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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, if anyone has had any experience of this VISA I would appreciate hearing from them. On the understanding the funds (currently $750k into a Designated Investment) were available and net asset requirments is it a fairly straightforward VISA to be granted and pathway to PR? It seems different States have different rules so it can get rather confusing. It's also my understanding that one has to start a new business or be involved in a business in order to qualify for PR? For NSW for example, they state that 'passive investments such as bonds etc' would not qualify as an investment if one wanted to actually pathway through to PR. Basically, I don't want to have to start a new business or take over an existing one as (a) clearly there is significant risk to the capital and (b) if the business fails not only do you lose all your money but they kick you out of the country aswell adding insult to injury! So, I guess I am asking if it's possible to just invest in Government Bonds (or whatever asset class they deem as 'eligible') and qualify for the Provisional 165 but also be eligible for PR on the basis the Govt bonds are held? If anyone has any knowledge of the workings in practice of this VISA type it would be great to hear from you! Thanks, Nick
  2. Guest

    165 visa / buying property

    :notworthy:hi to all i am 46 and wish with my wife to spend time in the noosa area where my brother in law lives and owns his own company.......... looking to buy a property and live part time in oz and uk.......... any advice on how to proceed i have been told that one way is to apply under a 165 visa??? any feedback welcome. regards neil
  3. Hi, i've been reading these forums for a while now and they have provided comfort and laughs, so thank you! I have been living in the UK for a long time, and returned last November because my mum was ill. She has now been diagnosed with a terminal illness, so that has made the decision of staying here easier - however the problem is that i really really miss the UK for so many reasons. We (myself, OH and 2 kids) have just arrived back in Aus this morning, after being visiting family in UK for 3 weeks and i'm homesick for the UK already. My OH is English and likes it here, my kids like it both places. I feel very disloyal wanting to go back to the UK. Sorry if i haven't explained this v well - jet lag setting in! Any comments appreciated.
  4. Has anyone used the State /Territory Sponsored Business Investor subclass 165 visa We've been advised our route would be this visa, has anyone else used the same that can offer advise? Thanks
  5. Guest

    Sub-class 165 visa timescales

    Hi PIO family !! I have at long last got all the necessary info together for my lawyers to get my visa application lodged. This should be next week. I am told that I may be looking at a 12-14 month duration to get the visa granted ( if I qualify ! ) because there is a high volume of applicants currently wanting to get in to Oz. I thought ( and hoped ! ) that a Sub-Class 165 application would be a little quicker than this because it basically revolves around a sum of money being deposited in a State fund ( Queensland in our case ) and left there for four years rather than assessments being made soley on skills determination or sponsorship ( although I think I have a reasonably good case cos I'm in renewable technology ). Has anyone else out there been through the Sub-Class 165 visa application and if so how long did it take to get it ? Or if anyone is going through it now, have you been advised the same timescales ?? Thanks Iain H :huh:
  6. Guest

    165 Investor visa

    I would be interested to hear of anyone's experiences of this visa. We are now trying to sell our property to raise the capital to invest so that our visa can be finalised and we can get to OZ!! We would like to hear from anyone who has actually made the move and their experiences of the first few years. Setting up a business and any monitoring from DIMA and what return they are getting from the investment, for example. We are unsure of the size of business we need to establish as the visa requirements state that passive investment is not allowed. We were thinking more of a hobby farm - we are growers anyway - and passing it off as a business and hopefully after 4 years applying for permanent visa. If we needed to take out a mortgage to help pay for our property, because a large part of our finances have to be invested for 4 years, would we be able to do this bearing in mind we would have access to the investment after 4 years and hopefully have applied for a permanent visa? We hope we don't have to borrow but it would be a bit reassuring to know if it is possible and consider reducing our property to get a sale. We are not just selling a house but a business combined with greenhouses etc. and there is not a lot of interest!
  7. Guest

    165 visa

    is thier anyone else going for this visa my agents arnt very good and iam trying to find out if i can buy a house or do i have to rent any help in this matter would be helpfull julie:daydreaming:
  8. Guest

    anyone going for a 165 visa

    :v_SPIN:hi everyone can anyone help i was wondering how long we have an agent but they cost a small fortune just for a tel call:unsure:
  9. Guest

    165 Investor visa

    Hi again. It seems this particular visa is not a common one used to enter Oz! I could do with some 'moral support' or advice if anyone can help! We received notification on 4th Oct 2006 from dima to make our designated investment then our visa could be finalised and granted. We were given 49 days to do this bearing in mind we have to sell our property in order to get the finances in place to make the DI. Knowing this to be an impossible task I wrote and asked for an extension and was given another 7 days and told I would need to request a further extension nearer the time - if needed. I did this and received an extension of 28 days - seems this is the most they can grant at any one time. Yesterday I again requested a further extension and received a very unsettling email granting a further 28 days and stating that if we did not manage to make the DI by this expiry they would have to closely consider whether any further extension could be provided. How can we be expected to sell a property and business within three months at the worst time of year! Our medical and penal reports are valid till July and we have met all other criteria. We might be lucky and get an offer around mid Jan. from a very interested party who is contacting us again after the xmas/new year break but we certainly won't have the finances in place to make the DI! Is there no lea- way with these people? It's upset our Christmas because we have this nagging doubt at the back of our minds now! Sorry if I have been a bit long winded. I need some reassurance please!! MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.