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Found 16 results

  1. A subclass 892 visa application is the most popular pathway for those who have been living in Australia as the holders of a provisional business visa under sub classes 160, 161, 163, and 164, and who are owning and managing a business in Australia. Requirements for the granting of a permanent residency visa under subclass 892 are that the visa applicant: Is the holder of one of the above provisional business visas, or a subclass 162 or 165 visa Has been resident in Australia as the holder of one of these visas for at least 1 out of the 2 years immediately before the visa application is lodged Has a genuine commitment to continue to maintain business or investment activities in Australia Has never been involved in unacceptable business activities Is sponsored by a State or Territory Government Has had direct and continuous involvement in the day to day management of up to two businesses operating in Australia for the past two years Owns at least one of the following: – 51 per cent of a business where the annual turnover is less than A$400,000 – 30 per cent of a business where the annual turnover is A$400,000 or more – 10 per cent of a business that is a publicly listed company For the 12 months immediately before the visa application is submitted to the Department of Immigration the main business (or two main businesses together) had a turnover of at least A$200,000 In addition, for the 12 months immediately preceding the lodgment of the visa application with the Department of Immigration 2 out of 3 of the following requirements must be satisfied: The net value of the visa applicant’s (or the applicant’s partner’s, or the applicant and his/her partner’s combined) assets in the main business (or two main businesses) in Australia was at least A$75,000 The net value of the visa applicant’s (or the applicant’s partner’s, or the applicant and his/her partner’s combined) personal and business assets in Australia was at least A$250,000. The business/es employed at least the equivalent of one full-time employee who is: – An Australian citizen – An Australian permanent resident – A New Zealand passport holder – Not a member of the applicant’s family. The subclass 892 visa application must be lodged before the expiry of the presently held provisional business visa, and when the visa application is lodged with the Department of Immigration an ownership interest in the Australian business/es must have been in place for at least 2 years. Clearly there is a need to plan ahead to ensure a business in Australia is not acquired or set up too late to meet the requirement for a 2 year ownership interest, and to ensure business accounts are available and State or Territory sponsorship has been secured. All of these requirements are to be satisfied at the time the visa application is lodged with the Department of Immigration’s Business Skills Processing Centre.
  2. Hi, Just wanted to get some info on how Form 160 and 26 which are the two medical check forms that are to be submitted for my Subclass 176 visa. I do not have a case officer yet. But automated emails on 18th March and last night said you should get your police check and meds done. When I booked an appointment with one of the panel doctors they told me they would be sending the two forms directly to the embassy. I am confused as to how the embassy and my case officer will co-ordinate receiving the information. My application is online and it has the choice to upload both these forms. Any clarification would be helpful.
  3. Guest

    160 Form Q7 doubt

    In 160 form what should i fill for: Question7: " If you are in Australia: How long have you been here?" I was in Australia (on 457 visa) 1 year back and right now im not in australia. Does this question has to be filled only by the person who is residing in Australia right now. Please help
  4. bennyboy

    Medical forms 160 and 26

    Hi to all, I have a question regarding these forms for forthcoming medical: Both forms ask for the visa subclass number for which is being applied for, but for a Partner visa is it 309 or 100? We are hoping to move to Australia permanently ( I am the Australian) so not sure which one to put as I think we enter on a provisional basis first then after 2 years becomes permanent? I think which subclass depends on what needs to be done for the medical so don't want to end up putting wrong info on the medical forms and then having to do it all again (and pay) . Any advice would be very much appreciated.:wubclub: Cheers, Lisa
  5. Hi, was just wondering if it is possible to use forms 26 and 160 instead of 26eh and 160eh when doing a medical for an online application? The reason I'm asking is that we only have a 160 form for my sons xrays due to him turning 11 during the visa process (CO said it would be too time consuming to add a 160eh to the online application) and I don't want his form to be processed seperately to the rest of ours. Would it be ok to change all the other forms to paper based application ones so they are all the same?
  6. Hey all, I am going for my medical tomorrow so I can front load my application, and they advised I should bring form 26 and form 160. I cannot find any reference to these forms anywhere? :eek: It seems to be something you only get once you have actually applied?
  7. Happy Lass

    Form 160 q. 7

    Hello :smile: I'm afraid I'm experiencing a blonde moment and was wondering just what to write in answer to question 7. Intended occupation/activity in Australia ? I am applying for the 309 spouse visa and my intention is to settle in with my husband and find a job in my usual field. However, I was wondering whether that was too much information and whether I should simply put down my usual occupation in the UK? It seems like such a simple question but I'm quite flummoxed by this one. Could someone put this over-thinking lass straight please :smile:
  8. Can anyone please tell me where do I find these forms? I have been on Aus gov web site for what feels like days lol (more like bloody months) why is it you think you,ve got everthing sussed when you obviously have'nt lol:confused:
  9. Guest

    xray form 160, question 8

    applying for prospective mariage visa, whichc is only 9 months, then u have t oapply for temp res, then perm res, quetion 8 asks if you are intending to stay permanently or temporary, which one do i tick, i intend to stay permantly but my visa is only 9 months, any help be great thanks :jiggy: Nadine
  10. Hi All, Can anyone state with 100% certainty if I need to take the IELTS test? Would my wife have to take it? Why would I need to take it if I am British born and bred? It would seem a bit of a waste of time and money if we had to take it. Thanks in advance, Nick.
  11. Guest

    Hearlth form 160 not available

    I am trying last two days to print the form 26 and form 160 from DIAC web site for Health examination. Form 26 is okay but unable to print Form 160 as its seemed locked and not available for printing. I know DIAC changed this form from 28th March 09 and I suspect some this went wrong after that. Any body else has experienced same problem? Now I don’t know from where to get this form. I had booked for medicals and had to cancel as forms are not available.
  12. Hi, just need some help regarding the 160 form that need we need to fill in and take with us for our Chest X-ray.... My work is applying for a 457 visa for me and my family and my wife and I are having our x-rays this afternoon. We have 3 children all under 4 so they are too young to have the x-rays. Anyway on the 160 form I need help nswering a couple of the questions. Question 6 asks what occupation/activity in Australia you will be undertaking. My wife will be a full time mum so do I just put that down on her form or is there an "official wording" that you must use for this? Also question 10 at which office will we be lodging an application. We will be living in Sydney, so do I put this down or is there a specific office in Australia that caters for 457 applications. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers from a slightly worried Dave!!!!
  13. I hope someone can answer this for me, What address is put in the box, is it the Radiological address or the Adelaid Visa Processing address? What date do I put, the date of the xray? Many thanks Nicky:idea::huh:
  14. Does anyone have any experience of applying under a business visa (160 or 163) we really want to move and this seems the only option due to us having no trade skills, my husband owns his own business and we would like to know of anyone else that may have gone through this process, any help, advice or general info would be greatly appreciated!!! It's mind boggling!!! Thanks
  15. Guest

    Form 26 and 160

    Hi My girlfriend is trying to move to Australia but we cant find much useful information on the net. What we are looking for is apparently form 26 and form 160, apparently not available online, does anyone know where to get these? Further to this, is it worth trying to do this on the cheap or better just to pay one of these migration agents? Cheers Marty
  16. Guest

    Medical forms 26 & 160

    Does anyone know where i can obtain or download forms 26 & 160 or if anyone has a blank copy of these forms could they e-mail them to me as we have Medicals booked for Friday. Many thanks Harvey, kirsty & Kids