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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, Got a bit of a problem and wondering if anybody out there can help. I'm currently filling out an expression of interest to apply for a 189 skilled visa as a general electrician. For some reason my total points is adding up to 45 after I complete all sections. I have done an IELTS (scored proficient), just received a successful skill assessment through Future Skills International and am 29 years old. Those factors alone should entitle me to 50 points unless I'm going crazy. I don't seem to be getting any points for work experience. I started my work history from 2003 (I'm aware it stipulates last 10 years so from 2005). My first company was from 2003 to 2006 - I'm not sure it's even counting it from 2005, or even counting it at all? There after my work history is in blocks due to travelling etc. Totalling up (excluding my first job 2003 - 2006) I am totalling 3 years overseas experience in the UK and New Zealand. My Australian work experience is totaling just over 10 months, which I'm aware is just short of the 12 months for points, but I think there is some give in that if I can juggle it about. I'm really confused / unbelievably worried as I have 4 weeks of my current Working Holiday Visa left. I've literally been scrapping every last penny I have together to get this sorted and only now have I managed to get the required docs together and be able to afford the skill assessment (which burned me over 3000 dollars in total). I'm aware I'll have to leave in 4 weeks, but if I'm not getting points for my work experience then I don't know what to do. The whole process is a mess. I cannot understand how I can be approved to undertake a skill assessment if I didn't meet the required experience for migration, and why in the points system for a visa which is for skilled workers, they allocate hardy any points for being skilled. You get the same points for just being able to speak like Shakespeare! If I have to retake that bloody English exam I'll have a break down. There's no way I have enough time to do it. If anybody out there has any idea or can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I hope you are well! This is my very first post on here and I am hoping I'm kind of in the right place for some help! I have a few questions and would love if anyone could advise?I uploaded my EOI and was invited to apply for the subclass 189 visa on Thursday and I'm a bit worried! Should I apply for the 189 visa now or wait 60 days to see if I get any other offers for other visas which could be cheaper or more suitable? Which I'm not sure which, maybe the sponsored visas? If I apply for the 189 would this hinder any other possible visas in offered? Further to this, and this is why I think it relates to this thread, although I have put that I am engaged on the EOI I didn't say that my fiancé was a dependent? Does this mean that he cannot be involved in this visa application? I am attempting this without an agent so any help is much appreciated! Jade ****Inserted by Moderator**** Moved from an unrelated thread so some info is duplicated.
  3. Dear All, I have received an invitation for 65 points EoI but I am thinking that probably my work experience as 20 hours won't count towards the total experience. Anyway, I have already lodged the 2nd EoI at 60 points back in February, and I have seen invitation were sent with 60 points EoIs lodged in October 2013 for Electronics Engineer, with 1 year experience as an Electronics Engineer, for the same profession I was sponsored under 457 visa. My question is whether I will be invited again on the basis of 60 points I have claimed if I not choose to apply for PR for 65 points EoI invitation? Your answers will greatly help us. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm really desperate for some answers for my problem from the more experienced members of the forum so I'd really appreciate your help. My husband updated his EOI with the Australian Computer Society skills assessment results on Oct 18 and we got an invite on Oct 20 since the points calculated were 75. We put in our application on Oct 21 and paid the fees as well. The next day while going through the ACS assessment for some reason, we realised that the assessment was a bit ambiguous and they had actually not given him the points for ALL of his work experience which would reduce our points score to 65 now. As of now, although it was inadvertent, it looks like we have overestimated our points on both the EOI and the application. I was trying to find out what to do and some of the forum posts say that they can cancel our application and ban us from applying for the next few years. We do not have a case officer yet but it was an honest mistake. Who do we contact regarding this? Do we: 1) Fill out a change in circumstances form and attach it with the application 2) withdraw the application (will we get a refund?) and reapply after correcting the details on the EOI? We are both at our wits end since my current visa expires in Jan 2014 and I need to have the bridging visa to continue working here! Can someone please help? Many thanks!
  5. Hi I am already working in IT for 14 yrs and last 2 years in Australia. However in ACS, I submitted only last 9 years of exp (Assuming it will process fast, which didn't happen). Now ACS assessed my skills and confirmed me the Eductionwise and skill wise, however they deducted my 4 yrs of exp coz of Non ICT engineering from India. Now ACS certificate shows correct skill but exp only 5 Yrs. My doubt is that Whether I should submit EOI with assessed skill and show complete experience? Does Immigration rely on ACS for my experience verification also on ACS, or its just skill assement they look from ACS? Any advise would be great help.