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Found 5 results

  1. babybronco

    Passport expiry

    Hi I was granted a Skilled Migrant Visa (175) in June 2011, expires June 2016. I've just secured a job and will be moving out with my family in May. I have 2 and a half years left on my passport (July 2016). Does anyone have any advice re. 1) if there are visa requirements around length of time left on passport 2) If it would be sensible to renew my passport from the Uk before we go, or do it from Australia nearer the expiry date. Many thanks. Jen
  2. Hi all, I'm the one who applied for skilled-independent 175 since Dec 2009 and in Cat 5, unfortunately. I've found that the allocation date in Cat 5 has been outlined as 21 May 2008 since several months ago. I have some questions below, hoping that someone could help me out. 1) Does anyone know if the skilled - 175 application in Cat 5 has been put on hold? 2) I heard about the new change - SkillSelect. Do I need to do anything about it as of an applicant for skilled-175 who has already lodged documents since Dec 2009? 3) Has anyone in Cat 5 been contacted by CO? 4) I was contacted once by an e-mail from DIAC (since Sep 2012) to tell me information about the 2012-13 migration program year as well as some general information about where you can check the progress of allocation date in the website and saying that " As such, many Priority Group 5 applicants still face a considerable wait until their application is allocated to a case officer for processing.". I believe everyone in Cat 5 who is in the same position as me should get it. Anyway, with said above, I understood that I still get a chance that my case will be allocated to CO and proceed next steps like considered & granted, am I correct ? 5) Any advice for me would be appreciated. =) Hope to hear answers from you guys soon. Pleaseeeee... Thank you so much in advances. =) Emmy.
  3. Guest

    electrical licence

    Hi, I have just joined this forum page as I am trying to find out some information on how to get an electrical licence, We have just been granted our Visa's and hoping to move over to OZ in Nov/Dec time :ssign19: My husband is an electrican the visa class is skilled migrant subclass 175. We are trying to find out where he can go to gain the Electrical licence when we arrive in NSW if you can register for a course at the local college or what he needs to do? does anybody knows the number of the course that would also be a great help. Any advise welcome.
  4. Hi Everyone. We lodged our 175 visa on 13th June - no CO yet. I have been watching the "176 Lodged in June/May" Thread but I was just wondering what stage all the other 175's were at? Are we being allocated CO's as fast as 176's or does it depend on what state sponsorship you have gone for or what your skill is? I'm kinda hoping we have a CO by next week but maybe this is too ambitious. Good luck to everyone that has applied
  5. WTF??????? Long story guys, but, moved to Brisbane 2006 on a 136 Skilled Migration Permanent Residency Visa - think this is now the 175 visa - anyway, stayed for nearly a year, went back to the UK for 18 months, then moved out here to Perth. Have been here 3yrs. Our visa's were originally issued November 2006. We were planning a 3 week holiday back to the UK to visit family for Christmas, cut a long story short, I've been very ill, so have not been able to go. Husband and son have gone by themselves! My husband has just landed in Dubai to change planes to Gatwick and has rung me saying that our visa's have expired!!!! :err: What's that all about??? He has been told that the visa only lasts 5yrs! He will have to go to the Australian Consulate in London to renew before he can return to Australia!!! I was always under the impression that Permanent Residency meant you could stay 'forever'! I've had a quick look at the visa and it actually states 'holder permitted to remain in Australia indefinitely'. So how come we have to renew?? And does this now mean that I am living here illegally??? Because technically my visa should have been renewed in November 2011. Can anyone help with this, as I am really confused? :confused: I've searched the internet and don't seem to be able to find anything!!! :mad: Helpppppppppppp Lynn