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Found 600 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experince with airports in australia on a working hol visa? Have the officers asked you any questions? Have they asked to see your bank statement? What ticket is best to purchase? I just need help as I am planning to come in myself soon. Thanks
  2. dannymonaghan

    12 Month Working Visa

    Hi there , I plan on going to Oz in around Feb/Mar next year and I'm just thinking of things I should be getting in order , I only started my list last night so if I'm missing any obvious things forgive me lol , 1. Money - I know on the immigration website it tells you to bring $5000 and proof of a way home or money to get home , is $5000 a decent amount to be taking with you or would everyone suggest more ? I'm planning on flying in to sydney to meet a friend who could get me work and then travel round from there . 2. Driving license , I read a UK license only lets you drive for 3 months , is it worthwhile buying a international license ? 3. Would it be a good idea to ship my TV and other electricals with me or buy when over there ? I'm not sure what else I should be looking at any advice is welcome cheers ! Danny.
  3. i have a job offer to work as a heavy plant fitter in the lady annie mine in nothern qld, anyone else work in the mines.... ill be flying in and out of townsville which looks great, however im wondering what life in the mine for 2 weeks at a time will be like... Phil :unsure:
  4. Guest

    working experience

    Hi All, On 2nd June 2008, I joined a telecommunication company as an engineer after FULLY completing the degree program . On 2nd June 2011, I complete 3 years of experience as and engineer and I was planning to apply the Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175) on the same day by claiming points as below; 60 - profession 30 - age 25 - ielts 10 - 3 years work experience. Today I suddenly noticed in my transcript it states the date of graduation as 1st July 2008. Ideally it should be 30th May 2008. But now I have a confusion, whether DIAC will calculate the working experience from date of 1st July 2008. since that is the date mentioned in my transcript as the Date Of Graduation. If DIAC considers my working experience from the date I joined the company which is 2nd June 2008 which is very correct and reasonable, I will have the required points and I will be fully qualified to apply the Visa. Summary of the timelines ------------------------------------- 2008 - May 30th - Department head communicated the Degree work is finished. Actually that is the date where we had the Final evaluation of the Project, which completed all the acedemic work. 2008 - June 2nd - I joined the company as an engineer 2008 - July 1st - This is the date mentioned in the Transcript as the date of graduation. 2011 - June 2nd - Completes 3 years of working experience Please let me know whether I am able to claim 10 points for working experience by 2nd June 2011? Highly appreciate your reply on this regard. I had arranged everything to lodge the application on 2nd june 2011 and now really worried from this sudden fact which I came across. Only few days left to apply with the old point scheme and with the new scheme I will not be able to apply. :-(
  5. Hi, I met an Aussie the other day who said I could apply for another working holiday visa, even though I've already been and done one,. Can anybody say if this is the case or not? Thanks
  6. Guest

    Working holiday visa

    Hi all, Me and my boyfriend have just been granted working holiday visas and are hopefully looking to get sponsored while we are there. The work restriction that you can work for up to 6 months with the 1 employer, does this mean you could possibly work 4 months with 1 employer and then maybe 4/5 months with another employer? Or you can only work for up to 6 months altogether? Thanks Laura
  7. Guest

    working holiday or 175/176

    hey new to the site thinking of heading to aus next year im on the sol as im a hgv mechanic but my partner isn't on the sol we are going to go on the working holiday visa first to see if we like it there with a view to staying permanently my q is should i go for the 175/176 visa now as it will be 12 months before we go or go on the working holiday and see if we like it also can i apply for the 175/176 when im over there on the 1 year working holiday visa any help is much appreciated thanks
  8. Guest

    457 - working hours?

    Hi there, I had heard that if applying on the 457 visa route the job you are applying for has to be full time. Is this true???? Apologies if it's been answered somewhere before, but I can't find it!!! Thanks Emily
  9. Ali&Paul

    Working Holiday Visa Question

    I know that chidren cannot accompany you on a working holiday visa but could they join me if I applied for that and my husband and kids had a tourist visa? So we could all go together on an extended holiday but with me being able to work to fund the holiday? Thank you, Alison
  10. Hi,this is my first post...i have been reading for a while though. My question is i have been offered a job with 121 visa but it looks like i could get prosecuted for benefit fraud....a complete mistake on my part, failed to inform them when i got a wage increase.i have spoken to a solisitor and they have said that even though its a mistake, ignorance is no defence.he said i will probebly be prosecuted and get a fine. What will happen with the job???can i still work as a nurse in Oz with this conviction or should i just give up now???? Thanks.
  11. Guest

    Working in Mines WA

    Hi guys We are a family of 4 considering moving at some point to Perth. Currently we are in Adelaide and doing alright but feel something is missing. I visited Perth in December to visit a good friend and loved the feel of the area ( Joondulup). My understanding is Perth is slighty more expensive than Adelaide and I dont want to forfeit what we have here to struggle in a new city but I cant shift that "what if feeling" My hubby is a plumber and has been working successfully in SA pretty much as soon as we got of the plane and is just finishing his Cert 4 at Tafe. What would he need to do to get work in the mines as a plumber ?? Generally what is the average wage for Plumbers in WA mines and Plumbers in general ? Thanks in advance for any input and help offered.:biggrin:
  12. markstott1980

    Working abroad while in Australia

    Hello PIO My family and I are moving to the Sydney area following approval of our visas. I don't need to look for employment as I am due to start a new job on a drillship in August. This job is a 28 days on, 28 days off rota and is located worldwide, first station being offshore Malaysia. How does this work with regards to tax? In the UK, there are seafarers' tax allowances which let you claim back tax paid at the end of a year if you have been in the country for less than 184 days. As a side note, has anybody used one of these relocation companies and are they worth it? Thanks Mark
  13. Guest

    Working Holiday 417

    Hi All, We're planning on heading to Australia in July this year (me on a Working Holiday Visa, my wife on a tourist visa) and we've a few questions I haven't yet found clearly on here! Our skilled independent application is already in, but not moving at the moment. We're hoping to get employer sponsorship at some point too to fill the gap between the WHV and permanent residency. Is there a likelihood of my wife's visa being limited to less than 12 months, and if so what do we do? She's over 30, I'm 30 in November this year and it would really suck for her to leave half way through! Shipping - as we're active people we have 5 bicycles plus stuff we'd like to take, along with various other bits and pieces as we'll be staying initially with family and exploring the area (QLD). Has anyone successfully used any airfreight companies for relatively small shipments (I'd roughly estimate no more than 3sqm)? Which order do we apply? 417 visa, then my wife's, and then flights? Insurance - it seems most policies from the UK cover up to 30 days any one trip overseas - what have other people done? Any thoughts and experiences would be gratefully appreciated. Nick
  14. neilharrison_253

    Working Holiday Visa for Married Couple..

    Hi All I have a friend in South Africa who is under 30 and married. He currently hold a UK passport so would be able to qualify for a WHV. He is however married to a South African girl who is also under 30 but only holds a South African passport. Anyone know if she would be able to get in on his WHV visa. They want to come and visit us and travel and work abit.. Thanks in advance
  15. pandv_2000

    Working visa advice

    As you can see from our timeline we currently have a 175 visa application in with DIAC. My husband recently started a new job and they have asked him if he would be willing to undertake a temporary assignment in Oz for 60 days. They don't know we have a visa application pending but we think it would be a good opportunity for DH to do a bit of a reccie and see how he feels about the working culture out there. The assignment would be to start at the beginning of June and they are proposing that DH goes out on a visitor visa. He will be employed by the company in the UK, paid in the UK and would be in the country for a 60 day period. I would just like some advice on if he will be allowed to work on a visitor visa or not. Even without the potential to jeopardise our pending application we would not want for him to be in breach of a visa restriction. If not does anyone have any advice on what visa would be best in these circumstances? We think that a 457 would be needed but his company have stated that the requirement is urgent which is why they are proposing a visitor visa as it will be processed relatively quickly. Thanks in advance.
  16. I am a midwife working in the UK and am hoping to move to the Gold Coast in the summer if I can find a job...my question is easy...private or public?...have heard some negative things about working in private hospitals..can anyone who does let me know how it really is please
  17. vbulsara

    ACS Status Working ? Or Not?

    Can Any One Confirm me if ACS Status Working ? Or Not? :policeman:
  18. Hey guys, am having a bit of a dilemma, I have just been informed by a friend who is in Sydney that she doesn't think I will be able to work when we get to Perth as our visa (176) is through my OH's skill. I have been on DIAC's website and can't for the life of me find out if this information is correct. Can someone please help me????.........Please Becks
  19. Ok, I can still apply for a 1 year working holiday visa (age 29) and 30 in October. I would like to apply for this and leave the UK for Australia in Jan 2012. I have a few concerns about going on a One Year working holiday Visa. I have to accept I will have to return to the UK after one year - although I will try every trick in the book to stay longer in Oz, however my concerns are about job prospects. I know the point of a holiday visa, is to allow you to work and travel around Oz. I dont really want to do that. I know I want to work in Melbourne and I want to do a professional job similar to what I do in London. Will companies even take me on if they know I am on a one year holiday visa? I can only stay in a job no more than six months. Would this put employers off, I am hoping employers after six months would look to sponsor me? My ultimate intention is to use this as a way to staying in Australia for the foreseeable future and a one year working holiday visa is the only chance I really have of getting my foot in the door. Your comments are appreciated. G
  20. Hi All, My name is Chris and I would really appreciate somebodys advice or expierence if they have been in a similar situation. I recently applied for a 2nd year working holiday visa. I did the work but it was off the "books" and I was paid in cash and have no proof other than signed form 1263 that I was on the farm. Didnt think i would need to keep bus tickets or accommodation reciepts has evidence. After a day or so immigration sent me this email requiring third party evidence that i did the work and I have since found out that this farmer has been investigated for signing off uncompleted work or no work at all. I dont have any other evidence but have six months left on my first year and was planning on travelling around regional australia and doing farm work anyway so this leads in to my questions 1. Can i withdraw the application now and resubmit with other work now I will know to keep all evidence (after i do 3 months on legit farm)? 2. They said I have been granted a bridging visa. Will this only come into effect after my first year is up or straight away? I have put immigration email below. Your help and advice would be much appreciated. Have the loveliest girlfriend in Oz and the thought of not seeing her is actually making me feel sick. Thanks a million. Chris:biggrin: This email relates to your 2nd Working Holiday visa application. Evidence of Specified Work As part of your visa application, you are required to provide evidence of specified work. Thank you for providing a completed Form 1263. However please note this evidence is insufficient for the grant of your visa. You are requested to provide alternative third-party evidence that you have completed specified work with this employer in the claimed regional area, for example: A bank statement covering the entire period of your claimed specified work is the most efficient form of evidence. This information is still ideal if you worked in a voluntary capacity i.e. unpaid work such as WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) and or paid cash-in-hand. Bus tickets, accommodation or general receipts in your name; Group certificates; Tax returns; Please note, if the documents do not identify you as the owner of the account or receipts, it is not weighed highly as alternate evidence. For specified work undertaken before 1 May 2005, please provide other documentation as evidence of your work. This may include payslips, PAYG Summary sheets, tax returns ( ATO group certificates) and employer references. This information can be provided by postage mail to: 2nd WHM Centre Cairns Regional Office Department of Immigration and Citizenship PO Box 1269 Cairns QUEENSLAND 4870 AUSTRALIA This information must be provided within 28 calendar days of this notice. If the requested information is outstanding after this date, a decision will be made on your application on the basis of the information already provided. Bridging Visa You have now been granted a Bridging Visa A. If your current visa application has not been decided by the time your last substantive visa ceases to be in effect, the Bridging Visa A will come into effect. The purpose of a bridging visa is to allow an applicant to remain lawfully in Australia until a decision is made on their visa application. The Bridging Visa A has the same work conditions as those on the substantive visa you held at the time of application. As you were in Australia at the time of making your application, you must be in Australia at the time a decision is made on your application.If a need to travel overseas arises during the processing of your application please inform the Department prior to travel so that we can advise you of the available options. New Fraud Public Interest Criterion On 2 April 2011, the department introduced a new Public Interest Criterion (PIC) that has been applied to certain visa subclasses. The Fraud PIC is aimed to minimise the level of fraud present in visa applications by providing a strong disincentive to those considering submitting false or misleading information in relation to an application. Where an applicant is found to have supplied false, misleading or bogus information and/or documentation to the department, the application will be refused
  21. Guest

    working in Docklands

    OH will be working in the docklands area (Melbourne) and wants no more than a door to door commute of 30 min. Long shot but does anyone know which area I should be looking at for a cheap decent house 3plus bedrooms, garden, nice schools nice area with a direct route to docklands by public transport? :no:
  22. Just listening to a fairly interesting 'spat' on the radio about the boss of The Royal Bank Of Scotland and his alleged affair with a work colleague. In short callers are saying that the affair may have affected his work and had an impact (big or small) on the debacle when the bank went bust, as I said, some are saying it MUST have affected his working life, and others are saying his private life has nothing to do with his banks collapse. So without getting into a debate about his behaviour, how do you deal with such issues. I'm not necessarily talking of affairs, but the normal day to day things, money worries, children, wives, husbands, and so on. Are you able to separate what may be happening your personal lives to that of work. Are you affected by it all and take your troubles into work and does it affect your ability to do the job to the best of your abilities, or are you one of those that is able to separate work from social life and carry on as normal, difficult one I know, but would be interesting. I will fess up. If something goes on in my personal life, (not the niggly little things, but the more major issues) then I well and truly take it into work with me. No one may know what is going on, but even though I try my hardest to switch and do the job to the best of my ability I know full well that I may be a little of target and 'maybe' not do my job as it should be done. It vis a very easy expression to say, 'Don't bring your social life into work', but that is a very difficult sentiment to follow for me. As I said, we all have little niggles, and most of us can deal with these, but when bigger issues are discussed, i.e., divorce, affairs, children's health, death, etc then I am more than willing to admit I can NOT switch off from these things and is a constant thought in my mind. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  23. MazPaul

    Working in Port Melbourne

    I have near as damit got a job sorted which is in Port Melbourne now we need to look at areas to live.Hope people on here can come up with places to look at.Not bothered about travelling to work within reason,we want a reasonable priced neighbourhood with good schools near by then we both aren't travelling every day to get to work and kids sorted.We have a 5 yr old and a 13yr old all the advice possible is most welcomed and appreciated too.Thanks PIOers.:twitcy:
  24. Guest

    Working VISA

    how long dose it take to obtain a working visa, im looking to go to oz around jan 2012 but dont no when is best to apply, also someone i work with said i will need a medical is this right?
  25. I have been offered a job in East Fremantle as a nurse (Kaleeya hospital) and was wondering which areas we should be looking towards for living. I was thinking that the southern suburbs would be best then there is no crossing through the main CBD area each day but how far south should we be looking, would Rockingham, Baldivis be too far. We would be looking to rent at first and don't want to overstretch ourselves too much with rental price, probably $450 per week max, and we would need 3 bedrooms. Also how would be the best way to get to work, bearing in mind I am a nurse so will be doing shifts and hopefully would be missing the main rush hour traffic. Would it be possible to get the train and perhaps a bus to get to work at all or is it too far out of the way Thanks