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Found 150 results

  1. Hi All, I am a GSM 175 (MODL) applicant, My occupation is present in current MODL. So, at the time of lodgement I have opted for MODL 15 points to meet the 120 points eligibility criteria. According to the latest DIAC updates, MODL will be revised in another couple of months. Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) Review opens for submissions If my occupation goes out of MODL in near future, will it affect my application in further processing ? I understand the delay in MODL processing, but I am worried about the Eligibility part, Also confused with below statements..... DIAC website says - "If your nominated occupation is on MODL either at the time your application is lodged or assessed, you will be eligible for 'occupation in demand/job offer' points on the General Skilled Migration points test. You will receive extra points if you have a job offer from a suitable Australian employer." My online application says - "Changes to the Migration Occupation in Demand List and the Skilled Occupation Lists between the time of lodgement and the time of assessment may affect the points awarded when your application is assessed". Can any one please give some clarity on this..... Cheers for any help. SAM :confused:
  2. Guest

    Worried about medical

    Hi There, Newbie here. I'm about to start preparing my visa but I'm worried about the medical. I suffer from a chronic pain condition for which I take strong painkillers. The condition is under control and I've never really had time off work because of it, but I'm concerned that I'll put all of us through this expense only to find out that it's been my medical condition which has led to our visa being knocked back. I know that no-one has a crystal ball and no-one can tell me it's all ok, but has anyone else been in a similar situation? I've heard that immigration are more concerned about the drain on services and the effect on employability, rather than the costs of medication. Busylizzy :eek:
  3. Guest

    Spiders! Should I be worried?

    Hey this might be a silly post but I have a slight concern if my family were to move to Australia, because we would be taking our dog! Milly is an adorable jack-russel cross with many other terrior types (gorgeous though!) so with her genes it's quite obvious that she's a little devil! As Australia is known for their scary large spiders, how can I protect milly from being bitten by one as she is more then likely to attack a spider if she sees one! Can she have an injection or anything? As we would most likely to move to a modern house, near the coast, would there be less spiders then there would be further from the coast? Also not relating to milly, but to me, are wasps a common pest at all? As I hate them with a passion LOL! Would like to know! Thanks! Chris =D
  4. Guest

    help Im worried re-175

    Hi everyone, Just wandered once you receive your visa 175 how long do you have to enter australia, I have tried looking on the imigration website and it doesnt say. we are currently waiting for my skills assessment (im a nurse) had letter from anmc middle of june so hoping to get letter of detemination around sept so we can then put in our visa application (we have migration officer). we were planning on going around next september a year from now as we thought we would recieve our visa aroung march/april 6 months after application, and would then have a year from then. any replies would be greatly appreciated as i am really worried about all of this as i had the next year planned out. thanks everyone:confused:
  5. :confused: Hi all Help!!!! our 176 visa was lodged on 15th May 09. Can someone please tell me that the changes that have occured today or 7th July will not affect us!!! Am I right in thinking this that as long as you have had you visa lodged then they cant change your status!!!!!! Please no bad news!!! have already changed from 175 to 176!!!! AAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan & Dave
  6. Hi all, Don't post a whole lot but find this site excellent for keeping me sane! My family and I have SA SS for a 475 Provisional visa and a CO who requested medicals, PCC's and furher proof of employment at the start of June. I replied with additional documentation at the time (through my agent), did the medicals and obtained PCC's. Until today, my online documentation checklist reflected this as all documents were met except the 3 above. Today, I have found that my medicals and PCC's have been changed to met but proof of employment remains required. Of course, my natural pessimism means I am wondering is there something wrong? Do they require further information again? I am trying to second guess all of the hundreds of reasons as to why this may be so! It drives me bonkers! Should I be worried?? Should I be thrilled? Any thoughts? Good luck to all on the visa trail.
  7. Guest

    Worried about my chest xray!

    Hi there, i am wondering if anyone could help me, i am really worried about my chest xray. We (me, my husband, and two children) went for our medicals yesterday. I thought it would of been my husbnand who would of been the main cause for worry with regards to passing our medicals, but how wrong was i. I am healthy and have got no health concerns, or well so i thought. I went in to see the doctor after having my medical, who asked me if the radiologist had mentioned anything about my xray. I said no, and asked what was worng with it. He told me that it showed hazy opacification, on the left lung base, and asked me if i had recently had a chest infection, and was i coughing up green plegm. I amswered no to both, as i never ever have chest infections, or coughing. He listened to my chest and then told me it sounded clear and that there was probably nothing to worry about, but that i had to go to my gp and have a repeat xray done in 4 weeks time. The problem with all this is that all my evidence required for the visa has to be sent in by the 14th August. If i go for repeat xray on the 31st of july, and they will not hurry it up because i am am not symptomatic, and they told me it can take between 5 days and 14 days, so that would be past the 14th august. Please can anyone give me any advice on what to do?
  8. All over the news and papers today is the warnings of Swine Flu ? Does anyone know how much danger we will actually be in if these cases are confirmed? and how soon should we go and buy the masks to protect our family? What do members think, is it as bad as the media make out or is everything being 'hyped up' in true media fashion? Swine flu fears prompt crackdown on travellers | smh.com.au
  9. Guest

    Worried after taking medicals

    hia! I've just got home from taking my medical in melbourne and am really worried about it. Everything went fine with the medical till the meeting with the doctor when he went through my form. I ticked the box to say that I had received benefit from the government due to a medical condition ~ depression ~ which i received in 2005. The doctor was quite concerned about this and gave me quite an extensive grilling about my whole depressive history. I've had several bouts of depression over the years starting from my early teens and sadly i have the nice self inflicted scars to show for it on my arms (it was fun showing the medical examiner those ~ he was even more thrilled with me! ~ but I did those when i was a kid, i'm now 29! they're over 10 years old!) and i've been on meds several times too, but i've never been referred to a psychiatrist or been admitted to hospital. But the examining doctor said that the chief medical examiner would probably want me to go for a referral to see a specialist (or something like that) because of my past medical history. The stupid thing is ~ i'm absolutely fine now, am completely depression drug free and have been for a few years ~ and since being with my partner of 2 years i'm happy all the time, its wonderful! I know they don't want to let people into the country who could be a drain on the system, and i knew that my depressive history could be a problem, but the way the doctor was talking it made me think i didn't have a chance of getting the visa to stay here with my aussie born partner. We're now worried.... even close to terrified... that our dreams are going to be shattered because of a stupid illness that no-one really understands ~ and our naivety in thinking that being honest is the right thing to do (why did we tick that box!?!). Has anyone been in this situation? or know of anyone who has? or just have any advise about the whole thing? And ~ something i'm now worried about because i know i was a mess whenever i saw my GP in the uk ~ do they request your uk medical records? thanks to anyone who can help with our drama, all comments are greatly appreciated! hugs, liz and tim xxx :wacko:
  10. We e lodged our application 9th May 2008 - front loaded meds & Pc' s 15th Sept 2008 - all finalised then Bricklayer taken off CSL March :sad:quickly applied WA State Sponsorship 17th March - still waiting !! It is really looking like we may not have our visa before meds expire and even if we get it - its gonna be really short notice to book flights to validate and not cheap for 5 of us. Will DIAC ever extend the time you have to validate ?? Is anyone else in same position. When will this worrying ever end :arghh:
  11. Guest

    Worried about migrating?

    Just my opinion on migration! We came to Perth Feb 08. We have had our ups and downs, believe me! The downs being mainly from me and leaving my daughter, now nearly 19 in the uk! There were times in the first few months where i would have gladly gone back to the uk! Mainly because of missing family and through loneliness. No-one can prepare you for the isolation that you may feel on arrival here! Its very strange! Its a complete culture shock and apart from that if you have no family here, or friends, then its extremely hard! Please be prepared for all of the above! I am not trying to scaremonger but please be aware! Having said all that my story is a happy one. We have made lots of friends now, but only more so in the last 6 months! We are having a house built and we are putting down "roots". I still have some really bad moments, nothing that would make me go back to the uk, permanently, but its a people thing! Remember, when you come here, we came here in our 40's, you have a lot of history behind you and its extremely hard to start a new life! Dont ever forget your roots, i know i wont, but we are happier here and thats what counts. Good luck to all you coming! :smile:
  12. carlymac

    Worried about jobs??

    I have got my visa, booked my tickets and now I am a bit worried about my hubby getting a job..:arghh: For everyone that went over wthout a job, I was wandering roughly how long did it take you to get one?? Carly, Lee and Boys :wubclub:
  13. Guest

    Worried about family

    Hi, We are planning on moving to australia, but i keep putting off telling the family, as i know once i tell them i will feel guilty for going. I dnt really want to leave my mum but this is something i have wanted to do for years, we also have an 18 month old little girl and i feel terrible that the family will miss her growing up. My partner keeps telling me that they can visit, and we can visit them, but its not that same as just popping up to my mums with my little girl! I feel really guilty about going and leaving everyone, especially when im my dads only child that he still sees! Am i being silly and worrying about nothing??
  14. Guest

    worried about move

    Hi What worries me is that if people who researched lots and were really keen to live in Adelaide then go home after a few months, then what about people like me who are not quite so sure. Dont get me wrong, I loved Adelaide and whilst I was there I felt at home, comfortable etc. and would have bought a plot of land if i had a visa. I dont worry about jobs as there are plenty there for me. However, I love my job and dont dislike UK, we also live in a nice rural area. My husband and youngest are very keen and our elsdest is now willing to come on a trial basis. I also am very close to my family. So what is stopping me making that final decision? Visa is in pipeline, I know we can come home but that will distrupt youngest education she is 14. Ideally Id come on a year sebatical so that my job is guarrenteed if it goes pear shaped. But then youngest will have missed 2 terms of her GCSEs. But I am up for an adventure and would be will ing to give it a go - I think. Enough rambling must do some housework.
  15. 4 March: Sent de-facto spouse visa application to Australia House in London Frontloaded UK/AU police checks, meds and Form 80 14 March: Received confirmation of payment 18 March: CO made contact requesting a Dutch police check from my partner 19 March: Dutch police check delivered on 19 March 28 March: CO acknowledged receipt of Dutch police check 4 April: Received photos/greeting cards (used as supporting evidence) returned to us It's been 3 weeks now since the 28 March CO acknowledgement via email and no news at all. We haven't heard anything since and still waiting... We are getting a bit worried because from the following post on spouse visa timelines looks like most people got their visa granted 2-3 weeks after the police certificate was received! http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/58449-summary-spouse-visa-processing-times-offshore-uk-please-add-your-stats.html Is anyone in the same situation and waiting after all the documents have been submitted? Or has something gone wrong with our application? Any advice or insights from anyone? Very stressed and worried...
  16. We had our medicals just over a week ago and this morning got a voicemail from the doctor asking my other half to come in to see him. Ofcourse the worry box that I am I almost had a heart attack during the 15 minutes it took for my OH to call the doctor and find out what was going on. I was imagining the worst, HIV etc! The doctor said nothing to cause concern, but he would like a second xray as the first picture was not clear enough. Has anyone out there had this? Not sure if this is common or not. My OH is a semi-pro cyclist and fit as a fiddle, never had any probs with his lungs/heart... But now I am worried ofcourse, if it could really be something sinister :wideeyed: Surely the doctor would not have said 'nothing to worry about', if there was something to worry about?? I guess I should be pleased that I haven't been called back in as I am probably in the clear. Every cloud...
  17. wattswalkaboutgang

    worried mum

    Wondered if anyone could help with my dilema! We have been here just over 11 weeks. Our son is 17 and although is getting on well at high school and has made lots of mates, whom he spends the whole week with comes unstuck at the weekend when no-one wants to do anything. He ends up spending 3 whole day on his own, he doesnt know anyone else apart from the school lot who never come out at the weekend. Is this an aussie thing? I am getting so worried about him. Can anyone suggest any clubs for his age group or are there any other kids out there with the same problem? We live in pacific Pines. Please only helpful replies to this threat, no sarcasm or highjacking. I am upset enough and could really do with some sincere advice. Many thanks in advance Alison x
  18. My Hubby is an electrician, we applied for our visa 15th set 2008 and have now been taken off list, we are worried that if we go on to 176 visa, we wouldnt be able to get a job other there when we got there and also would struggle to sell up other here, Should we wait are just chance our luck and go for 176 victoria state visa:arghh: So cnfussed im changing my mind every day, hearts telling me to transfer and heatds telling me to stick it out Cheers all Tracey
  19. Guest

    having medical very worried?

    can anyone advise, i was on disability in the UK until 2002, they diagnosed loads of illnesses which were all undiagnosed again, then they found the problem underactive thyroid which is now treated and i am well again. My husband has been offered a job and we are in the process of applying, but I do not know what i should tell the dr at our medical as the diagnosises were all wrong except for the last one and when that happend i came off the benefit. i am very worried about this i do not have any paperwork regarding it either.
  20. Guest

    Worried about my son

    Hello everyone. My son is 13 (possibly 14 when we get to Oz) and he's a shy boy, doesn't have that many friends (he refuses to act like someone he isn't just to be popular - which I admire him for) and I'm worried about him starting school in Oz. We're moving to the Gold Coast area, most likely Arundel/Labrador. Are the schools good, are the students decent, is it in a poor area? He likes music, and is very serious about his education. He likes sport, he's not too keen on rugby though, playing video games and socializing. Will he fit in, because I have read that Aussies aren't very keen on Pom's and make their life like hell to start with. Thanks for any help
  21. We've filled in our main forms and got my police check and medical done... now we're worrying about the evidence for our relationship... Neither of us are hoarders and it's proving difficult. We have no notion of how much of anything to include either We both hate having photos taken too. So far we have... Print outs of random bank statements from the last 12 months (we both bank online and they charge £10 PER SHEET for older than 12 months) Maybe 3 or 4 photos over the last 4 years Xmas / Birthday / Engagement cards... mostly not dated though Bills with one or both of our names on to the same address Phone bills showing he rang me lots while i was abroad (hopefully, we haven't found it yet but know it's somewhere!!) Form 888's from my Dad, his mum (aussie) his best mate (aussie), his ex land lady, and a couple of friends of ours Our personal statements (although not written yet cos no clue!!) Council tax bills and tv licenses for the 4 years we've been living together Records of flights together to spain, australia and malta Is there anything else we should be trying to find ? We have got a wedding invitation or two *somewhere* but we can't find them at all *panics* Furball x
  22. Guest

    Worried ping pong pom

    We have been watching down under revisited. And realise how much we really want to go back to Oz. We flew out on the 5th June 2007 to Brisbane and returned becasue we were on a 457 visa but the sponsor didnt stick to the deal. The thing is when we went out last time we were not very confident that we would get in didint think my partner had enough expereince etc. Now we are wanting to return as a PR, we have applied for TRA. My partner is convinced we wont get in because we returned last time and immigration might say no because of this. I want to know how many ping pong poms there are, that have gone back and forth and either did return or were refused. Any help appreciated
  23. Guest


    Hi all We have just been told that we need to get a move on with our visa in the next month because if we do not have it by November when my son is 18 he will have to apply on his own! Can any one tell me if this is true.:unsure:
  24. jack&mick

    we're worried

    Hi my name is Kara and Im 9 I have a little brother Aleksander and he's 6. my mummy and daddy are starting visas for us to live in australia probably perth. Can anyone answer our questions please. and we might like some penpals who are going or already in oz. What are the schools like? When do they start and finish? How much homework do you get? How hard is the work? Are there good friendly football clubs and where are they? What kind of stuff is there for us to do after school and at the weekend? Is there brownies & other clubs there? Did you have to leave all your toys behind? Kara :unsurexmas:
  25. hey im abbie, my mums got a job as a social worker in canberra and really worried about moving there ? anyone moving there reply to my thread !!!:smile: