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Found 150 results

  1. Now Im not at the stage yet of applying for my visa, and up till now Ive been a relatively good girl. Im CRB checked etc for my occupation and its clear. But, Ive a feeling this may all change :embarrassed: You may remember an earlier thread of mine about this problem and Im hoping someone coud advise me on what might happen . . . . . Ive had an official letter through now so it looks like I may be on a slippery road :policeman: . . . . . . . . Yup, the good old census people are startng to catch up with me :embarrassed: Can I claim to be a conscientious objector? Will they lock me up and throw away the key? Could I claim temporary insanity? Will I get a sentence longer than 12 months? :shocked: Any help will be gratefully received . . . . . Best regards Adonna (soon to be convicted felon) :biglaugh:
  2. Hi all, Whilst we are currently researching our move down under we are not thinking of starting the visa process until around this time next year. I'm worried that under the new points system that we won't be able to go as based on my OH's trade, experience & apprentice ship we only get 50 points which means we would have to get 20 points on the english test or go down the state sponsorship route (although I've heard you have to have mega dosh to do this). Can anyone help ease my fears. Lisa:eek:
  3. Hi All, Well we went for our meds on the 01st March and all was going well. Panel Doctor didnt seem woried about wifes crohns disease as its minor and commented on how good our specialists report was for it. Then it come to me and it turns out i have high blood presure. Had to take a letter to my doctor to investigate and have spent the last 3 weeks being very inpatiend having bloods, ecg, 24 hours monitor done and after that it turns out i have hypertension with no underlying cause which i guess is good as my heart and everything else is fine. I have been put on meds which i will have to take forever and then had to send all results back to panel doctor with a letter from my doctor explaining what they did. Now the panel doctor said not to worry and has now sent the meds of to Aus for processing (on the plane at the moment with DHL tracking)but i obviously cant help but worry. Were right near the end and to fail now due to this would be hard to take. We are not using an agent so have no one to get feed back from on the likely outcome so has anyone out there had the same experience/problems and can you put our minds at rest please. Many thanks all.
  4. Guest

    Worried about 309/100 Visa

    Hello, nice to meet you all. I am an American male who has been in a long distance relationship with a female partner in Australia since August 2009. I visited Australia in August of 2010 for a two week period, and my partner visited America from Mid November 2010 till early February 2011. I proposed to her while she was here in the states and she said yes. We were considering waiting until my Nursing schooling was finished for me to go over to Australia, on closer inspection, transferring my education would not work well unless I reached a bachelors, which would take 3 more years for me. Faced with this, we are engaging the idea of having me come over this year and marry early so I can become educated in Australia instead. The problem and worry with this however is I am afraid I will be seen as someone who cannot contribute enough to be worthy of a 309/100 visa. I have only had basic job experience until my current age of 25, and I won't have finished any college degrees by the time I apply. I have no criminal history and excellent medical however. Do things look grim for me when my only work experiences have been kitchen work and loading moving trucks? Thank you for reading my post.
  5. Howdy peeps! Well the husband has booked his ticket to do a reccie of Perth at Easter! And in the meantime we're collecting his evidence as a construction project mng for assessment. He's able to evidence this with 3yrs+ exp in the role in his prev job, but for the last 3 months he's been doing the role as a contractor. He's nervous to ask for a ref confirming this as it may jepodise his position. Is he able to submit a declaration explaining this? He can also evidence a degree in construction management which he completed last may. Thanks!
  6. Ok, so I have my exam in about 10 days, so I've been doing practice papers to get a feel for the papers. I've heard people say that they struggle with reading, frequently running out of time. Well I've done four of the papers so far, and am avering about 20 mins per paper - my scores so far are 39, 39, 37 and 40. Am I missing something? Are the practise papers a fair reflection of the difficulty level - I assume they are taken from real exams? Should I just assume that the reading will be ok for me, and concetrate on the writing 'studying'? Oh, and does anyone know what score out of 40 is needed for each 'band'for the Listening and Reading?
  7. claireandpaul


    Hi, I am new to this forum so I hope I am doing this right??? My Husband and I have our 5 year permanent visa's in place to move to OZ, which is great. The house is under way being sold which is also good. I just have this shall I shant I feeling at the moment I can't seem to make a decision. I just keep thinking I have a good job and a nice house we would like to have children soon. I am just worried we will put everything on the line to chase a dream which I felt quite strongly about when we first applied. My husband has a good job to in IT but I am hoping he will find one quite quickly when we get to OZ as we would like to have children straight away, don't want to wait as time is against us. We are going to move to Perth. I just feel like I am going around in circles at the moment. Any help greaty appreciated.:arghh:
  8. Guest

    Medical Issue, very worried

    My problem is: my husbands company is going to transfer us ( + 2 children) to Austraila so a job is sorted but my question is: I have rheumatoid arthritus (not serious at early stages) and am not on any medication not really a problem but i had post-natal depression for a long time of which i claimed Incap benefit as it was bad... I have noticed that in form 26 they ask you about government assitance and am extremley worried about this. Is this form just for my husband to complete or me aswell. Will this damage me getting on my husbands visa? I am not going to claim any benefit if we get into Australia... I hated this and have worked all my life and the plan is to get back into employment. What should I do for the best? Any advice would be greatly appreciate... Should we give up on our dream?:confused: Please help
  9. Hi everyone . im in a strange situation that is i have applied for 885 with 1 year work experience in may 2010 and yesterday i noticed on my group certificate that my tax is $170 less than it should be means my employer did some mistake or may be his accountant( it is $1486 instead of $1602 ) so i just wanted to know that can this put me in trouble or my case in trouble . im worried about it . but i do have all of my salary slips so i thought its employers responsibility not mine to take care abt my tax well the period shown on group certificate is all right (exactly 1 year) experts advice will be much appreciated . hope to have answere from GILL. thank you everyone Karan
  10. Hi all We are looking to move to Queensland mid February and to this end did a reccie back in September. One of the areas that we really liked was Upper Coomera between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, however I'm quite worried about how much of a flood prone area this is. Any advice from people in the area would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi being the born worrier that i am my mind is working over time and would be grateful if any one has any thoughts on my problem :idea: When i was looking through the form for the medical it has a statement " have you ever had government financial assistance for a medical condition " My husband back in 2004 hurt is back at work then 12 months ago had to go onto the sick as due to the repetitive heavy lifting of a ton of profile every day , and his company has since gone into in solvency April 2010. After an MRI scan and referral to an orthopaedic specialist he was found to have a slight protrusion of a disc and advised to find other employment which would not have such physical demands. He was also referred to a pain team for management, but found benefit in acupuncture and alternative remedies and so was discharged from that service. He does not take prescribed medication and due to having extended time away from the heavy lifting he has now returned to general fitness and now does occassional permitted work as a tai chi instructor. My worry is that he maybe refused his visa due to claiming the benefit. He is now able to work and plans to teach tai chi in Australia as he does here in uk. He has now been discharged from all orthopaedic and pain services since June this year, but we have contacted his consultant for a letter to say he is able to work and that he will not require any surgury in the near future. OMG !!!! im really stressing and would appreciate your help :hug::hug::hug: Thankyou in advance Migration agents if you out there please advise. Annette
  12. Guest

    worried and confused !!

    Hi Guys, I know someone has probably asked this but i have not logged on for awhile, how has the qld smp effected people who have had state sponsership and 176 visa app for awhile now ??(applied aug 09). Any advice greatly appreciated :sad:
  13. Ahhhh, please can soemone help me as I am so worried and confused! Our Visa paper work has just been sumbitted and we are nearly there, job offer the lot! We have just found out my son is Dyslexic! I am soo worried as so many people have told be Oz schools dont help children with special learing needs. Does anyone know if this is correct?? Im hoping to move around Berwick and want a school that would offer my son some support liek what he gets in the UK! Im that worried about it Im even considering not leaving the UK as my priority is my child. He is 10 years old and would be going into year 5. Please can anyone help me as Im worried Im going to be make the wrong decission for his future. Thank you :confused::confused::confused: a very confused and worried parent!!!
  14. Hey all I'm seriously worried: I'm in final stages of getting 457 but given the ok from my consultants who are doing my 457, I've booked my flights and applied for a tourist visa to be in Oz a bit earlier for various reasons and I leave THIS SUNDAY. Except I had an email from immigration asking what will I be doing on my tourist visa so they have yet to issue it? Obviously I won't be doing much but I don't know if they'll sort it in time before I travel on Sunday. I am stressing so badly as my arrangements create a domino effect to other people. Do you think I'll be linked to 2 visa applications and that's the hold up? I can't possibly be refused a tourist visa. And what does having a case officer mean? Anyone, please help settle my mind :eek: x
  15. Can anyone tell me whether it will be difficult for my husband to find work in Perth...??? We were granted visas 9th november and want to make the move soon. He is a qualified boilermaker.....any info v much appreciated!! cheers!
  16. Guest

    Worried about my dog on the plane

    Hi, I'm possibly flying out to Sydney in January 2011 (visa approved and job waiting for me - currently negotiating a start date). I have a 5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier coming with me. He's very scared of bangs, loud noises, motorbikes etc. I'm concerned as to how he will cope on the flight over to Sydney. Does anybody have any similar experiences when they took their dog over there? I'm worried about the noise levels on the plane and whether my dog could cope with these noises for the duration of his flight out there. Any response would be most welcome. Cheers Darren.
  17. don't!!, or at least try not to!
  18. Hello im 13 and moving to perth wa on the 24th of june just wondering if anyone knows about how friendly the people are in the schools over there thanks :biggrin:xx
  19. Guest

    Worried about circumstances

    Hi everyone, I'm moving back to England in November with my two sons. We will have been in Australia for 2 years 10 months. We are all very excited about going back. Since being over here, I have been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my spine and this is restricting me in many ways. When we get back, would i be entitled to any benefits at all as I am unable to work now. I need to be near my parents as my youngest son has special needs so that they can help out. My eldest son, just about to finish year 12 over here is going down to London to live with his dad for a year. I'm worried about how we can rent a house too as we can't stay with my parents for more than a couple of months. Hope someone can help Karen :sad:
  20. :cute:Hi Im Sarah .... Im Moving To Canberra And Im Really Excited >>> But Im Not Really Sure What To Expect From It ... Does Anyone Have An Idea ??? xxxSarahxxx
  21. Guest

    worried teen

    Hi, My 13yr daughter was nagging us for several months that she wanted us to up sticks and move to Oz.We had been looking into this already but not told the kids.Once we had researed and made our decision to move we told them what we were planing.At this point she was really excited and was shocked that her little brother was nervous and unsure about things.Now we are much closer to fingers crossed getting the visa through,she has had a change of heart and now wants to stay. I have tried to open the conversation with her to talk about her fears but she just clams up.She normaly talks to me about everything and i hate seeing her this way.I know theres probably others on here who have had issues with teens and hoped we may get some much needed advise on this thread. Thanks.:confused:
  22. Guest

    Confused and Worried

    After some Advice, I have two problems 1st making 2nd one bigger .Decided to Move to Oz to start a new life for me and my son (Divorce etc). Then discovered the Age limit I’m 44 at the moment hitting the 45 on the 26th of August (Problem number 1) Problem number 2 I am a Telecom Engineer, well I thought I was .Been one for 21 years started out on the front of the Digital/Data age so seen and done a fair bit but according to the Migration Agent and the checks they have done without a degree I’m not and so cannot be considered as Telecom Engineer on the skills list because of that. This of course kind of causes a large problem with my move to Oz, I have a very short time window and now and my 21 years in the Industry and experience seem to mean nothing. Any one got any suggestions as this has really knocked me back :arghh:
  23. Guest


    Hi Everyone, I'm really worried about moving with the schools and people and everything and I'm just wondering if anyone would be able to give me any advice or if there is anyone in the same situation as me:unsure:. Were hopefully moving to Queensland and at the moment were waiting for visa's. Last year I went on a holiday there and i LOVED it!! But as I said above I'm worried about people and schools. Best Wishes from Molly xx :wink:
  24. Guest

    little worried with visa status

    I just check my visa status all met for me (main applicant) and son, except medical for my wife still required, but we took medical check all together at the same time, little worried why the status did not update at the same time, is it possible the medical result not available at the same time from medibank? or any problem happening But I also noticed the first page still says health requierements outstanding for all of us, :confused:
  25. Hi my name is courtney (12)and i moved to perth about 9 weeks ago and at first i was really worried.... Now i don't know what i was worried about !!! Everyone is really friendly and positive and when i started school ( 2 weeks ago) i was very worried about making new friends but now i feel like i have been their forever !Lots of new friends and the school work is easy!:SLEEP: I live in the state perth , woodvale and if anyone would like to chat feel free to pm me !!! love from courtney ....x:laugh: