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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, looking for some advice/confirmation of what we believe to be the correct process please! What to do about a pending newborn? Subclass 309/100, sponsor/parent is Australian by descent... For context: my husband is applying for the 309/100 partner visa. I am the sponsor. I am an Australian citizen by descent and, as yet, have not spent more than 2 years resident in Australia, although my parents (both Australian citizens) have been back over continuously for c.14 years. We have recently submitted the partner visa application for my husband, via London, UK; the complicating factor is that he and I are also expecting our first baby in November. We think the 309/100 visa is unlikely to be granted prior to the baby's arrival! (currently processing timescales are pretty lengthy) SO! We think the process would be to complete the 1022 form (change in circumstances) as soon as the baby arrives, and append this to my husband's 309/100 application. Our understanding is that the baby will not be eligible for citizenship by descent from me (due to lack of residency time) and would have to go on my husband's visa. As the baby would be a newborn, it seems as though this should not affect the visa cost - but this is not clear anywhere, so any confirmation/advice here would be appreciated. Is some/all of the above correct? What would happen if (miraculously) we were to be granted his visa prior to the birth? Grateful for any responses! Thanks, K. 309/100 submitted 19 July 2019 front loaded no agent
  2. jimithechew

    Form 80..........

    All, those who have yet to be granted a CO, and have not filled out 'Form 80' I suggest you do it now and front load it. It is a ball ache! especially 6 months down the line when you have forgotten most of the stuff. while your in the 'zone' it wont take you long to do either. I filled it out on line so it looks neat, NB-you cannot save data in the online version you have to print it off once you have finished. (you may or may not get asked to do it but it saves time if you do it in the first instance) May I also suggest you send off you PCC's as well, most last a year, and DIAC seem to be moving fast. again I would front load. Only thing we had to wait on was our second nipper being born so we can add him to our visa app. once we get passport back off we go to Knightsbridge (London) to get our meds! (thats another £700 odd!!!) Now just gotta fill out Form 1022 'job change' Gulp.... Good luck all!
  3. Without_Logic

    Forms 47A, and 1022 Submission

    I applied for VE 176 in August 2009 and am now in CAT5. I have been with my present parter over a year now and meet the de-facto requirements, after speaking with DIAC they said I could send forms 1022 to notify them of Change of Circumstances and 47A to add my parter to my application as it had not been been processed. We completed these forms last night, but I have no idea where to send them as I applied online originally. Also back in March I submitted form 929 to notify of a change of address and posted it off, but received no confirmation that ti had been received. Is this normal? I have emailed DIAC a few times in relation to these questions but had no answers. John.
  4. Chris N Lora

    Form 1022

    Sorry if this is in the wrong area, but can anybody advise or shed light on how I upload form 1022 to let DIAC know a change in our circumstances I just do not have a clue does it go to Adelaide Brisbane? does anyone know the Email addresses that it can be sent to along with my TRN??? Thanks Chris
  5. Guest

    form 1022

    just a quicky were do i post form 1022 thanks alan
  6. sophiesunny

    80 & 1022 am i being thick???

    Hi All, Case officer has asked for the above forms, can i do them electronically online or do i have to print out write scan then upload?? Thanks!!! Sophie
  7. Hi, I applied for my borther 2 years before. 2 weeks before he went to Belgium to pursue his research. I need to submit from 929 & 1022. Shall I send them by post or just add as attachment in e-visa? Please let me know. Thanks.
  8. Guest

    form 80 and 1022

    Hi Recieved email from case officer - requesting me to complete the above forms. They took ages, and I was hoping that I have completed them correctly, as do not have originals from application lodged in 2007. i know the DIAC have to be careful and follow rules, but why so much form filling when I have done all this before, and most recently with the MRT case. I hope they are not going to ask me to start the application again, as the visa classes have changed, as I cannot cope with all the stress and sleepless nights of what if? Has anyone else on here had to resubmit all these forms after winning the MRT case. why oh why oh why?? Tonia xx
  9. Guest

    form 1022, change of visa type.

    Hi. I have recently been sponsered by SA,(176 type visa) and have an application for a 175 visa in progeress already although it is in its early stages, (no case officer yet) I have downlaoded the form,(1022) to inform DIAC that I wish to change my visa type, and have filled it in on the computer as it's a PDF file, but I need to sign it. Should I sign it and scan it, so I can email it to them or is it best to print it off and post it to them. Any help is much appreciated. Cheers Chidge
  10. Guest

    No update From Form 1022

    Dear All, I was requested to submit PCC and Medical for me and myself as requested by CO. But I have aready submitted form 1022 change of circumstances (blessed with a baby girl) how come the status page still the same. I have to go for medicals on 24 Feb 2009. Can I send the medical for my baby also, I have already mail the passport copy of my baby to the DIAC. Please Help San
  11. Guest

    Where to send Form 1022?

    Hi, I applied for 175 visa in July but haven't got a CO yet. I need to submit Form 1022 "Notification of changes in circumstances" to inform them that my wife just got pregnant. Has anyone done this before or have any idea where I could post it?
  12. Guest

    form 1022

    thanks debs i will send them we have at least 8 mths of them the think is we sent with the app ref letters from my employer stating how much i was on and the hrs i worked. and yes we are sooooo exited we cant wait to put the house up for sale and book them flights we plan to go on a treckie in august to validate the visas col
  13. Guest

    FORM 1022

    hello all i have got my co and they would like further info. :? the only thing they need is proof of my earnings (wage slips p60 ) is this the norm ?they olso ask for me to fill in 1022 which is for any changes and there are none any info would be brill PS are we nearly there yet ?