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  1. hi all we are here in oz at the moment and dh has a potential job offer in brisbane cbd. any ideas in nice suburbs for young families at least 30 minutes commute away, then we can research this weekend? preferably coastal or close to coast ! thanks!
  2. Hi all, I just wondered if anyone could give me some advice. I am currently a permanent resident living in Victoria, but i am trying to get information together for a defacto partner visa for my partner. We met at university, whilst we spent nearly all our time together we did have separate accomodation. She came out to stay here to vic for 6 months on a holiday visa but then had to go back, at that time we lived with my parents and so did not have our names on any leases or bills , however did have a joint bank account. Unfortunatly i had a bad accident breaking my leg requiring surgery and ongoing rehabilitation so have only been able to work on a casual basis. We are trying to decide what the best approach to getting her out here permanently would be. We have lots of letters photes and things showing we have been together for a few years, but realise it will take more than this. Do you think the best approach would be to apply for a working holiday visa and then apply for a defacto while she is out here or what are chances if we apply while she is in the uk now. Would both my parents and her parents be able to complete statements of support to aid us in our visa application I look forward to any and all help and advice Many thanks Alex
  3. hi i am on a 457 visa and wasnt able to include my 24yr olds son on my application because he was working in the uk, so he came over to oz on a working holiday visa but now i am going to apply for PR would i be able to put him on my application as he is not working out here and i am surporting him ? thanks julie p:wub:
  4. just wondering if anyone has gone over to oz on a working holiday visa whilst awaiting their 175/176 visa to be granted?? we are desperate to get over to Australia and thinking about doing this once our 175 visa application is in.. ! we have no commitments in the UK (e.g. children, mortgage etc) so would just be able to go really once it has been granted. i know that we have to leave Australia before the 175 visa is granted and then re-enter the country again. How do you know the visa is about to be granted, will they contact you to tell you that you need to leave Oz? Thank you, much appreciated!! :biggrin:
  5. Hi, I'm thinking about heading over to Sydney for a few months on a working holiday visa. My Girlfriend has been over there for the past 3 weeks and has had no issues finding temp work, even though she does'nt have many qualifications. Various people who Ive spoken to say that I should have no issues finding work over there with my qualifications, but I still have my doubts. I have: an NCON in Peer Mentoring. BA (Hons) in TV and Radio. Btec ND in Music Technology Although I graduated in media, I have spent the past few years working as a Youth Mentor/Support worker, and kept media production as a hobbie. I'm not too fussed what work I do out in oz, as I only plan on staying for a few months. Having said that, it would be good to find something in the media or youth/mentoring field. So I'm unsure as to whether I should apply for a job before I get over there, (From what I can gather, some companies sort out your visa when you do this?), or just apply for the WHV, and look for work when I arrive? Thanks for any info on this C
  6. Would really appreciate hearing from any carpenters who have or are working in the mines FIFO Perth WA..... want to know all the good and the bad points... Also whats employment like out there for the construction industry? whats the rate of pay like for site foremans and can anyone recommend any reputable companies?
  7. HI everyone, just looking for some well timed PIO advice. We have been in Oz for 8 years now, but are finally heading to the sunny coast in Dec this year. We have often toyed with the idea of going home but have decided that before any major decisions are made we have to have the life we wanted when we first arrived and has needless to say eluded us so far. Also hoping to finally be part of an expat community with like minded people and this site has definitely got that, as I have been stalking the socialising threads for a while now, dreaming we could take part. Anway I digress, after reading a lot of posts on here it seems Buderim has something we have obviously missed. We have always visited the beachside suburbs and Noosa, Coolum, Mooloolaba and Tewantin were originally high on our list. But looking at it logically, further back areas like Mountain Creek or the Seaside area at Mount Coolum seem to be a better option. So I am just looking for advice really on the positives and negatives from people who live there.:goofy: We have 2 girls 3 and 1, so need parks and activites to do. Bike riding, Dog walking etc Can anyone recommend any Daycare's in the area? I am a teacher but have heard work is mega tough to find? Are there any teachers out there? I am doing my Cv up now to start the job hunting process. Hubby has resigned to commute to the mines until he can get work maybe in the city..he is an electrician. Any of them on the sunny coast??? We are coming down for a reckie at the end of Sept, but would love to get some areas on our map to check out. Sorry its a bit long:chatterbox: Thanks Lis
  8. Hi PomsInOZ, Could anyone advise what is the best current account to have in Australia? I am trying to research if it is best to set up before arriving or if this incurs charges that would be avoided by opening on landing in Melbourne in mid November. I am only arriving with a minimal amount of money, around the £3000 recommended for one years work supported travel, and don’t wish to have to pay for set-up and money transfer fees if these could be avoided. Thanks for any advice. Cheers Tom
  9. Hi, I am planning on entering australia on a working visa and all being well having this be extended for a further 12 months... My question is what are my options after the 2nd year? I am ultimately looking to live in aus permanently but I currently dont have any specific skills such as a trade... I have worked in banking since I left school but dont have any recognised qualifications. Would I need to find an employer who would be willing to sponsor me? And could this be in a role such as working for a bank in aus? Or would I need to seek qualifications such as learning a trade? Many thanks in advance!!!
  10. Hi experts, I got my 176 visa VIC SS recently and planing to move to Melbourne next month. My current employer like me to work for them even after I moved to Melbourne. also they willing to offer Auzee salary scale. Since I VIC sponsored, Do I need to work for an Auzee company after I moved there? or Is this possible? your valuable replies most appreciated :notworthy: Thanks, Horizone.
  11. After driving around mainland Europe for 2 weeks and seeing the efforts our neighbors on the continent have made with Solar water heating, Photo-voltaic panels and wind power I have realised how pathetic the UK's attempts have been, purely lip service:cry:. So it is great to see that Australia's controversial Carbon Tax seems to have already begun to pay dividends. (Maybe the UK can learn from OZ) Australia Gets Ten Times Bigger Solar farm Following Carbon Tax In its first solar investment in Australia, GE Energy and Financial Services has partnered with US thin-film producer First Solar and local state-owned energy firm Verve Energy to build a solar farm ten times larger than any yet built in the country. It will supply electricity for a desalination plant in Western Australia, which has a mandate to use renewable power for all new desalination projects. Australia – resource-cursed by plentiful coal – has seen a sharp uptick in international interest from renewable energy firms following this summer’s passage of carbon legislation by the Gillard government, which now puts a price ($23 per tonne) on CO2 emissions. State legislation helps too. Now, all new desalination plants in Western Australia must use power generated from renewable sources. The Southern Seawater Desalination Plant has contracted to buy 100% of the power from the Greenough River Solar Farm, which will produce energy when it is most needed during the day, and eliminating 25,000 tonnes per year of greenhouse gas emissions. Source: Clean Technicahttp://cleantechnica.com/2011/09/01/australia-gets-ten-times-bigger-solar-farm-following-carbon-tax/
  12. Hope this makes sense. I am on my way to the Brisbane area soon and my daughter (22 yrs of age) has asked about coming over. Daughter didn't get herself a great education and hasn't exactly forged herself the start of a brilliant career. Though has and does work. For my daughter we was originally looking at the Working holiday visa but it has left me wondering about what will happen after the visa has ended. I doubt very much that she could get herself into a position of sponsorship through work. So I got thinking about using a Student visa first and then if we have to, applying for a Working holiday visa. Now, Student visa's, where the hell do we start?? Can anyone help or advise with who,what,when or a phone number to call. Hope people can make sense of the rambling. Thanks very much. Andy
  13. Hi there, i am going over to gold coast in January for 6 months trial period. It will be on a working holiday visa from the UK. I am looking for advice on where to go so any. advice i could get is welcome. Im looking for a place next to beach, not too built up (more of a community feel than tourist spot) but also be able to find work. Am i asking too much? I know its not really like how we see in Home & Away but i can dream of something similar. . . cant i ha
  14. Hi all Can anyone please confirm if we come over there on a 457 sponsored visa, if my wife will be able to obtain work as well, through that family visa? Cheers
  15. jo688

    Working remotely on ETA

    Hello Can anybody tell me if you can work remotely for UK based companies while you are in Oz on an ETA. I am a writer and write for UK mags from my computer. I am set up as self employed in the UK and invoice and pay tax on any earnings in the UK. I am not planning on working (I am coming to visit friends and do some sightseeing) and but I do have regular clients who often need commisions doing on a short-notice basis. Turning them down would jeopordise them commissioing me again but I don't want to do anything I'm not allowed. I'm not planning working for any Aus based mags or doing any cash in hand work while I am in Oz. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi Can anyone let me know how many hours a construction site Manager/Project manager works in the Perth area. I been told some horror stories of working 10 to 14 hrs a day plus travel over 6 and 7 days. Is this correct?:arghh:
  17. Hello I am glad I found this forum and I have done a lot of reading lately! Me and my friend have been staying in Australia since 8/11/2010, and our working holiday Visa (WHV) is expiring on 7/11/2011. But, like many others I want to extend my stay for another three months, so I can do some travelling. I know that I can fly over to NZ and apply for an ETA online while over there. I just have a few questions in regards to that. Here are the questions. (1) Can we fly over to NZ before the visa expires, then apply for the Australia ETA visa while in NZ after our 417 WHV expired as we are planning to travel in NZ for 2 - 3 weeks, once our Australia ETA have granted, will there be any problems with the immigration in Australia after our WHV visa expires? (2) How long does it take to grant the Australia ETA visa? (3) Will I get refused to enter NZ as I can't prove I'll be able to get into Australia after our WHV already expires. Is it necessary to book a flexible flight ticket back to Australia before our visa expires? After I have gained entry to NZ then I can change the return flight to a later date? (4) I am from Hong Kong and I hold a British National Overseas (BNO) passport and Hong Kong Administrative Region (HKSAR) passport. As I used my British National Overseas (BNO) passport to apply the 417 WHV and enter Australia with that passport, I know I have to use the same passport when I leave Australia. But can I enter NZ using the Hong Kong Administrative Region (HKSAR) passport? Will the immigration officer in NZ allow me to do that? The reason I want to do that is I want to apply ETA online. If I use BNO, I can't do it online. (5) As my friend is a British citizen and he can apply it online as a evisitor instead of online ETA application. I would like to know the processing time of the evisitor visa? Is it the same as online ETA visa? Hope it all makes sense to u guys Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a nice day, Noche
  18. Hi All, I would really like some advice, I have been reading up on various other posts and the immigration website and I am still baffled as to how this all works. Me & my partner went to Perth for a 3 week holiday just recently, prior to this he already had contacts with potential employers so whilst we was there he attended interviews etc, he has got a job and is hoping to go out on a working holiday visa in October, the potential employer has said once he has worked for them for a month, if he likes my partner and via versa then they will sponsor him on a 457. Has anyone else been in this situation??? The reason as to why I am stressing is because we have two lovely doggies which we are bringing with us, I haven’t started the process with them yet but will do by the end of the month. My partner is leaving me behind to go and start work for this employer soon, the reason why I am staying behind is because of the doggies and was hoping to be out by December with them as well, but me obviously on a working holiday until his got the 457 sponsorship. I have heard from different people about the defacto partner etc saying we need to prove this and that but I do not think this is relevant as I will be going onto his 457 as a 2nd applicant? Any advice would be very much appreciated!!! :confused::arghh: Kate
  19. Hi all, I was wondering if there was anyone on PIO who is employed in the water and waste water industry in Queensland?I have been working as an Instrument Technician within the water industry for over 8 years in Northern Ireland and would love to work in this area if and when we make it to Oz! (Passed TRA as Electrician Special Class; Visa application submitted Feb 2009) I wouldn't mind starting as a site/plant operator until I get the necessary training and qualifications. Also, has anyone secured employment in the water industry prior to moving down under? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, David.
  20. We have come out to Australia on a Permanent Residency (PR) visa with the intention of staying on long term. We were originally told that we could not get the working from home allowance (WFHA) as we were on PR. However, after talking to a few people, we have been told that people on PR are entitled to the WFHA, if they can prove that they have not sold their house back in the UK. This is due to the fact that it is seen that you intend to return back there at a later stage. Has anyone come across this before or can tell us if it is true? It is sure something that we would like to look into further as the allowance would help a great deal. If this is not the case, what are people on PR entitled to apart from reduced school costs?
  21. hi, Thought I´d give a bit of feedback on starting new life in Oz. We got our visa´s back in April, state sponsored by ACT. After trying to find work from offshore for a couple of months with no success, I took the plunge and came down leaving family back in Europe saying goodbye to friends and family. Our first choice was ACT, then maybe Adelaide, but within 24hrs of arriving I had a good good offer in Sydney. Through gritted teeth I turned it down thinking I´d hold out for ACT, etc. Two weeks later not even an interview elsewhere and I´m starting to worry.....then Sydney came back with better offer and what could I do? By the way DIAC don´t care that ACT sponsored me, I´ll explain later...! So moved to Sydney, found a cracking short term flat right on Bondi beach front for six weeks while I looked for something permanent. House hunting was not as bad as some of the stories I had heard. I only saw one house on an open day and it wasn´t great so didn´t stay long. I looked at ten other properties, all empty, view at any time, no competition. Demand isn´t great at the moment if you pick the right areas. Should explain house hunting....for me I had a limit of 500 a week, but on arrival and seeing some in this range, it went to 750....500 gets you crap in commutable areas. My method was to do a search on Domain for any house anywhere for budget with right beds, etc. then overlay the train map and narrow down the choice to those houses within 10 mins of stations. That gave me 20 or so houses in about 6 areas and they were the one I focused on. As I said, demand is low....I had nothing ready, but gave all details, refs, etc., but I know they rang my work and left message but never followed it up, so in the end I got a lease without any refs or backup. Really odd. Then I started work......to set the scene, I am a Partner level project director in the property industry. Sydney is a long hours culture....be under no illusions what so ever that you will be breakfasting on the patio and strolling to work then hitting the beach on the way home......never going to happen. Couple of my collegues swim on bondi before work...at 5.30 til 6 am....in a couple of weeks it might be daylight. For me the day starts at 5.30 and I get home at 7.30-8.00. Base hours are 8 til 6..... and you work them all, and some.. Culture is different as well, it is quite a macho environment and that includes the women ( about 40% of office are female) so the quiet english reserve needs some work. On the good side, this company supplies breakfast and I get a fruit basket (!!) daily plus papers, coffee shop and other stuff..... and on Friday afternoon, they open the beer fridge.. and you get free drinks for a few hours. Very social, the whole office stays and it is a great way to unwind and build office spirit. Works better then different groups hitting the pubs on a friday. Other stuff....credit cards and car loans were straightforward. Only big hassle so far has been driving licence. NSW RTA will not give you a licence without a sticker in your passport. DIAC hate them for it but RTA will not use the electronic system and will not accept your grant letter...sticker or nothing. And you have to do it as the driving licence is almost the most important piece of ID you will own. So had to get sticker.... went to immigration office by central station, and it took 15 mins. Chatted with officer about moving to NSW, even changed address to Sydney and they were happy. Said that the 176 visa had no restrictions therefore they were not interested. Happy I had found a job. All in Oz so far is pretty good. It is expensive, and when you understand the long hours you understand why some things are as they are. Just waiting for the family now.
  22. Hi, I'm going to Australia from 1st October on a year long working holiday with Real Gap, sort of like a gap year but three years after graduating! Has anyone here done the same programme? I'm hoping to see as much of Australia as I can and just experience the whole place, meet new people etc... They guarantee job offers, mostly fruit picking and factory work My only concerns are where to stay after the first week and getting enough money together. Has anyone got experiences of Real Gap or are you about to go on a working holiday?
  23. Hi everyone, I may have the opportunity to work for an Australian company if I move back to the UK however I'm confused on how and who I'll pay tax to. The company is Australian and doesnt have an entity in the UK, I will be working from a home office and the Australian company will be paying me into my UK account. Has anyone been in this situation or have any knowledge of how the system works and where I will pay tax? Thanks for your help!
  24. Guest

    2nd Working Holiday Visa

    Hello i am trying to calculate how many days i have done towards my second year. I lived and worked on a farm for 1 month(5th April to 5th MAy), so do i count that as 31 days or just the days i actually worked??around 23 days?? Also does anyone know if weed spraying jobs count as specified work?? Cheers!!
  25. Hi all, hope all is well. I am planning on going to Australia on a working holiday visa, Probably working contract in engineering. I will probably love it there so will want to stay longer. However I am going with my girlfriend who has got an occupational training visa (6 months) I am looking to get sponsored by a company to get a work visa so I can add my girlfriend as we are in a defacto relationship (scary) Can anyone give any advice on the best way to get sponsorship from a company? Or could anyone shed any light on any problems we may encounter? Regards Iain