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Found 23 results

  1. rgrangana

    Form 1100 Please help

    hi Can any one tell how many pages form 1100 does have? Because I've got only one page even though it says to continued on the next page for question 11. Also there is no place to to sign on form 1100. Am i missing anything? Thanking you Rangana
  2. hi eveyone, I have just received my wa state sponsorship through post, and I need to send the state sponosrship agreement as well as form 1100 back for confirmation. I have some trouble filling in with the form 1100 hope someone can give me some hint. 1.about the "details of the nominee’s employment prospects" what should I write here? 2.Section 10 ,I need to provide the " this nomination is number __ of 500 ", I do not have this information on the letter they post to me. so, what should I write in here. 3. in section 14, "Signatory on behalf of nominating state/territory government agency" So should I sign it or the wa statesponsorship people sign it. 4. under section 10, they said if I am the offlist I have to send another copy to the following address "The Director Skilled Migration Section Department of Immigration and Citizenship 6 Chan Street BELCONNEN ACT 2617 If sending by email, please forward to: Skilled.Migration@immi.gov.au" if that means I have send 2 copies of the file, one to the wa statesponsorship people to confirm my sponsorship. one to immigration? is that correct, this is so confused. Thanks very much for your time.
  3. Hi, could someone please let me know how I find out when DIAC has received the form 1100 that SA sent to them, I presume electronically. I keep checking the tracking system at DIAC and nothing has changed. SA approved us for SS on 4/8/09. How long after they receive the 1100 form do you get a case officer allocated? I have a theory that SA applicants get case officers quicker than some of the other states, as it seems less people are applying there....... what are your thoughts?? Thanks in advance Tracey :cute:
  4. ranjeetsingh2010

    How to get an agency to send you a 1100?

    I am applying for a subclass 176. I want to know how I can get a 1100 from an agency. Also what agency can be approached to send the same on my behalf. Any information in this regards will be very valuable.
  5. I am very much worried right now since I send signed sponsorship agreement to WA on 28 May but didnt get any reply yet. I mailed them couple of times, but no reply. Should I ring them? Anybody have their number?
  6. Guest

    Form 1100 question?

    Hello to all. First post - be gentle! I have a question about the form 1100. I've gained sponsorship for SA recently, and have a trn number, I currently have about 8 days until the 30 day 'get your info to us' from the DIAC period is up. My question is what do I do with the form 1100? I have clicked on the form 1100 on Sa immi website and it says it's being sent to DIAC, but I've not filled anything out (!) Can anyone explain what needs to happen? Thanks
  7. Guest

    How long to send 1100 to DIAC

    Ok, so I got my State Sponsorship approved on April 19th, and on the same day I lodged my 176 application and returned the Sponsorship agreement with my TRN number to WA. I still haven't had the email that says the form has been forwarded to the DIAC. Is this an unusually long time, or does it sound about right? Surely it doesn't take that long to forward a form via email?
  8. :arghh:Hi everyone I lodged my 176 visa application with diac on 04/03/2011, I had an email from WA saying that they confirmed SS with diac on 31/03/2011 so I have been waiting expecting to be assigned a co anytime soon however I have read on here that form 1100 (the form that the states have to send to diac either by post or by email to confirm that they have granted ss) sometimes can get 'lost' in thin air & sometimes diac don’t receive it!! If this is the case you would just be assessed as priority 3 instead of priority 2 & diac could sit on your application for months. I had a funny feeling that this might be the case as we hadnt heard anything at all so I decided to phone diac early this morning only to be told that no they hadnt received form 1100 from WA!!!! Grrrrrrr!!! I was not best pleased! As I was up anyway I phoned WA straight away & they said they did email form 1100 on 31/03/2011! They said they don’t know what has happened to it, the only explanation could be that it has got lost in email somewhere! I confirmed our diac case file number with them & that was correct, I trust that they have emailed it to the right place as they email these forms all the time. WA said they would re send it. So now weeks have gone by without me knowing that nothing was accually happening. If there are some of you that have lodged your 176s with diac ages ago but havent heard that a co has been assigned I strongly recommend that you phone them to check to see whether they have received form 1100 as it wont be progressed quickly until they have this form. They don’t seem to respond to the emails so I would say its best to phone even if it is in the early hours!!
  9. Guest

    Form 1100- Doubts???

    I am in the process of lodging application for 475 visa. I have got NSW SS nomination. Will I need to inform NSW to send the form 1100 after lodging my application or it will be automatically submitted to the Diac by NSW after giving sponsership? Thanks in advance to your great responses, tony
  10. Dear all, Just to update, finally, after the wild goose chase, we got a CO. Form 1100 re-sumitted on the 16/3/2011. Within 2 weeks, we got a CO. For those of you still waiting, please check your form 1100. Cheers, Violet
  11. Hi All Long story short (well I'll try!) our 1100 form was sat in WA due to a backlog and the rush to get as many applications processed before the deadline. After an email from our agent and a phone call from me the form has now been forwarded on to DIAC (after waiting for a month!). Does anyone know how long it will take for DIAC to acknowledge the form and allocate a case officer? Or is it a case of waiting until the 6wks are up before contacting the DIAC to ask them about the status? Also am I right in thinking that although we applied for 176 ss because they didn't have the form we have been sat in cat 4 for the last month?? :smile:
  12. Hi, Just wondering if people could share their experience of what happened after their problems of 1100 being lost/not attached ie how long after it was sorted did they get a CO assigned. Im in that situatuion now and hoping it wont be forever. I applied 8 Dec and 1100 attached this week. thanks in advance Mags.
  13. Guest

    No 1100, No CO on 176???

    Hi, I just found out my 1100 form hasnt been sent thro cos I didnt inform ss about my application to DIAC. I applied 8 Dec. Has anyone had this happen and did it put you to the back of the queue? Im freaking out here :arghh: thanks
  14. Guest

    1100 Form and a question

    Hi all, i really like the PiO Internet platform. I am already a passive reader here for quite a while. At the moment I am in the visa process for a 176 Visa, State Sponsored by WA. The application got lodge April last year and I know my profession is on WA's SMP, so probably CAT 2 applicant. So over the last couple of week I got more and more jumpy, because here in PiO i saw other members (some even with almost the same timeline) getting allocated CO's and even getting 176 Visa granted pretty speedy. A few days ago i rang Adelaide SMPC and they said, basically I should be a CAT 2 applicant. But the problem is, they haven't received the form 1100 yet. So no form 1100, no processing of my application. :unsure: So contacted my agent with that matter and he said all the documents (including form 1100!) got lodged last year in April to DIAC. Of course now form 1100 got sent again, but what would you think: How can 2 people give me 2 different information about one and the same issue? What should I think about that matter? I am really interested in your opinions! :smile: Cheers HJS
  15. Guest

    Form 1100

    HI all Does anyone know how (or if) you know when yor state actually send the form 1100 to DIAC? on my online application checklist, next to where it says "proof of state sponsorship" it just says you must provide proof of sponsorship, which I am assuming is the 1100 - but just panicking, being nervous, mind going, just normal reaction to visa process I think - hehe! xx
  16. Hello! I got SA SS few days back and I applied to DIAC for visa. Now on documents checklist page, it is mentioned that I have to provide following: "12/12/2010 Evidence of State/Territory government agency or Regional Certifying Body nomination Required Message" I got electronic mail from SA that my sponsorship is approved and it is evident on their tracker. The question is how I can provide proof of sponsorship? Also, SA instructed me to send them TRN number as soon as I applied. I have send them TRN number and now said that they will send FORM 1100 to DIAC within 48 hours. what is form 1100? Is it evidence for sponsorship which SA directly sends to DIAC?
  17. Hello everyone, Can anybody tell me if the "Form 1100 Notification Email" from South Australia is to be generated and sent back as soon as the DIAC's reference (TRN) of the applicants is entered into the SA's website, or it may come through later? The reason why I'm asking this is that my application for subclass 475 visa was lodged to DIAC on 20/04/2009 but I received the above mentioned notification through the agent almost one year later which was sent by SA on 30/03/2010. (I haven't had CO yet.) I have kept asking my agent when he entered my TRN to SA's website but he keeps saying that "it is merely a procedural point" and has never advised me when so I'm suspecting that he might have forgotten it and my application might have been processed before the priority changes on 23 September 2009 if it was done promptly. Is it still ok even in case the Form 1100 was sent to DIAC after almost one year from the visa (subclass 457) application? Kind regards,
  18. hi guys I received SS from WA in July 2009 . In August I sent them the form 1100 + SS agreement that they sent me via mail along with the SS approval. In October I lodged my 176 PR application. Few days ago I called DIAC to enquire about the status of my 176 application and they told that they never received confirmation of Sponsorship from WA. They told me to ring up WA Skilled migrationd department I rang them up and told them that DIAC did not receive confirmation of SS from them and they checked my file and told me that they seem to have misplaced or never received form 1100 + SS agreement. They asked me to fax it to them. I faxed it yesterday. What is it going to happen now?
  19. Guest

    form 1100 state spon

    hi all, got this form sent with my granted letter for state spon, does anyone know how much of this form i should fill in, ive filled in my trn number, ticked the 176 box, name birthand citizenship. and thats it. there is a box for off nomination list, and a box for nomination number box and a program year box, do they need to be filled in... we have a agent, but lets not go there!!!
  20. Guest

    Help with Form 1100

    Hi All, Just need a little help here.... I was granted SS for WA and they have sent out the paper work for us to sign and such. They have sent form 1100 but have only sent 1 page of the form is that right?...... has anyone else had this form sent to them like this. Its just when i ticked Question 8 it states move to question 11 there is no Question 11 as i dont have the other part. Am i flustering about nothing or is this a mistake that they have made. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Debbie x:unsure:
  21. I just had an email to say our form 1100 has been lodged to DIAC....whats this form for?? And just had SS approved (19th Oct) but I still have no CO...as far as I know, when will I get CO???:wub:
  22. Guest

    Info on form 1100

    Hello all, I've just received my WA SS, Could someone clarify the procedure involved with form 1100. As per the form it has to be signed by the State, but then why do they want us to fill it. should we send it back to the state or DIAC thanks
  23. Guest

    State sponsorship

    Hi We're right at the beginning and we think we need a Visa 176 with state sponsorship. We're looking to move to Adelaide and I'm a Proefessional Engineer under the critical skills list. We hear that you need a form 1100 filled in by the local State but does anybody know how you go about getting this, or even if this is correct. Thanks for any help you can give as we are not using an agent. Mike:mask: