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Found 94 results

  1. CarlaLewis11

    Arrived in PERTH

    Hello, I arrived in Perth on 3rd October, i'm on a year working holiday visa and will be looking to go further a field in the new year. I'm looking to hopefully do my harvest work this way if i can get it. I'm currently staying with friends but It would be great to know if anyone else is based this way? I will then be going solo and would like to travel up the east coast and hopefully a trip to NZ too. It would be amazing to share the experience with as many people as possible, please do let me know if you are wanting a travel buddy
  2. chrisharper

    Work and Holiday visa, arrested.

    Hello, I was just about to start applying for my work and holiday visa. I've wanted to go to Australia all my life, I'm now 23 and in a position to be able to go. However last week I got myself stupidly arrested at an anti EDL demonstration. I was arrested for breaching a section 12 order, for those who don't know that means I didn't adhere to the conditions of the march. (Basically we set off on our march earlier than the prescribed time). I've not been charged yet so I could just receive a caution or the charges could be dropped. I've been bailed until the 14th October. If found guilty in a court I could receive a fine of up to £1000 although it would probably be a lot less. Does anyone know if being convicted for this sort of offence will damage my application. I know that it's normally a substantial criminal record with a prison sentence of 12 months which prohibits you but I am a little worried because I will be applying very soon after this is all resolved. Will they think it is too soon? I have never been arrested before this or had any trouble with police. I can also provide a character reference from a retired police officer and other professionals. Thanks guys
  3. Hi All I recently did my rural work up in WA on a farm and after a couple of disagreements with the farmer I was told to leave. Now my rural work counted towards my second year visa but the farmer has refused to sign the paperwork and is also holding two weeks of pay. He has also called the police claiming I have stolen from his house and farm etc (which of course I haven't). And also told co workers that he will do anything in is his power to stop me from getting my next visa. I contacted immigration straight away about it but I got too completely different answers from two different people. The first answer was - As long as I can prove evidence that I was there e.g bank statements of wages going in, photos, references from co workers etc. And also if I put in a claim with FairWorkAustralia (Which I have), then they cant refuse my second year visa application. Apparently because the farmer employed me on the conditions that is it was for a visa, he there for cant abuse the immigration system. The second answer was - I can provide all of the above evidence but it is highly unlikely the second year visa will be granted as they need confirmation from the farmer that I worked definitely worked there (A signature on the 1263). And it is also down to the digression of the immigration officer who receives my application. Now I would of just started my rural work all over again with someone new but unfortunately now I don't have the 88 days left on my visa. I have heard of this happening to a few people since it happening to myself. But they have all simple just packed up and gone back home. Has this happened to anyone you know or yourself? What did you do about it and what was the out come? Is it worth me still applying? Any advice would great. I'm not a quitter and the last thing I want to do is pack up and leave and let this farmer get the better of me Thanks
  4. Im about to sort out my WH Visa after planning it for over a year. All seems straightforward. Now I come across the health insurance problem. As I understand there is an emergency reciprical agreement between UK/OZ but I still have to pay for other costs. Apparently policies are based on what state you are in so I cant do QLD and NSW. So NSW it has to be. Ive got quotes of $200/month to $100/month but it is going to take an age to sift through these. Can anyone recomend a good policy?
  5. Hi everyone.. About 6-7 years ago, I fell into the wrong crowd at secondary school. I was caught stealing a pair of earrings and subsequently cautioned by the police, I paid a fine and the case was settled. A short while after, when walking home from school, I was attacked by another girl from my school, I retaliated and managed to push her off me. 2 days later I was arrested and cautioned regarding ABH, even though the other girl started it, the policeman who interviewed me said I looked harmless but had to caution me anyway. Anyway, I'm now 21, almost 22, and am worried that these 2 cautions may affect my application for a WHV. Although the visa asked you whether you have ever been convicted, I am unsure whether the cautions count under this heading. Does anyone know if these cautions may affect my visa application? I'm really worried they will, I've been planning this trip for ages and will be gutted if I don't get accepted. Do you think I should offer to attach some character references? I've never stolen or been in a fight since those 2 occasions, and have gone on to earn a Psychology undergraduate degree, and held down a number of jobs, so I was hoping if I explained that then they may see I have a 'good character' and grant me a visa. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks for reading, I'll be grateful for any advice!
  6. I went to australia about two years ago and I got the standard visa. The one that they give to you when you arrive at the airport. I'm not sure if it was a holiday visa, or if I could work using that visa but I did stay in Australia for 3 months. Now I'm thinking of applying for a working holiday visa. Do you think the fact that I already acquired for a visa before will prevent me from applying for the working holiday visa? Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. tammigotcha

    Suitable Visas For...

    First of all I just wanna say hi since I've literally only just joined the forum *virtual waves*. It's nice to see a lot of like minded people all in one place and all ready to offer up help, suggestions or even just a chat by the looks of things! Anyway I just thought I'd try and save myself a headache by asking you clever people what might best options might be with the following scenario. I am a 23 year old female with a product design degree which unfortunately doesn't seem to be on the SOL lists. My partner (whom I've been with for 5 years and been living with for 1) has been offered a sponsored job within a mining software company and I'd love to go with him. Our destination will be Perth. Luckily for him, his company is happily taking on all his visa worries for him... But that still leaves me with a lot of questions. Since my degree/profession isn't on any list, am I able to go straight on a de facto partner visa before we've even gotten out there? Or will I need to go on a working holiday visa for a year and then apply for de facto? At the moment my research has shown only these two options but if there any other ways I can get out there and get working without this six month restriction, then please lemme know! as you can probably tell, I'm keen to get this lot sorted so I can get out there at roughly the same time as my partner since his company is sorting everything for him - I'm almost wondering if its worth contacting them directly or getting an advisor since a lot of the reading involved is stifling.
  8. Hello! My partner has secured sponsorship for 457 visa, but the employer is not able to offer sponsorship for me on this visa. So, the only possible way that I can see around this is for me to try and get a working holiday visa, and then hope to find sponsorship once in oz. Has anyone else found themselves in this situation? Do you think that this might cause any problems, or raise any issues when we get to immigration at the airport? Hopefully someone out there will have some advice/words of encouragement for us :-) Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, my names Josh im 19 and qualified in a building trade. Me and my friend (also qualified) are looking to move over to austrailia. We've read about and seen hundreds of stories but haven't really seen anyone in the same boat as us. We do have the qualification, however only a bit of experience, as we were hoping to get it over there. We looked into a Working Holiday Visa, could we work as our trade, in that year? Obviously if another opportunity came up we'd take anything, as we have an advantage in a trade we should use it. Is there another visa which i dont know about which would suit me better? Also im aware of there being some sort of a minimum amount of money you need to take, but has anyone done it before and wish they took more or? Things i should know? Any advice would be appreciated:biggrin:, Cheers
  10. arkansasgoneaussie11

    Working Holiday Visa Advice Needed

    I'll be quick and concise. In 4 months(July) on the 27th i leave for australia. Currently i have planned to do things in this order and i was wondering if anyone could give me advice on anything i may be forgetting before i make contact to apply for my visa as i want to make a good impression. #1 I'll be getting my passport first and in plenty of time to spare. #2 I'm currently on route to pass my GED (diploma) test June. #3 I plan to apply for my working holiday visa directly after getting my GED As i've heard it only takes 15 days at the longest to get your visa approved and sent. I just wanted to post this to ask humbly if there is anything i may be forgetting, or could do differently, and if there is anything else i should tweak, or things i should ask my visa agent i talk to? Thanks in advance for reading this and any replies
  11. Hi guys I'm in desperate need of your advice! I lived in Melbourne two years ago on a "Special Programme (416)" visa and fell in love with the country. So I'm moving back to Melbourne in a couple of months on a working holiday visa with the hope of eventually finding sponsorship for a couple of years and eventually get residency then Citizenship etc. But that's all very long term. I'm 21 and only have A levels, but I have worked for the BBC and other production companies for over a year now, as well as a school in Melbourne for a year. I know that I'm really young but I miss Australia so much and I really don't want to wait much longer to get back. My concern is that I won't find a job or eventual sponsorship. Everything else is sorted, I've got friends and a place to live, and I've saved around $7000 to get me started but I'm really worried about not finding a job. Could anybody give me advise on how to find a job that'll sponsor me (I'm not looking to get exclusively into production, I'm willing to do more or less anything) or how to source a job once I get to Melbourne; I've heard a lot about this hidden job market I need to tap into? What do you think the chances are of me eventually being sponsored on a 457 visa? I know that there have been some changes to the visa, but I'm wondering what it's like 'on the ground'. Are there willing sponsors out there? Any advise you could give me would be great!!!! Thanks :smile:
  12. A lot of people out there think that they have to do farm work to qualify for the 2nd year working holiday visa, this isn't the case. Here is the information. Specified work is any type of work described in the list below: plant and animal cultivation the harvesting and/or packing of fruit and vegetable crops pruning and trimming vines and trees Note: This must be the applicants primary employment task and directly associated with the cultivation and commercial sale of plant produce, such as fruit and nut crops (commercial horticultural activities). General garden maintenance is not eligible. general maintenance crop work cultivating or propagating plants, fungi or their products or parts immediate processing of plant products maintaining animals for the purpose of selling them or their bodily produce, including natural increase Note: Maintaining animals for tourism or recreational purposes is not eligible. immediate processing of animal products including shearing, butchery, packing and tanning Note: Secondary processing of animal products, such as small goods processing and retail butchery is not eligible. manufacturing dairy produce from raw material. [*]fishing and pearling conducting operations relating directly to taking or catching fish and other aquatic species conducting operations relating directly to taking or culturing pearls or pearl shell. [*]tree farming and felling planting or tending trees in a plantation or forest that are intended to be felled felling trees in a plantation or forest transporting trees or parts of trees that were felled in a plantation or forest to the place where they are first to be milled or processed or from which they are to be transported to the place where they are to be milled or processed. [*]mining coal mining oil and gas extraction metal ore mining construction material mining non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying exploration. mining support services [*]construction residential building construction non-residential building construction heavy and civil engineering construction land development and site preparation services building structure services building installation services building completion services other construction services. Work undertaken in the areas of plant and animal cultivation, fishing and pearling, and tree farming and felling must be described in the list above to meet the specified work requirement. The Australian New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) provides further detail about eligible work in mining and construction. Work undertaken in the mining and construction sectors must appear in the ANZSIC division for these sectors to meet the specified work requirement. See: ANZSIC - Mining Division ANZSIC - Construction Division Supporting work, such as book-keeping, in any industry described in the list above does not meet the definition of specified work. Specified work: must be an activity listed above must be the primary role, function or activity performed during the applicants employment. Examples of eligible specified work: picking fruits on an orchard feeding and herding cattle on a farm horse breeding and stud farming landscaping the grounds of a construction/house site painting the interior/exterior of new buildings conservation and environmental reforestation work zoo work involving plant or animal cultivation erecting fences on a construction site scaffolding. Examples of ineligible specified work: ship/boat building performing specialised social science services (such as anthropological and archaeological assessments) for mining companies town planning or architecture working as a nanny on a farm working at a cellar door providing wine tastings manufacturing materials used on a construction site (such as concrete or steel) cooking/catering on a mine site cleaning the interior of mine complexes or buildings. [h=2]Specified work in disaster affected areas[/h] Construction work can be vital in helping regional disaster zones, such as those affected by flood or bushfire, to rebuild and recover from disaster. Working Holiday visa holders who conduct construction work in eligible regional areas of Australia following disasters can count the work as specified work. This work may be paid or unpaid work. Examples of construction work that qualify as specified work include: demolition of buildings, trench digging, land clearing and earth moving residential and non-residential construction or renovation/repair, including of roads, footpaths, bridges, parking lots, fencing, railways, dams, irrigation systems, sewage and storm water drainage systems. A full list of eligible construction activities is available from the Australia Bureau of Statistics website. See: Division E – Construction [h=2]How to find specified work[/h] Applicants can find specified work vacancies in the same way as they would find other job vacancies, such as through employment pages in newspapers, the Internet and job placement service providers. Vacancies specifically for plant and animal cultivation can be found on the Harvest Trail website. Note: Not all vacancies advertised on the Harvest Trail website will qualify an applicant for a second Working Holiday visa. See: Harvest Trail Applicants should ensure that the vacancy meets the definition of specified work listed above and that the work will take place in an eligible postcode of regional Australia. See: Regional Australia [h=2]How to calculate specified work[/h] 'Three months' means three 'calendar' months or 88 days. Work can be either: in one block with one business in separate blocks with one business or a number of businesses. Blocks of work may be in different kinds of specified work. One full day of work is defined as having worked a minimum number of standard hours for a particular industry. Working Holiday visa holders cannot count a long day of work as more than one day of specified work. For example, if the industry’s standard day is six hours long, working a 12 hour day does not count as two days of specified work. Full time workers may include weekends in calculating the number of days worked. Applicants who work part time or on a casual basis can only count the full days actually worked. The shortest period that can be counted is one day of full time work (for any given industry). Note: The hours the applicant work must be the industry standard. Generally, the Australian working week is 35 to 40 hours, consisting of 7 to 8 hours worked each day. Individual employers cannot set a smaller period of time than the industry standard to satisfy the specified work requirement. Full time workers can count sick days only during periods where they were in paid employment and entitled to sick leave or covered by a workers compensation scheme. In these situations, supporting evidence must be provided by the employer. Applicants who were prevented from obtaining employment because of injury or seasonal circumstances cannot count any time they were unable to work towards the three month period. Example: Cyclones interrupting harvest activities. Some possible examples to help clarify the definition of three months of specified work are outlined below. [h=2]Examples of three months[/h] Examples that meet the three month requirement Working week Working on a farm for three months for five days each week, where the industry standard is five days a week of full time work. Shift work Employed as a miner for three months and under the employment contract are only required to work every second week, which is the standard full time contract for the industry. Blocks of work Completing 60 days of harvest work, followed by a period of travel for two months. Then completing another 28 days in construction, bringing the total days worked to 88 days. Sick days Employed for a three month period but take several days of sick leave during the period. Examples that do not meet the three month requirement Working week When five days of work a week is the industry standard on a farm, but the applicant only works four days a week for three months. Work done on another visa type Completing three months of specified work during the summer break while on a Student visa. Seasonal circumstances Picking bananas for 80 days on a casual basis, but the applicant cannot find more work as there is a cyclone and their first Working Holiday visa ceases. [h=2]Evidence of specified work[/h] If the Working Holiday visa holder applies for a second Working Holiday visa, they will need to provide evidence that they have satisfied the specified work eligibility requirement. Acceptable evidence of specified work (completed while on their first Working Holiday visa) includes original or certified copies of the following: payslips group certificates payment summaries tax returns employer references a completed employment verification form signed by the applicants employer original Australian bank statement covering the period of declared specified work. See: Form 1263 Working Holiday visa: Employment verification (104KB PDF file) Note: Providing a completed Form 1263 and additional forms of evidence will allow a Working Holiday visa application to be assessed more quickly. Please ensure that all information provided is correct. Contacting third parties to verify the claims of applicants for second Working Holiday visas will now be a standard component of second Working Holiday visa application assessments. If the applicant chooses to undertake specified work in a voluntary capacity or for payment in kind, it may be difficult to verify they have completed the required specified work. If the Department of Immigration and Citizenship is not satisfied that they have completed three months specified work in regional Australia, their second Working Holiday visa may not be granted. To enable a successful visa application, it is preferable wages are paid directly into an Australian bank account and that an original bank statement is provided as evidence. Warning: Providing a false or misleading declaration or fraudulent evidence for any visa application may result in the application being refused or cancelled. If the applicant’s visa is cancelled they may be prevented from lodging further applications and be excluded from Australia for a period of three years.
  13. Hockayak

    Made it to Tassie!

    Hi all, Im just messaging to all to say that my wife and I made it to Tasmania, Australia a week ago. We came on a young person's Working Holiday Visa (WHV), so not as lengthy or as stringent as most of the other visas, but still, we're here. Its been a pretty easy process for us, except that one little hitch put down on my wife's visa. She's a teacher and she mentioned she might work with kindergarten kids. As a result she was ordered to go to the nearest VETTED doctors, for a private chest xray - to test for TB (which we are all vaccinated against at school anyway). There aren't many Oz approved doctors in the UK and the nearest to us in Durham, was in Manchester! It was a good 5 hour round trip, and more costly than we would have liked! But we have since found out, that if you 'forget to mention' the working with young kids thing on the visa form, then if you do need to work with young kids then you can have the xray done basically anywhere when you arrive. The other thing we noted, basically that on the WHV you can only be employed by a single employer for 6 months at a time then you have to move on to another palce of work, but it appears that some employers can refer you on to another place of work (sometimes its literally the same job but paid from a different 'employer'). There is a stipulation that you can extend a WHV employment period with prior consent from the visa agency but when we enquired it was only available for a month or two at best, so dont be expecting to just blag it an work a year somewhere as they will say no and you may well be busted. Finally, from previous experience and our recent arrival, Tasmania is an amazing place with landscapes like few other places in Australia. We are in Montrose, nr Hobart (Tasmania) and from there, everything seems pretty close. We used the buses for a whole week being out and about, to beaches, tourist destinations, car yards and supermarkets and bottle shops. A 'day rover' for $5 or 3.20 pounds will take you pretty much anywhere in Hobart for ans many jouneys as you need. They are on-time and pretty reliable. Anyway, I will keep you updated as to how we get on here in Hobart. (If anyone wants to meet up some place in Hobart for a beer then let us know, in need of some British mates)
  14. Hello, I'm looking for some advice on my best options(s) to get a Visa for work in Australia. I'm currently 4 months into a 12 month Working Holiday Visa, and I have no plans to return home! ...so i'm trying to think of the best way to obtain a 4 year working visa, then apply for citizenship. In the UK I was an Operations Analyst / Operations Relationship Manager for a major Bank for 10 years, and I have a degree with HONS in Business Management. I thought it would be easier than it appears to be at the moment. I may just be able to force myself into one of the more generic job roles on the SKILLS LIST e.g. systems analyst or something like that. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. The sort of things I've considered so far are: -Would the 175 Skilled Worker Visa ever be re-opened so i could apply independently? -Has anyone gone through the 'Skill Select' process? Particularly for Management or banking positions. -Are there any specialist agencies that sponsor, and how have these been? e.g. Geoffrey Nathan? -Sponsorship by a business, particularly banking - which are the best Banks to approach, or get my foot in the door? -Do I have any other options or Visa's I've not considered so far? Thanks for reading, and thank you in advance, Tom
  15. Hi guys, I am hoping that you can help me! My boyfriend is looking to move to Australia shortly. He has a UK law degree and would like to eventually migrate to Australia permanently. He has 4 months of study to do when he arrives into Australia to 'bridge' his UK degree with the Australian Law degree. After these 4 months of study are over he needs to do some training with a solicitor in order to be able to practice in Australia. My questions is, providing he meets all the requirements of the visa can he change from a WHV visa to a Training and Research (Subclass 402) Visa? This particular visa is for training or practical experience in the workplace required for you to obtain registration for employment in your occupation in Australia, so it sounds perfect! But we want to ensure that he can swap from a WHV to a Training and Research (Subclass 402) Visa? I know that it can sometimes be quite hard to extend your stay after obtaining a WHV. But providing he meets all the requirements I don't believe he should have any issues? The reason he is applying for a WHV is because it allows 4 months study which is all he needs - the student visa seems quite messy and expensive in his circumstance because he only needs to study for 4 months. Any help or input would be GREATLY appreciated. Steph
  16. Ok , so last night i applied for a a 417 working holiday visa on the DIAC website, i paid for this and received my transaction reference number (TRN) and reciept, however i cant access the progress of my application which asks for my transaction reference number, however i hold an e676 visa and it wasnt until initial processing of my application had commenced that i had even attempted to access this service, and when DIAC contacts me to let me know that application processing has commenced i wil be likely able to use this service. initial processing hasnt commenced as of yet as they have not notified me via email. However this is not my major issue, i declared all convictions on my record as i have previously and always been completely honest with diac, on my curren e676 visa application i was asked for police certificates etc for which i provided to diac, therefore when i had the option to attach documents for my 417 visa i decided to front load the application with the certificates and summary of events etc, as the certificates are still valid for another four months ( uk police certificates valid for 12months for Diac from date of creation) or so, thats what the guy at australia house had told me, anyway with the about offences (Common assault) - occurred in 2009 when i was just 14, (18 now though) and i received an 18month conditional discharge for (this is not a prison sentence,), however i wasn't actually actually convicted until 2011, as i had lived in france with my dad for 9 months. i entered australia in june 2012 on an e676 visa and declared everything at application stage and landing card i was found to be of good character and thus passed the character test. so much relies heavily on this visa, my boyfriend lives out on a WHV, and i didnt see him for 7months whilst he was there, i dont want to be excluded from australia due to the fact that i have a record and im extremlely embarassed about it, we both have been through so much together and he is only there because we had planned to go together but didnt and broke up, i then surprised him out there in june, as ive frontloaded my application provided everything they may possibly ask more to save them the trouble, including police checks and summary of events, the guy at australia house, london told me that if my whv is denied then i will still hold my e676 visa and can travel to australia. im just worried sick about it all, he means so much to me, and i want to travel back, anybody been in similar circumstance? im just a little at ease due to the fact i had previously passed the character test and diac already know of my convictions and granted me my e676, but worried if attach police certs without being asked for them was a bad idea for my whv 417, all already paid for etc, i just wanted it all to already be prepared for them so it can be asessed quicker i was convicted of assualt in 2011, 18month conditional discharge, a very embarassing mark on my record and i have since gone on to do very well in school, currently studying in college and speak fluent french, at the time the offences occurred i was 14, young and very silly. i have already been found to pass the character test on my e676 and visited australia and declared all convictions on application , howevere my question is with regards to whether passing the character test once will it be ok this time? what do you think, after all i've never been to jail etc, and i was young, silly and have matured significently since then, also when applying for my whv 417 i just attached all police certs anyway, despite they never requested them as i wanted them to process it quicker and save them the hassle of later requesting them, will this be a problem ? also what other documents are required for 417 whv? will my passport data page, birth certs etc already be on the system from my current visa?
  17. Hiya I am thinking of applying for a one year holiday working visa but can't work out if this would affect me applying for a skilled migrant visa later on? I am a Solicitor in the UK and think I would like to eventually migrate to be with my boyfriend who lives there but thought I would try the working holiday visa to start with. However I am unsure if having a working holiday visa now would stop me from successfully applying for a skilled migrant visa in the future. Does anyone know/have any advice as I am rapidly approaching my 31st birthday so need to get a move on! Thanks
  18. Hi there! Pretty new to the forum, have really just been trying to pick up my answers off other threads. Don't think my questions have been answered but apologies if it has. I'm looking to move out with my girlfriend to Oz sometime next year. I've understood that we both dont qualify for a semi permenant visa so a WHV is the best case. We can both go on this visa - however I'm probably the one who is more likely to get sponsored when out there. I graduated with Bsc Hons 3 years ago and have 3 years experience in shipping, ship broking/operating to be precise. So I'm looking to try to get sponsored on my first 6 month stint at work however seeing it may prove difficult with there being no shortage of skills in this area. My girlfriend is currently studying for her Masters degree in business psychologoy and wants to start up her own performance/life coaching company. My two questions are: - If I am able to get sponsored and meet all requirements for the visa can my girlfirend be automatically be grated a visa as she is living with me? - Is my girlfriend able to start up a new company in order to gain a visa or would she have to be sponsored like myself? If she has to be sponsored, how long would she have to work at the company sponsoring her in order to meet the requirements for a non aussie to open up her new business? Would really appreciate your help on this one.
  19. Hi everyone! My partner and I are applying for working holiday visas (subclass 417), to start in March (ish). We do want to move to Australia permanantely, and are hoping to do a bit of travelling around the country, find jobs and get sponsors (easier said than done, I know!). I was just wondering if anyone can answer me this though - the visa we are applying for means we can work for one company for a maximum 6 months, but if we get a sponsor in that time, what happens then? Would we still have to move on? Is there a better way, in your opinion, for us to go about this? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks! We are: female, 23, Arts graduate with experience in broadcast tv production, admin, social media, sales and retail and: male, 24, Business graduate with experience in marketing, export within the beer industry, his brother is currently a permanent resident in Melbourne (3 years), with application for citizenship underway We've been living together for three years, and are confident we will be classed as defacto.
  20. The Working Holiday Visa scheme into Australia enjoyed its biggest year ever for the year ending June 2012 with a 13 per cent growth, while 2nd year visas grew by 35 per cent. Over 185,000 first time visas were granted plus a further 30,000 2nd year visas, according to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. According to the figures, the scheme has grown at 8.5 per cent compound year on year. The top ten biggest numbers coming into Australia are from UK, South Korea, Germany, Ireland, France, Taiwan, Italy, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong and Sweden. Whilst the European countries make up the biggest numbers the quickest growth in 2011/12 has come from Taiwan and Hong Kong and overall Asian working holiday makers now make up a third of the total. YHA CEO Julian Ledger said that the scheme is popular because Australia is well known as an established working holiday destination with lots of opportunities. “The country has avoided most of the financial issues of recent years, has low unemployment and participants are able to work with an employer for up to six months earning Aussie dollars.” He said the visa process administered by the Dept of Immigration and Citizenship is quick and efficient with visas issued online. With tourism visa numbers softer he said that it was the working holiday participants that were fuelling online gateway hostel bookings in Australia. He said that the rise in second year visas reflected the bigger numbers eligible from 2010/11, with more people doing regional work than ever before.
  21. I've just found out I'm pregnant, my partner and I are coming to Oz in just over 2 months from the UK on a 12 month working holiday visa, with a view to my partner getting a 4 year business visa once we're out there & I don't know what to do I'm freaking out!! :arghh: Will my pregnancy care be covered under Medicare as I'm a UK citizen? Will I have to pay a fortune to have my baby out in Oz? Will I be able to get private healthcare or will my premiums be massively high as I'm already pregnant? Can anyone help/advise me as to what to do as I'm really worried? Thanks :unsure: Emmie
  22. Wanted contract orchard workers to help rehabilitate hazel nut truffle orchard after years of neglect. Two full-time positions from 1st September, on contract using an ABN, for three months. This work will qualify for visa extension, as it is fulltime rural work in a regional location The orchard and pasture land is the rural riverfront annexe of a small luxury hotel. and is located 15 minutes drive from the hotel. The work involves clearing, repairing and installing trickle irrigation, replanting, spraying, rehabilitating a riverbank. and repairing fencing The ability to use machinery - brushcutters, chainsaw, mowers small tractor, an advantage. Ability to work unsupervised, and use common sense required. Drivers licence required. Accommodation may be available. The business is located 25 minutes from Hobart, and an hours flight from Melbourne, in a scenically stunning valley with abundant outdoor activities for your downtime http://www.woodbridgenn.com.au/
  23. First year WHV visa has run out but I have still haven't heard about 2nd WHV. I applied online for 2nd whv a week before my 1st whv ran out. Haven't heard about second working holiday visa yet. AM I automatically put on a bridging visa? Ryan
  24. Peter Ash

    Help! Working Holiday Visa

    Good Day All I am due to head out to Perth on a Working Holiday Visa for a Year with a view to a permanent move. I was told I could continue to work offshore, for 6 months, as are the conditions of the visa. However, my girlfriend has just found from another friend heading out there has been told by Immigration that the working Holiday visa, is not the visa we require, despite being told by the agency who provided arranged the visa that we would be ok, to do so. The Main Problem appears to be the fact that we are paid monthly, even though we are only actually working for 6 months. My Question is has anyone been in a similar situation? And if so Am I better Just Starting to put things in motion with a skilled migration visa? Thanks Pete