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Found 7 results

  1. So, I've read a similar thread starter to this several times. Like it says on the tin, my 16 yr old son refuses to come and says he has arranged to live with his 15 year old girlfriend and her family we leave. My god I am in pieces. He left school this year and has spent more time with them than with us since then. He is at college and has no job or means of income. To be honest, he never has been that keen, but we got his visa anyway and crossed our fingers. Now our dream is in ruins because there is no way on earth I can even consider leaving my child here on his own. We have family here, but we aren't close emotionally (albeit geographically quite close). Today I had the conversation that I have been putting off for a while now. I've been trying to avoid backing him into a corner where he would actually say "NO" and then feel that he can't back down. I wanted to leave him room to manouvre and change his mind without having to admit to it. He sat there trying to be all hard and said "well you are the ones who are f..ing off over the over side of the world and leaving me on my own" he sounded so lost and young. I told him that I had never thought it would come to this. I always thought he would come. It never occurred to me that he wouldn't. We have another son of 14 who is keen and had hoped to get over before January so he could start his final years of school over in WA. Well that's not going to happen is it? So three of us do want to go and the other one is stamping his feet. Ok, why should he have to do something he doesn't want to? But why the hell should we have to give up our hopes? Dammit, he hasn't even given it a chance. We wanted to do this for their flippin benefit as well as ours. Why wont he try it for a few months and see if he might actually like it? So now we've sort of decided that if we do get a buyer we will sell our house and downsize to a smaller one, maybe a fixer upper and free off much of our capital, so that when we are in a position to leave we wont have to wait for a buyer again. When second son finishes his high school education in two years we will look at it again and see what position number one Son is in. By then he will be nearly 19. Still not old enough to be left alone but maybe not so much of a child and he may have grown a little by then and have come to the same conclusions that we have about the prospects in England versus Aus. If not - well, he will be an adult and will have to make his own decision and still have another couple of years before the five are up.
  2. hi im after your experiences of secondary education in Oz my son will complete gcse's here summer 2010 then move out to Oz in the summer hopefully! Im aware he will go back into yr 11 the start of 2011, he is still unsure of it. so if you could pass on something useful that i can pass on to him. Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone I have a dilema, I have 3 children but it is my 16yr old that concerns me the most. He is about to take his GCSE's in the UK and we are due to move to Melbourne end of Aug. I have been intouch with the secondary school and have advised me that he will start the end of yr 10 progressing to Yr 11 in Jan 2012. However he will be older than his peers at this stage. I have heard about continual assessment whereby he could use his GCSE as his first Yr of VCE and therefore go into YR 12 in Jan with his age group. Is this possible or did I just dream it somewhere. Any clear advise on this would be greatly recieved, as I am starting to feel a little frazzled by the whole moving lark right now.:wacko: Thanks
  4. Hi, Scenario 1... Looking for some serious advice pls. Situation is ....we're heading to Victoria, geelong area, summer 2011. 16yr old daughter will have finished GCSE's and if staying in Uk, would have gone to college for 2yrs to do A levels, as wants to go to Uni to train as teacher. As we won't be arriving until Approx August 2011, which will be coming towards end of Oz academic year, she would then only have one year left to join her peers. What would that mean for her gaining the certificate that 18 yr old Oz pupils gain when they stay to finish education until age 18+? Would she be able to do the work in the year? If not, what are her choices for gaining required level of education necessary to enter Oz Uni? Is there something/ equivalent to UK A levels, that she could do at college? She is a very bright girl and will do well in her GCSE's, so won't struggle academically. Scenario 2...Other daughter, will be coming up 20 when we arrive. She was born in Oz, so has passport and citizenship, though lives in UK. She has 2 years college education, with Diploma certificate in Health care. She wishes to go to Uni to train to become a nurse. How far head of academic year start does she need to apply? Also, how do Oz students fund Uni? Is there a grant or loan she would be eligible for? I read somewhere that as a citizen there may be some eligibility for help with fees? Any help on eith scenario, gratefully received. Thanks
  5. Guest

    education for 16yr old

    my son wants to finish gcse's b4 moving out to oz with us, where does he stand with schools when he arrives. what year will he go into can he continue his education from that point he will be 16 when he arrives in Oz. any info greatly recieved
  6. I'm new to PIO, and would dearly love to hear your opinions regarding anyone who has moved to Perth with a 16year old. My son completes his GCSEs this summer and we are hoping - Please God! - to move to Perth early Sep 09. Would anyone have any idea what school year he would be moving into? Or would it be a college? Many thanks for your time.:wub:
  7. Guest

    16yr old son - advice needed?

    Hi all. my family and I are hoping to migrate in 2009 on an 'employment Sponsorship' My 16yr old son is currently in 1st year of 6th form.... please can anyone offer advice as to what his options can be once we are out there. (Adelaide) our there opportunities for - Further education - (cost if known) not sure if he is best to finish his 'A' levels here? Employment - What is the minimum age? Thanks in advance for any advice given - Also feel free to offer any further advice on 16yr olds (typical Kevin's). xxxx