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Found 600 results

  1. Just wondering about, money, conditions etc
  2. Hi all I know I am mad it will never make me a fourtune but please someone tell me there are horse related jobs out in Perth !! I have had and worked with horses for many years off and on and they truely are my passion in fact i could possibly go insane if i had nothing to do with them :arghh: Do any of you know of a yard or particular horsey area in perth am i right that they are more into racing and polo overthere i seem to have hit a brick wall when i search all that comes up is kids offering to work in their holidays any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated i am moving over early september (waiting on flight conformation ) Many thanks in advance for some replies :notworthy:
  3. Guest

    Working Hours

    Hi everyone I'm hoping a couple of people may help satisfy a curiosity I have - I work quite long hours in the UK and am hoping it is not normal to work excessive hours in Australia. I work in the general remit of finance, currently as an internal auditor. Many thanks for any tips, advice or general words of wisdom! Kind regards Ed :wideeyed:
  4. Guest

    Holiday Working Visa Question

    Hi, Both me and my wife would like to spend a year on a Holiday Working Visa. I cant find any information which indicates whether or not we will be eligible for this visa as were married. I seem to recall reading that we wouldn't be eligible because we were married. Can someone confirm this for me? Thanks Nick
  5. Bushwhacker

    Wives to Husbands working FIFO

    I have accepted a job in WA working FIFO. My wife and I both know that working FIFO will be difficult but we are certainly not the first couple to choose to do it. Our biggest concerns are its moving to a new country, she'll be alone a lot and wont initially have many friends. I think that if she were to get casual work, we could attend expat meets so she can get to make friends in similar situations. It would be great to hear from the wives that have already done it and learn how they coped/are coping. Maybe there's other issues we hadn't considered? We are a 20 something couple with no kids. I understand that there guys who are husbands to wives working FIFO but I would like to hear it from a woman's perspective. It would be great to hear from you
  6. J&T

    Working In Visa's

    Has anyone used Working In Visa's to manage there visa application? If so please can you reply or message me with your thoughts. Thanks Jon.
  7. Can anyone help with my question? Is it possible to apply for the 457 visa from within Australia? I heard you need to lodge your application from the uk??? Cheers
  8. I'm hoping someone out there can help as after searching the internet and both uk and aus tax office websites i cant find any answers! I am a british citizen and my partner is australian. We live in australia and have done for the past 5years . After becoming pregnant with my second child we have decided to move back to the uk and i have a job opportunity working for an australian company however i will be based from home in the uk. The australian company does not have an entity in the uk, they will be transferring wages into my uk account so my question is, how do i pay tax and who do i pay it to? Thanks for your help! uk. My other
  9. Hi all, I've done my 3 months rural work pruning trees on a property in a regional area and applied for my second working holiday visa. I just got an email back saying: "I have assessed the evidence provided and have determined that you do not meet the requirements for this visa for the reason(s) listed below. Your employer has verified that the work that you completed (general gardening & maintenance) was not specified work as defined by the Minister in the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) F2008L02264, 24 June 2008, IMMI 08/048." It states that pruning trees and vines is eligible work that can count towards your visa extension so I have no idea why it doesn't meet the requirements. Has anyone else run into a similar situation?? What are examples of specified work?? (I have already checked the immigration website and know of the examples they state there but if you can give me other specific examples I would really appreciate it). E.g. Is shrub, weed maintenance on a rural property eligible? Thanks in advance for your help!!
  10. Todays announcement that another 8 prisons are to be put up for privatisation has come as a sickening blow to the prison service and its members. HM Prisons, Lindholme, Moorlands, Hatfield, Onley, Coldingley, Durham and Acklington, could be privatised very soon, with the loss of hundreds of prison officers jobs and those that are left, will have to accept a £6 to £8 thousand pound reduction in their wages and loss of most of their pension rights and it is a kick in the teeth for these hard pressed professionals who deal with the most difficult, dangerous and disturbed people in the country. We are not the only professionals who are being savaged, the police, nurses, teachers, bank, government and council workers, plus others, too many to mention are being attacked and i am just at a loss of trying to understand what the government is thinking and how will all this help the country to come out of this 3 year recession we have been in? :mad::no:
  11. I've been studying here for the last year, but my visa is almost up. I'd like to leave the country for a few days and reenter on my unused Working Holiday visa. But when I tried to apply for it online I was rejected. I'm currently in Oz but need to be out before 31 Aug. I'm hoping I can leave the country before that date, apply for my working holiday visa online while abroad in Bali, and return. Does anyone know if this is possible? I am between 18 and 30 and have not used this visa before. Many thanks in advance for any help. Jonny.
  12. The Pom Queen

    Working Holiday Visa

    My brother in law is thinking of coming out and spending some time with us, if he comes out on a tourist visa then decides he likes it and wants to apply for a WHV how is this done without him returning back to the UK. I believe he would have to go off shore which countries would be the cheapest and does anyone know what the turn around is, as I don't fancy him being stranded somewhere else for a few months waiting for the visa grant, also can they ever be refused? Thanks K :wubclub:
  13. So, here is the dilemma... I had already put in our application for a 175 visa in June. Now I have a potential job offer from a company that would require me to go out there within the next 4-6 weeks. Im considering applying for and going out on a Working Holiday Visa to get me out there quickly. Conversations have already been had between the company and I about immediately applying for a long stay or PR visa so that I can continue working for them after 6 months and also bring my family over from the UK. Are there any issues with doing this? I've read several other posts that suggest people are doing the same thing but I'm just concious of any caveats that I might not have discovered. Thanks in advance, Dave.
  14. hi i am going to australia in november on a 3 month travel visa. i am wanting to go back out there by april2012 on a working holiday visa, i am wanting to stay there permanently, i need help on how to go about getting a permenent visa and which one will be suitable??. any help would be grateful
  15. Hi there is there anyone out there that work in the mining industry, I've been to an expo today and met reps from liebherr who were very helpful and were very keen for me to come and work for them, all be it on a 2:1 rota which is the norm I believe, but when your on site what should I expect I.e digs and other amenities, all very well them offering you a load of money but you need to get a feel for what your letting yourself in for. Thanks
  16. Hi everyone, I am trying to organize insurance for my move to Australia. I am going initially on a working holiday visa though I will be trying to get a sponsorship so that I can stay longer. I am looking for holiday insurance that will obviously cover me if I have an accident or get sick but has a pretty low excess. The 96 pound policy mentioned in the title was found on money supermarket.com has a 100 excess. Obviously I am aware that if you pay for the more expensive premiums you pay zero excess but I do not want to spend a lot right now. I also want to be covered for activities like surfing. Also I want to have public liabilty in case I was to hurt someone doing an activity like surfing which I imagine could be easily done on a busy Ozzie beach. My question was just who you guys got insured with and if you are moving permanently then what do you do insurance wise for health and dentist? Thanks
  17. Hi, I am planning to apply for ACS skills assessment for my 176 visa application under NSW state sponsorship or the 175 visa. My nominated application is Software Engineer, but my current work is SAP Functional Consultant for the last 12 months but I have been working as a software engineer for 7 years prior that. The confusing part is that for me to be eligible to either 176 or 175 visa, that I should be working for 12 months for the last 24 months under the nominated category. I presume that SAP Functional Consultant and Software Engineer falls on two different categories, so if I nominate software engineer, will I not qualify for this visa as I have been working as a SAP Functional Consultant for 12 months in the last 24 months? I cannot nominate my SAP work experience which I presume would be under Business Analyst as I have only 1 year of experience. Please advise me what to do as I am a bit hesitant whether to pursue my skills assessment because of this issue.
  18. Right this is it: I am in VICTORIA I moved into the rental in March with a *major* rental agent. To cut a very long story short it was filthy and garden overgrown, grill was not working - this was specified on moving but said it would be fixed urgently. I report that the oven turns itself up and down and only 2 of the 4 stove rings work. Fast forward 2 weeks and the landlord decides to move rental agent to another *major* rental agent in Mornington!:swoon: I go through the story with her and she promises to follow it up. 27 workmen later the landlord has chosen who will fit the new oven and stove by a plumber, the electrician needs to come in and a cabinet maker to complete the 70's kitchen look... GREAT!:nah: We are now in July, I have had the oven and stove sat delivered in my lounge room and no date for installing only that it will be July... AM I WITHIN MY RIGHTS TO ASK FOR A RENT REDUCTION?? I CANNOT (really) COOK DUE TO THE OVEN THERMOSTAT GOING UP AND DOWN, A CONDEMMED GRILL AND 2 STOVES TO MAKE A FAMILY MEAL FOR 4? I am soooo over all this please help :cry: Can I also add we have remulched all the front garden beds, cut back all the horrid wavering creeper plants and made the place look so much better. At the 3 month inspection I really emphasised the need to get it sorted with obviously no success :frown:
  19. cartertucker

    Working in the mines ~ WA

    My 18 year old Son is thinking about working in the mines when we move to WA Can anyone give us any information please :cute:
  20. I have just completed a degree in BSc Mathematics, and will start a PGCE in September to teach secondary level maths. I plan to travel to Australia at the end of my PGCE on a working holiday visa. I was wondering whether its possible to teach in schools on a working holiday visa as an NQT, and if so where do I look and how do I go about getting a job. I know that you can only work for 6 months in one state If this isnt an option is there any other ways of working in schools not as a teacher or in childcare. I would just like to gain experience in the appropriate career area. Anyone got any ideas, websites, places of contact etc... Thanks
  21. Hi All, I'm moving to Sydney in a couple of months to a job in Epping but have no idea where to live. I'd love to be as close to the beach as possible and having searched the forums and spoken to friends Coogee or Manly would be ideal. Realistically are these too far to commute to Epping from? I will have a car but have no problem using Public Transport if it's quicker. Ideally I'd cycle but it looks too far to do every day. I'd probably be happy to spend an hr commuting each way if it allowed me to live by the beach...... I'm in my mid-twenties and moving on my own so am looking for somewhere fun and vibrant where I can meet other people. Any advice much appreciated, Cheers J
  22. Hiya, Would really appreciate any advice at all on this one: I'm currently working on a BVA, waiting for my partner visa (onshore, lodged in Sydney end of March). My last visa was a WHV so I can only work for my employer for 6 months. I applied to have this limit lifted on the grounds that I'm waiting for an onshore visa which will enable me to continue working for employer, and also financial hardship. This was turned down as my partner's salary is pretty good, but they reissued my BVA so I can stay with current employer till December. Now my first employer from my WHV is trying to get me to go back there. There would be a promotion and pay rise, and the work would be more interesting and varied, however I really like the team I work with at the moment although the work is very repetitive and not hugely rewarding. If I don't get my visa by Christmas (and the time scale I was given was 9-12 months), and my work limit isn't lifted then I'll be forced to go back to agency work, will probably be unemployed over Christmas / New Year because of the slow job market, and will take a $22k pay cut. I really don't know what to do - I was given the same offer a few months ago which led to me getting a contract with my current employer. There's been quite a high turnover of staff in my team and I would feel bad for leaving, but then I might be forced to leave in December in any case. Any advice more than welcome!
  23. Dobbsy

    Visitor Working Visa

    Hi... can anyone point me in the right direction... a friend of mine is 20 yrs old and interested in a Visitor Working Visa for a year... bit of work.. bit of travelling etc.... she wants some links to research accommodation, meeting others in same situation, how to get started, costs involved etc. Thanks :biggrin:
  24. PommyPaul

    Working hard??

    Had abit of a tought day at work the other day which lead me to the usual ponderings lol, whats the most physically demanding day at work youve ever had? Mine was thursday, let me build the scene lol!! Ive spent the last six minths doing tractor work which involves, well mainly sitting on your ass eating haha.... then thursday i got the great news that we had to go lamb marking, docking, casterating, this involves a group of us having our seperate duties and joy oh joy cause i look the fittest one i get to ctach the lambs hmmmmm trouble is if they were lambs it would have been great, nice tiny little lambs, 5 - 10kg in weight lovely! but nooooooooooo due to seeding the lamb marking was two months late so the lambs are now teenagers, they fight like teenagers and weight as much ( from 15 - 30kg) now lifting a 30kg bag of spuds for example is heavy but hey ho its not so bad, now picture that bag going nuts and fighting with all its might not to be picked up!!! So to cut a veeeerrrrrrryyyyyy long moan short ( no i didnt moan at the time, just sucked it up haha) had to catch, lift to chest height and strap into a machine 500 plus teen lambs, i'm now enjoying niot being able to move lol and lots of cuts and bruises from attacks lol... managed to get cramp in both arms and legs by the end of it too the point i had to physical straighten my arms with the other arm as it was cramping so bad. oh the joys of farm life :confused: if i t doesnt kill you, hmm well i'll feel stronger soon hopefully lol.....someone else tell me theres
  25. Hi, I am currently in Australia on a working holiday visa (which I acquired through USIT). I have a query about the six month work restriction on this visa and cannot seem to clarify this from the Australian Government website. I was wondering if USIT can assist? Does the six month working period limitation to one employer mean six months consecutively or can this be cumulative i.e. 3 months here and 3 months there or a few weeks here or there? In other words is it possible for the six month period to be cumulative over the one year working holiday visa or must it be in a consecutive period of time? I would be really grateful if anyone could help me with this! Many thanks!