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Found 71 results

  1. Hi, I have a sub class BN 136 visa, which was issued/granted on the 20 April 2005. I have made my initial entry already. Given that the visa runs out on the 20 April 2010, is my Visa is still valid for Pr status and for entry to Australia?. As it would then expire when i was living in australia, i could not leave Australia, at least for the first 2 years, of which i would then require a Residents Return visa otherwise i would forfeit my PR status. i think im all good on this, but always pays to check. Smile. thanks for any replies!
  2. Hi, Do we really have to pay DIMA Aud 1,100.00 to get a sub class 136 P.R visa for our baby daughter ? we are living in UK now and relocating in october. This seems extorsion at best :mad:and they want 3 months to process it and medicals etc. we are thinking of just bringing her with us on a tourist visa and then as we are staying indefinitiley it is not really our problem. anyone know how to reduce this horrible cost ?
  3. Smith Tribe

    Returning to Oz with 136 visa HELP!

    Hi all, Can anyone help please! We have a 136 permanent visa issued early Nov 2007, we left for Oz Dec 2007, stayed in Oz until April 2010 then returned back to UK. We are returning to Oz in Jan 2011, but l was wondering can we just continue where we left off and use the 2years and 4 months already in Oz and then count from there up to four years and then apply for citizenship. Apparently if we return before we have been in UK for a year we don't loose the time we have already done but just add on how long we have been away for until it makes 4 years. Also does anyone know if you have to do your four years and apply for citizenship before your 136 visa runs out, thats is Nov 2012, confused.com please help
  4. Guest

    Subclass 136 - quick q's

    Please excuse the fact that I am a little behind with updates (possibly clueless!:huh:) We have a validated 136 visa and will finally move to Perth in July. I've just noticed that there is no longer a 136? What did they change and why? I'm guessing that we are still good to go... ? Cheers LL
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum. It's nice to find a site so bustling with activity and information...great stuff. My wife and I have 136 Visas which we obtained in November 2005. We activated the visas by traveling to OZ for 4 weeks in August of 2006. We then spent a year in Oz between September '07 and September '08, at which time we returned to London where we are now. Our situation now is that we want to return to Oz next year, but we are expecting a baby due in April next year (Yes it's early days!). On our 136 visa in our passports it says "Must not arrive after 10NOV 10". Does this mean that we need to be in Oz by this date, even though we have already spent a year in Oz beforehand? On leaving Oz in September '08 we did not obtain returning resident's visas, perhaps this was a mistake. Anyhow, if we do need to be in Oz by 10 Nov 2010, we plan to have the baby in London, wait until it is 3-4 months old and then travel over before the visa date is up. In this case i imagine we will need a visa for the baby. Is this easily obtained as we ourselves hace the 136 visas already? I realise my question is quite complex, if anyone could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Simon
  6. Hiya, First post on here as I've only just joined. I'm now in Sydney having taken the plunge and moved over on a Skilled Independent subclass 136 visa. The jobs market seems as depressed here as it was in the UK for IT people so I'm now wondering whether coming over was such a good idea in the first place. I seem to recall that the subclass 136 visa had two time periods on it, one for when the visa had to be validated (a year after being awarded) and a longer time limit for actually being here and settled. Anyone know where this is documented and whether it is the case or not? Thanks in advance Steve (fluent in HP hardware, VMS, Windows and job applications!)
  7. Guest

    info on visas

    Hi i have a subclass 136 visa,does this give me permenant residence, or is just for the 5 years of which 4 of them i must be living in aus to gain citizen ship,i just havnt seen many people with the same visa as my self any thoughts
  8. Hi I have a skilled migrant resident visa sub class 136. Already visited within 1st 12 months after grant back in 2005. 5 years is up in April 2010. Is it possible to extend this deadline ? Nick
  9. I've applied for Skill Migration as a "Anlayst Programmer" (SOL) under SubClass 136, in Aug 2007. Due to the delay from police department in Malaysia I wasted my last 6 months but before the final decision can take place with my application the immigration law got changed due to the current recession. Basically I'm a .Net developer and I've not assessed my application under this. I'd a chat with IMMI for changing my ASCO code so that my application will come under CSL (Critical Skill list) but they said that it is not possible to change now. They have suggested to get the employer sponsorship or else, you can get ACS approval for .net skill and fill up the new application under Subclass - 175 (new class of 136). I'm on 457 VISA and my VISA is expiring Dec 2009.I'd talked with the Immi and they don't believe that I've got bridging VISA as an option. If my PR visa is not granted then I would have to go back and wait for the VISA. Please suggest me the best way to solve this problem. Thank you, Rick:arghh:
  10. undershot

    136 Visa Family issues

    My mother got a 136 Visa to move to Australia, which also was put into the rest of the family's passports. The only problem is, there's a possibility she won't be able to move until after the cut off date on the visa (5 years). I'm going travelling there myself next year and would essentially like to stay their myself with or without the rest of my family and get my citizenship after my travels. Would this be possible, or would my mother have to be a resident there aswell? Is the visa dependant on her move there?! Cheers
  11. Guest

    136 visa

    Whats the 136 visa differ from 175 &176 visa so many to look at
  12. Hello to everyone who is applying for one of the above State/Territory general skilled migration visa classes. I had some very encouraging news from Gollywobbler AKA Gill re how quickly applications with a successful State & Territory Nomination were being allocated to a case officer. I asked the same question of our agent ASA consultants who said there was no real evidence of things speeding up. I would like to start this thread for people who have appled for one of the above visa classes after the 1st Jan 2009 and if people can update it when they have any news it would help all who are still anxious on processing times. Thanks to all
  13. Guest

    136 visa question

    Hi All, I've received my 136 visa and am currently living in Melbourne. I'm a little confused as to what the wording on the visa means though. On one part it says that I must not arrive in Oz after june 2011, but on the other part it says I can remain in australia indefinitely. Does this mean I cannot leave the country after 2011 without losing my residency? Thanks! Phil
  14. Hi guys, I've just received an succesful skills assessment from the Australian Computer Society for an occupation that is on the SSASSL. As this entitles me to MODL points I believe I will pass the points test quite easily now. However, recently my circumstances have changed and we don't want to immediately immigrate to Australia, however we would like to keep the option open as we probably will in the future. I've noticed that my skills assessment is only valid for 1 year, so I need to go ahead and get my Skilled Independant Visa (136) soon if I don't have to go through that again. Am I right in saying that the Visa (if I'm successful) will be valid for 5 years? What do I have to do (i.e. how much time do I need to spend in Oz) to prevent my Visa from being invalidated? The reality is that we would visit Oz at least twice in the next 5 years to visit family. Would that be ok or would I need to spend a majority of my time there working for it to be valid and to be able to extend it after 5 years? THanks in advance, Jocky
  15. Hi just wondering if anyone has applied or got a 136 skilled independent visa? If so how long did it take, ours seems to be taking forever, sent off end of August last year 2007 still not really heard anything just an acknowledgement of a recipt. Just found out my husband and I have got jobs! in Brisbane Reading some of these posts makes you really think if your doing the right thing a lot of negativity Lara:wacko:
  16. Hi Everyone got it today 29th April 136 visa. According to official website still processing may 15th so big supprise !!! So won't be long now all you August 07 ers they are on there way!!!! Whoopi:smile:
  17. Hi Just to let you all know got visa today August 2007 paper application 136 visa!! According to official web site they are only on processing 15th May. So big surprise. Good news for all you others waiting, it may not be as long as you think!! Whoopi:jiggy:
  18. Hi All, Well as you can see I am still on Countdown to Oz! 136 Days which is 4 months & 11 days, which is just under 19 weeks. Which is not very long at all. :biglaugh: The group has now gone from 5 - Richard, myself and our 3 children, to 7 as our Nephew booked onto the same flight last month, then a family friend booked on last night! How many more will there be? Checked the availability just in case and there are 5 seats left. So if you wanna come with us you'd better hurry.........especially you Kdal...lol I think I might set up one of those clock reminder systems on the computer so I dont have to keep counting on the calander! April
  19. Well it's been a year since we got the ball rolling with my husband's TRA and we were informed yesterday afternoon that we have been granted our residential visa's....YIPPEE!!! The house is on the market now and all we need to do is sell it....but in the current UK scheme of things we could be here for some time as have only had 8 viewings in 1 month:wideeyed:, this time last year houses here were sold in a week, my how things change hey. Can't wait to get to Brisbane now and chill for a while:yes:
  20. CAN'T BELIEVE IT... absolutely ecstatic! it's surreal at the moment. Fifteen months from start to finish. Now it's all systems go. House to be put on the market this week. Now is the time I will be asking for lots of advice about suburbs, removals, jobs, etc etc! all advice greatly appreciated. One word of advice to people, don't use the migration bureau as your agents as it has cost us £5500! I didn't know about this site when I started the process back in Jan 2007 otherwise I would have asked for recommendations. for those of you still waiting for visas, hang on in there.. its worth the wait. We are planning to move to the gold coast/ Brisbane area. I am a diabetes specialist nurse at the moment. My hubby is a car salesman. My son Louis is 10, my 18 yr old daughter has decided not to come with us.:no:She is on the visa so will have 5 years to change her mind. Hope to make plenty of new pals now as it is actually going to happen!!:yes: Gaynor, Don and Louis.
  21. Susie instructed me to put the champers in the fridge last weekend, confident today would be the day to crack it open. Don't you just hate it when she's right?? Little over a year after starting the whole process and telling my boss I was off to Oz, we got our approval letter this morning. All that hard work, worry and heart ache for a simple little e-mail saying, yeah come on over. Good luck to those of you still waiting with their fingers crossed. To Jo and Mark, get some VB in the cooler for us!
  22. Guest

    136 Visa Granted Today

    Yahoo! 136 Visa finally granted today got the phone call at 4o'clock today. Just cracked open the champagne I am so excited cannot believe this day has finally come and we can start planning our future in Oz. Vicky and John
  23. HI All I'd be very grateful for some help please. I've got a chum who lives in Adelaide. She & her Hubby went out there on a 457 visa. At the end of September 2007 they submitted an application for a subclass 136 visa (probably non-MODL.) They are still waiting for developments. She asked me so I sent a blank e-mail to the ASPC earlier. Now - it is the most badly-drafted document I have ever seen in my life. Once obviously has to be a professional code-breaker to understand a word of it. If I am reading the thing correctly, COs are only just beginning to start the end stages for people whose applications were received by the ASPC in March 2007???? Is this so??? If it is and I haven't completely mis-undertood the e-mail, it is no wonder Australia has a dire shortgage of skilled migrants if they can't get all of you there any quicker than this. :shocked: Can anybody tell me, please, whether I have understood the thing correctly? Very many thanks Gill
  24. Guest

    136 visa can we go anywhere

    we are in middle (i hope) of our vias app and put we want to go to nsw but the more we look at house prices ect we might look elswhere can we go where we want to on this visa we have an agent but thought people on here might know. We have been to sydney but has anyone been to adelade houses looks cheaper and we can live near beech i am a plumber so there is also issue of work ect any advice on any of these matters would be great cheers jez
  25. Guest

    Deadline tomorrow for my 136 !

    Hi guys I am waiting for my subclass 136 visa to be granted. My case officer was allocated on 28th October and my deadline is 27th November (tomorrow). What happens then? Does the CO contact you on that day? I am so impatient, if I hear nothing tomorrow I will be straight on the phone to ASPC. I've sent everything in weeks ago, including police checks and medicals so there should be nothing outstanding. Gosh I could have my PR this week, but I'm not holding my breath, things never go this smoothly ever !