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Found 7 results

  1. Killie

    1023 form/where to send?

    Hi there everybody, i just completed and scanned the form , but we were wondering where we suppose to send it that form ??/ Many thanks in advance:wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:
  2. Guest

    form 1023 questions

    Hi, Can anyone please tell me what is Client number in form 1023? "Client number or file number issued to you by the department (if known)" Is this same as Client ID which is mention in Auto email from DIAC?:jiggy: Thank xx
  3. gemstone

    Help needed with form 1023 please

    Hi all, I have been advised by the department of immigration to complete a 1023 form to change my occupation. Before lodging my 175 visa in sept 2009 I had my skills assessed against 2 occupations. 1 in priority 4 and 1 in priority 3. My application currently states the one of priority 4, but they have told me that i can change it to the other occupation with 1023 form. However my query/question is will this then move me to priority group 3. Or will my app still be passed by. Its confusing the hell out of me.
  4. Hi guys, I recently lodged a 1023 form to change my new IT occupation title for the 885 visa application. Heard some rumors that they are not taking that anymore. Does anyone know what would happen if this attempt failed? Would they cancel my whole application or I will still be in cat 4? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi Has anyone submitted a 1023 (change information on application) form to DIAC, and if so how long did it take them to process it and change the info? I sent a 1023 to them on 8th April and then chased bout week later and they said 'oh yeah we have it, i will fwd it on to admin for you and it will take 5 working days'. So after 6 working days i hall my tired ass out of bed at 5:50am (slightly sick of that now) and phone to check as couldnt see anything on online status and they once again say, 'yes we have it and i can see that you phoned a week ago to chase but nothing has happend' 'Brilliant' i say 'can you fwd it on to admin again please?' i ask 'thats all i can do ,i will fwd it today' the lady replied 'how long will it take?' i ask ' cant say' she helpfully replied!!!!! So im now a bit peeved as the form is asking to add my fiance to the application - the system had an error and i couldnt do it when i was actually completing the orginal appplication. Its quite a major change but i filled in all the bits, they have all the info it just needs to be put on my application, how long does that take!? :arghh: ..and brreeaatthhh :swoon: im sorry im just a bit stressed with it all. We have fronted loaded everythingelse and its just this one thing that i am worried will hold everythinglse up, have any of you had any delays with 1023 forms?? sorry for ranting x
  6. Hi all, I'm wondering if i need to fill in the Form 1023 for 2 mistakes i've made during my application. 1) Place of Birth - I was born in City A (which stated in my Birth Cert) but during my online application i filled in as City B (as i moved from City A since i was born and live in City B until present date). both city is 500km apart but they are in the same state. Does this information really counts for a valid application? should i submit Form 1023 regarding this matter? 2) Current employment - Apparently i was working with ABC company throughout my 4.x years careers in electronics engineering. at the time of my application, ABC company is in a process to joint venture it's business with its own parent company, DEF. so i filled online application with DEF company. all the while my payslips were printed with letter head of company ABC. after 2 months i submitted my application, my company decided to cancel the joint venture and stay static as what it is, Company ABC. Does this information really counts for a valid application? should i submit Form 1023 regarding this matter? i'm worry about these issue may affecting my application when it is accessed by case officer. can any one help me?
  7. Guest

    Filling Form 1023

    Hiya, I guess I have to fill in form 1023 (Notification of incorrect answers) due to situation. My situation is that my current employer has tweaked my family name due to technology constraints and all the records like payslip tax work sheets reflect my family name in the shortened form ( all my legal records contain my correct family name). Bcoz, I am producing my payslips as my employment proof, I was wondering if I should write a note to DIAC. However, I found this form 1023 for the notification of incorrect answers. Since my application is online, Can I scan the filled form and upload it or should it couriered? Any help is highly appreciated! Thank you - JW