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Found 13 results

  1. Guest

    Form 1276 question

    Hello PomsinOZ i have a simple question regarding form 1276 can i complete the form using the keyboard , and then print it , and sign it OR should i print the empty form , fill it all , and then sign sorry for the english , hope you get the idea
  2. Hi I am applying as ICT Business Analyst and currently completing the 1276 application form and have a couple of questions. I was reading some posts and I have to say you all are very helpful and really look out for everyone on the forum - thank you in advance. My questions: - My occupation is in State Migration lists of WA (and waiting for the NSW one to be published) so do I need to apply for the state sponsorship first, wait for a response, then submit the main application? OR - Can I submit my application as it is now and then if I receive a positive response for state sponsorship then update my application? - On form 1276 there is a question number 19. Where do you intend to live in Australia. This gives check boxes listing all states. Is it ok to select more than one? I have 2 options of WA (as I have family there) or NSW (friends there and may be better job prospects) Please let me know - thank you in advance.
  3. Guest

    Form 1276 Part L

    Hi, I am in the midst of filling up Form 1276. In Part L item 86, it's asking for previous travels to Australia, the date and the VISA number. I have traveled to Australia in the year 2000 but that passport has expired. What makes it worse is that I lost that passport during the renovation of the house. It was only a 3 weeks holiday trip. So now I have no idea how to fill in the information, I did email the Aus Immi and waiting for reply, wonder if anyone had this same problem and can enlighten me. Thanks in advance.
  4. Sol Survivor

    My latest 1276 visa application query!

    Hi all, we've got 35% way through the online form for a 176 and at this point it says "details of countries you or your spouse/defacto partner have lived for 12 months or more over the age of 16..." well the question is simple as its just the UK but as the partner I want to add in my part as well as per the request but at no point up to now has the form asked for the partner/defacto name or details so the drop down box just has my girlfriends name but not mine, it just says "name" below her's, so I can't add my details. I tried to put in my information just as "name" but it won't let me (unsuprisingly). I notice that we'll have the same problem at the 45% point when it asks for visas you've previously had, but again as the partner/defacto my name doesn't appear in the drop down box so I can't submit my information! Any suggestions? thanks.
  5. theuniverse

    Question regarding form 1276

    Hi guys, I have a simple question should not be hard for most of you. In the form under the education section what do I put for the end date of my degree, the conferral date or completion date, as both of them are there on my completion letter. Thanks The Universe
  6. It is horribal for me that I have lost my record of 1276 form. today i waned to check that how i filled 1276 form, but unfortunatly I do not found copy of 1276 form record. which I have keep for my record.becose of long time i do not remember that what was filled in 1276 form. Can I ask DIAC for copy of my 1276 form information? I am going in deep worry. Please help me. PS: I have applied online.
  7. Hi Guys! First of all what a great forum packed with great information and people :smile: OK, I have a stupid question but need to ask anyway cause you never know.... I am applying online, 1276 form, for the 175 visa. It's not mentioned anywhere and I am assuming its a NO, but...the question is....do I ALSO need to fill in the 1276 form offline and send it by post or the online app is enough? Thanks a lot guys and cheers!!! B1K3R
  8. Guest

    Form 1276 qu 84 help!!!!!!!!

    Can anyone offer me some help please on qu 84 on the 1276 form???? My family and I went to oz oct 2006. I have the dates but no visa numbers. The visas were done by Singapore Airlines, so I never even arranged them. :unsure: Should I leave this black, or put in orgainsed by sing air?? Thanks in advance!!!!
  9. peeka

    Form 1276 - Siblings!

    Going through the form to see what information I need to collate in preparation for submitting and have a question I hope someone can help me with. I need to give details of brothers/sisters - I'm worried.....I have 3 brothers and 2 have been nothing but trouble to my parents. They have convictions against them and I am worried this would reflect on me. I have never been in trouble with the law and neither have my parents - they have just given birth to two boys that don't know how/or don't want to(!) stay at the right side of the law. Question - will this affect our application? Paul (39), Cheryl (35), James (18) & Francis (13) Submitted to AIM by post - 19 Dec 08 AIM acknowledged receipt by email - 5 Jan 09 Further info requested by email - 21 Jan 09 Submitted further information via email - 23 Jan 09 AIM acknowledged receipt - 27 Jan 09 Email received from AIM with positive result – 9 Feb 09 (letter dated 4th) Regional sponsorship form posted to Queensland Government – 9 Feb 09
  10. Hi. I am in the process of getting divorced and have been in a new relationship for 2 years. My new partner wants to join me in Oz, but will me being married to another woman mess my application up. My divorce wont be finalised for around another 6 months yet and I am now 44 years old. Timing was never my strong point. Also I have downloaded the application form 1276 for the 175 visa. God theres loads to it. I hope the online version is shorter.
  11. Hi I applied for the 1276 independant work visa in March 08. I was approved as an electrician special class by the TRA and i did ELETS cert ( score 7 or above on all 4 modules) and i had 125 points. I paid my £990 visa assesment fee and it showed on my credit card as Australian Immigration Adalaide. I have had no official receipt of case number as yet and i am getting a bit worried. Is this normal? i know it was only 4 months since i sent the application but i thought i my of at least got a confirmation of visa. Is anyone else in this situation? do i just sit tight and wait? Please let me know if you have had the same experiance. Graeme :wideeyed:
  12. Guest

    Form 1276 - IELTS

    Hi I've finally completed the Form 1276, gathered the necessary documents and registered for the IELTS. I have only one question to clarify prior to submitting the paper application & hope that someone here can help me:- 30Language requirements What evidence are you providing of your English language ability? Choice A You are using IELTS test or OET test results as evidence of your Englishlanguageability –providebelowtheTestReportForm(TRF) Number or OET test report that is included on your IELTS Choice B You have booked an English language test– provide details Booking number _______________ Date of booking _______________ Choice C NO evidence attached Basically, I have registered for the IELTS exam at local British Council and am not certain what I should put down as the Booking Number & Date of Booking. I have contacted BC to clarify which number/ref printed in their invoice etc. that I should use. Unfortunately, the number/ref allocated at the point of IELTS booking is not a candidate number & it'll be generated one week prior to my exam in Feb. Age is catching up with me and i desperately need to put in application this December. Would greatly appreciate your feedbacks ... :notworthy:
  13. I completed the visa application - 1276 - online early hours of Saturday morning (sad!) and noticed that when you get to the points page (where it automatically tots up your points) we received 0 points for English Language but my OH has British Passport and I was under the impression that you received 15 points for that. Do you think it is a glitch in the system - has anyone else had similar problem?