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Found 150 results

  1. I'm a seniour stylist at 46, and my husband is a Graphic designer at 48 and desperate to move to Australia, are we made even thinking we stand a chance of getting out there?
  2. I'm a seniour stylist at 46, and my husband is a Graphic designer at 48 and desperate to move to Australia, are we mad even thinking we stand a chance of getting out there?
  3. Hi could someone help us we are packing our furniture and things and the packers are coming next week, but they say on the customs that if your furniture is under a year you get charged but what if your furniture is over a year but in bloody good nick, do you have to argue with them or do they decide themselves i dont keep receipts for anything has anyone been charged. Please help.:wubclub:
  4. hiya am naiomi and i am 15 and i am hopefully moving to queensland being of 2009 and i am dead worried!:no:because i want to finish my GCSE'S before i go caz i am worried about starting school overthere caz i think it will be totally different and that it will be hard to make new friends.my bother and my antie are over in australia and they say it is fine but i am still worried has any one got any advice for me:cute:
  5. hi all just me flapping again, we had an E-mail from a prospective sponsor 2 weeks ago roughly, and they was going to ring hubby this week but the person dealing with it sent us an E-mail last night apologising he had not called this week as promised as he had taken extended Easter holiday and would call early this week for definate. now what i am panicking about is time in all this , we have done absolutely Zip , nadda, i am trying to de clutter house but its not on the market yet as we are still in limbo, we have nothing planned, i am pulling my hair out thinking of everything i will have to sort out as i tried to explain to hubby that depending on visa i.e 457 or other they decide to sponsor us on it can be all done in as little as 4 weeks to 3 mths to 7 mths , but whichever one it is its not long to do all the things a family of 6 need to do .:arghh: i think i am panicking but i have schools to sort, cars to sell, house to sell, paperwork to sort, stat dec for 10yr old , (told it wont be a problem straight forward stat dec) omg my 2 german shepherds to rehome :cry:, somewhere to stay when we arrive , fights to sort out , the list is endless and i am trying to ram it through hubbies head that it will all need to be done , and yes we are arguing cos i feel like i am doing all the work, which i am, i am de cluttering, sending E-mails, finding out as much info as poss about everything etc etc i am just in limbo of what to do HELP:arghh: kind regards michell
  6. Guest

    Worried about snakes/spiders?

    Here's a kill or cure for all of you who are having your doubts. Enjoy!!!
  7. Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone could ease my worries. After a lot of talk and research, we hope to move to Melbourne in the next 12 months or so, depending upon visa and house sale going to plan!! I am a psych nurse and OH is a paramedic. We are really excited, and like most on here, just want to have a better quality of life for us as a family. All of my family and friends are really supportive of us but we have a major concern about our daughter who is very close to her nan, my husbands mam. They have a really close bond as she is a widow and looked after her since I went back to work. We feel really guilty, as she is so gutted that we are going to move to Oz. I just worry incase molly dose`nt settle due to missing her too much. Her being the only child may not help either. She`s a really friendly and sociable little girl and generally makes friends easy. We have tried to talk her nan into coming over for a few months once we are settled, but she thinks she is too old to travel. (she`s 75). We are both trying to put this to the back of our minds rather than face upto how difficult it will be at the moment. I`m sure it will be terrible when the time comes to say our goobye`s. I`m just so worried that whilst in search of a better life for our daughter, we are depriving her of the love from her nan and other family members . The guilt is the worst thing at the moment. I feel very selfish! Is there anyone out there going through the same emotions, or has anyone been through it and now enjoying the rewards? Would really appreciate any advice or words of wisdom!!.:wubclub: Thanks in advance. Lesley
  8. Guest

    Worried !!

