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Found 87 results

  1. hybrid

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Hello, The old ENS timeline thread was a bit off topic and out of date. Here's a new one. Submitted: 22/04/2010 Visa: 121 Nomination and application sent together: Yes Medicals sent simultaneously: Yes Police checks sent simultaneously: Yes Obviously early days yet...:SLEEP:
  2. Hi everyone, On 28th of June I will fulfil condition of "have worked full-time in Australia in the nominated occupation for the last two years prior..." for my 121/856 application. My current 457 visa expires on 1st of July. So technically I have only two working days (28th and 29th) to submit my application and get bridging visa. Is it possible to get bridging visa within two days? Anyone else had such a short time-frame to apply and get bridging visa? I'm planning to send my application a day or two earlier so that it can be in Parramatta on 28th. My employer already logged nomination application. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, Please can someone confirm when this DRC checklist (using RMA agent) started for ENS 121 visa and what's the current time frame for nursing profession. My wife' is a nurse and her employer NSW Health is happy to sponsor for 457 but refusing for ENS 121 as it takes months to process. Being a big employer any idea how much time it will take for their Nomination to appove and then if we lodge visa application using DRC then roughly how much time it will take. They want her to start work in May or June so if the whole process (Nomiation and visa) takes 4-5 months then we can request them to sponsor for PR visa. Appreciate any info/advice. ...Mansawant
  4. Guest

    Confused - 175 Visa or 121 Visa

    Hi, I am currently in NZ on a 457 visa going to Aus on a casual basis (well, the last casual assignment was for 8 months!!!). I am now thinking of migrating to Aus and weighing up options for different visas. The company is willing to sponsor me for 121 visa. But there is a 2 year contract attached and the company is relatively low-paying. On the other hand, I will qualify for 70 points for the 175 visa. I see that the minimum points is 65 points. My biggest concern is, 70 is only marginally above 65 points. I am afraid that the application may be rejected/delayed/lost interest. Do you guys think I am better to stick to a 121 visa? Or is 70 points good enough? Does anyone know how Immigration compares points against minimum point requirements? Any suggestions/ideas/sharings will be appreciated.
  5. Hi All! After almost a year of paperwork and stress with slow agents and numerous mind-changes about where to apply (Perth or Adelaide) we have been given what could be a fantastic opportunity. A friend has offered to sponsor my husband in NSW (which would have been our first choice!) So..... All great in theory. However, our dilema is that after doing the VETASSESS and passing the IELTS we still assumed it would be ages until anything happened as we were applying for state sponsorship initially. My husband had a job interview here in the UK on Thursday and accepted it. Then on Friday we got the call to say our friend in Oz will sponsor him. Now we don't know whether to still take the job here which starts on Monday, or carry on as we were? I hear the 121/856 visa can happen very quickly! My husband already has a job here, so is it crazy to start a new one? Does anyone have a good idea of timing/processing on the visa 121/856 or even the 457? Oh how I wish he'd been offered the ENS a year ago! Cheers! Lucy
  6. Hi all, my wife is a main applicant for ENS 121 visa and she is AHPRA registered so no need of IELTS for her. However being a partner I have to provide evidence for English language. I am originally from India and become British citizen in Sep 2010. But not sure whether this will be enough to prove and also passed IELTS Academic module with overall 6.5 band but the only issue is I appeared for the test in Sep 2009 more than 2 years ago. Is it possible to provide evidence that I am in UK since last 7 years and working in IT dept for a NHS trust in London for last 3 years so this way I can confrim that after passing IELTS in 2009 I am working in English speaking country or I have to sit for IELTS General module again to score 4.5 which is not tough but..... Appreciate any advice or info who has gone through this situation. Mansawant
  7. My friend David holds 121 visa and has worked for his employer more than 1.5 year. His employer nominated him and let him get 121 visa. Now David wants to work for another employer. David's questions are as following: 1. Since David was nominated by his boss and the boss submitted a 3-year employment contract to Department of Immigration & Citizenship, David have rights to resign from his boss and do another work before he completes the 3-year contract? What is law regulation about 121 visa work time? 121 visa holds must work for his naminator 3 years? 2. If David leaves his boss in 3 years, his visa (121 visa, a perment resident visa) will be cancelled according to Immigration law? Thanks for your kind help in advance! GEORGE
  8. Hi all, I have registered with AHPRA but haven't done Skills assessment and now got the job in public hospital in Syndey and hospital is willing to offer PR (ENS 121) visa. I am working for NHS since last 7 years. However would like to confirm whether I need to do Skills assessment as I will be going on PR visa and not on 457. Appreciate any information. Ranjana
  9. Hi all, We've moved to Australia on my wife's student visa, as she got a Master's enrollment at a Uni here. At the same time, I applied for 121 ENS with my company, and they have Fragomen sponsoring the visa. Sadly, Fragomen took some time to get things moving and, seven months on, we're only a month into the VETASSESS waiting time. From the posts here, we've another 3 months to wait for VETASSESS, and then another 7 months for the 121 application. That's the problem - Fragomen say that although I'm a perfectly acceptable candidate for 121 DRC, they can't go the DRC route as we're already in the country. Does anyone know if that's correct, or is there a way around it (we're heading back to the UK for a month at Christmas, which could possibly work... if anyone in Australia worked over Christmas!) Thanks! D
  10. We submitted our application for an ENS 121 (Offshore) visa on 29/06/2011. We have front loaded everything but are sitting waiting now. The nomination was submitted at the same time as our application. No case officer yet assigned. Does anyone have any good news to share as to the grant of their visas from application submitted this year and how long it took? Need something positive to keep me going. When sending nomination and application together, is there a timeline for the nomination to be looked at?
  11. Guest

    ENS Subclass 121 Time Line

    Job offer in Perth February 2011, APHRA registration June 2011, took 6 weeks to come through, Medicals completed May 2011, Visa Nomination for perminant residency approved July 2011 and main visa ENS Subclass 121 submitted August 01st 2011, Subclass Granted September 01st 2011:biggrin: Perth here we come!!!!!!
  12. MAZDA 121 1997 4D Hatch Manual 220,000 km One Owner In Good condition Location Aldinga $2,000 o.n.o Phone: 0413898196 or pm me for further details
  13. Hi all, Can anyone tell me of the time line for these two visas please Thankyou very much
  14. AaronS

    Employee sponsored 121 PR visa

    Will a 121 be processed as fast as a 457? Would seem not since it's a PR rather than temporary like the 457. Would be great if it were though. Anyone have any experience or insight on that?
  15. Hi, First time using this forum, so please bear with me Applied for ENS 121 from India on Dec 15 2010 Job - Actuary with a Big4 firm through a repued consultant Nomination approved in March Additional info. requested (work experience related) - Provided on April 16 I still havent had any luck and teh Immigration consultant firm asks me to be patient 9running out now!) Indian Passport Can anyone offer any advice re. timelines and if there's anything I can do to accelerate anything ? My employer is very supportive and happy to provide any reference/Urgency letter..The consultant is a bit laid back but then I could be wrong ?? Thanks
  16. Lets assume that you are granted a visa subclass 121 which requires you to enter Australia by a certain date. What are the implications of : 1) Entering before that date, but not beginning employment with the company who sponsored you until a later date 2) Entering before that date, joining the company and returning to your home country for a period of time whilst working for that company 3) Entering before that date, joining the company, leaving the company and returning to your home country for a period of time. And later returning ? 4) Entering before that date, but not joining the company that sponsored you for a number of years 5) Not entering Australia by the date specified - would this impact on any future applications ? Thanks in advance for your response !
  17. JackieS

    Ens 121

    Hi, can anyone give me advice please on the ENS 121 visa. I am a registered mental health nurse looking to move out to WA. With my age and years experience I don't have enough points under the new system. At a recent expo in Birmingham I was advised by a DIAC representative to apply under the ENS 121, he really sold it to me! My questions to anyone who can answer are these: What are the timescales with this visa? Are hospitals readily choosing this sponsership route? What are the benefits/drawbacks with this visa? I appreciate any replies Jackie
  18. Guest

    ENS (Subclass 121)

    Hi New to forum and was wondering if anyone has experience of ENS 121, as i am in the process of applying. the application is at prersent with my prospective employer, and was lodged 6 weeks ago, any info would be greatly appreciated.
  19. traceyd

    ENS 121 or 457 visa

    Hi all, I wondered if anyone can help with my dilemma. I am planning on emigrating in 2013 as a nurse and hope to come over on a permanent visa ENS 121, if not a 457 and then apply for permanent visa later. Can someone tell me, do you need to be assessed on a points system for this. I am under the impression you don't from the DIAC website, and it is only some of the visa categories, but I need to check because of the skills assessment some parts of it depends on whether I need enough points or not and I don't think I need to be assessed for points as I would be nominated by an employer. Thanks. Tracey
  20. the_whites

    ENS 121 Application Made

    Our application for an ENS 121 goes in by hand today to Melbourne Processing Centre, with UK Police checks but no Medicals. Our dilemma is: We have sold our house and about to put our stuff into storage. Do we wait for the decision on the ENS or do we head back to Australia on our current 457 visas which are valid until March 12. Primary holder of the 457 is me, whilst the primary applicant of the ENS is hubby. As its an offshore visa, how do we go about knowing the decision and being able to be offshore at time of grant? All advice welcome
  21. Hi everyone , I am new here. In order to migrate to Australia, I have already done the following: - IELTS (7 overall band score) - Skills Assessment as Analyst Programmer I have found an employer willing to sponsor me and we are now discussing the type of visa, they offered me a 457, but I would proposed them an ENS subclass 121, as I have 3 children and school and health in Canberra would cost too much with a 457 visa. I am looking for as much details about 121 as possible, in order to enforce my request. Could you please help me answering to the following questions? can the employer terminate the employment before the 3 year period? As this could be perceived as a too binding obligation if so, does the employer have any further obligations with DIAC or with the employee? can the employee apply for a job with another employer? would this second employer have to have the same eligibility criteria and need to apply with DIAC for a 121 nomination? is there a mandatory registration or licence for Analyst Programmer? I thank you in advance for you precious help. NL
  22. Guest

    Ens 121

    Can anyone explain in laymans how an ENS 121 works please?
  23. janinewhiteley

    Decision ready 121 ENS

    Hi, hope some one can help me. We need to get our meds done for a decision ready application, but do we book a full xray? and does anyone know the costs per person? thanks Janine& darren
  24. Guest

    Any nurses on ens 121 visa???

    just wondering if anyone has been successful in gaining a nursing post on ENS 121 visa. My agent has suggested that this visa be our 2nd choice if we have probs with 176. But i am unsure how i go about 121 from a potential employer!! Some i have spoken to offer 457 but i do not want that with a family i would like the security of a permanent visa that the 121 offers .. :spinny:
  25. Nicole Eire

    ENS 121 employer criteria

    Hi, We have been looking into emigration via ENS 121. The only thing I can't find information about is the specific criteria required on the part of the employer - does there have to be a certain number of employees, does the business have to be operating a certain number of years etc.? My OH has an offer for job + sponsorship but I can't seem to find out this info. Any help greatly appreciated!