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  1. The posts on here have been really informative but I would like some advice regarding my personal situation if anyone can help? Immigration cannot be specific and I am having trouble getting hold of my local migration agent plus it seems to be rather expensive! I really just want to know if it is worth submitting an application at all as obviously it is a lot of money to waste if I don't stand a good chance of getting approved. So, my story is... I met my partner in December 2010 while I was on a 2nd working holiday visa and was living with him from January 2011, though I have no real proof of this as it is his dad's flat, so would only have statutory declarations plus board was still being taken from my wages for food. My visa ran out on 4 March so I returned to my parents' house in England. I have got lots of proof of phone calls and emails for the 3 months that I was away. During this period I was applying for university, internships etc. in Australia so that I could come back and my partner and I booked a trip to see eachother in June in Vietnam. After we spent 3.5 weeks in Vietnam together I came back to Australia for a 6 week internship in Wadeye, again we stayed in regular contact. We then spent 2 weeks in Darwin together before flying to Nhulunbuy, which is where I have been since August living with him. He is financially supporting me as I was on a tourist visa and then a bridging visa A, and he did write a statement to this effect for me to send to the Student Loans Company in the UK. I have been offered sponsorship off the back of my internship and so will have to return to Wadeye this month when my 457 visa gets granted. So basically we lived together for 2 months at the beginning of the year (but no real evidence), then have lived together for 3-4 months more recently. I have no real hope of moving back to where my boyfriend is unless we can get a de facto visa but then I am not sure if we can get a de facto visa if we are living apart. I was not going to apply until January but I'm just trying to get my head around all of the paperwork and requirements now. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello people of the internet. Background; my wife is Australian we’re applied for the spousal visa so while that happens I’m on a bridging visa A. I want to work through (my old job in London had an office in Sydney so I have a job whenever I need it) but to change to a working bridging visa I need to show a financial need. Has anyone ever done this – how long does it take and what is needed?… oh and where you successful? Any help would be lovely ta!
  3. There isn't a section for people just travelling on a WHV, so I thought I'd start a thread for those who are planning to go out on a WHV within the next year or two, or for those who have gone out and want to share their experience. I know there are a few of you out there but I'm sure there's more, would be good for us to all chat on one thread! :cute:
  4. Guest

    Working Holiday or Sponsorship?

    Hey there guys, I'm pretty new to this so bare with me haha. I went to the SkilledMigrantJobs.com Expo on the weekend and had some good info on emigrating. One thing I'm struggling with though is how to find a job?! I'm a Vehicle Paint Sprayer and I've been emailing potential employers asking if they have any vacancies and would they sponsor me, but I've heard nothing back I've had a thought that perhaps I should get a Working Holiday Visa to make myself more attractive to employers, then hope they'll sponsor me when I'm there. What would you guys suggest? Thanks! Carwyn.
  5. Guest

    Working in Canberra....

    ....have been here a few months and wondering where the heck you all are (to paraphrase the Lara Bingle ad)?!
  6. My 457 visa application has been granted, that is a good news. It however expires on 31 Oct 2013 which is my last working day. I called the immigration office and they said that they just granted the visa based on the nomination of my employer, but my previous 457 visa sponsored by the same employer was given 1 month extra after employment. They also said that they cannot undo a visa decision once it has been made, and suggested me to applying for a tourist visa toward the end of my employment to get an extra few weeks to arrange my travel. I understand that any thing can happen in the next 2 years, but is it a common practice that they give a visa that expires on the end date of working which leave the person merely 6 hours to leave the country or the employer have to put in a reasonable period in the visa nomination? Do any of you have the same issue?
  7. millers

    working for Bunnings

    Hi there My hubby and i are going to OZ in Feb next yr and he has got a sponsorship with Bunnungs......are they good to work for ? does anybody have experience of working for them from the UK?
  8. I stayed up most of Saturday night with my friend Bill and then felt stuffed most of Sunday. And then I did it again Sunday night because I wanted to watch Spurs play away to Blackburn Rovers. Now, I feel stuffed again, almost like being jet-lagged! In fact I remember a friend in England once saying he asked his wife, after she'd done a long flight with him, how she felt? 'Now you know how I feel after a week of nights when you want me to get up and come shopping.'
  9. I am moving to qld with fiance in october. I have a working holiday visa and was planning to apply for a spousal one once we'd bought a house/had more things in our names in aus (we are renting and do not have joint bank account in UK at the mo). However, I have just discovered I am pregnant and am very worried due to the fact I am not allowed medicare on my current visa. I just googled some private health insurance companies but for them I think it may be too late as I am already pregnant. Any advice/ideas would be gratefully appreciated! Thank you!
  10. Hi there guys, I am currently living in Penrith with my Uncle, i am 23 and a qualified joiner. I have been here three weeks now, and it was always my intention to try and stay out here, so i am now trying to look into the steps to take towards getting PR. Has anyone done this and has any advice to offer? I am a qualified tradie and i have family willing to sponsor me, so what are my chances??? :eek: There seems to be a number of ways to do this and i have heard horror stories aswell as successful ones, just trying to get things right first time! :biggrin: Please post, i would be grateful for your thoughts and experience. Peace out Mark
  11. jacb

    Working in Saudi Arabia

    I hope someone can help with this! My husband has been working in Saudi Arabia since the beginning of April this year. He plans to stay no later than the beginning of April 2012 and he will not be inside the UK for more than 90 days between the two dates therefore he is not a resident of the UK for tax purposes. Along side this we are applying for a permanent visa for Australia. We are still in the early stages as we are waiting on his skills assessment from EA but I was looking at the visa application form on the DIAC website and question 9 asks is your country of current residence. My husband is a UK citizen and until this year he has lived permanently in the UK and during this year his holidays have been back in the UK. His banking is all still here and any mail is sent to his address here. Does anyone know if we should be putting the UK as his country of current residence or should it be Saudi Arabia? We would rather it be the UK as this I think putting Saudi Arabia could cause problems with our application. Thank you!:confused:
  12. Juliep

    working holiday visa

    can anyone tell me if you can apply for a 2nd working holiday visa if you didnt do the harvesting on your 1st one, my son had a WHV in 2009 and want to go back over to oz now, what r his options ?
  13. Guest

    2nd Working Holiday Visa

    Just a quick question.... Having been in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, can you go back on a Tourist Visa and while there apply for a 2nd Working Holiday Visa?
  14. Hi folks, I'm currently waiting for an offshore spousal temporary visa. I have the oppurtunity to work in the mining industry. However, my wife is worried that the Immigration Dept may not grant us the Subclass 100 permanent visa after 2yrs as I would be working in rural Australia for 2 weeks on and flying back for one week. Are her concerns unfounded or would there be an issue here? I would love to work for 2yrs just to get a head start on our mortgage. All replies greatly appreciated.
  15. Anyone know how long i have to be in oz before i can set up on my own as a sole trader
  16. Hi All! My partner is on a working holiday visa due to expire in january - we have found a course he could study in feb in tafe. Just wondering...he has a few 'minor' convictions since being in australia...resisting arrest, he punched abouncer over a year ago (!) and 2-3 DD offences with his last one getting a 7 month suspended sentence - does anyone know if this could damage his chances of getting a visa for 6 months study!? or later on a defacto? any help would be appreciated! thank you! :biggrin:
  17. Hello everyone, My name is David and I am planning to visit Australia in January on a Working Holiday Visa (417) as I will be 28 and looking to see if Australia is somewhere I wish to emigrate to. I am fortunate to have an uncle based in Melbourne so I will be hoping to use him as a base while I explore the country. Is it worth booking the flights now, or are the savings booking a last minute flight on the day substantial? With regards to actually emigrating I have a BSc and MSc in coastal management. However my only real work experience has been through the reserves in the British Army (Iraq and Afghanistan) and was looking to join the ADF if I was accepted to OZ. I'm aware I would have to get citizenship to join ADF, is it simply a case of upgrading? Finally can I apply for permanent residency (either Skilled Independent subclass 175/or sponsored 176 using my uncle) while I'm still in Australia under my 417 and is there any advantage to this process, has anyone done this and got a rough time line/costs involved? Any help or advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Shamefully, I haven't posted on this site for ages. Mainly because I made the move and have been busy settling in and working hard. A while back, I helped a couple of people moving to Australia find jobs which was really rewarding as I know only too well the mammoth task of moving to the other side of the planet and resettling in a country which at first appears simlar but underneath, is actually quite different. I'm working back at Oracle and would be happy to hear from IT Sales, Pre-Sales or Consulting people, thinking of making the move in case I can help them when they get here or even before. Oracle doesn't really sponsor people so only those returning back to Australia or part/all way through getting PR would be eligable. Good luck with all your plans and here are a few hints/tips from me that might help: Be flexible when it comes to salary, until you've proven that you're staying in Australia, long-term. Yes your experience is transferrable but not everyone settles and it's costly and time-consuming for employers to find and train people. Therefore, their risk = lower salaries for you, sometimes. At least until you prove yourself. If they headhunt you, that's another matter. Employers in Australia pay 9% superannuation into their own or your chosen scheme. When you're negotiating a salary, make sure you understand if it's including or excluding super. 20 days holiday is standard in Australia. Dissapointing but it is what it is. Things go very quiet between Christmas Eve and mid-January at least. It's a bit like July in the UK, school holidays and many people are away so job hunting during these periods is a waste of time and quite frustrating. Still a good time to connect with recruiters especially those working direct for companies but you'll have to follow up with them again mid-January onwards when the hiring managers return from leave. In my humble opinion, there are only two websites worth looking at when it comes to job hunting. Seek.com.au and Linkedin. Seek is by far the most used site across all sectors (especially professional) and Linkedin is now widely used by recruiters so I'd encourage you to get your profile set-up and the recruiters will find you if your skills are in demand and online media is common in your sector. You can add that you're seeking a job in Australia on your profile. (One from my partner here) Constructions standards are soooo different in Australia. The weather is dryer and warmer, therefore, building materials are different and the quality isn't always as good as houses are not typically built to last hundreds of years. Be prepared for a shock if you plan to build. Look forward to hearing from some of you. Pj
  19. I cannot find any definite statement on if it is allowed to be Self Employed while on a working holiday visa. If anyone can advise, I'd be grateful I'm from the UK, if this helps, and I will be mostly in NSW.
  20. If you are under 30 coming out on a WHV is a great way to see Australia. See what these backpackers feel about back packing around Oz. [YOUTUBE]bwbUJLpWGcc[/YOUTUBE]
  21. Hi guys, I'm in the process of filling out my WHV application online, and have a quick question in regards to the " what field of employment will I be seeking when I get to oz" I'm currently employed as a Youth Worker/Mentor, but would rather have a break and do something different when I get to oz....something simple like business admin, retail banking etc (which I have done previously). Maybe I'm looking too much into this, but will my application look suspect, with me wanting to work in a completely different role in Oz, to what I'm currently employed as here in the UK? Thanks for any info on this.
  22. Guest

    Working Holiday

    Hi everyone just wondering if anyone can help with some info, my daughter is about to apply for a working holiday visa, does anyone know whether you have to have to prove you have the funds to travel when you apply on line or is it just proving it once you arrive in Oz ??? We are funding her to go and if she has the money now it wil probably be spent before she actually goes, LOL
  23. Hi there, I have just joined and I am trying to figure out what is the attitude towards migrants applying for jobs on a Working Holiday Visa. I am 30 years old and work as a Project Coordinator and have experience of working in IT and the Utilities industry. I hold a British passport. I have just come back from travelling around the world and I might have qualified for a State Sponsored visa had I been working in the last year. I am seriously considering applying for a WHV and going to either Sydney or Melbourne to look for work in the same type of role. However, I do not want to spend a fortune getting out to Australia to find out that most companies will not hire people on a WHV. I'm aware of the 6 month restriction so I have been looking at contract and temporary work, however, it is not clear on a lot of job sites if they would accept applications from someone on a WHV for 6 month contract or temporary roles. Has anyone else here gone out to Australia and looked for professional roles on a WHV? Do companies in Aus have a prejudiced view towards WHV seeing it as a backpacker visa for travellers who just want fruit-picking or bar work or is it taken seriously and would I stand a chance of getting job? If anyone can advise me on this I would be very grateful as I feel like it is a big financial risk. I am very keen to live and work in Australia having done some travelling there last year. My goal is to gain employer nominated sponsorship so I would be able to continue working in Aus, however, if it is very difficult to secure a professional job then it is not worth the risk of spending all that money to fly out to Aus for nothing. Any thoughts / advice / personal experience would be hugely appreciated. Cheers, J
  24. Hi guys, I'm looking to head across to Sydney pretty much asap once I've got my Working Holiday Visa Sorted. I've read up on the http://australia.gov.au/ site, but I still have a few questions. 1. Can I apply for this visa online if my passport is out of date? It says on the site that they recommend that your passport is in date before you apply, but I've read on other sites that it shouldnt be an issue. I plan on getting my passport renewed this coming week, but would like to get the visa process started asap. 2. At what stage do you pay for the visa i.e. will I have to pay before or after I've completed the online application. 3. Is it necessary for me to have the equivalent of 5000AUD in my bank account? I'm staying with my partner and her family so I don't plan doing alot of travelling as such when I arrive. 4. Lastly, can anyone explain to me what travel and health insurance would be most suitable to have while out there. From what I've read so far, WorldNomads was highly recommended for travel insurance and Medicare for Health insurance??? Thanks:)