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  1. I'm looking for another person to join the team at bdh Tax. If you have experience in a professional firm preparing UK tax returns and are looking for an opportunity to join a friendly firm that is adding to our client base quickly please feel able to send a message to me, or to send your CV to the address at this web page. Thanks! https://www.bdhtax.com/join-us/ Best regards.
  2. Hi everyone! im hoping I can get some advice and guidance! Sorry for all the questions!! We are a family of 5! I am 28 (In a June!) and my partner of 7 years is 29. I have 2 sons from a previous relationship and we have one daughter together. We are very seriously looking to emigrate to Aus as it's something we have always wanted to do, it ticks every box as far as our lifestyle is concerned. I currently work as a Health Care Assistant in a local hospital. My partner has his own motor mechanic business. He is currently the only employee (was looking to employ someone but now we want to move he has held off) it's not a huge business but he's always busy and it pays the bills. What are the chances of us being accepted? My job is not on the skills list. How does this affect us? We currently have very little savings due to an emergency where we pretty much used up all of our savings. We are currently in the process of saving back up - how much roughly should we save to fund such a move? I won't have any problems as far as my sons are concerned, father is not on birth certificate and when told of our plans, was not bothered in the slightest! Another thing to throw in (sorry!) my mother wants to come. She is 54 in a July though, she currently has a very professional job as a teacher in a college. However due to age, we are thinking that would be a problem. What visas are available for our situation? I am planning on securing a job pretty much as soon as I get out there. Same as partner. We would prefer Aus, but we are not limited to there, we have also been looking into NZ as my mother has an Uncle there and she seems to think it will be easier for her (and us) to get in. any advice is greatly appreciated! thankyou in advance!
  3. Hi all, I came to Australia a year ago to marry my boyfriend. We got married in June 2016 and filed for the partner visa the month after. We've been together since 2012 and have known each other since 2006. I'm American but came from an overseas location as I was working in Asia when we got engaged (during a holiday together) I spent Uni studying foreign languages and teaching, and an opportunity has come up for me to teach overseas again. Which I would love to do since I don't have the right certifications to teach in Australia (or the money to get the certifications.) I've currently only been able to hold a 6 month job here in Australia as my longest and more temp work, all in customer service which is quite discouraging for an aspiring teacher. I'm currently on my bridging A visa and it states I have to be in Australia when the 820/801 visa is granted, I understand that part. Am I able to work overseas after it is granted? The agent/migration service I spoke to on the phone stated if I needed to leave I could go on a Bridging B visa and just come back after 3 months, apply for another bridging B and go back. As you all may guess, that would add up quickly. They said my Visa decision for the 820/801 can be anytime from now until December. I CAN postpone me leaving for the job but I need to know I can leave on the 820/801 visa (with the possibility of only visiting once a year) As this job position is in a University, I have a possibility of getting tenure and working permanently for this company. At this point, would it be better to go through the visa process or withdraw it and request a refund? (Would the refund even be granted?? 7000 is a lot to lose!) Every time we call we have to be on hold for a few hours and we never get all our questions answered, most answers are left at "I dunno, maybe it's okay" Thanks all
  4. Markb2033

    Still waiting for visa please help

    Hi thanks for reading, my boyfriend and I have both applied for working holiday visas and his arrived within 48 hours as it should. It has been 10 days and I still have not received mine. It says online 90% should be done within 48 hours. I am just wondering if anyone else has been in the situation where they have been waiting for it to arrive and have entered austrailia on a different visa whilst waiting for their working holiday visa to be approved and if so how did they do it. I have found it very difficult to find a definitive answer online and would be extremely gratefull if someone could help! many thanks guys!
  5. Daniel Worgan

    Australia March 2015

    So Im heading to Australia on March 30th next year for a year! Looking to find out the best places to go to get work and also meet other people? Anyone else heading out around that time? be good to make some online connections and possibly too meet out there Daniel x
  6. jwchattell

    186 Visa Work Conditions

    Hi I am applying for the 186 perm resident visa through the temporary residents transition system and I have read conflicting things about the rules regarding employment. I know that the employer has to state that there is a position of employment available for at least 2 years... and I have read in some places that I have to have the intension of staying in my current employment for the next 2 years also.... How strict are they on this does anyone know? As i'm pretty sure my "intensions" could change once I have residency if a better position becomes available.... would they cancel the visa if I started to work somewhere else?
  7. UserName

    Adelaide or Melbourne

    hey guys, I planed to make a Work n Holidy trip to australia, traveling the eastcoast upward to the north in one year (enough time... i hope ). I´m asking myself were to start.... Melbourne or Adelaide?! Were would you starting the trip? Which one of these cities/territories has more intresting sights (heard Kangoru Island is awesome)? Were is it easier to get a job? ...and which one would you personally prefer? ...thanks previously for your answers and sorry for my bad enlish skills :cool::wink:
  8. I am being talked into going to work in Australia for a year by a friend who has just returned from there. what he doesn't know is i have a sexual offence caution from 2008. its augured that you cannot have a caution for sexual offences but im the rare case! (arresting officer knew i didn't mean any harm and tried to let me walk. his boss wanted results which meant i had to take the lightest thing he could get me - a caution. This was from an incident from when i was 15-16, and is too embarrassing to tell my friend and ask him... would this caution stop me from applying for my Visa? as not yet ready to go and nothing is set in stone im not ready to apply for a working visa and just thought i'd ask here as i can stop worrying about it and maybe start planning. if anyone can help that would be great!
  9. servonos

    2nd year WHV help!

    Hello! Thanks for reading this first of all, whoever you are. I'll try keep the situation short but apologies in advance if I rant. Now, I'm from UK and I got here 1st October 2012. Place is awesome of course. Now there was no question in my mind I wanted to stay for a second year so after my first 6 month stint in employment was done in April I was on the hunt for farmwork. Now I just found this site today and quite annoyed about all the links at the top for farm work - which is great if you're not an idiot like me and couldn't find any. I'm in Victoria and needed to stay near Melbourne for some unrelated issues and could not find any for life nor money within a few hours travel. A month and half goes by and I'm still unemployed and running very low on funds. Now a mate I was staying with mentioned the whole paying someone off thing and had a number, and said I should do it, to which I gave a rather half hearted nod. Was totally not against the farmwork, I was quite looking forward to it actually it was just getting soul destroying not having any money come in. Now, person I lived with lodged a visa application with this number he knew (all our documents were kept together) and applied. A few days later he's asking me for the money for the application. Some feigned protesting and thought **** it, what else can I do right now being unemployed with money dwindling - at least this way I could get back into a job in Melbourne and get some funds going. Now, whilst all this is going on I'm still looking for farmwork and as of 2 days ago I have a cushy orange picking job in SA that I'm rather psyched about. Asked him for the login details to withdraw the application cause yknow, why fake it when I'm doing the work anyway and on the thing they're asking for further documentation as to my farmwork - which I obviously don't have. I mean I can show a bank statement with no incomings but all the outgoings are in melbourne so it'd make no sense. Now I'm in this crappy position where I want to retract the application and resubmit when I have done the legitimate amount of time - but I'm afraid they're going to ask questions when I retract it, or even worse it'll affect my actual application later on - especially if I don't get another bridging visa (they gave me one even though mines doesn't end for a while?) as my farmwork is going to end middle to late september and my first year visa is up at the start of October - so I'll likely need a bridging one till they make a decision. So, to sum it all up my questions are - Can I retract online or do I have to fill in a form and send back? Will my retracted application affect the later one? Will I have to answer any questions when I retract it because I sure as hell don't want to have to explain to them I knew it was fraudulent but desperation got the better of me? Sorry again about the rant, I just wanted to make ti clear I don't want to rip off the system, I'm happy doing the work but gah, desperation does funny things Any advice would be absolutely ace. Thanks guys!
  10. Hi there, Landed in Perth yesterday & whilst I'd love to sightsee all the places I want to visit right now, I'd rather get my regional work out of the way to hopefully secure a 2nd year visa! I know there are tonnes of threads offering advice but not all of it is relevant! If anyone could advise of regional work going (paid) anywhere in Australia as I am willing to travel it would be a great help. Also, any advice on what websites to visit to look for jobs would be good! Thanks Charlie
  11. Hi, I have a query regarding x-ray test for my pregnant wife. We had applied for visa class 189. We got a CO assigned. Before going for the x-ray test my wife tested positive on pregnancy. We are in Singapore but hold an Indian passport. Due to the test results we refrained from the x-ray test (also suggested by doctors). All other tests were done successfully. My wife already holds a class 457 Australian work permit valid for 4 years. She got all her medicals done for 457 few months back. Question is can the visa 457 x-ray test result be used for her 189 visa? She travels to Australia frequently on 457 visa based on her earlier medicals. Please help me in someone has already faced such a condition. Thank you!
  12. I was granted my first stage partner visa in March, at the time i thought my worries were over because this visa has no work restrictions, and in 2 years time so long as my situation hasn't changed, i should be able to get permanent residency. I was working for a small business as a labourer/ Trade assistant and everything was going great, but that job has sadly dried up now and I have encountered the same problem as before when looking for work, I have been told that i am perfect for the job, but they don't like my visa status because i am not permanent resident, so far it has cost me 2 jobs for definite, not to mention the countless jobs which don't even let you get past the automated questions the minute you put your immi status in. Have other people had this problem!? Is this just me? I don't have a trade or any particular skills, my background is in retail but i would like to start an apprenticeship and learn a trade, but I cant see a way to do that if nobody will give you a chance until your PM is granted! Its putting a lot of stress on me and my fiance, let alone stopping us from saving for the wedding, and getting our own place and all the other things which no doubt they will want evidence of to grant the visa!! lol, end of rant. If anyone has any similar experience how did you get around this? what industry/ jobs have people managed to get employed in on 820 temporary visa!? any ideas about what to do in terms of learning a trade!? thanks for listening!
  13. Extending working holiday visas so backpackers can stay and work longer in agricultural jobs could make a difference to the chronic labour shortages facing Australia’s farming and rural sectors.Currently, backpackers under the age of 30 can visit Australia for 12 months under 417 visas where they are permitted to work six months of that time to help supplement their holidays. The time-frame can be extended to 24 months if the backpackers work in regional areas for three months, while using their first visa. Australia has reciprocal working holiday visa arrangements with the UK, Ireland, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. Working holiday arrangements under the 462 visa classification also exist between Australia and Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Turkey, Chile and the US - encouraging cultural exchanges and closer ties. However, when those visas expire, rural employers often face the conundrum of having to let good workers go, having trained them and developed solid working rapports - even with a local labour shortage. They can apply for a 457 visa which allows businesses to employ non-Australians under sponsorship arrangements, to fill voids in certain skill sectors. Under those rules, workers can spend four years employed in an Australian business, bring family with them and travel to and from the country freely. The workers must be sponsored by an employer and have certain skills, qualifications, experience, and an employment background, matching the position’s requirements. They must also demonstrate a certain level of competence in speaking English; be eligible for any relevant licences or registrations required for the nominated position; and have health insurance. AgriLabour Australia business development manager Luke Brown said extending 417 and 462 working holiday visas, by as little as 12 months, would make an immediate difference to help relieve the massive workforce shortages in rural and farming areas.
  14. Hello, Im a gas engineer from the UK, i have been in Oz for a few months now and looked for work since I landed. Ive applied for over 100 positions and get very few responses. Before leaving the UK I applied for a number of jobs but didnt get any resonse, I thought it was because I was not in the country. Since arriving things havnt changed much. Does anyone know of any trainee positions available? Im willing to do anything and work anywhere (FIFO, mining, relocate...) to get my foot in the door and show my true potential. Any advice would be a great help Thanks in advance Liam
  15. Guest

    Employee sponsorship.........

    Hi all, My fiancé and I are already in Australia, Perth to be exact. We are having trouble finding any kind of permanent employment due to our visa (which is a working holiday!!) I'm an insurance broker and my fiancé is in construction. Let me give you some background info: whilst we were in the Uk we attended an Australian Migration open day with representatives from all over Australia. We were told by these representatives that the best way to enter Australia was on a working holiday visa and then obtain employee sponsorship. Now, whilst I can understand the risk in taking us on (from the employer perspective) I didn't expect there to be a flat refusal. I suppose my question is: is this just a western Australia thing? Would it be easier to gain employee sponsorship on the east coast? There seems to be a lot of red tape over here!! Does anyone have any experiences or info on this? Equally I've got a good mind too tell the organisers of the Australian open day that they are handing out duff information!!
  16. Hi everyone, it looks as if I'm going back to school as I can get in on a student visa !! So excited, can't wait to get my teeth into my studies! I have a question though,(or two!) on a student visa apparently you can work 40 hours a fortnight, does anyone know if that can be self employed work? Asking because I train dogs currently and would love to continue to do that while I carry out my studies. I don't seem to be able to find information on this anywhere? Also from what I can see, a student visa is very easy to apply for and the colleges/Uni's etc seem to be incredibly helpful, so am I still best to use a migration agent or is that overkill for a student visa? Love to hear all your experiences and opinions, so please reply !! Clare x
  17. HI EVERYONE! just wanna say this forum is awesome! Right now I'll explain my situation... lived in oz for 8 months on a working holiday visa where i kinda fell in love with the country and a girl (she's a kiwi) but she's living in Melbourne and i wanna go back desperately for ever or atleast another year! I was just wondering how long i have to wait to get another working holiday visa for oz or if its even possible?? I know that if i get one of them i could try and get sponsered while over there again by an employer or my great auntie that lives over there. My profession is in the Media Industry and I'm university educated (don't know if that even matters) but any suggestions what so ever would be greatly appreciated! what do you guys think my best best is regarding eventually getting residency in oz??? Thanks Alot Scott
  18. Guest

    Working holiday visa

    Hi, I am planning a trip to Bali next year and i am currently in Australia on a working holiday visa...can i leave the country then re-enter on the same visa? or will i need to apply for a re-entry type of visa? Thanks
  19. Where is the best place to obtain a working at heights certificate? :wideeyed:
  20. I'm a building services engineer. Working in such a male dominated industry can be hard at times and I'm worried if it'll be worse in Aus. "Macho culture" and all that! Does anyone have any experience?
  21. Hi all, I am a paediatric nurse and am looking at applying for a job at North Shore Hospital, Ramsay Health Group, as they are advertising for paediatric nurses. Does anyone work for the Ramsay Health Group, especially this hospital or in paediatrics. I would like to know a bit more about the hospital as the website doesn't include the paediatric ward, and are they a good company to work for? Thanks, Tracey
  22. Hiya, I may have the opportunity of working in Perth with the St. Johns Ambulance service as a Paramedic. Is there any British Paramedics working in Perth that could tell me the best accommodation, travel, cheapest air fares, etc. Many thanks Bill
  23. Hi Everyone! I'm new to poms in oz and thought I would give this a shot to see what advice I can get! So, I am currently in Brisbane on a international student visa and have just completed the Certificate III in children's services. I would really like to work and live in Australia and really do not know what route to take next?! Does anyone know whether if I go onto doing the Diploma of children's services will I be any more eligible to get a permanent visa?? If I go through the skilled migrant option do you need higher qualifications such as bachelor degrees rather than Diplomas?? My partner is also over with me and is also from the UK and he is currently the de-facto partner on my student visa which expires in March. I'm really worrying as Ive kinda been putting things off ignoring the fact my visa expires and I will have to go home! I'm running out of time :unsure: If anyone has advice please help me........ Thankyou!!! :cute:
  24. Hi there, If this has been covered in a previous thread, apologies! We have got our PR visas and were planning on going out to QLD in 2012 and looking for work. However, my hubby's company have started discussing the option of employing him remotely in AUS. (He's a web designer). Does anyone have experience of working for a UK company whilst in AUS? Did you get paid into a UK bank account -pay UK taxes or did you have it transferred into Aussie bank account and pay full taxes that end. We are going to consult an Aussie accountant when we go to validate our visas in Feb, but any advice from people in a similar situation would be gratefully received!!
  25. lauradarlin

    Working Visas

    Hi all I'm new to PIO and looking at heading to Oz on a years working visa in July/August 2012. Can anyone offer any advice on the types of things I'll need to consider? I'm hoping to be able to spend a decent amount of time in each place I stay as I've already done some travelling around on a normal holiday visa this year. I've come across conflicting info about how long you're allowed to work for each employer on this visa (3 or 6 mnths). Also, I know nothing about the Australian equivalents of things such as tax, NI, NHS, driving licences, renting property, bank accounts etc so any advice on where to get started with my research would be fab! thanks