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Found 150 results

  1. Guest

    Worried about children

    I fell in love with a wonderful Australian man and we plan to get married and for me to move over there so we can be together. However, I have two young children (aged 2 and 4) to an ex partner. We never married but he does has parental responsibilty and stays in contact with the children. My ex partner has said he will do everything in his power to stop me taking the children, and we are already facing court proceedings. He has already assaulted me once, and I know hes willing to stop at nothing to stop me going. Theres absolutely no chance of me getting a stat dec. I am worried about a lengthy and nasty court battle and the effects it might have on my children, but I don't want to go without them. :sad: Any advice from anyone with experience would be very much appreciated.
  2. Im a diesel mechanic emigrating to WA ( Mandurah ) area March 2009 Getting stressed good job etc in the uk but family values pushing the move. Been on the road for 15years as a mobile diesel mechanic / plant etc Snap on boxes clean and ready to go / packers coming next week. Ive tried to obtain information on the following ( even autodata do not know ) I am entering with my family on a PR visa A has the global slowdown affected the repair / service industry in WA B What is the average local hourly rate at the moment in WA ( non FIFO ) c Are the job oppurtunities still availiable or more competition now D Can you go self employed straight away E Hopefully i will go back on the road in Wa ( or are there any restrictions ) F Most important can i as a uk migrant work straight away without any certified cards or retraining in my proffesion in AU ( Diesel mechanic ) the building trade seem to have to gain AU quilifications before working on there own ie electricians / brick layers etc this is why i have raised the above point Hope you can help ian
  3. zoeburrell

    Should I be worried? Advice please!

    Hello all, I am starting to panic a little that the visa has not arrived yet, We lodged business sponsorship app in Dec 07 and NSW approved it in April 08, we lodged the 163 in August and was assigned a Case officer in Perth, she then asked for more documents which were sent in October, and then 4 weeks ago she asked for all of our medicals, which then arrived in Sydney on 1st December. I thought this was final part? and we still have not heard anything? Should we be worried? We are planning on heading to Sydney 13th January as the children start school at the end of Jan. Has anyone had to wait this long after medicals? I so desperatly wantit to be here before xmas so we can relax and not worry, sometimes it feels like i am facing never ending hurdles, we have now decided that if the house doesnt sell we just have to bite the bullet and rent it out as I cannot make the children wait any longer.... Any advice would be very much appreciated xx :skepticalxmas:
  4. My wife was offered sponsorship yesterday and we could be in Brisbane by June next year! Yay!! Then a worrying thing happened. I started thinking about spiders, snakes, fire ants, poisonous toads, crocs, jellyfish and sharks. And suddenly I'm terrified! I'm sure this is just some kind of weird transferrence (i.e. just nervous about emigrating), but I find I can't stop worrying about the wildlife! Did anyone else experience this? Please tell me you got over it and live a fantastic, worry-free life in Oz!! :unsure:
  5. hi all,we fly out in 4 and a half weeks.but worrying as i know things are slowing down in oz.we're renting out our house so not taking much money with us.we have a rental lined up and all that but need o/h to start work very soon after arriving.he's a painter and very good at what he does but what if he can't get work.going to gold coast.hw bad are things there?thanks for an advise,tracy.xx.
  6. Hi all, So the plans for our move are going really well, everything on the list is making progress, flights are booked for the 17th Dec, removals are coming round to quote on Thur next week, we have somewhere to live at the other end, $ is def heading in the right direction which has made is significantly better off as a result. Oh my god selling my car is a nightmare, not only does it break my heart as its the first new car i've had, but looks like i'm going to take a major bath on the price, shame it's so annoying to move it to oz or i'd take it with me. How have others faired selling their car? Mines a 57 Audi TT 3.2 Roadster, so if there is anyone heading the other way and wants an awesome car let me know :jiggy:
  7. Guest

    Should I be worried?

    I ordered some Australian dollars online yesterday...£1000 worth in fact.....through the HIFX online currency service. They told me they would be here before 1pm today but when I rang about an hour ago they told me they ran out of dollars yesterday!!!:huh: They have said I will get them tomorrow...has anyone else had this problem or am I being fobbed off??? Lynn
  8. Hi Everyone, Right this is my first post so please be gentle, I am moving to Perth on Feb 14th 2009 and as the title says I am a little worried. I managed after a very hard 2 years to get permanent residency without joining the ACS, it was probably the most stressfull 2 years of my life. As I am worried about being out of work I emailed a few agencies in Perth looking for feedback on my CV and the current job situation, the feed back has all been good so far which has kind of raised my hopes. However as always there are still doubts, most of my last 10 years has been looking after Server hardware, Server Admin, migrations, roll outs and project work etc, and granted there does seem to be roles out there like this but are they likely to give me a chance having never worked in Perth before. As of about 4 months ago I didnt have a single indistry specific IT qualification, there just didnt seem the need for it, so to give me a better chance I have sat the Comptia, Server+, Network+ & Security+ exams to get me back in the swing of studying then moved on to MS 70-291 exam, I have got a few more I want to take like 70-290 and maybe Project+ as it looks interesting. Sorry for the long first post but is there any of you out there from a similar background got any advice. Thanks guys, PN.
  9. hi folks i have been offered a job in the oil industry OZ. i am worried i wont get my visa as i have criminal record. i have 2 assaults, 1 breach o the peace, and offensive weapon (a snapped pool cue that i was carryin around the street when i was 16) and a driving with no licence when i was 16 also....i am now 24 years old does any1 know if i will have a problem gettin a visa with these convitions or could i get away without tellin about these convictions?? anyhelp would be much appreciated
  10. Does anyone else have sleepless nights that the dream won't become a reality? I can't count the times I've lay awake worrying that we won't find the right work, kids won't settle, we'll be too homesick, miss family we've left behind, difficulty in handling heat, cost of living rising so less disposable income...the list goes on. Would be nice to hear from some people who've done the move, say a year ago, and to hear if they've settled and how easy they found it. We've no-one in Australia! A rubbish and predictable thread, I know, but I just get sick with worry sometimes.
  11. Guest

    confused and worried

    hi all as the title says im a little worried and confused at the moment i have been reading past threads regarding city and guilds and courses etc and my mind is now spinning so wondering if anyone could give me an answer as to what my situation would be im due to start a 10 week full time city and guilds course in bricklaying i have already completed 2 short bricklaying courses so including C&G will have a total of 500 hrs training i am yet to find an apprenticeship or work placement but hopeing this will change after completed C&G , our plan was to find employment and gain more training and knowledge and then in approx 2 years apply for skilled visa through vetesses or TRA after reading some of the posts im getting the impression this is not possible as TRA require 2 years training and 6 years experience post training and vetasses are more interested in the amount of work experience i.e 5 + years so do i have any chance after my C&G and proposed 2 years work experience or am i really looking at at least 6 years or so maybe i have it all wrong as i have been advised my plan is do..able im just a bit worried that not only am i wasting thousands of pounds on my C&G but that my goal is unrealistic:goofy:
  12. Guest

    Should I Be Worried????????

    Should I be worried? I've just checked our status on the immi website for the first time. Even though our agent applied online at the end of June, it stills says that all of our documents are outstanding, but it also says our application is in progress. Our agent told us the attachments were sent seperately due to the immi not accepting them online. My question is, does the immi site update regularly, or is this normal that our accompanying documents are showing as 'outstanding'? Thanks Karen x
  13. Guest

    I'm worried......

    Hello all! I know i'm not the only one feeling this way, but i'm very worried about my children and how they will cope without seeing our family, mainly my mum (grandma) and my sister (aunty Tracy) and their closest 3 cousins, Alice, 17, Liz, 15 & Joe, 8. We have booked the flights today and leave on the 28th of september. We hoped it would be this year but it's all really happened this week and going very fast. I only have my mum, brother and sister and we are really quite close, dont really live in each others pockets, but are always there. I am the youngest with my sister 10 yrs older & my brother 7 yrs older so have always had a lot of support. For so many years this dream has been mine and i have imagined so many times leaving and i know it will be heart-breaking. But for the kids it's something different. My little girl who's 9 just worships the girls, like big sisters and her and joe, being born within a few months are like brother & sister and go to the same school. My parents emigrated before they had me and when my brother was about 5, the same age as Logan my son, he came running in from outside one day because one of his new Australian friends was going to his grans for tea on Sunday, and my brother wanted to see his nanny. my mum says he was devasted as it dawned that he couldn't see her, like his friends saw their families. I know this will happen and i'm not looking for sympathy, i've made this decision, but how will i get through it? Do they just settle over time? My other worry is that Logan will forget them all and not feel at home around them when they visit or we visit here. Oh my, this has just started me off so enough, it's the end of a very long week, in which so far i've just been practical, if anyone knows or has felt this way i'd love to hear !! Emma xx:cry:
  14. Guest

    stressed & worried !!

    Hi all, Stressed because its the summer hols, kids being pains, weather being british & the the visa stress is to much. Wanted to ask if anyone out there knows if they are gonna refuse your application for a visa at the final stage would they let u know sooner rather than later? We are a AUGUST o7 lot on a 136 paper application the diac have know had our main appliction a year , meds & pc done end of april, spoke to Oz house London said they have cleared so why the hell is it taking so long :arghh:, i keep emailing our agent but feel like they have all their money know so chat to u when need to. Sorry to moan & i know that there r others from last year still waiting but i think we need to nag at someone but WHO!! Feel a little bit better not much! :sad: Kris x
  15. Hello all! I’m Claire and have been loitering around here for quite a while now just reading and getting an idea of the pros and cons before definitely deciding to make the move. My husband has started a degree and we had decided to wait until he only had a year left to do before starting the visa process – that gave us time to research things and visit so we could be totally 100% sure of what we were doing! But . . . things look like they may have changed!!! He has just had an interview with a company in Joondalup who have said if they can organise a temporary visa they would want him to start work in November – I know its only an if they can organise it but now I’m completely confused:- A job offer that we’ve always dreamed of – fantastic – really happy Got to tell my mum I’m taking her grandchildren halfway round the world – sad Uprooting my children and taking them to start a completely new life – worried Going to a more laid back chilled out way of life in the sun – really excited To sum up I'm completely confused!!!:twitcy: Am I doing the right thing – I don’t know but I don’t want to live my life saying what if we had taken that opportunity . . . . . So, obviously the main thing I’ll miss, like most people I suspect, is my mum – she helps me out a lot with the kids and I see her every day but what are the other things people miss – are there things you can get in England that they don’t have in Australia? Is there a list anywhere on this site of what people think the pros and cons are? Also does anyone actually know what Joondalup is like? Thanks Claire
  16. I can't believe it, but status page today showing medicals are finalised. Barely 2 years out of full treatment for breast cancer. So to anyone worried that medical history is going to cause them to fail, keep smiling, it may well happen. Also, a big thank you to everyone who's replied to my endless questions and worries about the medicals. Nothings gonna stop us now (I hope!) Mary:jiggy:
  17. Guest

    Worried about my Mum!

