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Found 46 results

  1. Meadows73

    RSMS 119 & Employer Nightmare

    Does anyone know of someone who could offer me advice about my visa and problems with my employer? I only started work yesterday and it is a nightmare already, I was brought out to work as Medical Administrator and there is no job for that and my employer would not let me start for 8 weeks despite insisting I get here ASAP, I am now working as Assistant in Nursing instead, which is pretty heavy going. My MIA just says suck it up as I got my visa with an age exemption, and that I should stick out my 2 years, they tell me the pay will be the same, not yet had any pay yet, only just started the job. Is there anything I can do? I am desperate!
  2. Hi, everyone, I'm new here. Im wondering if anyone lodged the 119 via around early June? I haven't got any further info from the immigration. I appllied through paramatta, Job/Cook, Visa lodged on 28/05/2012 Acknowledgement letter 01/06/2012 I have't heard any further request from immi. Is there anyone in the same situation like me? I'm still holding my student visa, and I'll finish my course in Dec 2012. Any suggestion ? Can I send email to immi enquiry my processing status, if so , which email I should send to ?:wacko:
  3. Can anyone enlighten me as to the processing times at the mo for a 119 visa, it has all be submitted to Diac. Now the normal response via the website is 5-7months but on the government website current processing times are between 8-12wks. It was submitted on the 6th Jan '11. Thank you. simon
  4. Guest

    Visa Subclass 119

    Just wondering can we check the progress of the application of visa subclass 119 online? I have been trying to do so on the immigration website but the TRN comes out to be invalid. Also how long does it normally take for this process to complete??
  5. Hi all PIO users, I need help and fast. I have applied for two visas nowthe first was off my own back and was for a 176 gsm visa that I fell short ofthe pass mark by 5 points and was put in the pool. I then had an agent get intouch with me to say that she had got my details from DIAC and had a job for apanel beater for me was I intrested. I said yes and started the processtransfering the payment of first visa over to this new RSMS 119 visa, thenominations all got passed fine by the SA goverment and the DIAC. I then hadthe bombshell droped on me the agent emailed me to say that the visa had beenrefused as the skills assessment that I had used on the 176 visa was for aspray painter and the job offer on the 119 visa is for a panel beater. I amactually qualified in both and got the pappers to prove it. I was told thatunder the PAM conditions that a spray painter and panel beater would have beenallowed as they are closly related occupations. What do I do from here do I appeal the decision and go to tribunal or do Istump up the money for another visa and have the nomination changed to suit myskill assessment, Not forgeting that I need a new application in by the firstof july as then I would need a new skill assessment as my one now is a TRA andnot the new vetessa one. Any comments, help or people that have gone throughthe same thing and came through it Please help. Thanks in advance Roo
  6. Hi all, I am holding a RSMS 119 visa for working as restaurant manager in a small town in Queensland, however I faced the same situation many RSMS visa holders experienced such as being treated badly from the employer and more, and after a big fight with the boss after working there for about 3 months, I couldn't stand it any more and left that place. I am pretty sure the employer won't report it to the immigration office since I told him I know many things he has done illegally... My question and worries are: 1. Should I report the immigration that I left that job? If so will they cancel my visa? 2. If as I expected the employer wouldn't report me, will I be in any trouble in the future with my visa? Such as finding another job? applying for citizenship? Will I need to show the employment history proof to apply for citizenship? 3. What should I do now? Find another job in a regional area or any place is fine? Can I go back to school? or study Tafe short term courses? Will I be able to receive any studying benefits? such as disaccount fee as local students? Really worried and stressed about this matter, appreciate your time and professional suggestions!!! Thank you!
  7. Hi, we have been in Australia for 8 months now and all is going well, hubby has a good job and enjoys his work. We were however thinking of setting up a small online business selling crafts etc. Are we allowed to do this under the conditions of our 119 visa? It could be in either or both names if there are any differences in constraints placed on myself and my oh Thanks in advance
  8. Guest

    RSMS Nomination and 119

    Hi all, Hoping to move to SA later this year with work. Got my RSMS certification approved, few weeks ago (took 10 days), nomination work begun 27 Oct and Visa app work begun 3 Nov... Coming on a RSMS 119. Looks like its all going quite fast, anyone any ideas how long nomination/Visa app is likely to take, its being dealt with at Melbourne dept. Ta:wub:
  9. Hi all I recently posted on here explaining that my husband has a job offer as a Machine Operator in WA. The company are happy to sponsor us and thanks to another poster on here, it would seem that the RSMS 119 Visa is probably our only option. However, in the visa process tradition of one step forward, three steps back, whilst reading Booklet 5, I have since discovered the following on page 23: EXCEPTIONAL APPOINTMENTS The department uses the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, to identify the level of skill and qualifications that are required to completely perform the tasks of occupations in Australia. Under ANZSCO: • Skill level 1 and 2 occupations require a diploma level or higher qualification and are normally approved as a normal appointment; • Skill level 3 and 4 occupations do not generally require a diploma and can only be approved under exceptional appointment provisions; • Skill level 5 occupations do not always require formal qualifications and are not considered to be skilled occupations for the RSMS. If a nominated occupation does not require the qualifications specified in ANZSCO then it is possible that the duties related to a lower skilled occupation. Skill level 3 and 4 occupations are included in the following occupation groups: • Group 3 – Technician and trades workers • Group 4 – Community and personal service workers • Group 5 – Clerical and administrative workers • Group 6 – Sales workers • Group 7 – Machine operators and drivers • Group 8 – Labourers. If employers are seeking approval for occupations within skill levels 3–4, that are not within ‘Group 3 – Technicians and trades workers’, they must provide a detailed submission explaining why they believe the appointment should be approved as exceptional (see Exceptional appointments – RSMS on page 25). Where the appointment is to be considered exceptional, and the occupation is not within ‘Group 3 – Technicians and trades workers’, the nomination can be approved only where it is in regard to a position currently occupied by the nominee who is the holder of a subclass 457 visa, and has been in that position for at least a period of 2 years prior to the lodgement of the nomination. Can anybody help me with this please? Neither of us have a skill that is on the SOL so this is our only option. The job of Machine Operator is classified under Group 7 of Level 4. Are our dreams over before they've started? (dramatic, moi?) Many thanks and apologies for the lengthy post.
  10. Chris&Mel

    RSMS 119 - Stage 2 of Nomination

    Hello everyone, I have completed stage 1 of the RSMS (Subclass 119) i.e. approval from Immigration SA, stage 2 was lodged at Melbourne centre of excellence approximately 8-10th June. Im expecting or have been expecting an email from DIAC to allow me to proceed with submitting form 47ES for the final stage of the RSMS application. (suggested timescales for stage 2 are stated at approx. 20 working days). Is anyone else in the same position, or am i just becoming paranoid thinking that something must be wrong with the nomination?????? Do timescales seem to be slipping......anyone please. Thanks
  11. Guest

    Need some advices 119 RSMS pls

    Hi everyone !! I am currently in Category 5, Cook 885 onshore and I am on Bridging A Visa. I submitted my application on August 2008. I had a talk with the company the company will give the sponsorship to me If I want the company is in NT. I contacted the agent she said to me that I have to apply 119 offshore and I am not eligible for fee-free application. just wondering if u guys were me u wanted to apply RSMS 119? because I called to the immi call center. She told me that some of Category 5 applications would be processed before July 2012. However she is not 100% guarantee. I dont want to stay at NT for 2 years, However if there is no hope for Category 5 in the couple years I would get sponsorship from the company. Another thing that I am afraid of that the immigration might cap and cease the application offshore on 119 that I was going to apply. I am thinking that I will be better that I am just wait for Category 5 to process. How long does RSMS 119 take to grant Visa? The agent told me that I dont need to take ielts cause I have diploma from Australia and I dont need to have TRA either. So I am thinking that it is quiet handy to apply a new visa. Pls give me some advices Cheers, iboon
  12. Guest

    RSMS visa 119 granted today

    Hi guys, just letting you know my 119 has been approved today. I will make travel arrangements soon as I need to be offshore to get it granted. Just the timeline for you : Applied for RCB ACT : 23.03.11 RCB approved : 12.04.11 Application for Nomination + Subclass 119 lodged certified decision ready by the agent at Parramatta office : 21.04.11 Allocation to CO : 05.05.11 Nomination approved : 10.05.11 PR granted : 25.05.11 Whole process has taken 2 months from RCB till PR grant thanks to the efficiency of my agent using the decision ready system. I will be still around in the forum of course but would like to say thanks to the people who support everyone here while waiting. :jiggy:
  13. Hi guys, I am just flipping through my passport and was reading the label for my just approved SC119 visa. I was reading on the DIAC website that you must stay employed for 2 years and that your visa might be subject to cancellation and all that stuff...I think everyone knows it by now. Weird thing is though that when I look on the label there is no condition on it and the same applies to the online E-business check website where you type in your passport details,DOB and so on. When I click on "Entitlement" it comes up with no conditions either. It only says AN, subclass 119, Permanent resident , Indefinite stay. In my PR grant letter on the other hand it says that the visa might be subject to cancellation when my employment ceases within 2 years. Well, thats a bit different than what I was reading on the DIAC website. There it says that when I am out of control it wont need to fear cancellation. Different words in my letter...there is not in - or out of controll. Is the SC119 having a condition by regulation already and DIAC doesn't have to set it out when issueing the visa ? On the other hand I remember my student visa was also bound to many restrictions and conditions...and they were all listed. Anyone with the same situation ? EDIT : I forgot to mention that I have worked , so far, the last 2 years in the ACT as a Cook (my sponsored position). But only 1 years was full time out of this. The other year was part time. I have proven these years by accurate work references to the CO. In total I have worked 3 years in the ACT before the PR was granted. Might that have be a reason ?
  14. Hi guys, I am about to make travel arrangements after my 119 visa has been approved by the case officer. I think about going to New Zealand to the Consulate in Auckland. Has anyone any timeline like how much time they really need ? Everyone tells a different story. The Consulate wrote me 2 working days. My case officer said 4-5 working days. My agent says 3 working days... Its quite an issue for me because I dont want to spend a whole week in Auckland + booking the flights if the visa is coming the next day. Has anyone any experiences to share ?
  15. Hi I have been told that I can be sponsored on a 119, until last night suddenly the agent is worried I needed 3 year work experience for a 119! I cannot find anything anywhere that 3 years is needed (except for a 121) Anyone any ideas on this? Thanks Sarah
  16. Hi Does anyone now if you require 3 years experience before a 119 is granted? Sort of doesnt make sense when a you don;t need 3 years for other perm visa's (well apart from the 121??) I am snowed under with confusion :eek: S :wacko:
  17. Hey there I have been offered a job in Canberra on a 119 permanent residency visa. I have no idea regarding areas to live and schools for my children, I have a baby and then a 5 year old (just finished first year in school here in Ireland), 8 year old and a 10 year old. Preferably state schools as I can;t afford fees for 3! Any help would be greatly appreciated, they have suggested I could be there as quick as 3 months, is this possible? Thanks in advance S x
  18. Guest

    Help on RSMS 119

    Hi All, I have a question on behalf of friend. My friend currently has PR (RSMS 119 visa) employed in regional QLD. She wants to quit this job due to some issues with a colleague and she is also able to find a job in Brisbane. The new employer is ready to sponsor her, but is it possible legally? I understand that on RSMS 119, the employee is bound to work for 2 years from the day visa is granted. If this visa gets cancelled after my friend quits, is it possible to re-apply for PR visa (maybe an ENS, since RSMS is for regional AUS). What visa will my friend be in until the new PR status is granted? Or is it impossible to get PR again, though there maybe employers who want to sponsor? I see it as having a black mark for immigration department? What do u feel? Please help.
  19. Guest

    Visa 119 re Partner section

    Hi I have been accepted for a position in Canberra and will be completing visa subclass 119 (employer sponsered) my partner of 12 months will also be included in the visa, BUT does anyone know what the rules are regarding partners, I know we dont need to be married but do we have to have lived together?? we havent because of employment but travel to each others homes every weekend and can proof this.......is this enough ???? help I dont want to go without him!!
  20. :wacko:we currently have a 176 visa ap lodged (Feb 2010) after getting a job offer we are now waiting or nomination approval (told us 2 to 3 months - from june 2010) and changing it to a 119, meds done, police checks done, my daughter is 18 years of age still in school until end of aug 2010, does she have to be in school or collage to still be classed as a dependant after this time or just still be dependant on us for money, shelter etc. she only works 8 hours per week so is clearly dependant on us. once in oz hopefully wants to go to uni or tafe but didnt want to start here then have to quit and start all over again so hasnt applied over here. please help as we are really getting worried about this !!! not to mention confused !!!
  21. Guest

    Visa 119 Granted

    hi everyone today our visa was granted timeline Nomination 7-july-10 Lodge visa application 27-july-10 Nomination approved 9-march-11 Visa Granted 9-march-11 That really cook we are happy and take to all for advises and tips
  22. Hi All, I got a job in Adelaide. My employer want to help me apply RSMS 119 visa. I checked the immi's Web site, I'm not sure if my employer could sponsor me. The problem is that the company is registered in Sydney, only the IT office of the company is in Adelaide which is my employment location. The company also has many other offices in different cities around Australia. I get my salary from the head office (Sydney). SO, can I apply RSMS visa? Hope someone could help me.:huh: Many Thanks.
  23. Guest

    subclass 119- still waiting!!

    Hi everyone, My boss and i sent all applications for subclass 119 (RSMS) 4 months ago, and still waiting for a case officer. Just wondered if anyone else is in the same situation??? Soooo frustrated!! Need to get back to oz!!!
  24. Meadows73

    RSMS 119 Visa

    Hi to everyone, Today, I have just been awarded my RSMS 119 visa and it has to be activated by 28 May 11. I am so excited but I do have a question. I will be working in regional area of Queensland for 2 years for my employer, but my family will be living with relatives in Adelaide, South Australia for some time after we go to live in Australia. Do they have to join me in Queensland straight away or can they stay in Adelaide for the time being? Does anyone know? Thanks for all the help over the last couple of years from everyone on PIO with their messages of support and good wishes.
  25. Hello, I'm new to PomsinOz, I am currently awaiting a response for my application for an employer sponsored visa and wondered if anyone might be able to give me some friendly advice?. So far In the process - which started at the beginning of Nov 2010. The following has happened. 1. My prospective employer applied to the region and received notification that the application was valid, at which point I was able to submit my application. 2. Shortly after I received an email to say my application has been received. At this stage (Jan 17th 2011) neither my employer or myself have heard anything else. Can anyone say how long it took for them to get a case worker?. I realize I am still only mid way through the process. I had thought of trying to contact the DIAC centre in Melbourne, but I seem to get the impression that without a case worker this would not be a wise move (am I correct in thinking this way.) Any thoughts on this process would be much appreciated. Regards Paul