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Found 94 results

  1. Hello I am shortly going to be applying for a working holiday visa but I suffer from High Blood Pressure, will I have to declare this on the application form? I do take tablets for it Thank you
  2. Guest

    Need Visa Advice - Baby on Way!

    Need advice, I'm Australian born and raise but been living over in London for the past 4 years. I've been with a Swedish girl (28yrs old) for the past 3 and bit years and lived together for most that but been living apart for much of the past year due to money issues etc. We been taking about returning to Australia for a while now, she has never been there but always dreamed of it. Just recently we discovered she was pregnant (currently 16 weeks) which we're happy about though it was unplanned. Now we want head to Australia ASAP and share the joy with my family. One Visa agency advised to apply for a 'Working Holiday Visa' so we can get to Australia fast then apply for the 'Defacto' once there. But I'm worried that we'll be denied because of the pregnacy and then I know if we applied now, the Defacto takes time and not sure if we'll meet the past 12 mths together cause we been living apart for much of 2011 although we lived together for the 2 years before that and currently the past 4 mths. Advice on these or other Visa's or best way to go about things would be greatly appreciated as we'd love to be in Australia in the next month or two! :cute:
  3. Guest

    417 visa advice

    Hi i will be coming over on my 417 whv and i want to stay longer than 2 years is there anything i can do to stay ie, different visa options
  4. hardtochase

    How much pay will I take home?

    Hi, I'm new here and moving to Sydney on 7th June. I've put my salary into paycalculator.com.au and it's telling me that about 19% of my pay will be deducted. I am more than happy with this but I want to check whether this sounds accurate. I will be on a working holiday visa to begin with a view to my company sponsoring me after 6 months. I will be travelling on a one way ticket and know that I must have sufficient funds in my bank account, but it's not 100% clear how much this is since the exchange rate fluctuates. Is £5k enough and can I get away with less?? Thank you.
  5. Hello guys, This is my first post, so be easy if i have missed this information on another thread!! What Construction work can i do that will get me my 2nd year visa ?? Basically... I Have searched the web, for ages and ages and still cannot find the answer to my question I Found one site, and it said; Division E CONSTRUCTION Subdivision 30 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Group 301 RESIDENTIAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Class 3011 House Construction [TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD=width: 100%]This class consists of units mainly engaged in the construction of houses (except semi-detached houses) or in carrying out alterations, additions or renovations to houses, or in organising or managing these activities. [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 100%]Primary activities - Garage Construction - House Construction, Alteration or Renovations. House, prefabricated, assembly, erection or installation The infomation i found was very brief, and it was not very informative. I have worked for the same company since December 2011, Labouring for a carpet fitting company, 'Renovating' Houses ect... Is there anything i can do, or something i can get my employer to do, to get this eligible for my 2nd year working holiday visa?? Hope this infomation is clear, and somebody can help or assist me Thanks in Advance David[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 100%][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 100%][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 100%][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 100%][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 100%][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 100%][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 100%][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 100%][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  6. Hey guys I'm doing some research for my biggest girl and her chap who are both here on WHV's. They have decided they would like to stay if possible :biggrin: They both have full time jobs but Sarah is coming to the end of her first six months and she'd like to stay in the job if at all possible. She is a receptionist in Freo and her chap is a carpenter. Can anyone explain what the difference is between a Skilled Independent Visa and a State Sponsored Visa please as these seem to be their options? And also which is the quickest and can be applied for from here!
  7. Hi I would be very grateful if someone could help me. I wish to return to Aus to visit very ill family member who is not going to make it much longer and I will also want to travell a little more if I get the chance. I will need to work to support myself for so long. Unfortunaly I did not work for 3 months in regional work during my first WHV. I do have a "friend" who can "sign me off" for working on a farm in Tasmania. HOwever I never went to tasmania during my travels and I always worked in the cities I was in so there will be tax records of me working. So My question is....What checks will the gov. do? Will they cross-check my application with tax records and see my location? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read. Alll the best
  8. Guest

    Got my visa!!!!!!

    Hey guys. Just got my working holiday visa for a year..but will probably extend for two! Just wanted to share my excitement. Will be making the jump in April 2012 and so carnt wait. Just moved back to the parents to save as much dolla as possible!! Do you think that about 8000 AU dollars will be a good start? Cheers, Matt
  9. Hi there, I have just joined and I am trying to figure out what is the attitude towards migrants applying for jobs on a Working Holiday Visa. I am 30 years old and work as a Project Coordinator and have experience of working in IT and the Utilities industry. I hold a British passport. I have just come back from travelling around the world and I might have qualified for a State Sponsored visa had I been working in the last year. I am seriously considering applying for a WHV and going to either Sydney or Melbourne to look for work in the same type of role. However, I do not want to spend a fortune getting out to Australia to find out that most companies will not hire people on a WHV. I'm aware of the 6 month restriction so I have been looking at contract and temporary work, however, it is not clear on a lot of job sites if they would accept applications from someone on a WHV for 6 month contract or temporary roles. Has anyone else here gone out to Australia and looked for professional roles on a WHV? Do companies in Aus have a prejudiced view towards WHV seeing it as a backpacker visa for travellers who just want fruit-picking or bar work or is it taken seriously and would I stand a chance of getting job? If anyone can advise me on this I would be very grateful as I feel like it is a big financial risk. I am very keen to live and work in Australia having done some travelling there last year. My goal is to gain employer nominated sponsorship so I would be able to continue working in Aus, however, if it is very difficult to secure a professional job then it is not worth the risk of spending all that money to fly out to Aus for nothing. Any thoughts / advice / personal experience would be hugely appreciated. Cheers, J
  10. Guest

    Which visa? Advice please!

    Hi all My partner and I are planning on going to Australia to work for a year. There are so many visa's, we don't know where to start! We have contacted a few visa companies but so far without any call back or any/little helpful information. I'm 23, British and work as a Marketing Executive. My partner is 24, British and a Plasterer. My partner has an Aunt and Uncle that live in Perth and have offered us a place to stay and his Uncle owns his own business so has offered my partner work. Does this mean that we are open to any extra benefits, like bringing the amount of money down that we need to take with us to support ourselves? Any advise welcome please. Thanks for your help in advance.
  11. Hi All, This is our first post, and are hoping for some advice! Since Christmas my husband and I have been considering a move to Australia, and have sold our house prior to applying for our visa. Since we first decided, everything appears to have changed considerably, and aren't so sure where we stand with regards to timescales. We are now considering moving with my husband on a Working Holiday Visa, and myself and our two young children on a tourist visa. We'd hope that hope my husband would find an employer willing to sponsor him for a 457 visa, but understand this could be a long shot. If nothing else, and we had to return after 12 months, we would be happy to have just had this experience, before we are 29 and cant use this visa type! We have found it difficult to discuss with family and are really hoping for some good advice from people who know about these things! Any constructive advice gratefully received! Thanks in advance..:unsure:
  12. Hi there, I am heading back to the UK for three weeks at the end of this month. Altho' I've applied for a 457 visa I doubt very much I'll get it before I come back to Australia (15th September) - that means I will return to Aus' on my 2ndWHV (which expires in November). I've heard that when re-entering Australia on a 2ndWHV you get interrogated by customs about the regional work you did. Does anyone know what questions they ask? What evidence they need to see? And if there are a set bunch of questions or not? Just want to be as prepared as possible so all tips welcome :-) Thanks RA24
  13. Hi my name is Karl. Im 21years old and i live in England, London. I have recently finnished my Level 3 Electrical Apprenticeship, and get my JIB Gold card Any time soon!! Unfortunatly my Employer can not employ me as an qualified electrician as there are too manny chiefs and no Indians. i am now looking into taking a massive long break into AUS. I would like to get a years working holiday Visa, but i dont know what jobs i can do with a working holiday visa. enitially i would like to do a bit of sparkying out there as i have been studdying for 4, almost 5 years. but do i have to get a trade visa? im only asking because a trade visa is almost £3000!!! and thats alot of my savings and spending money for AUS. please if any body can help or has had previous experiances please write back. Manny thanks, Confused Karl :confused:
  14. Guest

    Application issues

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so hello. I am needing help and suspect this might have been an issue that someone else my have posted before and I have done a search but I can't seem to find anything. Well here goes, I am looking to apply for a working holiday visa (12 month) and have two concerns, one that I have criminal convictions from over 10 years ago and the other is whether I need/should use a migration agent. My convictions are from when I was in my teens and made stupid drunken mistakes. They are from two separate events. One is for criminal damage (received a fine) and the others are from the same evening and are Section 18 (wounding) and assault PC for which I was sentenced to 2 months imprisonment at a young offenders institute. I believe I have to declare these as they are within a 15 year time frame.Although I have since turned my life into a positive one, have graduated from university and am employed within a professional role I am wanting to know will this effect my application? The migration agent issue is that I considering applying direct through the Australian immigration website. But also thinking that migration agents might make the process easier? Thanks in advance for any advice, Renton
  15. Hi there. I’m a 29-year-old British editor wanting to make a new life in Sydney. I currently live in Hong Kong. The trouble is that I can’t make up the points for the Skilled Independent Migrant visa and have no relatives in Oz. I’m thinking that my only practical course of action is as follows: apply for a working holiday visa, go to Sydney, find an employer willing to sponsor me for a work visa and transfer to that, sponsor my wife and bring her over. My understanding is that transferring from a working holiday visa to a work visa is easy and does not involve leaving the country. 1 Are there any other routes open to me? 2 Has anyone attempted the plan I’ve outlined above? 3 Is the plan feasible with regards to getting a job/sponsorship? I’ve heard that sponsoring work visas can be onerous for employers. 4 If I do get sponsored for a work visa, which visa am I likely to get? I would appreciate any feedback as I’m somewhat dreading the process of moving country again, especially with so much uncertainty involved. Many thanks, Ben
  16. My boyfriend and I are intending to move to Oz in 2010. We are going to lodge a joint 175 application in November when he has the right amount of experience (Hospital Pharmacist- CSL). We want to go travelling from Jan- March but then want to go to Australia after that. As is seems unlikely that the permanent visa will be granted by then, we are planning on obtaining working holiday visas first and then leaving Oz when the permanent ones are (hopefully) due to be granted. What I am worried about is that having WH visas that we haven't used yet will affect our 175 visa application. Will this be a problem?
  17. Hi All, Is there anyone out there who has applied for the Australian permanent residency (under skilled migration category) while on a working holiday visa? Can I apply for the PR while I'm in Australia? Thanks !!
  18. At long last! Our 24 year old, UK based daughter has seen the light and wants to join us in Australia! We thought we'd kick off by her getting a working holiday visa (as we're moving to regional Victoria, that could last her for two years if she does some fruit picking). After two years we can alway see what's available after that. Maybe a student visa on an appropriate degree course? Does anyone know of somebody who has recently applied in the UK for a working holiday visa? How long did it take to come through? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Guest

    Am i mad??

    Hi everyone, I was wondering whether i'm totally mad. I'm planning on moving out to Australia in September on a Working Holiday Visa, i'm 24 years old, single and will be going out there alone. I don't have a job to go to, and am wondering with the current economic climate whether its a good idea. I'm hoping to be working more than i would be holiday-ing so ideally am looking to get a job... I've just been made redundant from my job as a graphic designer here in london and have heard that things aren't any better out there.......SO, am i mad? It would be great to have an insight into the job situation out there....thanks sooo much :wacko: