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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, I'm the one who applied for skilled-independent 175 since Dec 2009 and in Cat 5, unfortunately. I've found that the allocation date in Cat 5 has been outlined as 21 May 2008 since several months ago. I have some questions below, hoping that someone could help me out. 1) Does anyone know if the skilled - 175 application in Cat 5 has been put on hold? 2) I heard about the new change - SkillSelect. Do I need to do anything about it as of an applicant for skilled-175 who has already lodged documents since Dec 2009? 3) Has anyone in Cat 5 been contacted by CO? 4) I was contacted once by an e-mail from DIAC (since Sep 2012) to tell me information about the 2012-13 migration program year as well as some general information about where you can check the progress of allocation date in the website and saying that " As such, many Priority Group 5 applicants still face a considerable wait until their application is allocated to a case officer for processing.". I believe everyone in Cat 5 who is in the same position as me should get it. Anyway, with said above, I understood that I still get a chance that my case will be allocated to CO and proceed next steps like considered & granted, am I correct ? 5) Any advice for me would be appreciated. =) Hope to hear answers from you guys soon. Pleaseeeee... Thank you so much in advances. =) Emmy.
  2. Hello All. Hope someone can help, this is my first post on the site after being a casual observer for a few years, I'm ashamed & embarrassed to say I am not in a good place right now. My husband & I entered Oz 6 months ago on a 175 visa (he was the main applicant - my skills weren't needed on the assessment). Anyway to cut to the chase my husband informed me a few weeks ago (3 weeks, 2 days and 7 hours ago to be precise) that he no longer wants to be married to me and wants a divorce. Much to my surprise he now tells me he was seeing another woman in the UK for years before we moved to Oz & the 6 months away from her has apparently convinced him his loyalties remain in a place other than with me (and our 4 children) From what he says he tells me, as we are both Permanent Residents, divorce would have no effect on our visa status, and that he intends to remain in Melbourne because of work commitments and intends to re-marry his new 'woman' and live with her in Australia. My questions/concerns are these : 1. We have 3 children, Does what's happening change our visa entitlements for us, or the kids. 2. He's talking about divorce - I wouldn't even know where to start, would he file for divorce in the country we married in (UK) or in Australia. 3. Can he really expect to get his new woman an Australian at the drop of the hat? Even if he marries her? Sorry if these questions all seem a bit naive but my husband dealt with all of the visa paperwork when we applied, so this all a bit new to me. Guess I'm going to have to stand on my own 2 feet from here on in......:unsure::unsure:
  3. Hi Everyone. We lodged our 175 visa on 13th June - no CO yet. I have been watching the "176 Lodged in June/May" Thread but I was just wondering what stage all the other 175's were at? Are we being allocated CO's as fast as 176's or does it depend on what state sponsorship you have gone for or what your skill is? I'm kinda hoping we have a CO by next week but maybe this is too ambitious. Good luck to everyone that has applied
  4. Guest

    Regarding 175 Visa from India

    Hi All, I am applying for 175 visa for Australia.I had passed the points test and scored 65 points and completed my IELTS and secured a score of Band 7 in all the modules.I have few questions before applying for the Visa. 1.Am married for 11 months now so my question is Do I need to show Genuine and ongoing relationship proof like utility, joint accounts counciltax etc? If yes do I need to get the declarations from friends attested by a JP/solicitor? 2.I was working in India for 6 years and recently I had resigned and moved to UK after marriage.So do I need to be working/employed as am the primary applicant? 3 .As we are now moving back to India in couple of months , Do I need to show current contact address as India or UK in the online application form. Please do help me , as am willing to submit my application by this week. Waiting for reply. Regards, Sree
  5. Hi All, I am new to the site, so great to find somewhere to find info, god knows there is so much to consider!! I am a secondary school science teacher (so on the skilled list I believe!), however, I am really confused about whether or not to use an agent and which visa to apply for!! Options as I see it: - Go for the full 175 visa and pay for an agent - Go for the full 175 visa and do it alone - Go for the 176 sponsored visa for Victoria - Go for the WHV and risk not being able to secure a perm job and then apply for 175 once out there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Hopeful for a move :yes:
  6. Ohhh heck

    To certify or not!

    Having spent a lot of time trawling through various blogs and sites we are more confused than ever. Can anyone shed light on whether supporting documents for a 175 online application need to be certified if electronic copies are uploaded? If they do who can certify them? I know this is a bit of a hotly contested issue but... We have a close friend who is a local councillor and deputy mayor, would he be suitable or does it have to be a notary public, magistrate etc? Thanks in anticipation and sorry for raising this one again!
  7. Hallfamily

    With job or without?

    Do most people that have made the move to Oz have a job to go to before migrating or find one when they are there? We are applying for the 175 visa and once we get the visa do we look into jobs before the move?
  8. Hi everyone, I am looking to apply for skilled migration. im a 25 year old single male. My trade is floor and wall tiling, i have read that i need to have completed a minimum 3 year apprentership. This is the problem, i have learnt from my father and never studied as an apprentice. i have all the evidence, photos of my work and very positive statements from customers. Could this be sufficient? Thanks
  9. Hi All, This is my first thread and will probably be pestering you all over the coming months as i am just about to tackle the 175 visa process head on without the aid of a migration agency........:-/ Does anyone have any helpful tips or advice on the application process and any hidden nasties I should look out for? I am an Automotive Electrician with 5 years experience but no qualifications in this area........ does this matter? I also have a level 2 Apprenticeship in the application of engineering techniques and an HNC in Mechanical Engineering. How do I go about getting a skills assessment for an Automotive Electrician with only the 5 years experience to go on? Can I just get references from my employer (or preferably my supervisor so I don’t need to tell my employer yet) and send them in a nice e-mail and await the outcome? Thank you for your time, Mark p.s. if I can be of any help to anyone let me know.
  10. Hi all Yay, finally had the email today that our acs is on its way to us - now here's hoping it was actually successful. I have a question about completing the 175 visa application online and providing the documentation. Do you have to upload all the education/work experience documents from the skills assessment, or do you simply upload the skills assessment results? If anyone know where I can find a checklist for the online application, that would be great! Thanks for your help :jiggy:
  11. Guest

    Visa Costs

    Hi, We've just been looking at visa costs for the 175 Skilled visa taking either me or my boyfriend as a dependent. I was looking at the 1st and 2nd installments and was wondering if anyone could tell me if we need to pay the 2nd installment? The website says "The 2nd instalment of the visa application charge for dependents aged 18 years or over with less than functional English must be paid before the visa is granted. New Zealand citizens are exempt from paying the 2nd instalment of the visa application charge." As both my boyfriend and I are both eligible to apply for the 175 independently and definitely have functional english, does the 2nd installment still apply? Daisy, xx
  12. mdmx33

    TRA Assessments please help

    Good Evening Guys and Girls I really need an agent to help me with my tra assessment. I was in touch with go matilda and they quoted me £600 to help me. Is this price reasonable or shall I look elsewhere. I was confident i could do it myself but now starting to think i would like it checked over because i dont want to mess this up. Do you guys know any good agents with good reputation that you have used and would recommend. Any Gas Fitters out there who have gone though this process would love to hear from you. I've seen the name Glenn Newton thrown around but seems he doesnt operate any more. Any help guys most welcome. thanks in advance:confused:
  13. Hi there, We apllied General skilled migration 175 in 2008 when my partner was on the CSL, he is the main applicant. He is not longer on the CSL. We were granted state sponsorship last week for Victoria (By the way is took less than 3 weeks to be approved). As per the new guidelines for priority processing by the DIAC It appears that our application is priority number 5: Applications from people who are nominated by a state/territory government agency whose nominated occupation is not listed on the CSL. Does any one have any clue about processing times, how long will it take DIAC to get to us!! It is nearly 2 years since our initial application! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Guest

    help any migration agent

    Hi, We're currently having some problems with our 175 visa:arghh: We were assigned a case officer in october 2008, but we had a mix up with the Australian police checks and it took 2-3 months to receive certification. We have been informed that Australia are no longer looking at general Electrician applicants as we are not on the CSL list; We are on the MODL list. We were made aware that they are going to start looking at the MODL 175 applications at the end of May. We have since received no confirmation of this. We are seriously thinking about changing our visa application from the 175 to the 176 State Sponsorship, Queensland. We seem to have been waiting for an extremely long time for this already, and we were wondering if anybody else has been experiencing the same problems??? Any help you can offer would be great!!! Graham & Michelle
  15. Hi everyone, My OH and I lodged a 175 application on 20th May 08. In December I was offered job I couldn't refuse, and they applied for a 457 to get us to Aus quickly. That came through really quickly, and by mid Feb we left the UK and came to Melbourne.:biggrin: When we knew the 457 was happening, we completed our full medicals and police clearance for the 175, as by completing full meds etc, this covered both visa applications. My confusion is over this 176 visa that is being spoken of on many threads. We lodged our 175 through an agent online, the online tracking shows that "application received, processing commenced" on the 20th May 08. Yet have still not been allocated a case officer. (11 months later?) The medicals all show as finalised, yet the document checklist shows that things like birth & marriage certificates, qualification paperwork etc is still required - we gave all of that to the agent BEFORE the application was lodged. Is our agent messing us around and not sending stuff through? Does this time to be allocated a CO seem realistic? Is it possible that because we already have a 457 that our application will take longer? Would there be any benefit in changing our application from a 175 to a 176? Apart from one visa being state sponsored, is there any other difference between the 2 visas??:goofy: Lots of questions, sorry! But I just really want the PR to come through as I just cannot face going back!! The 457 is only for 4 years! Cheers! Smifyduo )
  16. Hi there, my 2nd year holiday visa expires in July, I applied for the Skilled Migration Visa in January, at the time my skill, a plumber was on the critical skills list but it is no longer on that list. I have heard that it may take up to another year to come through. Anyone know what my options are? Is it possible to obtain a bridging visa or can I leave Australia & come back in on a holiday visa?? Is anyone in this situation? Please advise.