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Found 55 results

  1. A subclass 892 visa application is the most popular pathway for those who have been living in Australia as the holders of a provisional business visa under sub classes 160, 161, 163, and 164, and who are owning and managing a business in Australia. Requirements for the granting of a permanent residency visa under subclass 892 are that the visa applicant: Is the holder of one of the above provisional business visas, or a subclass 162 or 165 visa Has been resident in Australia as the holder of one of these visas for at least 1 out of the 2 years immediately before the visa application is lodged Has a genuine commitment to continue to maintain business or investment activities in Australia Has never been involved in unacceptable business activities Is sponsored by a State or Territory Government Has had direct and continuous involvement in the day to day management of up to two businesses operating in Australia for the past two years Owns at least one of the following: – 51 per cent of a business where the annual turnover is less than A$400,000 – 30 per cent of a business where the annual turnover is A$400,000 or more – 10 per cent of a business that is a publicly listed company For the 12 months immediately before the visa application is submitted to the Department of Immigration the main business (or two main businesses together) had a turnover of at least A$200,000 In addition, for the 12 months immediately preceding the lodgment of the visa application with the Department of Immigration 2 out of 3 of the following requirements must be satisfied: The net value of the visa applicant’s (or the applicant’s partner’s, or the applicant and his/her partner’s combined) assets in the main business (or two main businesses) in Australia was at least A$75,000 The net value of the visa applicant’s (or the applicant’s partner’s, or the applicant and his/her partner’s combined) personal and business assets in Australia was at least A$250,000. The business/es employed at least the equivalent of one full-time employee who is: – An Australian citizen – An Australian permanent resident – A New Zealand passport holder – Not a member of the applicant’s family. The subclass 892 visa application must be lodged before the expiry of the presently held provisional business visa, and when the visa application is lodged with the Department of Immigration an ownership interest in the Australian business/es must have been in place for at least 2 years. Clearly there is a need to plan ahead to ensure a business in Australia is not acquired or set up too late to meet the requirement for a 2 year ownership interest, and to ensure business accounts are available and State or Territory sponsorship has been secured. All of these requirements are to be satisfied at the time the visa application is lodged with the Department of Immigration’s Business Skills Processing Centre.
  2. Hi we have been granted a 4yr temp visa and are looking to buy/start a business. Need the business to meet the various criteria to gain perm resi. Do we buy a business that already meets the criteria or start fresh?:mask:
  3. yes we got it didnt open emale til today and found the visa grant 163 business skills visa. perth here we come . :jiggy:
  4. Hi there, Wondering if anyone knows whether on a Business 163 visa we will have to pay for school n Uni Fees, and if so how much ? We validated our visa this year and at the moment our boys are , one 13 at school and the other 17 at college... Hopefully we are thinking of moving approx 12/18 months. So our youngest will still be at school, but our middle lad will have finished college and ready to start Uni. So wondered if anyone knows approx costs, etc ?????
  5. Guest

    163 Visa DIY

    Hello Hi Has anyone successfully applied for a 163 business VIsa DIY without using a migration agent , We have been quoted a cost of around £10Kand told from the outset to full completion takes up to 18 months .We have'nt started the process yet but we have been advised this would be the best way for as it would lead wider options for us in the future should we go for permanent residency We are looking to expand our family business in Oz , well sell stuff online and ship to Oz everyday ,so would it be easier to simply open an office . Any help We are UK based and heading to Adelaide , If anyone could help I would be I would be so grateful , I am a little confused as to how to proceed . We are taking a second fact finding trip to Adelaide in two weeks.just to make sure the kids a still OK with it Thanks
  6. J&T

    Subclass 163 Visa

    Hi all. We are now in a position to start the ball rolling with our move to Oz. We are looking to buy a business over in Perth or Adelaide and think that the state sponsered subclass 163 seems the best route for us. Can anyone recommend a suitable agency who does business visa's. Am heading to London at the weekend for the next expo to try and get some more info, but any other help would be appreciated. Thanks for now. Jon
  7. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows our entitlement to Medicare, if we have any ?? We are going on a Bus Visa 163 (Temporary), and do not believe we would be entitled to help, but my OH thought he read on a post on PIO that we might be ?? Any advice would be helpful, as my OH is a diabetic, and here in the Uk we do not pay for any of his medication , so wondering about costs in Oz. Thanks
  8. So excited I got my visa this morning. Hopefully be in Perth mid September !!
  9. 163ALLOUT

    163 movement at last!!!!!

    Hi All It seems some fingers have been pulled out. Had an email from the DIAC requesting PC and meds only. I'm led to believe that once you submit them then it's only a matter of weeks to get the actual visas?? Does anybody know if that is true! (still in shock, wasn't expecting to hear for a couple of months) Hopefully one step closer to the sunshine coast Keep the faith people, fingers crossed for you all Regards Jon
  10. Have been advised that a 163 0r 161 visa may be best for my situation. But,as I`m already 44 don`t think I`ll qualify for the 161 as 45`s the cut off age. For the 163 it say`s you must have `substantial capital` to take with you i.e. $500k:elvis: but the cut off age is 55. Plus the visa application price is $4900 + agent fees. Has anyone had experience with these two Visa applications, and as I`m looking to buy a small business and are way off $500K is there anything in between the 161 and 163 ? cheers Tony
  11. Pandas love the sun

    We just got our VISA! (163 Business Visa)

    Hi everyone, WE JUST GOT OUR VISA!!!!! :cute:(163 Business Visa) I cant believe it! Its been such a long long road and the feeling of finding out is amazing! Just cant stop smiling :biggrin: I've always wondered what it would be like and its brilliant. (just screamed my office down :laugh:) Thank you to everyone on PIO, its been 2 hard years of waiting and sometimes hearing nothing from OZ for long periods of time, and all of your posts have kept me and the boyfriend going. From the Reccie and Arrival reports to your 'I've got my visa' posts. Good luck to everyone still in the process and we will keep you posted of our adventure in Perth! Best wishes x x x Sandra (and Jamie) P.s our time line WA SS Dec 2009 / CO appointed Nov 2010 / Meds and Police Checks requested Jan 2011 / VISA GRANTED 21 Feb 2011
  12. pizzamonster

    163 - We've got a CO!

    Just heard we have a CO for our 163 visa! When you're waiting so long it never really seems real, but when you're allocated one it brings back the excitement and the butterflies!
  13. Niki

    business 163 granted

    after 16 months of not knowing we now know! our business 163 visa has been granted! SO happy !! good luck to anyone else out there , its worth the wait :biggrin:
  14. Guest

    we are on the way on 163 visa

    well this is it ,it has taken 18 months just sold house and shipped all my goods. :unsure:doller rubish house price over there bad house price here bad are we doing the right thing , time will tel, flights for next thurs bring it on yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar hoooooooooooo:jiggy:.perth here we come.
  15. Guest

    163 - transfer biz

    Hi all, I'm new here and excited to be starting another chapter in our life - a new challenge - migrating to Australia. :cool: I'm interested to learn & hear from successful 163 applicants. We (wife & I) want to apply for the 163 visa being a 50% owner in an established UK business meeting the reqs for eligibility (turnover etc). The other 50% partner in biz is remaining in UK. Would I have to transfer the entire business to Australia to quality? (not sure if this would work with UK biz partner). Or, do I set up a new biz in Australia? Thanks and looking forward to getting to know some of you along the journey. Graham
  16. paulhug

    163 Business visa

    I would be interested to hear what kind of business people are hoping to buy or start up. I bought a business on the Sunshine coast and am in the 2nd year of trading which is the year we need to get the turnover to fulfill the criteria for our permanent visa. So what are we hoping to do people???
  17. On 20th October 2010 I got my 163 Business Visa letter from DIAC Perth. It contained the following paragraph You and each family member included in this approval must contact the overseas Australian mission specified below to have the visa evidenced in the passport(s): Australian High Commission London Because I travel around Europe most weeks I wrote an email to the High Commission asking if, rather than submit passports by post as advised on their website, I could have the visa evidenced during their opening hours(9am to 11am every weekday). I was told that I had probably got an out of date paragraph in my visa grant letter and 'Visas granted from 1st July 2010 are granted label free and you will not be required to have a label placed in your passport.' Having had two conflicting pieces of advice from DIAC Perth and their London team I would be comforted to know if any Business Migrants have had this paragraph in their visa grant letter or undertaken a validation trip to Oz without the evidenced label. Thanks in advance Queensland State Sponsorship applied mid Aug 2009, granted 15 Oct 2009. DIAC applied 29 October 2009, CO allocated 27 Sept 2010, visa granted 20 October 2010 Heading for SE Queensland-date uncertain
  18. 163ALLOUT

    163 visa granted today!!!

    Hi 163's and others Things are definately moving now. Finally received our visas today :biggrin: Sunshine coast here we come!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeee Regards Jon
  19. Niki

    business 163

    Hi anyone out there having the same problems as us .... we applied for our visa in september 09 - long long wait (especially after they closed allocation in July) awaiting a CO which (whoopee) we got one about 6 weeks ago - and they are saying that he still wont be able to look at our file until a possible 4 weeks time (if we are lucky) Our agent has been great , but there is little he can do if the DIAC are being so slow. Anyone else experiencing the same - this is SO excruciating :arghh:
  20. This from the Minister today, annual figures. In an economic downturn, I fail to understand why they retrict the only visa that guarantees positive economic outcomes - I guess the pollies love to say how many more Australian employers they have helped with sponsored visas. That said, note the number in the pipeline, almost 2 years of quota. :wideeyed: This has the potential to encourage the Minister to lift the requirements (as we saw recently) or state it is 2 years processing time - which for positive economic gain of the 163/165 is just nonsensical. However, there is a review of the business skills underway and under the old Minister this was scheduled for year end, now with Bowen's attention on the boat people and having to recover from Evans' mad rush for change, I would expect next year before any review is completed or acted upon. Anyone thinking about applying but holding off for a better exchange rate, don't bother waiting. It will be at least a year before you get a visa, and you can take forward cover to set a known rate of currency exchange so you know how much to bring. If necessary rent your house and sell it later when the overseas market improves. Foolish though it is, I foresee a tightening in this category now that we see a move towards employer sponsored visas with public papathy for a bigger Australia. :arghh: You read it here first.

    Business Visa 163 capped

    Hi, keep hearing that business visas have been capped, and that they wont start processing again until july 10. I spoke with DIAC a few weeks ago and they never said this, just that they were sticking to their 9mth timescale! Haven't really heard anything from my agents since they took their money and sent application off, quite disappointed in them if these rumours are true. Has anyone else been told the same.DIAC were processing latter july 09 applications, so if they are full already why do they keep accepting applications, as that is only one months worth plus backlog from previous year that have filled the 7500 visa count.If thats the case my application was sept 09 so i should get mine in 2 yrs time!!!! I am so fed up with keep being told different timescales, the whole process has been 2yrs and we are supposed to be priority processing!! Sorry for moaning! x
  22. Hi, Just to let all you 163's there is movement as we have now been granted visa. Timeline: SS Rec'd June 09 Visa lodged Sept 09, Meds and PCC done 2/7/10 visa granted 16/07/10. nicki x
  23. 163ALLOUT

    163-9 months err Not

    Hi all Very frustrated 163 business visa applicant. Has anybody recently received their visas yet? My visa application lodged November 09 still no news. I emailed the DIAC as the 9 month timeline came around. The reply I got was yes they are still working to 9 months but hadn't allocated me a case officer yet and couldn't tell me when they would. Bit confused, they state they are working to 9 months but haven't started applicants who have been waiting 9 months. I wish they would just say it'll be 12 months rather than keep you in limbo.:arghh: Sold my house and moving into rented, just the business to dispose of and then we are good to go. If anyone has had any movement please let me know. Thanks Jon W
  24. Guest

    New 163 Business Visa Granted

    I thought I would let all those 163ers out there (to give you hope that there is movement) that we have just been approved our time line was as follows: SS - July 2009 / DIAC Logged 31st Aug 2009 / CO 21st Aug 2010 / 163 Visa Approved 4th Oct 2010. rgs Matt