I want to apply for Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) visa.I have total 3.5 years of Experience in IT industry and i just want to know that will i get 5 points for my work experience or not. Thanks in advance.
  11. carlybond

    ACCA skills assessment

    Hello, I am looking at getting a skills assessment done so I can submit my EOI. I have completed up to F9 of my ACCA so am now part qualified. Will this be seen as equivalent to a bachelors degree by ICAA or CPA or would I need to be fully qualified to pass the skills assessment? I also have 10 years accounting experience (but working in property managment), 3 years of which have been in AUstralia. Would this be of any help? Any advice gratefully received as I dont want to spend $330 on an ILETS test and $500 on a skills assessment to be told I dont have enough qualifications. Thanks for your help! ​Carly:biggrin: