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Found 150 results

  1. Guest

    im worried.

    My mum and dad are really thinking about moving to Perth and im 14 years old ive got so many friends here and i don't want to say goodbye to them. :unsure: I know that i have to go if we get accepted but there are so many things i am worried about, like... making new friends (im really shy) and going to a new school. Can anyone help me ? :confused: :err:
  2. Guest

    worried about medicals.

    Hi all, Hope someone can put my mind at rest....... we will be applying for our ens 121 visa soon. My hubby is a nurse and has been offered a job and sponsorship. However he has polycystic kidney disease (PKD) I am worried that this will be a problem when it comes to his meds. The only problem he has with this disease is high blood pressure. Which he takes meds for. It is possible that he will need dialysis or even a transplant later in life(although he has lived 42 years without any problems). He only has to be seen by a doctor once a year so its not a big problem just now (hopefully never will be.) Has anyone recently gone to Oz with this condition????? Any info would be great......just to put my mind at rest. I am the eternal worrier cheers. Sharon.xxx
  3. Hi all I am after some advice.... my 2 step children (14 and 16) are flying back to the UK to visit their Dad and the family in a few weeks and I am getting increasingly worried that the ash does not seemed to have disappeared! I have been waiting for it all to die down before I got travel insurance as the tickets were booked after the first one. My concern is this... they leave Sydney fine and something happens with the ash and they are stranded in Dubai for days on their own. They are far too young to be left in the airport. Emirates said I can fill out an unaccompanied minor form which means they will be escorted which is fine if they were just having a normal transfer - but they will not fly them straight back here. I hvae been told by my travel agent and 2 insurance companies today that all policies now do not cover volcanoes as they are an act of god!!! Great! Has anyone got any ideas or advice? Thanks in advance xx
  4. Guest

    Worried about my documents :(

    Hi all, I sent my documents to Vetassess last Thursday by airmail international signed for. They are still showing as not received by Vetassess and Royal Mail don't track after UK. How long did everyone else have to wait for their documents to be received? I wish I'd used a courier now - I think I'll die if they get lost! Can't help worrying and need some help calming my nerves!!! Alex
  5. Guest

    medicals worried please help

    hi havent posted for a good while, took me some time to talk my friends and family round to the idea of us leaving were getting married in august and plan to start the process throught an agent when we get the wedding out the way my only real concern is that i broke both my legs at seperate time playing rugby over the past two years, i have a steel plate in one i have been walking running skipping and jumping and am now back to full health and doing every thing that i had previously been up to could this show up in my medical check and could i be rejected and fail to get a visa:Randy-git:can any one help
  6. Hi its been a while since iv been on here, as we had decided we were not going to go with the credit crunch and had been told it could be 2012 before we could get the visa and we are getting older ha ha . We have been asked by our ajents for our medicals and police checks , very worried not sure what to do as they say Australia goverment has asked for them .Worried how long medicals and police checks lasts for .:policeman::policeman:
  7. We got our medicals done a couple of weeks ago, and our application status now has a new page on it. Everyone shows Health requirements Finalised, further medical results recieved,HIV blood test recieved. Except mine which says Health requirements outstanding :- this is because ive still to get my xray Further medical results referred HIV blood referred hepatitis Referred Are mine just referred because im pregnant ???? Im worried, they know how to put the ****ters up you.
  8. stewe12345

    Worried and confused

    I'm a bit lost and confused and wonder if any one can advise me. We applied for a 457 visa on the 22/12/09 Sponsorship granted on 03/02/10 Employers nomination granted 23/02/10 On the 23/02/10 I was asked to get a police check done as 9 years ago I had a drink driving offense. On the 03/03/10 I uploaded the police certificate to my case worker. Since then I have sent several emails to my case worker asking if she requires any further information and when we would expect to have a decision made in which I have had no reply. Early this week my employer managed to get in contact with the case worker and was told that due to a police check being involved the case has been passed to a more senior case worker. I am very confused as of why they are taking so long and why it has been handed over to a senior case worker as this is only a driving conviction 9 years ago. Its worrying as my employer is very anxious for me to start and has already been waiting for over 6 months. My wife had quit her job and we have now moved out of our home into my parents so we could move as quickly as possible. We are so worried in case it all goes wrong.........:arghh: Is this normally as we are seeing some 457 visa's being granted with in 15 days and cant understand what they are doing??? Can my visa be rejected due to a drink driving conviction from 9 years ago ????
  9. Hi all, after reading Jamie Smiths post in the agents only thread, am I the only one a little bit worried about what may happen to currently lodged visas????:eek: Our application is fairly new, (dec 09) and is within one of the 4 categories Jamie identified being in the 80% of occupations being applied for offshore skilled, that is hairdressing. After breathing a sigh of relief when we realised that revocation of the MODL was not retrospective, and our points were safe, it looks like we may well be hit from a different angle!!! I really really hope it's not the case we may get capped and killed so to speak, but I have a horrible feeling we might, I guess it's a case of sitting tight and waiting to see what happens now. Surely all the talk of issues with hairdressers/cooks etc were aimed at onshore students, not well trained, highly experienced offshore applicants?? AAAArrrggghhhh:arghh:
  10. Cruella2949

    Worried about financial security

    Hi All, My hubby is interviewing for a sponsored position in Melbourne which we were really excited about. As he's flat out in work every day so I'm the one who's doing all the reseach on life in Oz. I read a thread on here the other day suggesting that $54K is not a big enough salary to support a family. Now I'm really worried that we would be giving up a secure life here to live on the bread line over there. What I'm thinking of now is that we receive child benefit and working tax credit here that boosts our income. Also, my husband has built up a big list 'personal' of customers whose cars he repairs on a daily basis to top up the family fund! I know its the age old scenario of how long is a piece of string but can anyone give me any advice? I seem to be finding endless threads of doom and gloom of how expensive Melbourne has become in the past couple of years - food, clothing, housing etc...People coming home because its not what they thought it would be. For us the reason we are looking for change is that my husband recently lost his close friend that he worked with for 8 years. They were partners and shared all their work down the line. Now he has to work in the same place next to his late friends tool box every day and I think its slowly dragging him down.. Unfortunately, he has worked in the same company for 15 years now and has worked his way up to the top of his game here. If he wanted to change company or brand, he would have to take a huge pay cut as he is well paid where he is. The trouble is that if we stay here, that will be his life, day in day out for the next 30 years with no pay rise (for some reason you dont get pay rises in the motor trade). The job hubby has been offered is for another brand who are offering the same sort of salary as here in the uk. This will mean though that we shall have to manage on just his wages and not the top ups we are getting in the uk. This is the sticking point now for me. However, I also want the best for our daughter who is just turned 3 and I would like her to have a life that means she isnt sat in front of the TV all day long because it rains / snows 7 months of the year and we cant get out and about! I have a successful childminding business here that I would be giving up too but am optimistic that I would be able to set up something similar out there. To be honest, I will just fit in around my hubby and daughters lives anyway - so long as they are both ok is all I'm worried about. I'd really appreciate any advice anyone can give me - especially anyone who's in the motor trade who will really understand what I'm on about :wink: with certain issues. We arent looking to emigrate to have an easy ride. Just a better home (we have a niceish semi detached one here but our neighbours are dreadful - 5 out of control kids banging and waking us up 7 days a week from 5am), more family time (hubby works 8-7.30 Mon to Fri and 8.30 - 4pm every Saturday) and the chance to make a change for the better?! I guess we're all different but any information you have will not be wasted on me :biggrin:
  11. Were newbies, but love this website. We have been here 6.5 years and have had a fab time. We have really made the most of all the opportunities Oz gave us. I spent the first couple of years really homesick but got on with life and we are now further than we would have been if we had stayed in the uk. However and its a big however, we now have a daughter and another one due in 8weeks and last year we had our first home -holiday and absolutely loved it....and something just felt right. We didnt think it would but it planted a very definite seed and we are hoping to move back at the end of the year....moneydependent obviously. The only problem I can see is the housing issue......I just cant get over house prices, rentals seem to be the same as over here but i cant justify moving the family from the whitsundays to a mid-terrace for the same price And believe me I am trying:err: I am feeling the pull now more than ever but looking for reassurance, it will be the right move if we do it, family, scotch eggs, skips, monster munch, proper chinese take away(sorry :laugh:i am pregnant) Cheers Lis
  12. Hi I am from the UK I applied for PR based on my 1 year relationship with an Australia i recently got my provisional resident visa which means after 2 years I am assesed and then should hopefully get PR. I have developed some mental health problems. I have a medicare (interim) card. I am scared to go and see a psychologist.. on medicare because I am worried the government will say i am in poor health and reject my visa Is part of their assesment, after the 2 year provisional period, to check with my doctors to find out about my medical problems. If I am claiming from medicare is that going to "go against me" since I am using public funds? Something tells me, since I already passed the health checks for the current visa they wont be able to consider and recent health problems.. perhaps they are not allowed to descriminate against me for that... or not. I hope someone can advise!!
  13. Hi, I'm new here and even though I'm from Germany i thought I join this forum. everything I read so far was really helpful. I've been living in australia for the last 2 years now and I met my partner a week after I arrived. About a year ago we started our relationship and spend one day a week and every weekend from Fridays till Monday together as well as holidays. I was working as a nanny and living with an other family on contract so for the time we were apart we have a lot of text messages and skype chats and evidence of telephone calls through skype for this period until we were able to start living together. the problem is, we only started actually living together 6 and a half months ago. He has got 2 children and a bit older than I am. Do you think DiAC has a problem with relationship where there is an age gap? I am on my second working holiday visa at the moment and this one is going to expire in the end of april where we are 5 weeks short of the 1 year requirement...so we started planning a New Zealand Holiday for 2 weeks and then I would apply for an eVisitor Visa from NZ and after we get back to Australia I would make an appointment for June to apply for our partner VIsa. I rang immigration and asked for advice but they told me I can get in trouble at the airport and they might start to question me why I come back as a visitor after spending 2 years in Australia....This got me really worried and I'm desperate at the moment. my partner is great and is telling me not to stress...I have an appointment for the medical exams in early January and police checks from AUS and Germany already. We've been collecting evidence to prove our relationship for the last 6 months. So far we have invitations and mail to the same adress. We moved to the country about 10 weeks ago and from old as well as new friends we are able to get letters and stat docs about our relationship. The kids mum died 5 years ago and I thought I might ask the school for a letter in how far I'm involved in the kids life as their stepmum I'm helping out at school quite a bit as well as dropping them off and picking them up with my partner together. we are working as the same place as he has his own business since we moved. we are planning to get a joint bank account and my name is on the car insurance as well. have you got any other ideas which evidence would be good or useful to help speed up the application???
  14. Hello All I am new here..and am looking for some possible advice.. I put in a 175 application (CSL 2231-79) a week ago and I used my last address as my residential address on the form as my mail is on a redirect (I am in the UK).....the reason that I did this is having been out of the country from Dec until June 2009 (travelling) I was using this for postal purposes...and since my return I have been staying with family and friends whilst preparing my 175 application.....of course, having now investigated in more detail the police check requirements (proof of address required) and form 80 - I really need/want to give DIAC a new residential address (I can use one of my parents)...my concern is that I will somehow need to explain why I didnt do this at the time of my application - as this residential address has to be from June 2009 to satisfy the police checks...I think I should use form 1023 but am not sure what to say - its a bit difficult to justify not using an "actual" residential address...so I am really worried about how to proceed...if I use form 929 this wont tally up with form 80 later on...any thoughts would be gratefully received ..and yes I have learnt the moral of this story - dont be tempted to "lie" - I dont even have anything to hide it was just that all my mail goes to the original address Thanks all in advance
  15. Guest


    I have recently applied for a WHV through VisaFirst who a part of Traveltowork and within a week they rang and emailed to say that I had been granted the visa....however I received a letter today asking for me to transfer £2600 to their account. I know I need this amount to meet the terms of my visa but I am not happy about transfering that much into someone elses account! I have looked on the net and found this: Visafirst : Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Forum - Travellerspoint I don't know who to believe? Can someone advise if this seems right or not. Cheers Renton
  16. Just a quickie....to tell you all that we've been here 5wk....and it's just been a whirlwind of fantastic happenings! I was going round the bend with worry before we came...but we both have found great jobs (really good pay too!) and we have somehow got our daughter into a good school. The babies....I mean dogs...are out of quarantine and LOVING it! We have also seen a MASSIVE redback (in pool filter!!) and a dugite....very exciting, just a shark to tick off the list...as long as I'm NOT in the water when I see it, thanks!! I will do a long, detailed post soon! Lisa,xx
  17. Hello, I just got my UK police check and 2 things have come back to haunt me. I have an offence from 1971 (Offering to procure cannabis) and from 1972 (trying to avoid a tube fare). The former is a "class A" offence and can not be stepped down. Having one of these means all subsequent offences remain not stepped down. Can anyone tell me if this will prevent me getting my visa? I'm applying for a subclass 820 defacto spouse visa. I am totally freaked - having got this far will I fail? Gerry
  18. Guest

    A Little worried now..

    Hiya, We front loaded our forms on the 20/10/09. Here is the dilemma (bit long winded sorry) Hubby the applicant, had a work related injury on his knee about 1 1/2 years ago. When he went to medicals, doc asked him if he had any on going problems. Of course he had to mention this injury. Now from medical doc, he has requested any eveidence that prove this problem is being sorted here in u.k. I guess so he is not a bleed on medi care back home. Hubby is only just seing a specialist on monday, and we dont have evidence as such to prove all this yet. But we will hopefully really soon. So doc, said he will forward on medicals any way, as he knew we had lodged. Spoke to my immigration lawyer, and he doesnt seem to pleased that there is hurdle for us to go over. My question is, how bad does this look on our application? Will sending on this eviedence eventully clear this up? Can they refuse visa based on old injury? Just dont know how to feel right now. I feel like ive taken two steps back. Can anyone out there advise, or let us know what there expeiance is, if similar?
  19. Just need a liitle advice & reassurance I suppose. Our application was lodged begining April (09), hb is geberal electrician & applied for 176 visa. We have heard nothing from the DIAC & keep being told by the agent, 3 months, 6 months etc etc. Has anyone lodged an application around the same time & have you heard any news? Also, im a little confused, Im always reading how people have Case Officer & others being able to check their progress online, When will I get CO & how can I check my app online. Hope someone can shed a little light for me....feel like Im going nowhere right now!!! Thankyou. x:spinny:
  20. Guest

    Should I be worried?

    Long story short, I have applied for RSMS. My nomination was approved a little over 4 weeks ago and I've heard nothing since. I went on holiday to the states last week, so my agent had to inform DIAC of that, which they thought might move things along a bit. But I guess not. I totally understand that there is just no way to give specific processing times. But I definitely feel like this is taking WAY too long, especially when I compare it to others I know who have done exactly the same thing, and others I have read about on various forums. My agent seems very relaxed about the whole thing, and doesn't seem to understand my worries/frustration at all. Would they be informed of when a CO is assigned? I'd be very grateful for any replies! This is mostly just a small rant
  21. hi all sometimes gets depressing looking through the timeline watching every one with their visas and how their timeline is somtimes shorter than yours ! (respect to those who have waited ages) i guess patience is not my best virtue .. only been two months since the meds finalised and three months since we got a co requesting them and police checks and nothing since (we are on a 176 vic sponsored which only took 7 days to be given) ????? i have been in touch to make sure alls ok but its the same response " under active concideration" "co will be in touch etc" every thing was flying along and i took the gamble to sell my business end july because i was offered what i wanted thought a month off packing would help ?? well done that bored again will have to seek work if i wait much longer ( just did not want to get my spanners dirty (mechanic) took weeks to clean them for aqis). shame they cant just say sorry not looking at your file for 3 months so chill !! anyway fustration vented i feel better .... this forum has been of great advise i have only just joined but the wife has been here for a while . colin:arghh::arghh:
  22. Hi Wonder if someone could help me. I have submitted my application for permeate residency (sc 175 CSL) I have a criminal conviction that i declared. But I have just done a police check & seen an old criminal conviction i haven’t declared. It was over 22 years ago now & i thought it had been wiped as i was only 16 at the time. Will this be a problem, as i haven’t declared it? It was for a fight i had at school, i got fined £60 for ABH. I also have a caution that i didn’t declare as it’s not a conviction. But now I’m worried, as the old offence has come up. The caution was issued as i was working doing as a door supervisor & my licence had expired by 2 weeks, and i had forgot to renew it (so nothing major) I wasn’t to bothered about not declaring the caution as it’s so minor (in fact i had to wait nearly two months before the police could be bothered to see me & caution me) . But now the ABH charge has appeared I’m pretty worried.
  23. Hi Guys, I just checked our online status and my OH who is the main applicant medicals all say finalised, mine all say referred! Should I be worried? I have read on here that the main applicant sometimes gets referred but I'm not the main applicant. I had to have a couple of additional blood tests do you think this is why its been referred? Or is there a problem with my results? If anyone who has been in the same situation and can advise it will be much appreciated! Thanks Shreen
  24. Guest

    worried its just a dream?

    hey there everybody! i found this place just today, trying to dig up as much information as i possibly could about migrating..but i fear this dream will remain just that. a dream. after saving for a long time, i recently visited Melbourne to meet with my best friend i've known for a while..while there we ended up falling in love and starting a relationship and for the first time in our lives we're sure of everything with no doubts except the ones i'm discussing here..although only in July we got together and still a long time to wait before any requirements for the de facto visa are even close to being met..i would like to know now if its even worth me considering it. here is why. as it stands i am on benefits for very long term depression and mental problems, and have been since i was around 18. im 24 now, and now feeling like i'm able to manage again. and when i was finally able to manage my money well, save it all up and then get all the way to Australia i realised things were looking up for me. i fell in love with everything about it, the lifestyle..the people, everything. i was relaxed, at ease and i almost lost sight of my depression completely. but once i came home it all returned and its all there again, stopping me from doing things. :sad: in short, Australia did the job 6 or 7 years worth of therapy couldn't hope to achieve, and i thought to myself..that i would like to get back to work. in oz. but with no qualifications that will be near impossible. i feel at home in Australia and would love to set up a home with my partner eventually and live a brand new life together..but how do my chances look? i didn't complete school..through my parents decision to pull me out. the start of the depression. i had a couple of jobs as a waitress but that's it.. and i fear that my depression will now ruin my chances at a brand new life. i looked into it as much as i can... but before i continue any research...is it worth it? :frown:
  25. Please could someone help? :unsure: Recently I've been reading threads about how terriable jobs are for bricklayers in oz. The foremen aren't very helpfull either. Please could someone shine some info on the situations?:chatterbox: Thanks Luke and Lynsey