    I am growing more and more worried as i read pio.... All i seem to read is how unhappy everyone is when they get there:mask: Is it really that bad? Does it really make everyone so unhappy? Is there anyone out there thats enjoying it or is glad they went cos on the forum here it seems that everyone wishes they could come back to the uk...or is it a case of you just have forgotten how bad the uk has become?:skeptical: Reading this forum is enough to put anyone off going, and im getting more and more worried that we are doing the right thing, even though ive wanted this for many years and i loved it when i was on holiday.. But thats worried me too now as thats all it was ....A holiday !!! How do your kids get on...do the kids enjoy being there cos thats one of our main reasons for going !!! Is it anyone area that people are not liking... Ok im sorry to waffle ....having a panic day:wacko: *sigh*....i do hope its not as bad as it sounds.....we cant afford to come back no matter how unhappy we are... It's one way for us ONLY!!:unsure:
  9. Our medicals are looming and I'm due to go into hospital to have an operation on my ankle. Basically I have a bone deformity and I will have my ankle joints fused together. This will sort my ankle out and I will be pain free which in a funny way am looking forward to. I will be in a cast for 3 months and even though the operation if succesful and it does have a good success rate will fix the problem. I'm just really worried that it will affect my medical when I have it done. :wacko:
  10. hi iam moving soon and iam worried about wat school will be like and if irll make friends but iam kinda excited!!! if theres anyother 14 year olds moving or living in brisbiane pls write bak...
  11. Guest

    Worried about meds!!!

    :err:HI all Can someone let me know what exactly happens when ypou go for a medical, I know there are x-rays involved, but what do they actually do in the medical? We are only at the begining of this journey, and are awaitiing the TRA to be returned and ok'd but always thinking ahead, and would like some insight into what goes on, my 8 year old daughter is a little worried, nd great she hates needles so I am sure its going to be a bundle of laughs. Any info greatly appreciatted. Tracey x
  12. Guest

    I'm worried !

    Hi all, Just keep worrying if we are doing the right thing going to oz, we have had a long wait getting visa's have been fine and positive up until now. A little info about us, we moved to Ashford about 6 years ago with the dream of building our own home, in a lovely village, my son changed school but never settled in very well, as other children had already made firm friends and didn't include him . But once he moved on to secondary school he is a changed boy loves school even when he has been ill he still wants to go, ok it may only be for the social side but he is so happy there. So my main worry is my son's happiness and his education! We have said that what ever we will give it a good couple of years. But what happens if we do come back we don't want to jeopardize his education, or leave him with the feeling that he has no roots. Both my OH and myself were brought up living in one home until we were adults, going to the same school throughout our childhoods etc: I know times have changed but we want to give him stability, but also want to give him all the opportunity the world has to offer. We are a close family unit but will that be enough to see us through? Sorry to go on just not sleeping well keep thinking of all the things that are against us house not sold terrible exchange rates leaving all that we know. It doesn't help that i have read a few threads about people returning to the UK. Jackie x:arghh:
  13. colin&lorraine

    Worried about medicals

    My hubby, daughter and I are hoping to migrate to Oz but are worried about our medicals I have Crohnes disease and my hubby is on treatment for an irregular heartbeat (Atrial Fibrilation). Will either of these conditions fail us our medicals? Does anyone know anyone who has migrated with same or similar conditions. Thanks Lorraine, Colin and Fern:unsure:
  14. keily

    Getting Worried Now !!

  15. The new deputy Prime Minister of Australia was a Pom WHEN Welsh immigrants John and Moira Gillard arrived in Australia 40 years ago, they could not have foreseen that their four-year-old daughter would one day be elected as the country's first female deputy prime minister. "If anybody had suggested to my parents when we migrated to this country that something like this was possible, they would have taken their temperature and said they needed to go to bed," Julia Gillard told the Herald in Brisbane yesterday. Full story Gillard reveals: it was the go-girl factor - National - smh.com.au John
  16. Hi I have 2 cats which I am taking and am starting to get really worried about them coping. They are 13 years old. They have to go to Sydney quarantine first and then have to fly onto Brisbane. Does anyone else have cats they are taking or already taken? Or has anyone used a cattery in Brisbane they could recommend as they will have to stay in one for a month until we find accommodation that will take them. Helen
  17. toughspiders

    Newbie worried even b4 application!

    Hi all, We are looking at starting the applicaiton process but, i was unaware that a medical is required. I have several health issues - one current (haematuria investigations) the other i am concerned about is, a pulmonary embolism i had 15 years ago (blood clot on lungs) Given this and also other niggly things i think they will knock me back. I think i will be ok on the point issue. Anyone else classified as a demic got in???? Thanks Becky
  18. Hi, Yes our flights are booked, we leave 2nd Sept (6 nights in Dubai with family) arriving in Brisbane 10th of Sept!!!! I was feeling pretty positive, but since the flights were booked I have had a few sleepless nights worrying!!! :huh: The plan is for Phil to work straight away (has joiners job lined up! Thank Goodness!!) and as Ellie is only two, we will look for a suitable nursery for her and I will find some part time work obviously for extra money but mainly a chance to meet people!! I just wondered if any other people already in Oz felt the same prior to the big move and any much needed advice!!!!! Just pouring a much needed glass of Australian red!! (may help me sleep!!!!) Cheers Em
  19. Guest


    Hello My name is Josh and I am 8yrs old, I might be moving to Melbourne with my mum and dad next year. Sometimes I want to go and sometimes I get frightened because I will miss all my mates I hope I will make some new ones. Are the schools better than the UK is the work harder. Can you tell me whats good and bad about Oz. Thanks :unsure:
  20. Hi! just joined and new to forums! we are a teacher and a plumber (plus 2 little monkeys, a 2 year old tantrum thrower and a cheeky 10 month old!) just about to send off skills assessment for teaching but OH is a plumber who will have completed 6 years working as a plumber by the time we get out there. what are his chances of getting work as he has no formal qualifications? also a bit worried as lots of threads saying not great wages etc! also undecided between perth or adelaide. I'm a pastey irish throw back so bit worried i will get fried in Perth! Help! Fiona, Ian, Niamh and Finlay
  21. Guest

    Medicals - really worried

    HELP!! Is there any chance of me passing the medicals?! I'm very overweight, underactive thyroid and have been taking anti depressants for approx 8 years (bereavement). What does anyone think? THanks
  22. motherof2

    I'm seriously worried....

    Can I just say thanks to everyone who was in the lounge last night between 8-9.30 p.m. For a first timer it was great fun. You all are a bunch of degenerates does Oz really know what's about to hit it?! I'm still having thoughts about family sized vaseline. Look forward to the next visit, maybe I'll be abe to go to the pool next time. Sue
  23. Hoping to get to Melbourne !!!!!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi All, Totally new to this, so please bear with me. I am trying to get out to Melbourne on a skilled 136 visa, with the visa bureau. I'm employed as a production engineer, but the TRA occupation lists don't seem to pull up anything close to what i consider myself to do on a day to day basis, FITTER seems the nearest job description, although i consider that to be a few miles away ! Has anyone else had issues trying to pigeonhole their career to fit the TRA descriptions ? I'm sure i'm not alone....... i hope Cheers
  24. Guest

    Help please I am worried

    Hi I have read somewhere on here about some problems newbies arriving in Oz have had with taxi drivers taking the longest route as they know you do not know the area and generally over charging. :cry: Can anybody put my mind at rest, when we first arrive in Oz at 7pm in the evening we will be needing to take a cab to South Yarra Apartments, and do not have a clue on the direction or cost. :cry: Many Thanks Missiemo only 3 weeks and two days left in UK
  25. Guest

    worried about medical

    hello we have just started our application are using an agent,our daughter who is 6 suffers from juvenile arthritis is fit and well and her condition is kept under control ,does anyone think we might have any problems with our medicals any information would be great,thanks michelle.