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Found 21 results

  1. Hello All. I`m piecing together my reccie for Feb (29th) - Mar (14th) 2012 1st week in Qld - Sunshine Coast 2nd week in Perth - coast N or S ?? .... flights all booked (Emirates @ £2450 for all inc internal - not sure if that good, but hunted for a while... 2 adults 1 nipper) So.,., any ideas are always welcome, How have folks go on in their trips. Activating Visas? Car Hire? Rentals? And how did you get around - Ive seen this - (inc free shipping) - sat nav for sale or do i buy in a big supermarket? Open Bank Account Transferring Spending Money Medicare (or later) Other Stuff ?????:goofy: Just trying to take the hassle out of the trip and be as pro-active as poss... (11 month old Callum will need attention no doubt.) :hug: Cheers all :hug:
  2. woodyd

    WHV > 457 Visa

    Hey guys, So I have my job offer which i've accepted :wink: and an approved work holiday visa, my employer has said as long as im happy and he is happy he will sponsor for a 457 visa after a few months. My question is though, on a WHV you can only work for each employer for 6 months, so when would be the best time to look into sponsorship? and if im already in the country and in the job that is sponsoring me how long do you think a 457 visa should take? Also are there any potential problems etc... Just trying to make sure i don't find myself without an extended WHV or a 457 visa (ideally) at the end of the 6 months and have to wait until i get one while not working Any advice would be great :jiggy:
  3. owendoyle

    Student Visa > ENS 856

    Hello Everyone. Can someone please help me on this issue please! Question: Can I apply for an Onshore 856 ENS Visa under my current visa? IMMI states that the course must be diploma award or higher. A diploma award is under Subclass 572. I have completed a CERTIFICATE under the same Subclass 572. Cheers, Eoin
  4. Hey All, I'm new here *waves* am am looking to relocate from London to Sydney. I have had a quick look online and have come across quite a few companies who offer this service, but am looking for some help from members here. I've done a quick search, but my n00b skillz aren't showing too much up - so if I'm going back over something that has been done over and over - I'M SORRY!! (if someone can point me in the right direction i'll stop re-inventing the wheel!) I have found the following companies (some of whom advertise on the forums) and am going to be asking them if they subscribe to any industry forums etc. but is this of any relevance? I want to make sure that when we book it we end up with the people who are going to ship the goods, not the people who farm it out to others - this way we can hopefully keep control over timelines and if anything were to break along the way and not end up in a war of finger pointing... although this may still happen... :confused: I don't have too much to ship, but there are some bulky items (piano keyboard, guitar, TV, lounge chair etc) - and then clothes, crockery, kitchen tools and a heap of cooking books (and my birthday present of a new Miele oven!)... weird choice I know, but hey - why not! All up I would think it's about 30m2 - maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less... haven't really gotten it down to a fine art as yet! I have read a short post on some people who used Pickfords (here) but it seems to sort of end with no suggestions etc. I have also found these companies: PSS Removals (http://www.pssremovals.com/about-pss-international-removals.php) Kelly's International (http://www.kellysmovingabroad.co.uk/overseas-moving/) Sterling Relocation (http://www.sterlingrelocation.com/movinghome/additional_services/index.html) and Pickfords (http://www.pickfords.co.uk/) We moved with Allied Pickfords when we moved out here, however this was managed by a relocation team from the office I was going to work in - and as such I never got to deal with them directly... has anyone used the above? Any advice? Any ball-park ideas on what this exercise will cost - and did you have the teams turn up, pack the boxes and take them or did you pack the boxes yourselves? If you pack the boxes yourselves how do you cover for breakages (as they are unsure if the items were broken before they were packed etc). Thanks!!! n00dlez
  5. Guest

    Butler -> Perth CBD

    Hi, Our flights are booked for 27th July, land in Perth on 28th and stopping for a couple of nights in Perth CBD (Mont Clare Boutique) before heading up to Butler where we have an 8 week rental (The Spirit). How practical is the commute to the CBD where I'll be working? Have a hire car for the first couple of weeks, but ideally, want to give public transport a go. What are the best options to get to Clarkson train station (walk, bike, car)? to allow me to be in the City for an 0830 start. Is there a car share option? Also, does anyone have any ideas/suggestions for what we can do to make our new life a little bit more enjoyable, and any other comments on Butler and the surrounding areas? Thanks. Alistair, Louise, Ruby (4 going on 14!) and Ella (2 going on 20!)
  6. Hi All, I have been offered a job in Sydney and am looking to accept at the end of the week, (after speaking to another company just in case) They will then be apply for a 457 visa for me. My head is all over, I have looked into this for a long time and now really is the time to do it for me. I am single, 28 and have no ties. My problem is that my tenancy agreement is up at the end of may, and I dont really want to pay more rent anyway that I could keep in my bank for OZ. So I can go and stay at mums and get rid of everything while I am waiting for my visa to be approved. (been advised about 6 weeks) we'll see ! I am just worried, that I will get rid of everything and my house then move to my mums and my visa will get rejected because of the following two reasons 1. I have a drink driving conviction from 2000, and 2. I have a bad credit history and ccj's... I dont even know if these two things can stop me getting a visa, I cant seem to get a straight answer from any website. Anyone know ? Can someone either reassure me that everything will be ok or just give me some sort of pep talk that they know what I am going through ! ha ha Its hard to be so excited, but so uncertain all the time !! Thank you for ANY replies :hug:
  7. Hi, Apologies for the somewhat awkward title. I am currently on a Stage 1 Partner Visa. My 'upgrade' to PR isn't due till March 2012. I am pursuing an employment opportunity that would result in a move interstate as the employer is based interstate. If I get it it'll be the job of my dreams and my partner is fully supportive of me. Obviously for logistical and financial reasons, my partner would not be able to join me interstate immediately. I intend to commute interstate weekly - work interstate during the week, be home during the weekend until he can move up to be with me. I was just wondering about the impact, if any, this will have on my visa? Will the fact that we're not living together, albeit only during the week and only temporarily, be seen as a lack of commitment to the relationship by DIAC? Especially as I will have to rent an apartment interstate to live in during the week and have a different address? If I end up losing my visa it is obviously too big a price to pay and I'll just have to let the opportunity slip by! As always thanks in advance for any advice!
  8. Hi, I have been asked to under go the medical test. Could anyone please let me know the best route to Maidenhead (The Bridge Clinic, Oldfield Lodge Bridge Road, Maidenhead Berkshire, SL6 8DG)? Thanks in advance..... Siva
  9. vbulsara

    VISA Stamp on Passport > INDIA

    Hi Any one who is from India, and Got the VISA? Did you got Visa stamp on Passport via VFS ? or Just Took Electronic visa and went to Ozzie
  10. Guest

    moving Brisbane -> Sydney

    Hi there, would you recommend any company (person) where I can hire a trailer (middle size, 1x1.5 m) one-way Brisbane -> Sydney? Cheers, Sergey
  11. We are moving from Brisbane to Sydney 7-10 February. Probably somebody is moving at the time Sydney->Brisbane? We can share the hire price. Cheers, Sergey
  12. Hi all! I have a full UK driving licence and am moving to Sydney in March on a 457 VISA. I have passed my motorbike theory and CBT here in the UK, I just failed my DAS (mod 1!!!) for gaining a full motorcycle licence. I am leaving this country on Sunday so no chance to re-take. Now...does my CBT 'mean' anything in Australia? Would they transfer that entitlement into Ls? Unless the answer to that is 'yes', I think I need to wait 6 months, get a NSW licence and then do my test to get Ls and ride a novice bike for a few months before progressing to P1. Does this sound correct, does anyone know? I have emailed the NSW RTA but just wondering if anyone here knows. Thanks Jonathan
  13. I'm currently in a very stressful situation with my Vietnamese girlfriend. We have been together for 3 years and have recently used ASA Migration to help us put together a de facto visa application. My g/f has been studying for the last few years at a university which the last semester her studies became too hard and she failed a few units and was required by the uni to lodge an appeal for good standing or she would be reported to DIAC. WE have lodged the appeal so she can start a new Tafe course and awaiting reply. ASA took this into account and assured us that if we can get our application in before the Uni reports her, the automatic bridging visa will keep her in the country until the decision for de facto visa has been made. However I have been getting conflicting reports from other sources that state if a student visa is cancelled, all other visas are also cancelled and she would need to leave Australia. I love her to death and it makes me sick to think she would have to leave even after all the money we've just saved up and spent for the application.
  14. Peach

    WHV -> 801 Onshore Defacto

    TITLE SHOULD READ 820 Defacto - WOOPS! Hi, wonder if you can offer advice / share experiences of getting from a Working Holiday to Onshore Defacto visa? The situation is that the couple met online. When they decided to live together the non-Aussie partner entered Australia on a WHV and they immediately started living together. This was December 5th last year. They looked at registering their relationship with the state of Victoria, but this isn't possible from a WHV. So the current plan is to submit their application for 820 Onshore Defacto in the dying days of the WHV. How anal are DIAC about the twelve month rule? In that the WHV expires on a Sunday, so to submit the application they either have to do it two days before they've been living together for a year, or a day after the WHV has expired? DIAC suggested (over the telephone in their normal helpful manner) the only way around this was to apply offshore. Would appreciate all thoughts and comments! :biggrin:
  15. Guest

    457 -> ENS PR (856 I believe)

    Hello guys, Just wanted to get your thoughts on something if I may... I'm going to Sydney with my job for 2 years, my 457 was approved yesterday and is valid for 4 years, my partner is coming as a dependent. If all goes well at work, I'm pretty sure they would allow me to stay for longer, and have said that they can support sponsorship after 2 years. We don't have kids yet. But I turn 30 this year and expect the old biological clock will start ticking at some point soon. I'm kind of thinking that it might be good to stay in Oz for at least 2 years and extend my contract if all goes well and apply for PR at the 2 year point. However, I would also really like to be around my parents and friends if/when we do have kids (ie back in the UK). I think my point is I've never anticipated that we'll live in Oz forever, but if we can get PR during this 2 year stint, then go home to the UK pregnant or with a small baby, at least we keep open the option of being able to go back later if we decide to. Could this work? How long is PR valid for? Do we have to spend a certain amount of time in Oz each year to maintain PR status? 457 -> PR seems almost too easy... and yes, I've seen lots of other threads about the pitfalls of the 457... Thanks!
  16. Hi all, Couple of quick questions, hope someone can help. I'm in Oz on a 417 visa which runs out soon, but I've just started a job at a company who are sponsoring me for a 457 visa. I'm going through the online application process now and hope to finalise and submit the application before Christmas. A couple of questions: 1. I'm doubtful that this is going to be processed before the 417 visa expires. Is it possible to bridge from a 417 onto a 457 if applying in the country? If so how would I do this, is it part of the online application or a separate process? 2. Reading through the documentation for the 457 it seems I have to provide evidence of previous proof of employment and other paperwork which has been signed by a solicitor/JP. Before starting the 457 process I'd done the groundwork for a PR application which included gaining a skills assessment from the ACS. Does anyone know if I can submit this skills assessment instead of collecting together all of this paperwork again? Many thanks in advance for your help/advice Richard
  17. hello everyone! just moved over recently, really unprepared.. well i'm 22, too old for this forum? LOL living in the hills district, finding some mates to hang out..
  18. I have applied for 175 ( paper application ) Toolmaker on 04/2008 ...Case office assigned & sent medicals & police clearance sent on 03/2009 Until now no news of it anything.. Should i still hold on to this 175 application or change to State sponsorship 176 as Toolmaker is not on the priority list anymore.. planning to migrate to WEstern Australia Perth.. Drope me some message thanx.
  19. Guest

    bridging visa A ---> study?

    hi guys, with this visa can we study "Any course" we want while waiting for pr result? thanx
  20. Guest

    SS --> 176 --But which state?

    Hello, I came across this wonderful forum, while searching on internet for the following: "176 state sponsorship" "Western Australia Migration" Im glad that now i can get some good first hand information from people who have chosen either from WA or VIC and have been successful. :smile: May i kindly request you to help me come up with the best possible plan of action for starting my 176 SS? --- A bit about myself --- Im 28 year's old IT Professional and belong to India. I have 9 years of experience in managing Database Systems using 'Oracle' (A product / tool). My prior experience includes working (IT) for an Airline Company (African Nation) where i decided to take up flight training and pursue my desire of making it in a flying job - An Airline Pilot. And i feel with lots of General Aviation in Australia, i might atleast get a start. --- End of my short story --- Now with time running out of my hand, i came up with an IDEA.....:idea: --- Plan of Action --- Clear Skills Assessment -- DONE Get required IELTS score -- DONE Apply for SS and 176--> Now this is something which i have not yet worked out....The WHICH part?? Once in Australia, get a JOB and work PART TIME to sponsor my flight training. --- End of Action Plan --- My Questions / Doubts are as follows: Which of the following two states (WA, VIC) are best suited for flight training? Im looking for a reputed flight training school where i can go modular (Which in simple terms....GO as YOU PAY!!). I understand that PERTH is ideal for flight training (heard from some friends who visited australia). Can someone share their views? Also im not experienced in any other domain, which means first i get a JOB in IT and then do my training PART TIME. So which state is best suited for IT professionals? And last...... DO YOU ALL THINK IM HAVING AN ACHIVEABLE TARGET? Thank You!