    Hi all, Spoke to my Mum earlier today by phone.She lives in Adelaide (I live in the UK)anyway she told me a couple of days ago she got up at 5am to go to the loo (she is 78 yrs of age).She heard some noises coming from her back garden.She decided not to investigate,and went to her bedroom window which faces the road.After about 5 minutes she saw 2 men,walking down her driveway,back onto the road and heading for next doors.It was'nt until later that day when 2 detectives paid my Mum a visit.Mum told them what she had heard/saw.Later the neighbour visited Mum,and told Mum that 2 men had broke into their house,held guns at their heads and insisted on having the car keys amongst other items.They co operated and handed the stuff over.Luckily the 2 men left without causing any serious injury.About 3 months ago my Mum had a brick thrown through her front window?I am now getting worried about her safety.She lives in what I call a good suburb and would not cause anyone any harm.We (other siblings)has advised her to check out some retirement villages but she declines saying she is staying put which is her perogative.Can't help but worry!!!!!
  18. Hello, Am new to this site.Can anyone give us advice? My partner and I want to apply for visa but I have 2 children from previous marriage. My son is 16 and daughter 12 both born in Oz.Worried my ex will not give us permission to take them. Anyone come up against this issue before. Lynne and Phil.:skeptical:
  19. Hi, I've read loads of threads about cats and dogs in quarantine but we aren't worried about that bit of migrating. We've got two cats (Sophie and Rosie) who are both 6 this year. Our main concern is them playing with snakes and spiders in the garden and getting killed by something. A few programs we've seen mentioned that cats and dogs are far more likely to fall foul of the wildlife, yet loads of people on here seem to be taking their pets with them. How likely is this? and is there anything we can do to safeguard aganist it? Cheers, Doug :wideeyed:
  20. Hi There, My fiance and I will be arriving in October on working holiday visa's and she wanted to start in Melbourne, so we have arranged flights to start in the south and move up throughout the year. I have read some posts this morning and many say that Melbourne isnt that nice???? (please help correct me on this!!!) I know the beauty is in the eye of the beholder but i have been excited and now im apprehensive about starting in Melbourne.We are both 27, not fiancially motivated, more experience motivated (but want to be able to live as well as work - so i need some encouragement from you guys please!) We are happy to move round but dont want to rush and leave our first area (melbourne) before givng it a chance....... My partner Lucy, will be have the most secure job at a vets, whilst i will do whatever i can. But I dont know what part of Melbourne will be the best to start in? We both enjoy the beach, and socialising, so will want somewhere that isnt out in the sticks but not totally City/in your face either - any suggestions?? Thanks for your viewing and honest comments that you may send..... Cheers Tom and Lucy.....:notworthy:
  21. Hi i'm Caitlin, My Dad just got a job in Brisbane and I'm not to sure what it's like there can anyone help me ? :unsure: Caitlin xxx
  22. Hi, I'm a bit conserned about flying for 24 hours on the way to Australia. I'm worried that the plain will crash or something terrible will happen. :wacko: I am tired of waiting for my mum and dad to fill out all these forms. :SLEEP: :radar: Also I am worried about my friends, I am hoping to keep in contact with them. Also about making new friends, what will they be like! Please could anybody give me some advice? I'm beging to keep calm!
  23. My partner and I are hoping to go to Sydney, it's touch and go whether we will be accepted for a 175 visa. If we are unsuccessful we have been advised we will receive a state sponsored visa. Can anyone offer any advice on where we could be sent and what are our chances on gaining employment. I have a degree in marketing and communication and currently work in market research however I am looking to move into website creation/development. My partner has a degree in education and works in further education. I have been looking on job websites and am worried that there are not many jobs in our areas of work in locations that we might be sent to on a state sponsored visa. Hope someone out there can help.
  24. My partner and I are hoping to go to Sydney, it's touch and go whether we will be accepted for a 175 visa. If we are unsuccessful we have been advised we will receive a state sponsored visa. Can anyone offer any advice on where we could be sent and what are our chances on gaining employment. I have a degree in marketing and communication and currently work in market research however I am looking to move into website creation/development. My partner has a degree in education and works in further education. I have been looking on job websites and am worried that there are not many jobs in our areas of work in locations that we might be sent to on a state sponsored visa. Hope someone out there can help.
  25. linzwhit

    Newbie and a little worried

    Hi All, Im new to this site and would love to emmigrate to OZ. My hubby owns his own business however and is wanting to wait a few years to make some more money and then possibly go. Problem is I don't want to wait too long and I am pushing to start the visa application process now as it seems that it can be quite lengthy. This is where the little worries come in and any advice would be great so that I don't send myself round the twist!! Firstly what visa!!? Do we go for a business visa as my hubby is bothered about working for someone else or just apply as a skilled migrant as hubby is a stonemason and that seems to be on the demand list at present. There is also another alternative as I was a nurse and could do a return to nursing course and maybe try that way. Then how on earth do you decide where to go? Sounds silly I know but im not sure where to begin. Thoughts have been Sydney or Brisbane. Melbourne seems to have very mixed reviews and to be honest I want to leave to escape the god awful weather in old blighty and it does seem to be very changeable there. Any advice please? Hopefully your not too bored yet but my other concern is for my 7 mth old little girl. I like to think that we would be giving her a much better standard of living in Oz and more opportunities but how do you ever really know. Im concerned about drugs and alcohol over in England but is it any different in Oz when you delve under the surface? Also I worry about the little critters ie spiders etc. We honeymooned in Oz and didn't really come across much and it doesn't bother me too much personally but I worry about my little girl being bitten by anything. Especially being out in the garden, crawling etc. Have any of you had any experiences and those of you with families can I ask how you have found this aspect of living in Oz. Well thanks in advance for any advice. I do really want to make the move and getting a little advice beforehand seems to be the right thing to do. :wacko: